Drum Solo by Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett

  • Publicado el 4 oct 2018
  • You've seen all the Michael Jackson tracks Jonathan Moffett performed during his time in our studio, but now it's time for a drum solo! In this solo, Jonathan Moffett will show off his fast foot (where do you think his nickname came from?!), two-handed hi-hat beats, melodic tom patterns, and a never-ending barrage of ghost notes. This solo has everything you'd want from the man himself.
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    About Jonathan:
    Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett has recorded and/or toured with some of the greatest pop artists of our time, including Elton John, Janet Jackson, The Jacksons, Cameo, Lionel Richie, George Michael, Kenny G, Doug Miller, Peter Cetera, Bill Meyers, and Cirque du Soleil, besides guest appearing at popular television shows like The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, and The Arsenio Hall Show.
    Among his biggest musical feats, none come close to his extensive work with the all-time greatest pop artists of the last 100 years: Madonna and Michael Jackson. Jonathan toured extensively with Madonna and recorded drums for several of her albums, including “True Blue” and “Like A Prayer”. As for the king of pop himself, Jonathan was his drummer for The Destiny Tour, Triumph Tour, Victory Tour, 1988 Grammy Awards with Michael, HIStory Tour, Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, This Is It, & Cirque’s Immortal World Tour.
    Follow Jonathan:
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Comentarios • 2 769

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +1

    Don't forget to check out the grooves of Michael Jackson (Free Series) here ► www.drumeo.com/michael-jackson-grooves/

    1.1M Views Hace 3 años +4872

    The left kick pedal is only there in case of emergency if the right pedal breaks from all the awesomeness.

    • Mr. IIconic
      Mr. IIconic Hace un mes

      @Jon Yen deleted most of your comments.

    • Shane Quigley
      Shane Quigley Hace 5 meses

      @Jon Yen and I don't know much basket ball but I do remember his tall skinny ass doing work.. Yes jordan is fucking insane but the color stuff is what dont matter there all still people. It's good to see any people that are good at there craft

    • Jon Yen
      Jon Yen Hace 5 meses

      @Shane Quigley Larry Bird ain’t Michael Jordan or Lebron James 🤦‍♂️. Neal Peart who? Tom Brady is the outlier but he definitely the goat 💪. Can’t believe people still reply to this 3year + post

    • Shane Quigley
      Shane Quigley Hace 5 meses

      @Guillaume Joan Pépin Viano isn't it awesome when people don't know history lol

    • Shane Quigley
      Shane Quigley Hace 5 meses

      @Jon Yen I mean your right and also wrong as hell. You have heard of Neil peart? Larry bird? Tom Brady? Your comments sounds stupid after throwing those 3 out there.

  • Marty Zuno
    Marty Zuno Hace 2 años +2575

    He’s the guy that says “yeah I play a little bit of the drums”

  • M R
    M R Hace un año +221

    While this wasn't the most mind-blowing drum solo I've ever seen, one thing is awesome: The guy picks a really nice beat and builds an entire solo around that doesn't get boring at all for almost 8 minutes. He doesn't overplay, even in a solo. That shows restraint and taste and deserves quite a bit of respect, IMO.

    • Andy Hartman
      Andy Hartman Hace un mes

      @Gary Stevens ummm... Buddy Rich?

    • FirstName LastName
      FirstName LastName Hace un mes +1

      This is probably exactly why he was Michael Jackson's drummer!
      He's precise and reserved without stealing the show, and could keep a simple beat going for you for the whole day. But if asked he could probably play anything you want him to..

    • Agbahizzal
      Agbahizzal Hace 7 meses

      @M R
      U used it correctly in east of the Atlantic, but west of the Atlantic quite means a lit, a pinch of and so forth.

