Learn To Play The Drums In 10 Minutes (Beginner Lesson w/ Domino Santantonio)

  • Publicado el 15 ago 2022
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    Learning to play drums might look difficult, but it’s easier than you think. And you can start playing drum beats more quickly than you think, too!
    In this video, Domino Santantonio will show you how to play one of the most popular beginner drum beats of all time, then coach you through a 5-minute drumming ‘workout’ as you build the beat into something you can play confidently.
    It’s like a fitness video, but with drums!
    Here are the five steps to learning a basic drum beat:
    1. Hi-hat and bass drum together
    With your right hand on the hi-hat and your right foot on the bass drum (left hand/left foot if you’re a lefty), hit both the hi-hat and bass drum together.
    2. Hi-hat and snare drum together
    With your right hand on the hi-hat and your left-hand on the snare drum (or in reverse if you’re drumming open-handed or on a left-handed kit), play the hi-hat and the snare together.
    3. Combine steps 1 and 2
    Alternate between steps 1 and 2 to create a beat!
    4. Double the hi-hat
    You’ll play twice as many hits on the hi-hat than you were before. Think of it like adding one more hi-hat stroke that you play alone in between steps 1 and 2.
    You can then try alternating steps 3 and 4 to go between playing one hi-hat stroke and two hi-hat strokes.
    5. Add a crash
    Every time you restart the phrase - or every 4 or 8 repetitions - replace the first hit on the hi-hat with a hit on the crash. And there you have it: the most popular beginner beat ever, and one of the most used rock beats of all time.
    (While writing it out might make it look overly complicated, watch the video to see how simple it actually is.)
    Domino Santantonio is the host and instructor of 30-Day Drummer, a workout program that will challenge you to practice drums every day for one month. It’s built for new drummers, so you don’t need any experience to sign up! And if you sign up this week, you'll get a free practice pad and drumsticks. Find out more here: drumeo.com/30daydrummer/
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Comentarios • 248

  • Diego Coutinho
    Diego Coutinho Hace un mes +50

    she is great, all around. good teaching skills, keeping everything very simple and easy to follow. Made me grab my pad and practice some tempo, too. Good for anyone who wants to play the drums so they can see how fun it can be, even at their first steps.

  • Logan Josepe Scorsby
    Logan Josepe Scorsby Hace un mes +11

    Thanks to all the drumeo team and Domino for the class, it's great that your never stop sharing the topic of teaching because that keeps us drummers in the habit of discipline and never stop learning and also the class is dynamic and fun. Quedo chida la clase.

  • AZ Myke
    AZ Myke Hace un mes +4

    Great video to build interest in new drummers and remind those who have been playing how important the basics are. Well done, Domino!

  • flavy1000
    flavy1000 Hace un mes

    Great teaching...! So enjoying the lesson and so contagious...
    Very encouraging..thanks Domino!

  • One-Smoke -Man
    One-Smoke -Man Hace un mes +16

    Started learning drums with this beat last week because of drumeo, with some practice i have it down now. Thank you

  • Superabbit
    Superabbit Hace 24 días +6

    Aside from the very good pedagogy, there are so many details to admire in this video. First and foremost, she demonstrates how much feel and emotion you can put into the money beat, even playing to a canned MIDI backing track. I felt it in my heart. Next, she has a personalized, well-tuned kit. 4-piece, Heaven's own snare sound, the Ludwigs with vintage-style reinforcement rings, perfectly damped, nice light Paistes that go well with her vintage tone. I would have loved to have this course available when I started playing 10 years ago.

  • Robert Patenaude
    Robert Patenaude Hace 25 días +1

    Merci pour ces formations. J adore ta methode. Continue de nous partager ta passion.

  • Michael Ortega
    Michael Ortega Hace un mes +8

    This is actually well put together and she makes it interesting. I’m taking notes for when I get asked to teach someone who doesn’t play, how to begin.

  • Argenis Javier
    Argenis Javier Hace un mes +2

    Been practicing this work out for about 10 days now, being my first time holding sticks and starting to learn the drums I feel really good about my progress, my plan is to keep praticing this work out until the beginning of the 30 day course, I'm so excited!!!! ❤️🔥🥁

  • Aidan6496
    Aidan6496 Hace un día

    This is great to see! I’m just starting out teaching, and had an interview for a teaching job yesterday afternoon - wish I’d found this video the day before!

