How To Play Drums - Drum Lessons

  • Publicado el 9 ago 2007
  • Are you ready to learn how to play drums? You can get started by watching Jared Falk's video lesson above. It includes step-by-step training that will show you exactly how to play drums in no time. 😎
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Comentarios • 668

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +1

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  • MajDogMeat
    MajDogMeat Hace 12 años +1

    Good job dude.
    Keep up the work as it does help many.
    Glad someone has taken the time out to do this for free.

  • trinhk
    trinhk Hace 9 años +1

    Great job, thank you for slowly going through it for beginners. Although I do somewhat know how to play, but I do appreciate you taking it slow for those wanting to learn. thank you.

  • DrtyNeedlz77
    DrtyNeedlz77 Hace 12 años

    I've been drumming for 20+ years, and I get to try to teach my girlfriend and her son some basics fairly soon. I've never taught anyone to play anything that wasn't already a musician to some degree. I'm not too proud to admit this gives me a good way to start them off. Kudos to ya, and thanks.

  • Bango61
    Bango61 Hace 13 años

    Very good lesson. I'm a drum teacher myself, and this is the same thing I always teach to students that are just starting.

  • Micah Nightwolf
    Micah Nightwolf Hace 13 años

    I heard from one of my friends (who plays the drums, by the way) that one of the hardest parts about being a drummer in any band is knowing that everyone on stage (as well as many people in the audience) are depending on you alone to keep time. If the drummer can't keep a beat, everything blows up.

  • v2077
    v2077 Hace 10 años

    I remember the day 3 years back when I first watched this video. I didn't even have drums and knew nothing. And now I'm intermediate and can play most rock songs. Feels so nice. You beginners should Keep in mind that it takes time. But believe me, the hard work pays off.

  • jendunn
    jendunn Hace 10 años

    thanks. Really clear explanations and info. Perfect for true beginners like me

  • Axel Trainwagon
    Axel Trainwagon Hace 10 años

    I love how diverse drummers are. My friend has been playing drumset for four years, and was in the Jr. High jazz band for three. He still can't play a drum roll. Then there's me. I've got a long way to go drumset wise but I'm a seasoned percussionist who practices rudiments almost every day.

  • Duc Tam Nguyen
    Duc Tam Nguyen Hace 13 años

    This is an excellent video for beginners who've never played or hit a drum on a drum set before. He makes it very simple for beginners. Very good video. Quality video.

  • The Scholar
    The Scholar Hace 8 años +5

    Im always constantly tapping on things making beats, like every day, always so active, i've looked at outlets for my active mind and always thought drumming was too complex. Boy was i right. This is a tiny step into the ocean. Professional drummers are insane. I wish i had the patience & dexterous skills to see this passion through.

    • Spencer WhyDoIHaveToEnterMyWholeName
      Spencer WhyDoIHaveToEnterMyWholeName Hace 8 años +5

      Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot less overwhelming. It can seem like a lot at first, and it _can_ be sometimes, but everything requires work.
      I have ADHD and I can't begin to tell you how much drumming has helped exert my energy.
      You don't have to be like them, and not all pros are insane. Listen to anything by The Beatles; Ringo Starr is one of the most famous and influential drummers in the world and a lot of the time he only ever played stuff like in this video.. If you want to try playing the drums, go for it! It couldn't hurt; worst that happens is that you don't find it fun, and drumming is all about fun, not skill or technicality like a lot of drummers make it seem like.
      The more you do it, the more dexterity and patience you'll build up. It can take a while at first, but I'll tell you, it's really worth it. Good luck if you decide to try! :D

  • marcdd2009
    marcdd2009 Hace 11 años

    To all those that have just found this lesson - well done! To all those negative comments - dudes, this lesson is like over 4 years old but I can feel your feelings! AFAIK Jared was only starting out with the lessons when this was uploaded. Have you checked the latest lessons? WAY cooller. Lots of the old ones have been re-filmed as well......

