The Grooves of Art Blakey

  • Publicado el 27 sep 2022

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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace un mes +8

    Dive deeper with the sheet music for all of these grooves in our latest Beat article:

  • Seth Cashman
    Seth Cashman Hace un mes +109

    Thanks, Brandon and everyone else at Drumeo, for doing this. Art was a founding father whose legacy needs to be kept alive. (I see via the comments here that you've exposed his playing to some who had never heard it before, which is amazing.) NO ONE swung like he did. And paramount to that, though he was, to borrow a borrowed phrase from Neil Peart, "human, all too human," I can tell you firsthand that he was the nicest, most encouraging man one could hope to meet. I got to hang with him at a family friend's wedding party for a few hours when I was in my teens and he was just the coolest, most unassuming guy. You would never have known that you were in the presence of THE cat. Still have the shirt I wore that night, which he was kind enough to sign for me. An experience I will never, ever forget. Thanks again for honoring the immortal Buhaina.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +4

      So cool. Thanks for sharing that story!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +8

      Wow, truly a memory to cherish. Thanks for sharing, so glad you enjoyed the video!

  • Josh Harmon
    Josh Harmon Hace un mes +20

    awesome lesson! learning Blakey grooves is the best!

  • tdrum21
    tdrum21 Hace un mes +18

    Love this. Do it with other classic jazz cats too. Philly, Jimmy, Elvin, Tony, Max 🔥

  • Erik McCormick
    Erik McCormick Hace un mes +34

    Fun Fact: Art Blakey is Mike Bordin's favorite drummer. Really wild how far and wide inspiration can travel across genres and players!

  • Mad Ninja
    Mad Ninja Hace un mes +7

    Just had to take a moment to appreciate how visually well-done this video is. Even before you hit a note this video looks fantastic. The set, the suit, the sparkle! This is before you even got to the great content. Kudos!

  • williemammoth11
    williemammoth11 Hace un mes +2

    The third groove is an absolute must if you want to swing the blues :) I didn't intentionally model mine on Art Blakey's, but apparently I did..

  • Safezone Expert
    Safezone Expert Hace un mes +5

    Groove#2 is awesome! I really like those old style jazz drumming.

  • TheCocoaDaddy
    TheCocoaDaddy Hace un mes +1

    Loved it!!!! You know, I really appreciate your ability to play some many different genres of music. Thanks for posting this!!!!

  • Andrew Held
    Andrew Held Hace un mes +3

    He is one of the drum greatest players. You hear the ride pattern and you know it's Art.

  • Maximino Santos
    Maximino Santos Hace un mes +3

    Mais uma lição incrível pelo Brandon!

  • DT's Digital Den
    DT's Digital Den Hace un mes +3

    Hey fantastic! Great to see Art Blakey's playing being featured, remembered and appreciated. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who cares about this stuff, and then you make this video!

  • Viral Shredders
    Viral Shredders Hace un mes +1

    Great lesson! You should do a tutorial on the essential jazz latin grooves, that would be cool!

  • Roberto Silveira
    Roberto Silveira Hace un mes +3

    INCREDIBLEE!! Perfect video, execution and content!! Thank you for this Mr Toews, you are a master!!!

  • Steve Reichlen
    Steve Reichlen Hace 28 días +1

    Thanks guys! Love your videos! Always well organized and informative. Just wanted to shout out one of my favorite Art Blakey grooves. I love "This is for Albert"ídeo.html
    First time I heard this one I couldn't even comprehend what he was doing! It is such a crazy drumistic masterpiece! Weird and totally unique. It almost doesn't work. It feels like it is about to fall apart but when you listen closely, you can tell how much command Art has over the groove.

  • Alexandre Mello
    Alexandre Mello Hace un mes +1

    One of my favorite Art Blakey recordings. This one has Jo Jones playing with him, original Cuban percussion, and jazz piano great Ray Bryant. Can't swing harder than this!ídeo.html

  • Jam man
    Jam man Hace un mes +8

    Awesome to see this, from Carey to Blakey, such a great channel for exposing young (& older) drummers to the rich world of drums, perhaps we could see lessons on Baker or Paice? Keep up the great work

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +1

      Working on it!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +1

      Lots more videos like this planned. Thanks!

  • Menzer Roku
    Menzer Roku Hace un mes +1

    Great video!! I love jazz drumming it's a hard style to play but fun. This is some great content. Great work drumeo😄.

