The Legendary Drumming Behind “Separate Ways” (Steve Smith)

  • Publicado el 27 sep 2022

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  • Marina Terzis
    Marina Terzis Hace un mes +597

    Spent my entire childhood listening to Separate Ways with my dad. He used to play the drums and music has always been a big part of my life. I lost him 11 years ago, and after the pandemic, started taking drums lessons. Last month I began to learn Separate Ways and to see Steve Smith breaking down this song, that holds such a special place in my heart, just made my day ❤️

    • Paul B
      Paul B Hace 29 días +1


    • Derek Dykeman
      Derek Dykeman Hace un mes +2

      Sorry to hear about your Father.

    • Fernando Bertin
      Fernando Bertin Hace un mes +2

      Glad you found a wonderful way to keep your dad memories alive! Welcome to the club and don't give up!

    • Chris Drouillard
      Chris Drouillard Hace un mes +3

      My all-time favorite Journey song and now I know why.

    • Raymond Hernandez
      Raymond Hernandez Hace un mes +1

      Steve Smith Is A Very Awesome Drummer. One Of The Greats 👍.

  • James Rizzuto
    James Rizzuto Hace un mes +242

    Went to one of those awkward Guitar Center drum clinics when I was a kid featuring Steve Smith many decades ago. I was in my thrash metal stage at the time. I was too young then to understand how rare it is for a drummer to be able to elevate and contribute creatively to such a wide variety of music styles and genres. When he plays jazz, it truly swings. When he plays rock, it truly stomps. At the clinic, Mr. Smith was such a very patient and humble person to all the fans at the event. He even signed my Vital Information LP. But the thing that I am still grateful for decades later- he actually had me to sit at his monstrous drum kit after the Q&A while he stood behind me and walked me through the iconic "Separate Ways" drum fills outlined in this video. I've used that snare/rack/floor/kick thing in a bunch of different ways ever since. If you see this, Steve, please know I still play drums and I still think you are a genius and a gentleman! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

      BUDDHASEKTOR Hace 8 días

      He’s a friend of mine & a great player.

    • Fonny222
      Fonny222 Hace 18 días

      He’s a really good teacher. Whenever I see him demonstrate something and explain it I feel like I’m learning. In the video Todd Sucherman did for drumeo about ghost notes he said when he was 12 he wrote a letter to Steve Smith in modern drummer asking about a part from a song he played on and Steve wrote back a huge breakdown of what he played and an explanation with music notation.

    • Horologic Rannygazoo
      Horologic Rannygazoo Hace 25 días

      That's awesome! I was in my mid 20's when I went to one in LA and, yeah, he was awesome with all of us fans -- I took the poster they had up at the event and had him sign that and my Vital Information CD. He explained his exploration of triplets in great detail in that clinic, and he spent a lot of time taking questions. Best clinic I ever attended.

    • Arthur
      Arthur Hace 27 días

      I saw him with his jazz band in Indy many years ago and had one of those massive $20,000 car stereos and sat by the bus and played La Do Da off of Captured. it was awesome

    • John LaFleur
      John LaFleur Hace 29 días

      Great story Brother

  • Félix Weber
    Félix Weber Hace un mes +187

    His technique is absolutely perfect, his gesture so elegant and smooth not forgetting the huge sound he is getting out of his instrument. On the podium of my all time favorite drummers.

  • Charlie
    Charlie Hace un mes +226

    One of the true great writers of rock drums! His thoughtful approach is inspiring. And he seems like such a great human being.

    • King Trance
      King Trance Hace un mes

      So great he tried to screw Journey over on publishing and Neil Schon fired his ass.

    • Z Z
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  • Drummershy
    Drummershy Hace un mes +92

    His foot and hand technique is just out of this universe. The pocket presence and laid back drumming is just unbelievable

    • Dave Reeves
      Dave Reeves Hace 27 días +1

      yep...and that's why he's Steve Smith...and I'll never be!