  • Clarence Corbeil, percussionniste/batteur

    You really chose the best person to teach this. Domino is having such a contagious smile and clearly having fun while doing this. 👌
    And the steps are very intuitive. I'm clearly going to use this approach if I teach drums to a beginner. Thanks, Drumeo! 👍

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Cheers, Clarence!

  • Tommy Gordon Jr
    Tommy Gordon Jr Hace un mes +11

    That was actually awesome with me being an intermediate drummer. Love the background music!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Glad you like it!

  • GonzoGamer
    GonzoGamer Hace un mes +258

    Why did I watch the whole video, being an advanced drummer?

      LBNMKRS Hace 11 días

      Sudden i feel this urge to learn drums all over again 😅

      JAKE HIATT Hace 11 días

      Womens are narural teachers, its good to go back to the basics and shes is cute and concise🤭

    • Jasmin Giguere-Noel
      Jasmin Giguere-Noel Hace 12 días

      Probably Same reason as me except I've never played drum in my life

    • Nate Moothart
      Nate Moothart Hace 13 días

      Domino rules, just how it is and that's why we all watched the whole thing! She did an amazing job!

    • elchapo2122
      elchapo2122 Hace 14 días

      @Chevy cajunguy her voice is Hot 🔥 aswell

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris Hace un mes +1

    This was my first ever drumming lesson - looking forward to the 30 day course as part of my Drumeo subscription!

    • Music Head
      Music Head Hace 18 días

      @Drumeo Good luck on the kit! LOL

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      That's fantastic! Thanks for the comment, Richard. Good luck on the kit!

  • varsha
    varsha Hace 26 días

    You are amazing. Love how you teach!

  • Rex DN
    Rex DN Hace un mes +4

    She is teaching in a very easiest method and I appreciate her wonderful God gifted good teaching skills.

  • Band Galaxy
    Band Galaxy Hace un mes

    Love it! I would love to do the course, but unfortunately I'm on vacation the last two weeks of the course. How can I get the full 30 day lessons after that?

  • Guy Rofe
    Guy Rofe Hace 4 días

    Great video! I a begginer. Just bought a roland td17kvx. You had me playing and feeling great❤❤

  • salantino
    salantino Hace un mes

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you

  • pattiboy channel
    pattiboy channel Hace 17 días

    Omg thats brilliant. Picking up a drum kit for my 8 year old today, think I might have a go too.
    Thank you

  • Alexander Jamieson
    Alexander Jamieson Hace un mes

    This is exactly how I taught myself over 20 years ago.

  • Andrew Cutter
    Andrew Cutter Hace un mes +2

    You are a very good teacher and look like you’re having lots of fun. Thank you.

  • Dylan McCormick Moran
    Dylan McCormick Moran Hace un mes +8

    Domino is a Star. Fantastic to see her collaborating with Drumeo. Wishing everyone all the best on the course

  • Jim Farey
    Jim Farey Hace 15 días

    For anyone who stayed to the end "no theory, no homework". Errr, pretty sure "hit the bass drum and hihat at the same time is theory" and the entire course is at home.
    Whilst this type of teaching (100% practical) is absolutely fantastic for lots of people, I've come across a large minority of people who find it much easier to read than listen and then develop listening and ear skills soon after.
    This will of course work for lots of people, and that's no bad thing, but I can't help but feel that all this "you don't need any theory or reading" is just setting people up for a delayed shock when they do come across it: or worse, the reluctance to engage with anything written or theoretical because they have a practical skillset and their limited experience tells them they don't need to study "formally", whatever that is.
    I wouldn't expect to go to a French class and have zero vocabulary written down for me, and I wouldn't expect to go to a pottery class without someone mentioning something about how moisture, chemicals, temperature etc affect the process I'm learning. What is theory? I think some, not all, ESclips/modern internet education is quite avoidant of certain topics, and then I look at the majority of players who've taken their skills to a very high level and they have generally covered at least the basics of what they say they've ignored. E.g. "I don't know any rudiments" proceeds to play several rudiments, or "I can't read a note" and can read a basic rock beat, or the classic "Eric Clapton and Dave Grohl can't read a note" but I'd bet they can name all the notes they play and a bunch of the chords/devices they use. I met a very well known English session drummer at his masterclass who told me his rudiments and reading we're almost nonexistant - he then proceeded to literally write a chart, do some reading and played a bunch of very nice rudimental licks, although not to the standard of e.g. a Weckl type.
    Just my two penneth, I'm sure the course is very good and it obviously serves a more and more common niche. My advice to anyone taking the course would be to address your rhythm reading chops relatively early as it opens up a wealth of other avenues and media as well purely listening and watching to develop oneself. Plenty of resources out there for this that would go hand in hand in hand with this Drumeo course.
    Hope that doesn't send entirely negative, just my thoughts. 👍