  • Larry Kropp
    Larry Kropp Hace un mes +3

    I haven't been a member of Drumeo for a few years because I play mostly Jazz, but if Brandon get's that Jazz library bigger, I'm going to have to join again.

  • Tim Brannigan Music
    Tim Brannigan Music Hace 19 días

    Thanks for this great video! You definitely chose some of his best and most classic grooves. Of the three, I’d say the shuffle is the one that‘a a must learn. A good shuffle goes a long way. Thanks again for the video!
    Best wishes - Tim

  • Michael Klobucher
    Michael Klobucher Hace un mes +7

    The "moanin" shuffle to me is almost like a swung flam tap. Great tips. Art is a beast.

    • Renz -ey
      Renz -ey Hace un mes +1

      I realized that too. I struggled getting the pattern down as is until i stopped swinging and played straight triplets. Suddenly my hands were doing something they were used to, and all I had to do from there was swing it. That's awesome that somebody else noticed that.

    MORATO Hace un mes +1

    One of the greatest! He recorded so many classics!

  • endrawes
    endrawes Hace un mes +2

    Great! Love to hear about these legacy artists

  • Quien Toca Que
    Quien Toca Que Hace un mes +2

    Great video! i love Art Blakey´s playing! is one of the greatest of all time! and now ...Max roach please?

  • Grachi Sol
    Grachi Sol Hace un mes +10

    I’d never heard of him! He was amazing! It’s really fun to learn different styles. Great lesson Brandon.

    • TheCocoaDaddy
      TheCocoaDaddy Hace un mes

      It's funny, I had heard his name before but didn't know who he was. Sooo, when he would come to town to perform, I never went to see him. (face plant) lol

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes


  • believeinittobe
    believeinittobe Hace un mes +14

    That Tunisia groove is something else!
    So is that Tangerine Glass Glitter!

  • Olden Musician Co.
    Olden Musician Co. Hace 28 días

    After discovering Blakey a few years ago, he’s now without a doubt my favourite drummer. He inspired me from the beginning, when I was finding my footing with jazz music. Two of my other favourite grooves of his are Ping Pong and Children of the Night (originally from the “Roots & Herbs” and “Mosaic” records respectively), on the live “Three Blind Mice” records. Very awesome grooves, and great fun to play.

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G Hace 25 días +2

    Drumeo always has great content, but Brandon's lessons (complete with appropriate drum kits and attire) are my favorite.

  • Dave Kaplowitz
    Dave Kaplowitz Hace un mes +1

    Great job on this one, Brandon. These are great grooves for sure, and some of my favorites of Blakey. He always would swing and his bands were always top notch. You can get an education in hard bop just by checking out his sides. For something awesome and slightly off the beaten path, check out "Soul Station" by Hank Mobley, especially the title track, This I Dig of You, and Dig Dis. One of my favorite jazz albums of all time.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Thanks, Dave! Soul Station is a classic.

  • Federico
    Federico Hace un mes +6

    I don't know what's more fancy: That beautiful drum kit or the amazing tuxedo.
    Thank you for another great video, boys and girls.

  • Jem Mace
    Jem Mace Hace un mes +1

    Great video on a great drummer and musician.
    I love Ben Riley's time and influence on accompaniment playing.

    THEDAILY BAILEY_# Hace un mes +1

    Great video and I work at Malco and I hear Art Blakey and the jazz messengers every day Its great to listen too 😀

  • jC3drums
    jC3drums Hace un mes

    A Night in Tunisia is iconic, but Blakey also had probably my all-time favorite swing feel, especially on tunes that were a bit more up-tempo, like Quicksilver and Mayreh.

  • TM Stone
    TM Stone Hace un mes +6

    Although I'm not a fan of jazz, I do respect the masters of that era and their talent. Also, if Drumeo was around when I first started playing it would have been awesome! Carmine Appice's Realistic Rock with a floppy record was my teacher at the time and I still use it to this day. Drumeo does such a wonderful job for the drumming community.

  • glenn Racoma
    glenn Racoma Hace un mes +1

    Hey thanks Brandon and staff for bringing classic jazz greats to our attention. Bit different from what's been shown which is all great but to have artists Art Blakey and the like are wonderful additions making Drumeo a leading site for diverse teaching and appreciation. Thanks!! And your transcribing this stuff and playing it is fantastic

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +1

      Thanks, Glenn - some more videos on the way!