    • Darren Z
      Darren Z Hace un mes +5

      His playing is so complex, yet he makes it look effortless.

    • Devin
      Devin Hace un mes +6

      I like his footwork on the hi-hat.

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones Hace un mes +6

      It's amazing to look at his hands. So relaxed, yet so much control and power.

  • Arthur Andrew 🎃
    Arthur Andrew 🎃 Hace un mes +70

    He's not just a great drummer, but he's also a great teacher with a huge sense of history.

  • Paul Bentley
    Paul Bentley Hace un mes +57

    Steve Smith masterclass. What seems to be easy played to beyond perfection. What a great kit sound too. These great drummers have magic in their hands n feet.

  • nickosrightfoot
    nickosrightfoot Hace un mes +108

    He took an amazing song and turned it into a masterpiece.

    • BradsGonnaPlay
      BradsGonnaPlay Hace un mes +7

      And he took a simple part and turned it into a masterclass.
      Not even a huge Journey fan, but this drum part elevates the song perfectly.

    • V4 Boedo
      V4 Boedo Hace un mes +1

      Para tanto? jaja

  • It Wasn't Me
    It Wasn't Me Hace un mes +48

    I was a Journey fan back in the eighties, but not a drummer back then. Didnt notice how unusual Steve's drumming is. It was much later trying to play his parts that I realised how great his drumming is. I think he's underappreciated

    • James Weldon
      James Weldon Hace un mes +2

      I have been saying that about "Don’t Stop Believing” since it was released. I didn’t figure out how he was doing that song until about 10 years ago, with a video similar to this one. People I grew up with would make fun of the hokey lyrics and the manner in which they were delivered. I would say “Ya gotta listen to the DRUMS!”

    • Sasquatch27
      Sasquatch27 Hace un mes

      Totally agree. Same with a few drummers of that era. 🤘

  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez Hace un mes +44

    Not being a fan of Journey, I've always loved this song. It's great how Steve explains the ideas and feels he wanted in the drum parts... not for nothing his musicality inspired Neal Peart to get drum classes in the 90's

    • Will W
      Will W Hace 10 días +1

      I like Journey much more as a 50 year old than I did as a young teen in the early ‘80s. Had to mature beyond the binary sucks/rules mentality towards music that plagues so many youngsters.

    • Barry French - Session Drummer
      Barry French - Session Drummer Hace un mes +3

      I'll be honest, Don't Stop Believing put me off them. Absolute 80's cheese. Maybe I'll give them more of a chance one day.

    • Ivan Perez
      Ivan Perez Hace un mes +3

      @robert romanski haha, sorry guys, but it isn't I think Journey is bad, it's just a matter of styles

    • Brian Wolf
      Brian Wolf Hace un mes +2

      If you don't like Journey, you're a liar.

    • robert romanski
      robert romanski Hace un mes +7


  • iPhail
    iPhail Hace un mes +34

    If ever you doubt the importance of practice, just look how much power this gent gets from such minute motions. We're not worthy 🤘🤘

  • Jim Davignon
    Jim Davignon Hace un mes +9

    Smith and Porcaro. The best ever for pop/rock. Such creative parts that fit and enhance the song like no other.

  • Fer F
    Fer F Hace un mes +9

    Although I like a lot his playing with Journey, for me, his work with Jean Luc Ponty and Hiromi trio project are the best example of his incredible capacity as a drummer.

  • K M
    K M Hace un mes +33

    A true Living Legend. His technique is Perfection.

  • Tate Seifert
    Tate Seifert Hace un mes +9

    8:20 That fill into the open section and the stick trick he threw in was DOPE

  • binkwood
    binkwood Hace un mes +16

    Steve's playing is so clean and concise whether he's playing something relatively simple like this or some complex Konnakol composition!

    SCOOT PITTMAN Hace un mes +2

    The most musical drummer ever. Been a fan since I first heard his work in the 70’s with Jean Luc Ponty. A treasure in the drum community.