  • Frank Ingenito
    Frank Ingenito Hace 13 días

    I'm a drum teacher. This was a good video but it has the same problem most beginner videos have. The first thing a student must learn is proper hand technique. You have to know how to hold the sticks, proper motion, using rebound and playing relaxed. This should be taught before learning how to play a beat.

  • Het
    Het Hace 24 días

    I'm not a drummer, I don't have a drumset but I iust sat down and air drummed for 10 mins while mesmerized by the video. Great job I'd say. She's an excellent teacher for someone who doesn't have any idea about drumming.

  • Darrel Anderson Chetty
    Darrel Anderson Chetty Hace 9 días

    Wow ! you really helped me get going

  • VMo
    VMo Hace un mes +2

    Great lesson. Thank you

  • panda4247
    panda4247 Hace 11 días

    Noob question here : So you are not supposed to hit the hihat with the end of the stick, but with the middle part? Or it does not matter?

  • KnorpelDeluxe
    KnorpelDeluxe Hace 24 días

    What a lovely teacher. Her comments are so encouraging :D

  • Clumpfy
    Clumpfy Hace un mes +1

    Awesome guys. I am playing the drums for almost a year now, with a really great teacher. But I enrolled anyways, because having something daily that I can add to my practice routine sounds great. I just have one question: Will I be able to access the videos even after the 30 days have passed?

    • Clumpfy
      Clumpfy Hace un mes

      @Drumeo Thanks for hte info. That's great!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +2

      Awesome! Yes, you'll have lifetime access to the course beyond the 30 days. So, if you find a workout you love, you can keep it in your practice routine.

  • Dennis Degen Drums
    Dennis Degen Drums Hace un mes

    Once again drumeo did an Amazing Job. With Material already known but freshly presented in a Musical way by a wonderful positive human beiing. As a drum teacher i always look for new ways to teach that stuff To beginners better. Brilliant video and audio as always. This is also a Good answer to „how much do i have to practice and for how long?“ if This works please release some results of participants, would be interesting to See.
    Great Job drumeo and especially Domino, you are so positive and happy. Thank you

  • Sergio Zambrano
    Sergio Zambrano Hace un mes +1

    interesting way of teaching! I like it! I'm sharing it

  • crashtestdrummie-NL
    crashtestdrummie-NL Hace un mes

    Funny that my subtitle in English mentions ‘to add the crUSh’ 😄. I already did by looking at and hearing Domino play. Thumbs up!

  • Dan W
    Dan W Hace un mes

    What model are the Pastie cymbals? They look like formula 602s? Modern or classic? They sound amazing!

  • Ro Vlogz
    Ro Vlogz Hace un mes +2

    Its great.. when the music comes..its awesome 👍...

  • Joseph Ukedaddy05
    Joseph Ukedaddy05 Hace un mes +3

    Amazingly fun, thanks

  • jeremiah cabangon
    jeremiah cabangon Hace 23 días

    Very good 😊

  • Halwadar
    Halwadar Hace un mes

    The only thing I would disagree with is the hint to reverse all steps if you’re left handed. Because every time you want to play on another set you have replace all the stuff. But except that, great video, great teaching, I’d love to see more 🫶

  • Recording Crave
    Recording Crave Hace un mes +1

    That kick sounds amazing!

    • Music Head
      Music Head Hace 18 días +1

      Then you haven't heard very many kicks...

  • Damnit Dave
    Damnit Dave Hace un mes +2

    Do a video on WHEN to fill and when to improvise in a song

  • ralph wilson
    ralph wilson Hace 25 días +1

    Been drumming for +- 50 years. Still put 1-2 hours a day. Often had to teach youngsters that had all the theory knowledge to go back to the basics. Keep it clean, neat and tight. None of the Beatles read music. Follow how you feel.

    • Music Head
      Music Head Hace 18 días +1

      Wow, dude. So cool. NOT.