  • xXDemolitionLoverzXx
    xXDemolitionLoverzXx Hace 9 años +1

    Thank you!!!! I've been playing on and off since I was 6 and this video helped me remember the basics to improve.

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 15 años +1

    The bottom head is typically tighter. Every snare drum is different, but just be sure you tune each lug to the same tension, and you should get a great sound.

  • mocchicone
    mocchicone Hace 13 años

    Helpful for begginers. Thanks!

  • AllysMusicRoom
    AllysMusicRoom Hace 10 años

    Very clear directions. Thanks for posting this video!

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson Hace 13 años

    They are both percussion instruments, and co-ordination only resides in percussion and harp,because of your hands doing different things aswell as your feet :) It's a bonus to play piano, but usually guitarists take a flair to drums more than pianists. You don't HAVE to play piano to play drums. It's just useful as it's a very rhythmic instrument and requires a lot of co-ordination

  • PremiumMind
    PremiumMind Hace 13 años

    Great Job and thanks for your effort. It's appreciated!

  • nonane
    nonane Hace 13 años

    pretty informative for beginners, thanks!

  • Phillip Hackenberg
    Phillip Hackenberg Hace 14 años

    It's a very good practise :))!!! First its a bit difficult but when you try it more and more,you learn it very fast :D i know..its just the beginning how to learn drum but it's a lot of fun :D!!! Thanks :)

  • MrRoboto81
    MrRoboto81 Hace 12 años

    drums are like any becomes easier the more you practice. However, I still think that as far as getting the basics down, it's still the most difficult instrument to play for beginners. I'm currently learning guitar and piano, and after 1 week I was able to play some basic songs all the way through. With drums it's not that easy.

  • Carlos Poyart
    Carlos Poyart Hace 14 años

    Thanks for the video, very expressive and important for young drumers!!!thanks!!!

  • Filip Kowalczyk
    Filip Kowalczyk Hace 10 años

    I'm gonna buy drums soon and I'll definitly learn with this guy!

  • Eric George
    Eric George Hace 9 años

    Thank You so much for the lessons. I now have a founded hope that I will learn to play

  • demondagger19
    demondagger19 Hace 13 años

    this is very useful. im a beginner and even im just now starting to get it. i just wish i had some drums to practice on.

  • Gabby Summerville
    Gabby Summerville Hace 12 años

    this was great thankyou, im just starting to play the drums i just got a 9piece set yesterday and i dont really no much about the drums but i play guitar and i must say guitar is quite easier in some ways than the drums, thankyou heaps for this it helped alot!

  • florida6894
    florida6894 Hace 9 años

    Thank you so much! i subscribed here and signed up for the emails and i'm learning really fast!! This is absolutely great guys!

  • Chad Savage
    Chad Savage Hace 14 años

    that is a double bass peddle. There are two mallets on the right one (mounted to the bass drum)the left one operates one of the two mallets via a connecting linkage. You'll notice from the under view that when he kicks with his right foot, the left mallet doesn't move.
    when you get good at playing "double kick" the speeds and accuracy you can obtain is unlimited.

  • Jay C Moola
    Jay C Moola Hace 13 años

    never stop'll get where u need 2 b. it just takes practice. ive been playin for 20 years and i still have alot 2 learn. it just takes some time, practice, and keep watchin great drummers for inspiration and ideas. don't quit tho. im gonna post some lessons pretty soon

  • KCH91
    KCH91 Hace 13 años

    I had the same problem, so I got a digital drumset. Makes it harder to play for an audience, but it eliminates the noise factor.

  • ladyfett
    ladyfett Hace 12 años

    Absolutly I'm not perfect at them. I've been playing piano for 12 years, guitar for 5 years and drums for a year and a half. I know that when I first started playing piano and guitar it wasn't easy but after a week I could play scales and simple songs. With drums I didn't even know where to start, because they're much different then what I was used to.