  • Cobb the Drummer
    Cobb the Drummer Hace un mes +7

    Thanks for this video. I love the way Steve plays, he’s one of the most melodic drummers I’ve ever heard.

  • Kentucky Blugrass
    Kentucky Blugrass Hace un mes +7

    The drums make this song. Well, along with Perry's vocals. This was a great "tutorial" if you will. Those fills will forever be ingrained in my mind.
    Thank you for this 🙏🏻

    • Alaskan Bergwanderer
      Alaskan Bergwanderer Hace 25 días +1

      well said man. A lot of his parts are iconic, but those fills on *this* track are legendary. Seeing how he actually plays this makes me be even more in awe.

  • J.D.B.
    J.D.B. Hace un mes +23

    10:08 "In support of the song." Everything he did and every choice he made was in support of the song. What a great drummer! What a great musician!

    • Darren Z
      Darren Z Hace un mes +1

      @gokblok I think the drums are tracked louder here than how it sounds on the album or how it would be mixed in a concert, probably so you can more easily hear what he's playing.

    • gokblok
      gokblok Hace un mes +1

      It really stuck out to me when he said this--I feel like the age of youtube and instagram drummers (and guitarists) has really emphasized chops and virtuosic techniques so much that musicality has really suffered.
      The thing that struck me as odd though, is that section where he's playing all the extra notes between the backbeats, it really steps on the music. Too busy. And if that's what was played in the original recording, you can't hear it.

  • MrPercussionPete
    MrPercussionPete Hace un mes +18

    Wow... Separate Ways was such a beautiful mesmerizing song, when I would listen to it, now almost 40 years ago, it would lift me up and take me to a different reality. Kind of a musical high... It's so great to hear Steve talk about the drum parts he created to match this legendary piece of music. In my humble opinion Steve is one of the finest drummers ever. He can literally play anything. From old school jazz to modern fusion to stadium rock... He can play it all, with a lot of taste and musicality. American drum legend. Thanx Drumeo for making this possible.

  • Gregg Goss
    Gregg Goss Hace un mes +3

    Steve, thank you and the rest of Journey for giving me a lifetime of memories. It will be 5 years since the passing of my best friend. Him and I shared so many of life's ups and downs and along with it our best memories of Journey concerts . I miss him dearly and the 80's Journey shows we attended. Thank you for sharing in our lives.

  • Jacob Chris
    Jacob Chris Hace un mes +28

    Steve smith is a awesome drummer for Journey 🤟

  • Gustavo P
    Gustavo P Hace un mes +8

    I am not a drummer, but I always loved his drumming on this one, and paid attention to the fills.

  • thomann
    thomann Hace un mes +3

    Favorite drummer, Steve is absolutely phenomenal and I love all his collaborative album with great jazz artists.

  • D. S.
    D. S. Hace un mes +2

    "Hope you enjoyed" - I'm blown away!!! What an amazing drummer und teacher, my god! I wish I had 1% of his unbelievable ability to play! Excellently done, played and taught - please more of him!

  • bleep77
    bleep77 Hace un mes +3

    Watching this was mesmerizing. Put a smile on my face. This guy is an under appreciated genius and a legend

  • Patriot 1776
    Patriot 1776 Hace un mes +8

    The drumming in Separate Ways was absolutely EPIC!

  • Terry Willoughby
    Terry Willoughby Hace un mes +2

    To an untrained ear and eye, I never realized this was such a complex piece. Amazing video to watch and see how you break it all down. You also made me laugh the hardest in the original music video, a true all round entertainer in the most laid back but professional way. Excellent stuff!

  • Drew Reviews
    Drew Reviews Hace un mes +3

    I'm a guitar player who's fascinated with drums. This was great. Makes me want to get a set for my music room.

  • Sonic Art
    Sonic Art Hace un mes +4

    Steve is a total professional.... he understands everything he's playing and what effect and impact it has in the song, awesome performance.