    • Clover Jones
      Clover Jones Hace 10 meses


    • Barer Parsley
      Barer Parsley Hace 10 meses +3

      the fact that he plays all of this with 1 foot is probably the most mind blowing thing ive seen, like ive seen people doing foot pedals pretty fast but nothing compared to this with one foot

  • David McGuire
    David McGuire Hace un año +258

    What he’s doing with the bass pedal, to me, is the most impressive thing here, both in terms of endurance and skill. I’m certainly not an expert on drummers, but I’ve never seen a drummer hover their ankle like that and tap out the bass as if it was working the same as his hand.

    • Zerosignal
      Zerosignal Hace un mes

      he's doing a standard paradiddle but just with one foot lol

    • J Bosco
      J Bosco Hace 2 meses +1

      @Gary Stevens he is up there with the top 5 drummers of all time

    • ModeusMoon
      ModeusMoon Hace 5 meses +1

      @Mc Do you’re correct, but I also assume that the last statement doesn’t apply to lefties lol.

    • Mc Do
      Mc Do Hace 5 meses

      Must be a skill you get through practice like riding a bike, it looks impossible until you learn it, or writing with left hand.

    • Gary Stevens
      Gary Stevens Hace 11 meses +3

      Gotta say this guy i mean come on he drummed for Michael. The king of pop!!! So
      That means this guy is the king of pop drumming🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Charles
    Charles Hace 2 años +529

    Everyone's impressed with how long Moffett's right leg can hold that beat- I'm impressed with how long the white guy in the back can hold a massive grin

    • Jason Gillis
      Jason Gillis Hace 11 días

      That's my usual look hanging out at by pow-wow drummers

    • David G
      David G Hace 6 meses +1

      @Clay Decoursey 😂😂😂😭😂😂😭😭😂😂

    • Noah Callaway
      Noah Callaway Hace 6 meses +1

      Oh it’s not that hard when you’re in the presence of a legend!

    • Mister Lister
      Mister Lister Hace 9 meses +1

      @Callum Oxley Always one !!

    • Callum Oxley
      Callum Oxley Hace 9 meses +13

      The word white is totally redundant in that sentence.

  • Thrash _09
    Thrash _09 Hace 4 años +3036

    The only man who could possibly play modern metal with a single pedal

    • MiLoShK
      MiLoShK Hace un mes

      @margix okay

    • Cory90
      Cory90 Hace un mes

      @Tiago look up nicko mcbrain, Matt gartska plenty of fucking examples you dumbass chode

    • Cory90
      Cory90 Hace un mes

      @Tiago you must not listen to much music let alone drumming If this blows your mind

    • Cory90
      Cory90 Hace un mes

      @M. Poppins you’ve never played drums let alone know shit about it

    • Cory90
      Cory90 Hace un mes

      Ever heard of nicko mcbrain?

  • lee myers
    lee myers Hace 2 años +246

    How in the actual hell can someone be that good at something? I can’t even unlock my front door without dropping my keys

    • lee myers
      lee myers Hace 8 meses

      @DayZ🌅 he’s unbelievable mate

    • DayZ🌅
      DayZ🌅 Hace 8 meses

      The reason si simple ...he is just the god of the beat

    • Alex D
      Alex D Hace un año +4


  • duduvenom
    duduvenom Hace 6 meses +17

    3:39 what a beautiful groove.
    I don't like drum solos, but this is amazing. It's like a song.

  • Daan Overveld
    Daan Overveld Hace 2 años +42

    Even as a non-drummer, this just continues to fascinate me.

  • Celebriedad
    Celebriedad Hace 2 años +640

    -Sugarfoot, how many rhythms are you gonna play?
    - Yes.

  • MrTommydrums
    MrTommydrums Hace un año +24

    Been drumming most of my life been watching drumming all my life this guy is one of the most tasteful, in the pocket, perfect tempo, groovy ass drummers I’ve ever seen! 😳

  • A J M
    A J M Hace 6 meses +6

    As a drummer, all I can say is wow. I'm absolutely astonished by how fast he can control the foot pedal. Definitely one of my biggest influences. Dude should be called cocaine foot, absolutely insane!

  • german elias
    german elias Hace 2 años +22

    He played as if michael was dancing, amazing, truly amazing.