  • Steve Flyin V
    Steve Flyin V Hace 12 años

    Hey Jared Falk, thanks for your detailed, well explained teaching. Thanks to your easy going yet in depth explanation, i was able to learn the basics within minutes. Regardless of what these stupid fucks say here, i think you have a very warm tone of voice that welcomes people to you. Perfect for those who are barely starting. Are you canadian by the way?...anywho, Good Job. and thanks again. Keep it up!

  • Izzy Lecter
    Izzy Lecter Hace 12 años

    YES!!! I got this down!!! Need a bit more practice i think!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Bobby
    Bobby Hace 13 años

    This helped lots! Thank You!

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 9 años +1

    Thank you Tom! But you should see some of the even OLDER stuff :) We've been doing online lessons since 2002 which is almost 4 years BEFORE ESclips. :) I'll keep that stuff in the vault for the next 20 years. - Jared

  • french Vivienne Templonuevo

    Thanks for help dude :) I really need to learn this for my Rondalla class

  • scorpionsphynx
    scorpionsphynx Hace 13 años

    My friends wanted a drummer for there band and they wanted me to do it. So I bought a starter and I just started playing with no prior experience. I think I've gotten pretty good. I've been playing for a year. You just gotta kinda feel it it. It's like dancing you know?

  • jeffillinois
    jeffillinois Hace 14 años

    Aside from using "pillows" or other stuffing (which does help,) keep in mind that what you hear on this video is not coming from a microphone in the camera. This is "professionally mic'd." What you are hearing is the "post-mixed" output. Your regular acoustic kit "un-mixed" will NEVER sound like this. (So I wouldn't spend too much time trying to replicate it..)

  • Linda Vazquez
    Linda Vazquez Hace 9 años

    This video is good, it really is. But after seeing the recent videos by Jared makes this seem so slow! lol but it's good information for beginners. That's how my cousins taught me =)

  • sovereignsjust
    sovereignsjust Hace 12 años

    @FocusFight Totally agree, I started on guitar first for a few years , when I got really good I decided to start the drums, It's ten million times more difficult just because of the fact that you're moving your whole body instead of just your arms and hands

  • Evan D
    Evan D Hace 12 años

    @freedrumlessons thanks freedrumlessons i found your video very helpful! i'm going to learn how to play drums and i appreciate this video you uploaded!!!!

  • zutukil
    zutukil Hace 10 años

    Generous. Well made. Free. Thumbs up.

  • Floofmeister
    Floofmeister Hace 14 años

    i saw a couple videos of him playing drum solos,this guy is GOOD,real good.

  • Tom Whitcombe
    Tom Whitcombe Hace 9 años +19

    Haha, the corny camera changes made me laugh. You've come along way in terms of a more relaxed informal approach since this Jared. Cool to see Drumeo's start though!

  • S
    S Hace 9 años

    Your name is fantastic mate. Thanks a ton for this by the way, I'm looking to learn because there are a shortage of drummers at my school by an excess of Bass players, Pianists, and Singers... so my band opportunities are limited :P

  • Staffan Birgersson
    Staffan Birgersson Hace 14 años

    some tips for a beginner:
    don't think that you are playing because you must learn it. play it because you want it and that it's fun. it's easier to learn that way.
    when you have gotten a little better, play with music, for example with earpieces in your ears.
    don't give up in the beginning, i almost did it. and i'm reaaally glad that i didn't.
    play more than one genre, for example mix rock with jazz and funk etc.
    let someone help you with the teqnique etc in the beginning if possible.

  • Nick U
    Nick U Hace 13 años

    my first book was called the funky has a bunch of basic beats that were fun to play when i first started helps alot
    im not sure what author but i'm sure you could find it somewhere on google

  • StonerRockCooking
    StonerRockCooking Hace 13 años

    thanks for doing this to get started playing...spread the love of music

  • Captain Cunt
    Captain Cunt Hace 12 años

    Yeah you're right. You shouldn't play with your heel on the ground. It's easier for beginners and can be used for slow beats but when you start playing faster beats it's really hard to learn the right technique.