  • CardinalEgan
    CardinalEgan Hace un mes +1

    That was an amazing lesson. Note some of the finer points too... like switching to traditional grip for the "jazzier" parts and always working the high hat with his foot, especially closing it on the "ands" in the final chorus. It gives the high hat part a different twist. Steve is one of the best!

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene Hace un mes +2

    Of course awesome and flawless playing. I find it even more incredible that Steve came up with these drum parts. Absolutely genius!

  • Steve Zinn
    Steve Zinn Hace un mes +7

    Amazing. So awesome to see Steve break down his classic Journey beats and fills. I hope there is more to come.

  • David Curtis
    David Curtis Hace un mes +9

    So great to see this Steve! Very solid drumming, keep groovin' the passion 👍👍

  • tomdemerly
    tomdemerly Hace un mes

    That was an incredible video. In addition to the amazing playing, the camera angles and editing were excellent. Thank you very much!

  • my love songs
    my love songs Hace un mes +2

    I remember Steve back in his Journey heyday. It was so long ago! Where has the time gone? Separate Ways (World's Apart) is such a great song from the Frontiers album! A song that will stand the test of time. Steve is just showing how it's done!! ❤👍🙂

  • Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez Hace un mes +13

    Simply an amazing song 🙌🏽💯

  • toolband1992
    toolband1992 Hace un mes +2

    God! That was f***ing amazing, Steve! Jeez, you're one of my fav drummers of all time irrespective of style. And that was perfect and personified 80's sound and style. I 'need' to go back and listen to some Journey as a band/genre I have just kinda missed. Thanks for everything and you're one of the constant learners and no ego just constantly finding inspiration and for that I respect and admire you so much. Thank you, sir. :)

  • RidgeDogRoxx
    RidgeDogRoxx Hace un mes +2

    I've listened to this song since the day it came out on the album and I swear I've never heard the intricacies of those drums. I'll be listening more closely the next time the tune comes on. Steve, you are an incredible, amazing, uber-talented drummer!

  • Alan Howe
    Alan Howe Hace un mes +1

    Very cool, I've watches several tutorials on this song, but learning it from the man who created it? Priceless. Rock on Steve, You are the man!

  • Six String Steve RV Nomad

    The drum part he wrote for this song is amazing. I really enjoyed this!🥁🎶

  • Sander Berkvens
    Sander Berkvens Hace un mes +4

    Steve Smith for me always = Journey… The proof that stadium-rock mixed with jazzy fusion-feel can become iconic, immortal and just f**king amazing!!!

  • Scadenzario
    Scadenzario Hace un mes +3

    One of my favourite tunes of all time. Massive sound! The fact some folk still think Don't stop believing is their best song..... 🤦‍♀️

  • Michael DeLoach
    Michael DeLoach Hace un mes +8

    I've played this song and a couple other Journey songs in bands before and his drumming is deceptively complex. To know that he can go from left hand matched grip playing on a right handed kit, then to right handed traditional grip, then back to left handed matched seamlessly just adds to his complexity. Wow!

  • Niek van den Pol
    Niek van den Pol Hace un mes +5

    I’ll just casually point out how he plays the hi hat with his foot in the intro, that alone already makes this performance 10/10

  • Ken Parsons
    Ken Parsons Hace un mes +1

    Very interesting presentation of this song. Steve Smith is incredible, we all know that. For me, getting back into drumming after being away from it for a decade or so, I love the way he breaks down his work. When I was a lot younger I was a basic 4/4 rock drummer, sitting on the kit and just bashing the hell out of things. Now that I’m older, I’m taking time to really learn how these drum parts are composed, and I’m beginning to understand how powerful nuance and subtlety can be. Thank you, Steve. Best wishes for your continued health and professional growth. Thank you for the music.

  • Terence Singerline
    Terence Singerline Hace un mes +1

    Steve was always my personal favorite drummer in Journey! He has the special ingredient I find that was missing with others in the drumming realm..Great feel,groove and fills..

