How To Play Drums (Beginner Drum Lesson)

  • Publicado el 5 ago 2019
  • Have you always wanted to learn how to play drums? If your excuses have included “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have a drum set at home,” you’re in luck: this 10-minute video lesson will get you started quicker than you can say “Ringo.”
    We’re starting from the beginning. No theory. No technique. By the end of this video, you’ll be able to play a simple beat and drum fill.
    Why play drums? Whether you’re doing it for fun, for the health benefits, to pick up a new hobby, or to become a rock star, the instrument is a great outlet for all of these things.
    00:44 - Getting Started - Grip
    If you have drumsticks, hold them with a nice relaxed grip. This is the most important thing to know for now. Keep your hands loose!
    1:22 - Playing Your First Beat
    This is where the fun begins! Using your kick, hi-hat and snare, Jared teaches how to count, feel and play your first beat.
    6:05 - Playing Your First Fill
    Drum fills are used to build anticipation or release tension. Listen for them in your favourite tunes, such as snare rolls in AC/DC songs or that big tom fill in “Wipe Out.”
    Congratulations - you just learned your first rock beat and your first fill! This is just the beginning; when it comes to beats and fills, the sky’s the limit. At this rate, you’ll be playing all your favourite tunes and jamming in no time.
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +9

    Learn To Play Drums In 90 Days ►

  • PhenaxDK
    PhenaxDK Hace 2 años +3525

    When you dont have drums, but you wanna learn how to play drums, but you wont buy drums before you are good at playing drums...

    • Kasun Vithanage
      Kasun Vithanage Hace 10 días

      same :(

    • Daniel Kovalev
      Daniel Kovalev Hace un mes

      Buy drum sticks and use towels for the drums and watch the video with headphones that's what I'm doing rn lol kinda works.

    • ThatOneAnimator
      ThatOneAnimator Hace 3 meses

      So uh... guess I'm not alone.

    • J4s p3rfect
      J4s p3rfect Hace 3 meses

      You can use a chair instead

    • cyntrez1
      cyntrez1 Hace 3 meses

      For real!!!

  • TheSirse
    TheSirse Hace un año +355

    I've been playing drums for 2 decades, recorded at least a dozen albums and I do session work often. My tips? Practice these basics every week. Have focused practice, where you do just one thing for longer than you think you need. Don't feel overwhelmed when you see incredible drummers performing. They all sucked at one point.
    Jared's vids are the best. He is calm, a great teacher and his methods work.

    • Yeshwant Paul
      Yeshwant Paul Hace 2 meses

      Thanks for the help

    • pj gucci
      pj gucci Hace 5 meses +1

      What are the albums called I wanna check them out

    • TheSirse
      TheSirse Hace 8 meses +3

      @Deadlock T
      Sepulchre of Man:ídeo.html
      Nerve Zero (I'm the new drummer, not in the videos):
      Thanks for asking!

  • michael r. Guerrette
    michael r. Guerrette Hace 11 meses +97

    Jared, Thank You for offering this free lesson online, at 59 I have now taken my first drum lesson. I've wanted to play the drums since I was five years old. After watch "Little Drummer Boy" I begged my mother for a set of drums, but we lived in a three family dwelling and that was not an option! For years I played the Air Drums, and as the years passed and other priorities set in, the desire to learn the drums fell by the wayside. Unfortunately, this past March I lost my beloved mother, and since then, for some weird reason, I've felt the urge to learn the drums, guess mom gave me the ok from the other side :). So I bought a pad and a set of sticks and here we go!
    All My Best

    • Spangas
      Spangas Hace 6 días

      Awesome mate. Never too late!!

    • Lee Lee
      Lee Lee Hace 8 meses +3

      I love your comment !!!!
      I am sorry to hear about your moms passing!
      I hope you’re still playing and having fun ! My dad was a drummer playing around Pittsburgh Jazz bands , trios, still
      has his drums set up. , I’m 55 and always wanted to play the drums . However , my dad dream wanted a baby grand in his home wished for his daughter to play the piano ! I tried and didn’t care for it , Being a daughter of a musician , I appreciated all music and instruments and after the first time I saw Sheila E perform I was blown away I was blown away by this brilliant talented female drummer … Still to this day when watching it discussing music , a band or musician I will say jokingly but truthfully if only I took drumming lessons… , he laughs says or stuck with piano like Alicia Keys ! This video taught me enough that I just sat down and played my dads drums and he came in and I impressed the hell out of him and this video is the first and only one I have watched! Highly recommend ! Thank you Jared ! And Mike for your great story!