  • Dutch Man
    Dutch Man Hace 2 años +61

    Jonathan made the best decision of his life when he let Michael write music with his drum parts

  • Friedolin
    Friedolin Hace 4 años +1251

    And all that while keeping a straight face. Nothing but respect for that man.

    • Terrence Wright
      Terrence Wright Hace 3 años

      Friedolin this is what in the zone looks like.

    • onesong2001
      onesong2001 Hace 3 años +5

      That's his trying-not-to-have-a-stroke face.

    • Christian Jocson
      Christian Jocson Hace 3 años +1

      Well, he’s been playing for like 40 years so he got the muscle memory for drumming.

    • tasha davis
      tasha davis Hace 3 años

      U have to focus

    • Aldo Caro Vázquez
      Aldo Caro Vázquez Hace 3 años +2

      The man is just doing what he does

  • Danyul Alexzander Williams

    I love his drumming skills!! He’s one of my favorite drummers 🎼🎵🎶❤️😁💙

  • absoluteego
    absoluteego Hace 9 meses +2

    to me this kind of drum solo is way more interesting than the normal variety. He's just playing awesome beats

  • k_prominence
    k_prominence Hace un año +5

    This groove sort of sounds like something you'd play during soundcheck to make sure the levels for everything is set properly. It would make a lot of sense, with this legend's experience!

  • Roy Jr.
    Roy Jr. Hace 10 meses +10

    I could watch this man play all day. Amazing.

  • Tshepo Kgoboko
    Tshepo Kgoboko Hace 3 años +2932

    This man is why Chuck Norris never tried drumming.

    • Andy Gand
      Andy Gand Hace 5 meses

      Ah the old Chuck Morris meme.
      Top quality content on the nostalgia you feel having been there on Welcome to The Internet in 2012 lmao

    • Emrah Terzi
      Emrah Terzi Hace 9 meses

      damn right :D

    • DCmastermind First
      DCmastermind First Hace 10 meses

      Incorrect. Chuck norris trained him

    • nattyek
      nattyek Hace un año


    • RasputinPrime75
      RasputinPrime75 Hace un año

      Dave Wecyl is why Chuck Norris stuck to Martial Arts.

  • Matt
    Matt Hace 2 años +709

    That right calf could power a city

  • Hernan Ibarra
    Hernan Ibarra Hace 5 meses +2

    Creo que es uno de los más originales solos de batería.. increíble técnica,tempo y Groove...nunca cayó en lo básico...un ANIMAL con todas las letras!!!

  • Peter Mclean
    Peter Mclean Hace 11 meses +2

    Just incredible, seems effortless for him doesn't need to look at the kit, all feel. Pretty damn awesome Sugarfoot 👏

    GENIVALDO OLIVEIRA Hace un año +4

    Isso é que é um músico de verdade.

  • saucy
    saucy Hace 3 años +213

    I think the engineer deserves credit too. recording's perfect. Stereo images are clear and tones are great and recorded to the smallest details even small pitch change can be heard. Moreover, he's enjoying the drumming whole time.

    • Juлes Bartholomeus
      Juлes Bartholomeus Hace 2 años +2

      i think the snare could use a bit more mid's, but thats just my preference

    • Hurley
      Hurley Hace 2 años +2

      Yes Im not the only one that noticed it

  • goalposthead79
    goalposthead79 Hace un año +1

    i just love the bit at 3:12 it shows how musical drums can sound

  • Shane Quigley
    Shane Quigley Hace 5 meses +1

    Man this guy is incredible to watch. I have trouble keeping pace with the same beats for long periods. Keeping it all nice and tight. I get side tracked easy lol this guy kills it

  • hipposn'syrup
    hipposn'syrup Hace 9 meses +3

    Sometimes when he switches drums I think he makes a mistake but then he hits the note the same way on the same beat, perfection

  • Armando Alvarez
    Armando Alvarez Hace 2 años +7

    That’s why he was the King of Pop’s drummer!! Amazing!!