  • Maria Theresa Cubos
    Maria Theresa Cubos Hace un mes +3

    You are still amazing in playing drums, Sir Steve Smith! I got goosebumps while watching you playing those drums. It feels like I was watching you with the Journey boys in a live concert. Keep on inspiring us by playing your music, sir. 😊

  • Marty Young
    Marty Young Hace un mes +3

    Awesome! I saw Journey on the Frontiers tour when they came to Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY. During the show Steve kicked his drum kit off the riser and onto the stage, walked off, he was really pissed about something. After the show as we were walking to our vehicle we had to pass the dock doors at the rear of the arena. Just as we got to the dock one of the big doors opened and two limousines came out. The second one had the left rear window down and who stuck his head out and waved, Steve Smith.

  • Jay M
    Jay M Hace 29 días

    7:06 that transition is so clean. Love the foot pattern

    TENCHU SNAKE Hace un mes +1

    I love this Epic and Legendary Song and to see Mr. Smith Break down the drums so effortlessly and methodical is truly a sight to behold. No one realizes how much drums play a part in elevating a band and song to epic levels!

  • Greg Tyler
    Greg Tyler Hace un mes +4

    Enigmatic Ocean was the first time I'd heard him outside of Journey. The album completely blew my mind and I realized that my new goal was to be able to play any style of music with love and passion and skill. That is what he is to me; an incredibly skilled master who can cover musical ground like no other. And for the record.. his solo on Captured on La Do Da goes down in history as one of the greatest and most musical rock drum solos of all time!

  • Oh Brother Podcast
    Oh Brother Podcast Hace un mes

    Steve is simply amazing. My older brother had a drum teacher that taught Steve at one point in time. Amazing.

  • Bob Venegas
    Bob Venegas Hace 12 días

    The musician community knows how amazing Steve is... his work with Journey. Steve's band Vital Information did some fantastic work. I was fortunate to work at a music store in Marin County, CA and met Steve several times, helping him with gear. I have great memories of what a kind and engaging man he was. A true gift to music...thanks, Steve.

  • Shannon Pincombe
    Shannon Pincombe Hace un mes +1

    Legend! This is such fun to watch. Steve is awesome. So relaxed in his posture. Super cool.

  • Cale Smith
    Cale Smith Hace 23 días

    Thank you Steve. I have waited many years for this video to come out and finally many questions i had about drum techniques in the song were answered from the master himself. Greatly appreciated.

  • Triple G Auto Detailing

    One of the greatest songs from my childhood ❤️ Still Legendary. 🥁 Drums are what set it apart from other greats. 🤘

  • Italo Lamboglia
    Italo Lamboglia Hace un mes +4

    For the past 39 years, it would have seemed like it was simply impossible to ever improve such a timeless masterpiece or even consider the necessity to do so. On this exceptional occasion, it is evident that in art, such an achievement can only be accomplished by a true master himself. Bravo!

  • AnthoJoh
    AnthoJoh Hace un mes +20

    Had the honor of seeing this played live during the Escape tour.

    • Kyle Henneman
      Kyle Henneman Hace un mes +2

      @Eric Pantalone They played it for the first time at “Day on the Green” in 1982, which was technically during the Escape tour.

    • Eric Pantalone
      Eric Pantalone Hace un mes

      But the song didnt appear until Frontiers. They played it on the Escape tour?

    • alan home
      alan home Hace un mes +1

      This song is on Frontiers.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +2


  • Jeff Pierce
    Jeff Pierce Hace un mes +1

    Wow! One of my all-time favorite drummers playing one of the most iconic rock songs of all time! You guys have really outdone yourselves with this one, Drumeo! Thank you so much for this! Steve Smith, you're a legend!