  • Aldo Matulich
    Aldo Matulich Hace un mes +1

    Thanks Domino (curious your name is not Domina ?) but that is irrevelant. For Newbies , this is a great starting point. I started to pay drums in 1966 at 15 years old, bit big time by the Rock and Roll Bug (and British Invasion). I took lessons , 8-10, practiced on a pad (Paradiddles anyone?) and was itching to get on a drum set. Once you do, oh Boy, you are hooked. I was. Now after over 50 Years (1969 is when I stopped) I resurrected playing Drums again as a retirement hobby. No Gigs, but who knows maybe a Geriatric band or Jamming muscians show up locally !! It gets in your Blood !!

    • Aldo Matulich
      Aldo Matulich Hace un mes

      Oh I should add, having a pretty young lady instruct you - helps a Lot if You concentrate on the Drums !!:):)

  • Remander
    Remander Hace un mes +2

    What a great first lesson!

  • Richard Massa
    Richard Massa Hace 29 días +1

    Sometimes you pick up things going back to basics!

    • Hit me up-douglinker-VIA TELEGRAM
      Hit me up-douglinker-VIA TELEGRAM Hace 26 días

      it's my pleasure to have you on my youtube #channel.. Inbox me on telegram for your (prize) 🎉🎁. #Congratulation 🤝

  • Seppuku HappyMeal
    Seppuku HappyMeal Hace un mes

    Thank you Rockband for making me a professional drummer

  • Walker Vista
    Walker Vista Hace un mes

    Finally, im a drummer

  • Tony Owens
    Tony Owens Hace un mes

    But I want to play like Neil Peart!!! 😭

  • InsultMeOnTheInternetYouSadPoS

    I always wanted to play drums and I exactly know where to start, respectively where not to start: I can't afford it ;(

  • M J M
    M J M Hace un mes

    Diggin' that set and cymbals! What line of Paiste are those?

  • PhillipZX3
    PhillipZX3 Hace 19 días

    "Learn To Play The Drums In 10 Minutes"
    There's a difference between playing the drums vs. making noise with them. :-)

  • Lucas barrera
    Lucas barrera Hace un mes

    o.o love drums

  • 13strong
    13strong Hace un mes

    How do you hold the sticks?

  • behrooz jabari
    behrooz jabari Hace un mes +1

    WoW thanks it's very easy 🤘🏻

  • Isaac Fenison
    Isaac Fenison Hace 16 días +1

    Who else already knows how to play drums but stayed for the accent?

  • CyberIllusions
    CyberIllusions Hace un mes

    I like the Ludwig drum set. What kind of series is it?

  • GrameZerm84
    GrameZerm84 Hace un mes +2

    great lesson....

  • Benedek Benko
    Benedek Benko Hace 19 días

    Oh it only takes 10 minutes!? Why did I wasted my time for years to learn to play the drums? Silly me! 😆😆😆

  • Charles Apana
    Charles Apana Hace un mes +1


  • Louise Jamie
    Louise Jamie Hace un mes +2

    Wish I’d seen this when I was starting years ago, excellent 🥁😬👍

  • Mathieu Gosselin Desautels

    Making Québec proud!

  • tj boylan
    tj boylan Hace un mes +6

    I’m left handed and learned how to play drums from my left handed uncle yet we both play with a right handed setup

    • tj boylan
      tj boylan Hace un mes

      @Rutger yup

    • Rutger
      Rutger Hace un mes

      @tj boylan same here. Do you also move your ride to the left of the kit?

    • FlashJ S.
      FlashJ S. Hace un mes

      @Jeffrey Hyder I wish i did

    • Richard Aaron
      Richard Aaron Hace un mes

      @tj boylan That’s really cool, I try so hard to build my left hand playing to be able to play open handed because I feel like it’s a more free and proficient way to play. I know I can get a second hat, maybe use a DW remote hi-hat pedal and I think it would be nice to have a second hi-hat on the right side.

    • tj boylan
      tj boylan Hace un mes

      @James Nebraska you’re correct, it’s just easier for the traditional set up when you try to learn new songs

  • Regan E. Bartko
    Regan E. Bartko Hace un mes

    This video should be titled' "Learn How To Play Nearly Every AC/DC Song On the Drums In 10 Minutes."
    Cue the flames from the AC/DC fanboys/girls. 😉

  • Laurent P
    Laurent P Hace un mes +1

    I'm hurry to follow the 3daydrummer program with Domino !