  • Ron Turner
    Ron Turner Hace un mes +1

    Brandon! Wow. This has to be the single-most summarized *and* deeply-revealing presentation of a true pioneer of our beloved instrument. You did an absolutely stellar job of paying tribute to the uniquely identifiable genre-defining musicianship of drummer Art Blakey. My high hat's off to you, Brandon.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Thank you so much, Ron! I think you're going to dig the Elvin video coming out soon ;).

  • Paul Wingert
    Paul Wingert Hace un mes +1

    Im a guitarist and he's my favorite Jazz musician:)

  • Steve Wilcock
    Steve Wilcock Hace un mes +6

    Art Blakey was a real master.
    There's a lot of footage with him doing drum battles with his contemporarys in the 60's.
    Cheers Drumeo.

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Hace 18 días

    Respect ✊🏿 Makes me want to grab my tenor sax and jam

  • pdxfunk
    pdxfunk Hace un mes +1

    Always enjoy a video with Brandon! Very cool stuff demoed by a great jazz drummer!

  • thomas törnroos
    thomas törnroos Hace un mes +1

    Legendary grooves🔥🔥🔥

  • Lou Monte
    Lou Monte Hace un mes +3

    He was monstrous on the kit.
    Great video and demo.

  • Jukka Vikberg
    Jukka Vikberg Hace 14 días

    Great lesson! Thank you!

  • Ben Hoffman
    Ben Hoffman Hace un mes +8

    Sweating just watching someone else playing these beats at Blakey's tempo.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +2

      Slightly regretted wearing a suit for this one 😂

  • Donovan Jones
    Donovan Jones Hace un mes +1

    Love love love this channel!!!
    Thanks again for this, now down to the basement to practice this.

  • J Ré
    J Ré Hace un mes

    I love this series! Could you guys do a modern drummer…Billy Martin would be so awesome!

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  • Lucas Leao
    Lucas Leao Hace un mes

    Amazing content Drumeo & Brandon, I'm a huge fan of Art. Suggesting another great song recorded by him and his Afro Cuban Boys: "No Hay Problema", jazz + latin music at its peak...

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +1

      Another great one. Thanks, Lucas!

  • JMFS
    JMFS Hace un mes

    That's cool. I had to start at 60 bpm for Caravan in order to articulate it. I like the 3 over 2 poly through beats 1 & 2.

  • Danny Udry King
    Danny Udry King Hace un mes

    On the album New York Scene Coast to Coast there are two great grooves at the end of the album. First of all there is Tenderly which has an amazingly lyrical pocket! Right after that is Falafel (which is also a great food and you should check that out too!) and this groove which has all sorts of variations on how the eighth notes are played. There are all sorts of swing to them and they did a really good job on it.

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  • Michael
    Michael Hace un mes +1

    I love learning about drummers that I've not heard of, or heard very little of, on Drumeo. You guys introduce the drummer, break down the grooves and fills so it's easier and more enjoyable to comprehend and listen to.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +1

      Cheers, Mike!

  • Toni
    Toni Hace un mes +1

    Very helpful lesson Brandon…thanks so much..hope you make more of this style…the energy and confidence Art had seems undestroyable… Brandon could you please tell us which heads, sticks, snare and cymbals you use here?

    • Toni
      Toni Hace un mes

      Thanks Brandon

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Cheers, Toni! Heads are Evans Calftones, sticks are Vic Firth 85A's, cymbals are Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversaries (15" hats, 20" ride, 22" ride), and snare is a 14"x4" mid-'50s Gretsch Broadkaster "Max Roach" Model.

  • Bill Bigler
    Bill Bigler Hace un mes +1

    Brandon you have done it again. Just tremendous playing and teaching. Cheers.

  • James Lewis Fox
    James Lewis Fox Hace un mes

    Awesome lesson Drumeo! Well done. The drum kit mix was considerably softer than the presentation. Might be nice to give the drums a little more presence?

  • earthorigins3
    earthorigins3 Hace un mes +1

    Blakey was innovative and was instrumental in giving musicians that were new on the scene a fresh start in their career. He was a first-class gentlemen..!

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  • Curtis
    Curtis Hace un mes +2

    Love the suit for this lesson Brandon. You really capture the vibe with those threads. Along that line maybe do a Peter Criss lesson and fire up the cat make up ! Cheers !

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  • Tubecharon
    Tubecharon Hace un mes +1

    The album Free for All absorb his best solo in his lifetime, and in some ways he is better than Buddy Rich.