  • Edward Forster
    Edward Forster Hace 24 días

    Steve, you are truly amazing!! 🥁 Love that you mentioned Jeff 🙏 as well. You are both 2 of my favorite drummers / percussionists ever!! ❤️

  • Jim Ehrlich
    Jim Ehrlich Hace un mes +5

    Steve Smith is one of all time favorites. He said that his time in journey ,he was in his drumming infancy.. Yet, this is how he came up with the drum part lol.. then , during the video, during the guitar solo, he's just showing off.. steve is a genius behind the kit..

  • johny ubankta
    johny ubankta Hace un mes

    This took me back years!!Something about the original creator of such an iconic drum part in an incredible song and band who’s songs are timeless!!!Always been a huge fan of Journey and of course Steve Smith!!Thank You so much sir for making this video,I hope all is perfect in your life and you are doing well!!

  • Walter Carol
    Walter Carol Hace un mes

    The second part of one of my all time fave rhythm sections. In my early time as a young bass player Ross Valory and Steve "Machine Gun" Smith were an outstanding duo to emulate. Tight, accomplished and always supporting the song.

  • J B
    J B Hace un mes

    Thanks for the goosebumps, Steve, you're an all time great! One of my all time favorite songs. 😎

  • Matt Null
    Matt Null Hace un mes

    Steve is one of my favorite drummers. Thanks for posting this.

  • Michael Hull
    Michael Hull Hace un mes

    That was awesome Steve thanks for the insight I appreciate your talent even more

  • Eril Burgos
    Eril Burgos Hace 21 un día

    One of my favorite songs to play (synth). I have a friend that's a heavy Steve Smith fan amd he plays it flawless!!!! Awsome drum work from one of the best. Also love his work with Jean Luc Ponty🙏🏾

  • Remander
    Remander Hace un mes +1

    Such a smooth drummer. Makes it look so fluid and easy. Amazing!

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat Hace un mes +4

    I’m a kid from the 80’s who never got to see them perform live with Perry. So, for me, this was the next best thing. This was also an excellent break down by Steve who, like all master musicians, makes it look easy.

    • Texocali Station
      Texocali Station Hace un mes

      I think I recognize that cat logo. Isn't that from Rock 100 The KATT in Oklahoma City, OK? I used to live there and they had a logo just like that.

  • Living Being
    Living Being Hace un mes +1

    His drum fills and arrangements flow so effortlessly that they fool you into thinking it's "simple" stuff, when in reality it's the opposite.
    He's one of the very best, both as a player and composer.
    Oh, and listen to the subtle hi-hat rhythm he does in the intro, masterful!

  • TheCocoaDaddy
    TheCocoaDaddy Hace un mes +6

    Loved this video! Believe it or not, the very FIRST time I heard this song was at a Journey concert. Night Ranger and Foreigner opened for them and I believe "Separate Ways" was the first song Journey played. I had never heard the song before that and was blown away!!! So, it's great being able to see this video and learn more about the drum part. Thanks for posting!

    • S C
      S C Hace un mes

      It's always the first song played at their shows.

  • Tundradude48
    Tundradude48 Hace un mes

    Love this of my all time favorite Journey hits .Lot of fun to play

  • Sue Kopp
    Sue Kopp Hace un mes

    This is my favorite drum part of all time! Whenever I hear the song played I stop whatever I’m doing and just listen, and OK maybe dance a little, and sing! 😂

  • SYNO
    SYNO Hace un mes +2

    Steve is a legend and an amazing drummer.

  • daniel Stadelmann
    daniel Stadelmann Hace un mes +4

    Seperate Ways is truly one of the greatest song ever made... hits on many different levels

  • brandonmackiedrums_
    brandonmackiedrums_ Hace un mes

    Steve’s drum parts are as legendary as he is! Always an inspiration👏was great to see an insight into his thought process behind this track! I had a crack at covering this song recently on my channel - so much fun to play!