  • Thomas Kleinhans
    Thomas Kleinhans Hace 24 días

    Great, the only thing I do not understand is: why is there music in the background while she is explaning?

  • Dat Boy
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    Love the wrap on that kit!

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor Hace un mes +1

    1:07 -- I'm left-handed but when I learned as a kid, I knew that nobody ever was going to have a left-handed house kit so I forced myself to learn right-handed and I love it because now it opened up so much extra, with no dominant hand now.

  • Eroc
    Eroc Hace un mes +7

    What a beautiful and talented woman!! She is such a great teacher as well!

  • Amadeus Fikowski
    Amadeus Fikowski Hace un mes

    good training for beginning

  • Andy B
    Andy B Hace un mes +1

    Best beginner video around!

  • Joshua Hymel
    Joshua Hymel Hace un mes +1

    you make me want to buy a drum kit, but i'd be homeless if I did. lol

    • Camil Monserrat
      Camil Monserrat Hace un mes

      You coud hit household items, like buckets at fist.
      I just have a cajón as a bass drum, hi hats and a snare. Toms and cymbals are just a bonus.

  • K M
    K M Hace un mes

    Beautiful Kit!

  • sabalos
    sabalos Hace 18 días

    The problem is that step 1 is actually 'buy a huge amount of equipment you know nothing about, find a large space to keep it all in and find someone you can pay to teach you some basics'

    • Sumin Shizzles
      Sumin Shizzles Hace 10 días

      I bought a very cheap electronic drum set. I bought it used. Because i play guitar and i did not want to spend a huge amount on something i might not like i bought cheap and used. I got a Kat 100 which is a very basic, almost toy like, drum kit. After messing around a bit with it i knew i wanted a better kit.Most of the basic stuff can be learned on YT with no fee's. After using the Kat 100 i knew i wanted to play drums so i got a better kit. Alesis Command Mesh. Used also. You dont have to spend a huge amount of money on a kit to stat off with. Dave Grohl played on pillows when he was young. Put time in and effort ad you will get there with two sticks and a bunch of pillows.

  • Tired_David
    Tired_David Hace un mes

    What I learned from this is that I have precisely zero coordination. Good video, though!

    • Sumin Shizzles
      Sumin Shizzles Hace 10 días

      As do people who start out with gymnastics. Put the time in. I play guitar. I use a pick. I dont fingerpick. I wanted to play landslide by fleetwood mac which uses fingerpicking. For three days my fingers could not get their head around the patttern at all. I thought i was never goign to get it. I stayed with it. 5 min here. 5 min there. On the 4rth day i finally was able to do the pattern. I stayed with it. Now i can do it blindfolded and the fingers are almost on automatic mode and wondering what else i can throw in there.

  • David Balan
    David Balan Hace un mes +1

    very best 🥁 so having a fun today's .

  • Andy74
    Andy74 Hace 23 días

    I am a southpaw. It really sucks walking into a music store with only right-handed kits set up.

  • Marleen Jamers
    Marleen Jamers Hace un mes +2

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    Antony Spadafora Hace un mes

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    • Sumin Shizzles
      Sumin Shizzles Hace 10 días

      Without seeing who is playing you can tell the difference? I doubt it. I seriously doubt it.

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies Hace un mes

    I’m onboard with this

  • Val Do
    Val Do Hace un mes +3

    I loved this lesson, thank a lot 🙂, en plus je pourrais même l'écrire en Français 😆.
    J'ai toujours voulu jouer de la batterie j'ai le tempo dans le corps, j'adore tous styles de musique et ne peux m'empêcher de suivre le tempo sur n'importe quel titre 😋

    • Val Do
      Val Do Hace un mes

      @FlashJ S. i don't understand, sorry 😁

    • FlashJ S.
      FlashJ S. Hace un mes

      GCSE French paid off for me reading this !

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    Actarus 72 Hace un mes

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    Franky Deley Hace un mes

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    botcrack Hace 15 días

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    Scott Morosky Hace un mes

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    DaCorruptedHalfMask Hace un mes +1

    Bro the snare drum so tight XD

    • Diego Coutinho
      Diego Coutinho Hace un mes +1

      actually, it's fat/loosely tuned as hell, just like every modern pop song. a tight one would be ringing, or loud.

    • DCmastermind First
      DCmastermind First Hace un mes +1

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