  • Leigh Deliva
    Leigh Deliva Hace 2 años +1020

    2:13 He’s so good even the drumsticks bend for him

    • Err0r
      Err0r Hace 3 meses +1

      @Garv Sabbarwal wooosh

    • Andy Gand
      Andy Gand Hace 5 meses +1

      Dang I was gonna make a similar joke, but I'm slow in the head so took me 2 extra years - dang!

    • David G
      David G Hace 6 meses

      Magic baby

    • accrix
      accrix Hace 10 meses


    • Mike Toreno
      Mike Toreno Hace un año +12

      @Garv Sabbarwal No need camera to see that bending illusion. Grab a pen/pencil on the very end keeping it horizontal and loose. Then do an up and down motion with your arm. Not too much but keep your limits around 5-10 cm vertically without going horizontally. No the pen will appear to bend.

  • Jodus MacGotuss
    Jodus MacGotuss Hace 11 meses +1

    Everyone's talking about the right foot, which IS unbelievable, but this man's pure precision is unlike anything I have ever seen. Possibly the most rigid but precise drummer I have ever seen bar none.

  • Glauber Silva
    Glauber Silva Hace un año +1

    O cara é incomparável!

  • Seth
    Seth Hace un año +5

    This guy can drum his ass off without even breaking a sweat, I'm sweating my ass off just watching this guy drum.

  • Tayfun Çeliktepe
    Tayfun Çeliktepe Hace 2 años +3

    There is only one thing I must say: PERFECT! 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Joe Fletcher
    Joe Fletcher Hace 4 años +1068

    That kick and snare sound combo is delicious

    BOI BATERA Hace 2 años

    Esse cara é um monstro toca de mais👍 Brasil na área

  • Travis Burgess
    Travis Burgess Hace 6 meses +1

    This is probably my favorite solo yet on this channel

  • Wanderson Silva
    Wanderson Silva Hace un año

    Parece muito comigo quando eu toco!🙈🤘🏻

  • AV8R BRI
    AV8R BRI Hace un año

    YOWZA! Made my shoulders hurt just listening.. Outstanding solo my man 💪🏻👍🏻

  • Steponik Chad
    Steponik Chad Hace 2 años

    Sick. Total control of his instrument at all times. Total mastery. So clean, so precise. Fantastic!

  • TheOneAndOnlySame
    TheOneAndOnlySame Hace un año +7

    When the motions/body cinematics don't look like what you normally see when you watch most other drummers : you know you're on a different level.

  • Lesley Kramer
    Lesley Kramer Hace 2 años

    This guy should release a solo album - I know I'd buy it!

  • Vicki Barmore
    Vicki Barmore Hace 11 meses +1

    He is absolutely incredible!

  • Preston House
    Preston House Hace 4 años +3108

    That't why they call him "Sugarfoot". His leg muscles must be like concrete.

    • RanBelGaming
      RanBelGaming Hace 2 años

      they call him sugarfoot because he played for a band when he was a teenager and they gave him the nickname “sugarfoot” because of his sweet bass foot and how smooth he is playing the bass drums while playing

    • ofsinope
      ofsinope Hace 3 años


    • Mario Tenorio
      Mario Tenorio Hace 3 años +2

      God playing drum.

    • Ready Youtube
      Ready Youtube Hace 3 años

      Thats the reason?

    • onesong2001
      onesong2001 Hace 3 años

      @Daniel maybe you have a fish eye?

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones Hace 7 meses

    I've never seen coordination, speed and memory like it! What an elite drummer😳🔥

  • 5talentgirl
    5talentgirl Hace 10 meses +1

    Wow. Made me laugh our loud at some points. Audacious. Brilliant 👏

  • Jalen Forty
    Jalen Forty Hace un año

    Seeing how fantastic this man is at drumming in this video, yet he plays MJs music to a clinical T so simply adds so much to the myth of the man. A true artist at what he does.

  • Iki Gomez
    Iki Gomez Hace un año +2

    A simple ostinato played with charm! LOVED IT!