  • Jackie Erber
    Jackie Erber Hace un mes +5

    I’m 67 years old and have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to play drums. It’s on my bucket list. I don’t have a drum set tho. Can’t afford a good set. I’m looking for a used one to surface so I can buy that. You really inspire me! Your video is really easy to follow. Thank you, I just gotta find that first set, my husband thinks I’m nuts!

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams Hace 2 años +320

    Just got drums yesterday, almost 50 and starting to learn, this lesson was great

    • Tilahun Biruk
      Tilahun Biruk Hace 13 días

      Wow..lots of people in their 50's and 60's getting themselves into drums. I would love to hear about their progress.

    • SquidwardFan104
      SquidwardFan104 Hace 2 meses

      Drums sure are very fun once you start getting the feel of it! I'm 13 and have been playing for 5 years, so hope you enjoy!

    • Custard Yogurt
      Custard Yogurt Hace 4 meses

      im turning 53 and im going to learn for fun thank u for making that possible.

    • Gig Your Band
      Gig Your Band Hace 5 meses

      me too nearly 50 and bought an amazing drum kit.

    • daffawaffa
      daffawaffa Hace 5 meses

      You make me feel so much better about starting at 28, hope it's working out for you!

  • 923nmp
    923nmp Hace un año +90

    I've never touched the drums in my life and this lesson was perfect for me as a beginner. Thank you!

  • Efe Easley
    Efe Easley Hace un mes +4

    Just starting this at 44 years old. I scanned through a few lessons and Jared captured my attention and his teaching style had me feeling like a drummer. I love this channel and looking forward to learning more. You are amazing Jared. It's hard when a person doesn't have any experience with instruments to try and learn..but your methods are applicable and really just works!!! Thank you! I'm amazed and excited!

  • Mark1Mach2
    Mark1Mach2 Hace 9 meses +29

    Tried on Imaginary drums as well.
    One thing I noticed is the quality of this video! The zooming in and the angles, very well made.

  • michael doughty
    michael doughty Hace 8 meses +12

    Thanks Jared, just got a electronic drum kit this weekend, I wanted one for ages, and this is my first lesson, even for someone musically challenged this was great to understand and follow. Nice teaching bud.

  • Elizabeth Dixon
    Elizabeth Dixon Hace 7 meses +1

    I love the way h teach the drums. Easy to follow, no pressure, more relaxing making you want to learn. Thank for this video.♥️😊

  • Paul Morton
    Paul Morton Hace un mes +2

    This is brilliant, great instruction! Very straightforward, thank you. Got my new drum kit arriving next week. 🥁😊

  • Wilson Tommi
    Wilson Tommi Hace un año +5

    Thank you so much, Jared! You've made drum so easy. This video makes me totally catch up with this simple beat and fill.

  • Eleni Tack
    Eleni Tack Hace 4 meses +1

    Thank you so much for this! For months I have been staring at my boyfriends drums, wanting to play but being a bit wary, because really, I am not a musical/coordinated person at ALL 😀 Due to this very clear and patient explanation I am now unable to stay away from practicing. Thank you so much Jared!

  • Shrine’s Corner
    Shrine’s Corner Hace un año +6

    This is awesome! I’m planning on starting how to play Drums. This is so much informative. Thank you 😍

  • Dawn Leusner
    Dawn Leusner Hace un año +6

    Thank you! I was able to follow along. It’s my first “official” lesson, and I learned a lot. Appreciate your time.

  • Joe Jitsu
    Joe Jitsu Hace 9 meses +3

    Yes. Got it. You’re a wonderful teacher. Thank you. Just got my drum kit and I’ve been practicing. Love it.

  • Mariana Espindola
    Mariana Espindola Hace 8 meses +3

    Yay, I did it! Brand new drum kit and this was my first lesson. It was great! Thank you!

  • Caleb Conkin
    Caleb Conkin Hace 9 meses +2

    This is such a good tutorial! I just got my first set, and this is such a helpful guide! Thank you!

  • Tim St Germain
    Tim St Germain Hace un año +2

    Thanks for the awesome beginner video I took lessons when I was around 17 years old never follow through with it. Fast forward 30 years later I picked up a drum kit this week and I am determined to finish when I start to learn 30 years ago. I only wish we had these great videos back then to help us out. So thanks again for an awesome video you rock man!

  • Duster McClean
    Duster McClean Hace 2 años +1

    I started to play drums just for a fun. You’re a great teacher. This stuff is simple but powerful. Thanks man!

  • Robert Hendrix
    Robert Hendrix Hace 9 meses +5

    I think this a great tool to use even if you've never played in your life or if you're somewhat of an accomplished player. It's always good to work the basics.

  • Pamela Raffel
    Pamela Raffel Hace 2 años +549

    I have wanted to learns drums all my life. I am 65 now and I am determined. Thanks for this. So relaxing. No pressure. I want more!!