  • Phil Olivieri
    Phil Olivieri Hace un mes

    Steve makes playing the drum look effortless. Truly a master! 👊

  • Kenneth Holland
    Kenneth Holland Hace un mes +1

    Such a monster drummer and a big influence when I was playing semi-pro back in the day. Go listen to his drum solo on La Do Da on 'Captured'. Still my ALL TIME favorite drum solo!

  • Neal Van
    Neal Van Hace 28 días

    I’ve watched every Steve Smith instructional since the 1980s when he said he got so bored with producers who wanted just 2 & 4 he’d count money each time he hit the snare. Love him! He’s so much more skilled than you ever hear except his solos while in Journey.

  • Jim Wheeler
    Jim Wheeler Hace 22 días

    Love this! Not a drummer but this song has always been a favorite, due in large part to the drums (and the driving energy overall). Awesome to see those drums being played instead of just hear them. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • martron
    martron Hace un mes

    Wow! Still killing it after all these years! ❤️

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Hace 19 días

    I have always been amazed with Steve Smith's drumming style. Truly one of the best drummers. Technical, precision, and power. AWESOME!!!

  • jaime pereira
    jaime pereira Hace un mes +2

    “Hope you enjoyed that performance?” I enjoyed the shit out of that! Holy shit man! That was perfection! Made me want to take up drumming! God damn!

  • jbsuris4
    jbsuris4 Hace un mes

    Of course we enjoyed it. You are a master. Thank you for putting this together. On of my favorite songs from my favorite band.

  • Markos Vassiliou
    Markos Vassiliou Hace un mes +2

    You know its Steve Smith playing without looking! He’s one of those legends!!

  • Rachel Black
    Rachel Black Hace 28 días

    WOW. 'Separate Ways' was always a favorite of mine and always felt that Steve's drumming was amazing in the song, but to actually be able to see him play it, close up, and without other distractions, is amazing! Thank you Steve, you are an incredible drummer and I have so much respect for you and your mastery of the craft. Much respect. ❤

  • drumluck69
    drumluck69 Hace un mes

    Wow man. Steve is one of greats. It was clearly more interesting to hear today's version of a song he played on 40 years ago. Hats off to the one of the best drummers ever.

  • I Love Jesus Christ and Dogs!

    I have always been a huge fan of Steve Smith and his taste in acoustic drums, cymbals, and his drumming

  • Ira Siegel
    Ira Siegel Hace un mes

    Awesome, amazing and classy drummer. One of my favorites.

  • Kevin Powers
    Kevin Powers Hace un mes +1

    Frontiers was maybe my favorite Journey album. Chain Reaction, Rubicon, Edge of the Blade, Frontiers, Back talk, Troubled Child. It was pretty heavy for Journey. Steve did some good drumming on this album, especially the title track has some good stuff. I always thought he could have pushed out farther on this album. His drumming was good here, but there were many places to add some good fills and he didnt deliver. I saw this tour in Colombia, SC in 1983. Bryan Adams opened the show.

  • August Drums
    August Drums Hace un mes

    He is up there as one of my favorites of all time!

  • Mark Doherty
    Mark Doherty Hace un mes

    Great video; Steve still rocking after nearly 40 years since this was done

  • Jonathan Noble Esquire

    Excellent video! Thank you Steve Smith and Drumeo for filming and posting this gem.

  • kazloonma
    kazloonma Hace un mes

    I was drawn into the very thrilling performance.
    A performance taught directly by a legend is eternal.

  • Steven Pressley
    Steven Pressley Hace un mes +1

    One of the greatest, diversified drummers ever. Consider listening to his work with Tony MacAlpine during the mid 80s. A clas act musician..

  • BecauseICan
    BecauseICan Hace 26 días

    Always fascinates me to see true artists break down their craft like this!

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson Hace un mes

    Pure awesomeness! It made the entire song. Wouldn’t be the same without the distinct drum beats!

  • Sw1tched
    Sw1tched Hace 23 días

    Literally my top 5 favorite song of all time. The Entire band is on fire my lord. Always loved the drums when i crank it in my car for a mental break drive through the night