  • sam carter
    sam carter Hace 5 meses +1

    that snare sounds amazing god damn , sugarfoot killing it as always

  • Garry Chung
    Garry Chung Hace 10 meses +1

    Technical, clinical and sublime. clean crisp drumming beyond what I thought was possible

  • Akash SP
    Akash SP Hace un año +5

    His way of playing snare is the highlights in this video the shaking of head.
    The fact is that he is using that much power r
    Rare drummer who is left in this world to make us know that drums can also be played like this awesome true love from India 👍

  • GoodArtist
    GoodArtist Hace un año

    My favourite drummer. Amazing solo!!!

  • Ekselent
    Ekselent Hace un año +13

    Dude's just chilling while doing something I could only hope to do

  • Jose Salazar
    Jose Salazar Hace un año +3

    This gentleman’s solo makes me realize my solos aren’t shit compared to his. Hats off to you brilliant sir!

  • Sean F
    Sean F Hace 10 meses +3

    I wasn't feeling great this morning, after watching this I'm just fine!

  • Carol Mirelez
    Carol Mirelez Hace 7 meses

    This man is amazing!

  • Irving Rodríguez
    Irving Rodríguez Hace 3 años +3852

    "not quite my tempo"
    Sugarfoot talking to the metronome

    • Levi Salvini
      Levi Salvini Hace un año

      The metronome uses him

    • Dallas Stiles
      Dallas Stiles Hace un año

      @The Dark Mist 15 😉

    • The Dark Mist 15
      The Dark Mist 15 Hace un año +2

      @Dallas Stiles Oh my God. Are you one of those single tear metronomes?

    • FatRakoon
      FatRakoon Hace 2 años

      @Daniel Wells
      You have absolutely and shamefully missed the entire point of the post havent you?

    • Dallas Stiles
      Dallas Stiles Hace 2 años

      Then the metronome cries one tear

  • Jörg Hagemeier
    Jörg Hagemeier Hace 11 meses +1

    A very good drummer... And his shuffle sounds very 😎🤩

  • Pablo Morales
    Pablo Morales Hace 2 años

    This guy is pure beat and groove, I love him.

  • James Bond Tupiniquim
    James Bond Tupiniquim Hace 10 meses +1

    The human metronome. Amazing precision!

  • Otto Roni
    Otto Roni Hace 2 meses

    Damn I want his snare! It sounds so amazing

  • Nahuel Bulla
    Nahuel Bulla Hace 2 años +2674

    He has another brain just for his right foot...

    • Aditya Sinha
      Aditya Sinha Hace 2 meses


    • David G
      David G Hace 6 meses


    • jason tipton
      jason tipton Hace 6 meses


    • Gökhan Ersan
      Gökhan Ersan Hace 10 meses

      Yeah, the drummer with two brains. I won’t attempt the drums after seeing this.

    • PutItAway101
      PutItAway101 Hace 11 meses

      and another set of heart and lungs. He can't be stopped!

  • David G
    David G Hace 6 meses +1

    Amazing performance bro!

  • Iam PJ
    Iam PJ Hace 2 años +3

    Only sugarfoot can play sick multiple rhythm at a single time and look so calm

  • Marcel K
    Marcel K Hace un año +1

    The Hand-Foot-Coordination is insane. Just awesome to see.
    My brain created bluescreens imagen trying this.

  • jackcasse
    jackcasse Hace un año +38

    When you buy a metronome, it's actually just recordings of Sugarfoot playing different tempos.

  • Zynthesis
    Zynthesis Hace 3 años +242

    When you think you're a good drummer, then hear the best studio drummer. So clean.

    • Nicholas Denittis
      Nicholas Denittis Hace 2 años +1

      @Kent Horvath like you, for example? Subpar individuals always leave subpar comments.

    • prenom nom
      prenom nom Hace 3 años +1

      @Em E. I'm my own account. Not everyone is 8 years like you and come with such stupid ideas.