    • swapnomoy chowdhury
      swapnomoy chowdhury Hace 8 meses

      @David B Thanks a lot sir, your comment really motivated me to do better.

    • RandomMatrix
      RandomMatrix Hace 11 meses

      How you getting on fella??? 🍻

    • Julie的澳洲生活
      Julie的澳洲生活 Hace un año

      @David B I am 58. I feel so passionate to learn playing drums as I like to challenge myself too. To me, being alive means doing anything that I like.

    • Pamela Raffel
      Pamela Raffel Hace un año

      @David H YEAH!!!!

    • David H
      David H Hace un año

      60 and trying again..good to know I am not alone..lets do this...

  • Derekm 4JC
    Derekm 4JC Hace un año +1

    Thank you so much for this lesson and all your videos on here! I have a strong desire to learn how to play the drums and will be practicing what you're teaching me on here!

  • Matthias Metz
    Matthias Metz Hace un año +1

    I always thought playing drums would be easy. But now, hearing the click from my DWA ... I see how much I am out of time. And, yes - I am an absolute beginner. I have now very much respect for each and every drummer. Keeping time and overing a nice groove to the band ... is something special. Not everybody can do this. Thanks for these videos so that I can learn some basics. Highly appreciated.

  • Anastasiia
    Anastasiia Hace un año +1

    the best lesson I've ever seen on ESclips. Even only playing on my laps with hands was so fun, thank you 💜

  • Gautami
    Gautami Hace un año +1

    These lessons are actually so good! Easy to learn and I love it!

  • Daniel Ishola
    Daniel Ishola Hace 9 meses +3

    I'm having some difficulty mastering the combination but I'm not quiting.
    Thanks, this was a wonderful video.

  • 許建中
    許建中 Hace un año

    Such a good teacher. Thanks for the lesson. It helps a lot for any beginners.

  • o11ivand3r
    o11ivand3r Hace 3 meses

    I absolutely loved playing the drums when I was around 8 after going to a rock band camp for a few weeks and learning. After 8 years and a few grades of basic school band percussion, I'm determined to pick it up again. Drumming brought me the joy and excitement that nothing else does but art, except much louder and emotionally more intense.

  • katzen
    katzen Hace 6 meses +1

    played drums for the first time and this lesson is amazing!

  • tdelarsen
    tdelarsen Hace 5 meses

    Thank you! My husband has had drums in the house for years and I love to hear them. I’m 52 and said, I can do this! I’m excited to learn!

  • Tina Carreon
    Tina Carreon Hace un año +1

    Great video! Thank you! Got it quickly & faster speed, & ended the fill with a crash. It's pretty easy whe you have an ear for rhythm & can keep time. I also play piano, so doing different things with each hand & foot came pretty easily. I want to play at church & just as a hobby & outlet. Always want to play drums, but wasnt allowed to as a kid. Thank you for an easy to understand & easy to follow beginners video. Love this channel!

  • Jeanne Cordano
    Jeanne Cordano Hace 3 meses

    Thank you. You made this very simple and clear. Super pumped to get started!

  • Aimee Jewell
    Aimee Jewell Hace un año

    This was SO helpful as someone who is truly just starting out. Thank you! It was tough to find a good resource that really started off with basics, so thanks for this video!

  • Gil Flores
    Gil Flores Hace 3 años +201

    I've been playing for 50 years. I still watched the video to the end. You never know what you can learn.

      JUANIMATION Hace un año

      What did he talk

    • Andriev Bastichy
      Andriev Bastichy Hace un año +8

      @Coleman Adamson indeed he is special. it is the rare man that understands no one is infallible and there is always something to learn. i take my hat off to Mr. Flores!

    • Ivan
      Ivan Hace 2 años +4

      Coleman Adamson hater

    • RS Music
      RS Music Hace 2 años +2


    • Cat Man
      Cat Man Hace 2 años +2

      did it help?

  • Jackal_21
    Jackal_21 Hace un año +1

    Thank you very much! I'm 37 and with your help I've just learned my first beat and fill hitting some books with pencils. I've been heating stuff like the bed, my fingers one to another mixing the beats, even my teeth in my mouth one to another(hope they're ok) for as long as I can remember but never considered drumbs because I live in an appartment on 4th floor. Now I'm thinking of an electronic drum set but not sure if I won't bother the neighbors.I'll read more on the subject, search for more beginers beats and practice on what I have to see if can follow them before buying a set.. Cheers!