  • Marinks
    Marinks Hace 13 años

    Great. I came here to learn some drum techniques, and I leave feeling patronised. Thanks.

  • Marco Sc
    Marco Sc Hace 13 años

    pretty much the first drum lesson every drummer who starts playing will get.

  • Rafael D.
    Rafael D. Hace 11 años


  • Ditza Heart
    Ditza Heart Hace 10 años

    just a question:
    what should you know before learning to play drums?

  • Abbie Kitterman
    Abbie Kitterman Hace 13 años

    learning to play the drums is basically muscle memory and separating your left hand movements from your left foot movements...once you get that down and practice A LOT youll play the drums pretty damn well

  • Olivia Keegan
    Olivia Keegan Hace 12 años

    Great for an absolute beginner like myself. Luckily I can read sheet music, but counting isn't my strongest point. It's good that they reinforce saying it out loud.
    You look like the lead singer from the Offspring but hey, I'm not gonna judge.

  • Sarah Morris
    Sarah Morris Hace 11 años

    very helpful :)

  • lordoftheheavymetal
    lordoftheheavymetal Hace 14 años're so good as a techer, dude! Thax for the tips!

  • Mark Kevin Cordero
    Mark Kevin Cordero Hace 13 años

    oh my god,,, you've been such a great help... thanks a lot...

  • Tony Sweet
    Tony Sweet Hace 12 años

    Exactly brainiac554!!! I would actually insist on anyone who doesn't get this excellent and clear tutorial to stay off the drums!

  • M Syazwan
    M Syazwan Hace 10 años

    i don't have drums but i love it , i wanna learn how ~

  • Stargazer-auto
    Stargazer-auto Hace 11 años

    i just baught a drum set and need to learn the fundamentals. this guy is a pretty decent teacher.

  • Stephanie Fernando
    Stephanie Fernando Hace 14 años

    i like it.
    very informative.

  • crazycatlady2014
    crazycatlady2014 Hace 9 años

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • 104bigTruck
    104bigTruck Hace 14 años

    Great video thanks for posting!

  • gilligan132
    gilligan132 Hace 13 años

    nah, i doubt he thinks like that. He's a drum instructor and very use to giving lessons like this. I teach trumpet, and no matter how many years I play, I'm never annoyed at explaining the basics. It only gets annoying when the people you are teaching take awhile to pick up on the basic techniques

  • danananas
    danananas Hace 12 años

    wow thank you! this is great!

  • Faith Sorroza
    Faith Sorroza Hace 9 años

    I love this. Thank you so much.

  • Mychal DeSoto
    Mychal DeSoto Hace 14 años

    great vid my bro just got a four piece and i try to make some stuff but this will help me great job with the counting stuff

  • MrRoboto81
    MrRoboto81 Hace 12 años

    drums require the most coordination of any instrument, because you're using all of your limbs at the same time. I would argue that drums are far more difficult to play than most other instruments.

  • codyrico
    codyrico Hace 13 años

    wow this helped alot thanks

  • Bertziethegreat
    Bertziethegreat Hace 12 años

    There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just different. Lots of drummers use their whole leg, while lots of others just use their foot.

  • mrstjupe
    mrstjupe Hace 10 años

    Very helpful thanx :-D

  • FearTheFlowers
    FearTheFlowers Hace 14 años

    Thank you! This seems very helpful, now all I need is a drum set,XD

  • misfit1978
    misfit1978 Hace 13 años

    good still trying to decide whether to play the guitar or drums at the moment!

  • iequalztehgod
    iequalztehgod Hace 14 años

    How do I get rid of the vibration sound of the snare drum whenever I hit the bass drum?