    • Halcyon Rain
      Halcyon Rain Hace 3 años

      When I think clean, I think perfect. Because they're many drummers out there. Search Louis Cole. The dude is a machine and his foot is just as good if not better.

    • Halcyon Rain
      Halcyon Rain Hace 3 años +1

      I really don't think he's clean it all. Strange that you feel that way

    • Em E.
      Em E. Hace 3 años +12

      @Zynthesis -- You shoved your foot far up onesong2001's ass. I bet he chafed under the dressing down and had to create another account (prenom nom) to come back with a 5 year old's zinger.
      My dad was a musician-- producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. I spent an inordinate amount of time in studios, around all levels of musicians. I was never lucky enough to experience, in person, anyone playing at the level of Sugarfoot's talent. My brain wants to say that level of precision isn't possible for a human being, but... there he is, proving it is.

  • Nikos Dalamitras
    Nikos Dalamitras Hace un mes +1

    I love it!Congratulations Jonathan!

  • FireLadyLynn1453 EMT-MEDIC

    He's so totally focused on so many things ALL at the same time and the beats inside of him, as well as all of the PAIN and Endurance focus it takes to continue on this long. Jonathan please... can you explain that in Jonathan *Sugarfoot* terms??

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson Hace 2 años

    Awesome! People don't realize how much goes into making a record considering the musicians.

  • Karlos Martinez
    Karlos Martinez Hace un año +5

    This dude is a FN insane artist. It’s like he is blindfolded and never looks downward. FN genius.

  • Subhomay Bhaskar
    Subhomay Bhaskar Hace 3 años +163

    That's such a disciplined layered solo .... the layering is one of the best really. That's what i want years later, after my practice - discipline over the instrument.

  • TaSK
    TaSK Hace 2 años +48

    Me before the video: Hey maybe I'll learn something cool from this, let's check it out
    Me after the video: I no longer consider myself a drummer

    • Vibes OTHC
      Vibes OTHC Hace un año +1

      🤣🤣🤣 right there with u

    DBHAYES82 Hace un año

    It's something to see someone so in their element, you just want to feel that no matter what your own talent and focus is.

  • Robert Samuel
    Robert Samuel Hace 10 meses +1

    I particularly like the part when he played on min 0:0 til the very end.

  • Elroy Toelle
    Elroy Toelle Hace 2 años +4

    4:12 flap them wings, boy.
    Joking aside, his skill and precision ia really great. What a legend

  • Spud
    Spud Hace 2 años

    You’ve gone through all the other drummers and just when you think you’ve competed it, you find out that this is the final boss

  • CemCorruptionIy
    CemCorruptionIy Hace 6 meses +1

    The beat change at 3:39 🥵🔥🔥

    ANTHONY AMINU Hace 2 años +8

    Dang! He is counting the timing so perfectly like when your computer processor is using all the power.

  • Masso1973
    Masso1973 Hace 2 años +1

    Just like a heartbeat, the man’s got rhythm

  • Joshua Deacon Music
    Joshua Deacon Music Hace 4 años +362

    My right calf feels the burn just by watching this! haha.. Awesome and super consistent drummer!

  • Ian Robert Gallagher
    Ian Robert Gallagher Hace 2 años +1

    The first time I watched this I just laughed for 7 minutes, like a baby watching a cat play. Pure, simple. Perfect.

  • dave rockon
    dave rockon Hace 2 años +1

    Not the most impressive solo I’ve ever seen. I would have love to watch him do a solo only with his right foot! That’s insane!

    NAME NAME NAME Hace 2 años +6

    For the first few seconds, I can follow exactly what he's doing. Sure, some 16ths and maybe some 32nds on the bass, ghost notes on the snare and constant 8ths on the hi hat.
    Then, he starts playing rhythms on the toms while still doing the previous stuff, and I actually have no idea where his hands are at what time.

  • Mike Oxmaul
    Mike Oxmaul Hace un año +1

    I'd love to hear him play ''fool in the rain'' drums only by led zep, John Bonham was an amazing dummer 🤘 So is this guy.