  • studakins
    studakins Hace 8 días

    Love it!!!

  • Styles B
    Styles B Hace un mes +1

    Cool grooves I’ll have to try them , beautiful kit

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  • drumstudio mönchengladbach

    Nice tutorial!!! I LOVE the sound of yor cymbals please be so kind to give me/us a run-down of your cymbals. Thank you very much!!!

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Thanks a lot! Cymbals are all Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversaries (15 hats, 20 ride, 22 ride).

  • Philip Nestor
    Philip Nestor Hace un mes +1

    Great video. You should check the great book on Art Blakey by John Ramsey.John played the second drum set in Art Blakeys’s big band and then was his road manager for 2-1/2 years. John also wrote a book on lessons by his former teacher
    Alana Dawson.Thanks for a a great video.I also have a 1960’s Gretsch Tangerine sparkle kit with a 20” and 18” bass drum.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Thanks, Phillip! That's a great book, checked it out a few years ago. If you're ever selling that kit (or 18" bass drum), let me know :).

  • Aldo Matulich
    Aldo Matulich Hace un mes +2

    Brandon, THX so much for bringing this great drummer to light !! I'm a 71 yo, who resurrected playing drums for Recreation / fun in retirement. I started again after 50 Years. I'm learning so much by this and the many other DRUMEO videos. Back in my day when I started playing in 1966 as a 15 year old, the lessons I took were based on the simple Jazz beats. I didn't really stick (excuse the Pun) to that - i wanted Rock and Roll. But I come to learn that the greats of my day (Baker, Moon, Bonham, Copeland, Gaad, etc.) all started in JAZZ. Even Ringo and Chalrie Watts ... It's Not easy for sure. NOte: I like the fact that You Dressed the part, complete with the suit and Tie !!

  • Bear B
    Bear B Hace un mes +1

    I'm happy to say that I visited His jazz messenger's concert in Sweden back in 1981. 🇸🇪

  • Ted Noble
    Ted Noble Hace 22 días

    GREAT stuff! Thank you for the clarification! Now it's time to go to work on it!

  • Scott Theobald
    Scott Theobald Hace un mes

    I can only imagine what it would sound like if Brandon was playing on the red sparkle kit instead of the tangerine sparkle kit

  • Bill Strohler
    Bill Strohler Hace un mes

    Moanin' off this album and The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan were my into to jazz a few years ago.

  • Patrick Insulani
    Patrick Insulani Hace un mes +1

    So cool Drumeo covers a lot of styles and pays tribute to the greats of the past. An awesome way to expose people to all kinds of music. Thank you Brandon.

  • InAverySilentWay
    InAverySilentWay Hace un mes +5

    Art Blakey is one of the greatest of all time!

  • JaxonHazeVids
    JaxonHazeVids Hace un mes +1

    I never noticed how many rivets he had in his main ride, it’s wild

  • greg stephani
    greg stephani Hace un mes +1

    Thanks Brandon for Another Great video. Always informative.

  • John Paterakis
    John Paterakis Hace un mes +5

    Art Blakey and max roach were some og the best drummers to ever live

  • Shelton Hull
    Shelton Hull Hace un mes +1

    This dude is a natural educator. I'm not a professional drummer--nor, indeed, even an amateur--but I had no problem understanding the information he was trying to convey, even if I couldn't actually play it. Now I need to find some Brandon Toews music!

  • Gregory Ballmaier
    Gregory Ballmaier Hace 28 días +1

    Your a freakin stud, Brandon. A REAL MUSIC EDUCATOR. And, YES, I BOUGHT YOUR AWESOME BOOK! Thanks Maaaaan.

  • Slaney Audio
    Slaney Audio Hace un mes

    Studied both Art and Mel Lewis. Mel had a reduced dynamic range due to his preferred tuning, calf drum heads and cymbals with a warmer, lower frequency range. It blended well with the trombone section where as Art was more cutting with a sharper definition and up there in the trumpet register like Buddy Rich driving and commanding the Big Band from the front into battle.

  • Eric Fuller
    Eric Fuller Hace un mes +1

    Great job. You are amazing.

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Hace 13 días

    Art Blakey: One of the most influential.
    But that’s no afro-cuban rhythm. It’s just some Arts adaptation that sounds awesome. But the afro-cuban elements are essentially out.

  • Jesus Contreras
    Jesus Contreras Hace un mes

    Despite how easy this gentleman makes it look, i find these grooves incredibly hard to play. Congratulations to all of you who can.