  • leonardo garduno
    leonardo garduno Hace un año

    Love it 🙏thank you so much so clear and clean even simple

  • Robert McCrea
    Robert McCrea Hace 7 meses

    Kit touches down on Thursday. Great lesson making sense of timing. Using a pad, my poor left knee as hi hat and feet of stool as pedals. Loving this teaching. Thanks Jared.

  • Gary Chen
    Gary Chen Hace un año

    Great video !! Absolutely knowledgeable !! Worth watching over and over again as a beginner !! Thanks !! 👍👍

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 3 años +1017

    hey everyone, the last time I did a video of this was years ago and in our old studio. I wanted to do a new version as I know it can help a lot of drummers. So many of you are already drumming gods and definitely don't need a beginner lesson, but I appreciate you liking, sharing, and spreading the love for new drummers. Thank you! -- Jared Falk

    • Nathan Hammond
      Nathan Hammond Hace 28 días

      Yes. I am a drumming God.

    • Tim Myles
      Tim Myles Hace un mes

      I'm getting a my first drum kit in a week. Thanks for the lessons .

    • Victor Lin
      Victor Lin Hace 2 meses

      Is it How To Play Drums - Your Very First Drum Lesson?

      IBK DRUMZ Hace 2 mesesídeo.html please check this out.

    • Tosinkingfisher Oparinde
      Tosinkingfisher Oparinde Hace 2 meses

      Thank you jared falk

  • JustGeorgiaxD
    JustGeorgiaxD Hace un año

    These videos are really easy to understand! Really well explained and fun to follow!

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    Guiselle Hace un año

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    Nathan Carmack Hace un año

    So good. You explain things so well! Thank you!

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    Paul Ward Hace 7 meses

    Brought home my first drum kit today. I used this video and loved it! I felt like an actual drummer!

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    AnoNaNona Hace 2 años +11

    This is so helpful! I’m already in my late 30’s and wanted to learn to play an instrument. You made it so easy! Thank you

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    Chee Chan Hace 8 meses

    I’m 63 yrs old and recently retired! Playing drums has always been on my bucket list since my teens. Finally pulled the trigger of purchasing an electronic set and so happy I did! This video is so helpful. I had never played drums before

  • Julyana
    Julyana Hace un año +1

    I am just a singer-songwriter and was searching for some easy tutorial for better understanding how the drums are played. And you do illustrate it very accessibly! Thank you, Jared!)

  • Robert Belanger
    Robert Belanger Hace un año +1

    I would like to express my appreciation for this video. I am partially a native Canadian Mohawk and I want to learn drums. I always envisioned myself as a guitar player, but watching your videos truly has helped me to connect with not only myself but my heritage. So tanka.

  • Mandy McKillop
    Mandy McKillop Hace un año

    Absolute beginner- so helpful! Thank you Jared!

  • Jake Alexander
    Jake Alexander Hace 2 años +29

    Awesome lesson for beginners. I've basically done the exact same thing when teaching friends who want to try it out. It's wonderful seeing the looks on their faces when they finally nail that simple fill for the first time and jump back into the beat. I'll probably keep teaching myself, but I would send this video to them as well afterwards. Good stuff Jared.

    • sue kenny
      sue kenny Hace 8 días

      I have drumsticks, but was using cushions and pot mitts as drums/cymbal to avoid disturbing the fam.....

    • sue kenny
      sue kenny Hace 8 días

      Yay!! me too - but at 60. Loved it!

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    podster12 Hace un año

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  • Joseph Tortorice
    Joseph Tortorice Hace un año

    Just got a drum set, never done this before and your lessons have really helped me to get my limbs separated so I can do the kick drum and snare drum while hitting the high hat. Thank you for these!

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    middballs Hace un año +2

    I’ve literally just started playing drums and so has my seven year old daughter and over two days of watching we are both loving it please keep these coming

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    Paul Anthony Markowski Hace un año

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  • William Parker // 3D Artist

    This is most amazing beginner video ever. You are an amazing teacher and have gotten me hooked on drumming just from this video. Thank you!

  • Amy
    Amy Hace un año

    Thank you so much for the lesson. I have difficulty setting up my electric drums like you showed us. Any tips on that? This so fun to learn. So glad we have utube!

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    I'll try my best at it.

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    Alo Fitisemanu Hace 2 años +6

    Can't wait to try it out. You have a nice calm voice and a friendly/helpful/motivating (you can do this tone) presentation. You've got me hooked on learning to play drums.

  • Emma54
    Emma54 Hace 9 meses +1

    This was so fun I tried something I haven’t tried thanks ❤️

  • Daljinder Singh
    Daljinder Singh Hace un año

    Thanks Bro! Your lesson was great for a beggining ( I've just purchased an electronic drum set). I wish you had a channel specifically to teach drumming in a step by step lessons...