  • Guru Chuckle
    Guru Chuckle Hace 2 años

    OMG! I don't know what to say. The man was in that rare place called the ZONE! Top athletes get there when they have a night where they refuse to miss shots, they can't miss shots. I've got chills just watching his bass foot having a life of its own. Great freakin video man. Thanks...


    O melhor dos melhores...

  • Just Cory
    Just Cory Hace 2 años +75

    Guy at drum store: "how many cymbals do you want on your drum set"
    Sugarfoot: *yes*

  • Skrazor
    Skrazor Hace 2 años +100

    Legend says that drum machines get nervous when he's around.

  • Arma Letalia
    Arma Letalia Hace 2 años +3388

    Sugarfoot: _finishes solo_
    Drum set: _lights a cigarette_

    • David G
      David G Hace 6 meses


    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez Hace 11 meses

      Try reading this just an hour before midnight 🤣🤣

    • Juan Martinez
      Juan Martinez Hace 11 meses


    • TooNice Media
      TooNice Media Hace un año


    • Christo
      Christo Hace un año +5

      its been 9 months since this video, I wonder how the infant kick drum is developing? should've gained weight in its Birch and begun kicking its siblings asses

  • James Locklear
    James Locklear Hace un mes

    I have been playing drums for over 20 years and I admit I get bored during most drum solos but not this one! I love how there is a solid back beat during the solo and his use of the hi hat. He should be recognized as one of the greats.

  • Curtis Bailey
    Curtis Bailey Hace 2 años

    He's awesome to be able to play like that in his church shoes!!! Classy and BADASS

  • Doug Lindsey
    Doug Lindsey Hace 2 años

    Love Jonathan. The best living percussionist. Is he really playing 5/8 up top and 4/4 on bottom at same time? Crazy Genius. So why do you have double bass peddles when you are one of the rare ones who do trips one footed on base. Two thumbs way up on Sugar Foot.

  • Subwhiffy
    Subwhiffy Hace un año +3

    drum solo is so smooth that the stick itself is actually getting soft itself

  • Randy R
    Randy R Hace 4 años +172

    Wow!! No facial expressions...just killer-confidence and pure, raw talent at its best! His phenomenal foot-work tells a story about how AMAZING he is!!

    • Randy R
      Randy R Hace 3 años +2

      @onesong2001 You obviously have no idea what a pocket drummer is and what's actually ridiculous is your attempt to try and undermine this man's incredible talent. He's a clear example of becoming one with the instrument. He's playing multiple rhythms while sustaining the foot-work on the bass drum for an extended period of time. That's GREATNESS!!!

    • onesong2001
      onesong2001 Hace 3 años

      @Randy R Why did you type 'greatness' in caps? Do you think that makes your comment less ridiculous? It doesn't.
      If you want to be educated I can give you links to some truly great drummers but I don't think you're really interested in music.

    • Randy R
      Randy R Hace 3 años +3

      onesong2001, I completely disagree with your assessment. Comparing his skill-set and talent to a programming device is an absolute insult!! Obviously you don't recognize GREATNESS when you see or hear it.

    • onesong2001
      onesong2001 Hace 3 años

      No facial expressions and no musical expression, but if you ever need a guy when your drum machine breaks down he's the guy, just so long as you don't have any interesting patterns programmed.

    • exploiter
      exploiter Hace 3 años +3

      His concentration...is like rock solid...nobody can break...raw power

  • Nick Chong
    Nick Chong Hace 2 años

    The God of drums. I swear each time he plays the drums, i can see the drums bow down to him.

  • Sebastiano Barabino
    Sebastiano Barabino Hace un año

    You can tell how this man loves his double backwards cymbal move

  • B.85.R
    B.85.R Hace 7 meses

    Legends go that the beat is still going, that foot never stopped!!😲

  • kong hock tiong
    kong hock tiong Hace 7 meses

    Such a good stamina to sustain playing the drums in a stable conditions. Fantastic.