    • Petar Pavasović
      Petar Pavasović Hace un mes

      @Jesus Contreras Work on the fundementals then. There, I saved you time!

    • Jesus Contreras
      Jesus Contreras Hace un mes

      @Petar Pavasović totally

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +1

      Tough grooves for sure. Took me a while to get them down, too.

    • Petar Pavasović
      Petar Pavasović Hace un mes +1

      Maybe you lack in fundemental skills

  • AntKnee Wolf Drummer
    AntKnee Wolf Drummer Hace un mes +1

    Hi Drumeo and everyone that commented. I just came across this grooves of Art Blakey video which i think is great and to say Art was amazing is an understatement. I have a ESclips drum channel and i have a video of myself playing Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn using this same groove. I wanted to share it with this forum so whoever is interested can check out the way i used it in this song. I want to apologize up front for the video and sound quality of the video. I was called by this band to fill in for the night and the person that took the video sent me a copy of it. Its pretty grainy and the sound is ok. Its a really fun groove to play.
    Thanks again to Drumeo for this video and doing what they do for the drumming community!ídeo.html

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  • catfish rushdie
    catfish rushdie Hace un mes +1

    Here's another great AB tune with Lee Morgan on trumpet and Wayne Shorter on tenor: The Egyptian -ídeo.html

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Hace un mes +1

    Bravo! Well done!

  • Jules Drums
    Jules Drums Hace 26 días +1

    Holy shit, that Mozambique groove though. I have to learn that.

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  • Policeluber
    Policeluber Hace un mes

    No way this dude didn’t play jazz like art

  • Fluffshep Network
    Fluffshep Network Hace un mes

    Hm. That shuffle groove is really cool. Perhaps it influenced Sam Woodyard's similar groove on "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" in 1962.

  • Jean-Pierre Thouin
    Jean-Pierre Thouin Hace un mes +1

    Great work Brandon...
    I Love the fact that you wear a full suit
    Just like the real deal of the guys back
    in the Days.
    Tx. J.p.

  • Daniel Gillespie
    Daniel Gillespie Hace 9 días

    Loved art since I was 15, 70 now; why can't i find a cd copy of the" whitch doctor" album with Wayne shorter

  • Jay Fuller
    Jay Fuller Hace 28 días +1

    So cool. Can't wait to try and learn it.

  • Cameron Hallett
    Cameron Hallett Hace un mes +2

    I’m a rock drummer who has barely touched jazz, but I’m gonna try and learn some of these to see how hard they are 😂

  • Benjamin Thomas
    Benjamin Thomas Hace un mes +1

    A Night in Tunisia the first time I heard him I have been floored

  • Dawson Maxey
    Dawson Maxey  Hace un mes +1

    The drums sound sooo good

  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria Hace un mes +1

    That was a fun lesson, the suit and tie plus the old Ks were a nice touch.

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes

      Thanks, Joe! The cymbals are Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversaries!

  • Bob Weber
    Bob Weber Hace un mes +1

    Awesome work thankyou

  • J. Short
    J. Short Hace 18 días

    Beautiful Kit.

  • David Curtis
    David Curtis Hace un mes +1

    Fantastic! 👍👍

  • claysmell
    claysmell Hace un mes +1

    now we know where Frank Beard got his La Grange shuffle :)

  • M J M
    M J M Hace un mes +1

    ❤ Art

  • Dimitrije M
    Dimitrije M Hace un mes +1

    Guys, do a lesson or even better, bring Gregory Hutchinson, Marcus Gilmore, Jeff Tain Watts. I know Hutch loves to teach.

  • Tom Mcdonald
    Tom Mcdonald Hace un mes

    If you watch the video closely, you can see that he's playing flam accent no.2 starting with the left hand flam.

  • powerinformation
    powerinformation Hace un mes +2

    anyone know what cymbals Brandon is using?

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +1

      All Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary cymbals. 15" hats, 20" ride, 22" ride.

  • Daniel Perez Albert
    Daniel Perez Albert Hace un mes +1

    Great, many thanks!

  • Rasesh Gandhi
    Rasesh Gandhi Hace 29 días +1

    Woooowww amazing

  • Nick Purdy
    Nick Purdy Hace un mes +1

    Ever since I was introduced to the mesmerising Mozambique beat by Steve Gadd many years ago, that’s my answer! Thanks.

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