  • Emils Mors
    Emils Mors Hace 13 años

    This is awesome men! thanks ;D

  • Joan Sague
    Joan Sague Hace 14 años

    very good teacher! :p
    thanks :)

  • Judah Estevon
    Judah Estevon Hace 2 años

    My ASMR video. So relaxing! 😊

  • Tengku Adam
    Tengku Adam Hace 12 años

    im interested on playing drums, but is it difficult? or is it easy just difficult for the first few lessons? I have a friend that plays drums and he says it's easy but he just simply plays any note so there really is no beat

  • 150buckfifty150
    150buckfifty150 Hace 14 años

    drums are awesomely easy, if you learn one beat, practise alot, and listen to lots of music with drums, you can get relaly good at it

  • TurboDubz
    TurboDubz Hace 11 años

    well said low...watching this taught me some stuff...and im a drum noobie

  • Trembler josh
    Trembler josh Hace 10 años

    I've already played drums for 1 and a half year but i like watching this xD

  • Emilia Mutka
    Emilia Mutka Hace 14 años

    This is so good :D I don't have play, but I wanna play drums, so me and my friends can make our dreams come true, XD HAHAHA!

  • Brent Fettkether
    Brent Fettkether Hace 9 años

    Why is everyone bashing on him. I think its great hes teaching people to play drums for free.. I apprecaite your help alot.

  • David Ricardo Maldonado
    David Ricardo Maldonado Hace 12 años

    thanks dude, u make my life easier

  • TheDeeTV
    TheDeeTV Hace 13 años

    I don't think ANYBODY can just say, "I wanna start playing the drums". You need rythm. If you don't have that you will be screwed. Basically, you know the drums ISN'T for you if you can't do the basic beat shown in this vid.
    But that's just me

  • stemtb89
    stemtb89 Hace 14 años

    hey everybody, I just have a question. If I'm looking into drumming,and I'm considering this Pulse brand 5 piece set. It doesnt come with cymbals, but I would prolly invest in some decent ones. Doesanyone know if Pulse is a decent brand for a starting drummer? Answers are appreciated!

  • JulioCCC
    JulioCCC Hace 11 años

    His speaking is fine for me, not too fast or too slow, just about the middle, i don't know why many people complain about how he speaks/teaches.

  • GreatestSoloEver
    GreatestSoloEver Hace 12 años

    @FocusFight Your exactly right man. I play guitar and I've been trying to learn drums for a while and it is way harder than guitar is.

  • Trippy Mayne
    Trippy Mayne Hace 12 años

    thanks this was awesome!

  • woundedxsoul
    woundedxsoul Hace 12 años

    im getting drums soon well hoping once i do ill find out how hard it is to play the drums

  • Siroy
    Siroy Hace 14 años

    ha this remembers me of old times. just keep practicing and you'll be fine :) dont give up

  • aunshi190
    aunshi190 Hace 12 años

    @DisasterBlaster2 Wait, do you mean to use the rebound of the drum head to play? Because you still have to actually get the pedal to the head and the ball of your foot doesn't really have many muscles in it.

  • Connor
    Connor Hace 13 años

    Okay so I'm a bassist but I've always wanted to learn the drums, so I'm getting a used set of pearls tomorrow. Any suggestions?

  • Juiceboxx The Jet
    Juiceboxx The Jet Hace 14 años

    good job i want to go practice now

  • bigbeatlefan
    bigbeatlefan Hace 14 años

    sweet sounding set !!! i just started playin a month ago...i still suck! lol
    i got the beats and stuff down, but dont know how ta do fast fills..i hope its just a practice issue

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 9 años +2

    Because it's ESclips, that's what a lot of drummers do here. I appreciate your support!

  • Julian
    Julian Hace 13 años

    Playing slowly is a pretty good idea when you're starting out.

  • DrSlaggleberryUK
    DrSlaggleberryUK Hace 12 años

    I keep wanting him to play two 8th notes with the bass drum on the 3rd beat XD

  • uea978
    uea978 Hace 14 años

    many thanks for your advice!