Domino Santantonio Hears Slipknot For The First Time

  • Publicado el 1 sep 2022
  • This pop drummer has never listened to Slipknot.
    So naturally, we challenged her to play one of the metal band’s most popular songs.
    Domino Santantonio is known for her upbeat pop drum covers of artists like Dua Lipa and SAINt JHN. For her, drumming to metal would be like trying to speak a language without being fluent.
    But we love encouraging drummers to get outside of their comfort zone, and Domino was up for it. Though she opted not to use the double pedal we set up on her kit, she found a way to make Slipknot’s “Before I Forget” her own (get the full song transcription in Drumeo).
    Without knowing Joey Jordison‘s famous drum part in advance, Domino managed to hit many of the punches. And while some of her ideas were very different from the original drum part she still made some accurate guesses.
    Watch the video to see how she builds her parts, reevaluates her decision-making, and explains her thought process. You’ve never heard Slipknot like this before!
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Comentarios • 4 306

  • Austin Sprinkles
    Austin Sprinkles Hace 25 días +4021

    she didnt even hear the drums and got this close to the actual beat. she killed it!!!

    • Steve Den Ruyter
      Steve Den Ruyter Hace 3 horas

      This insanely 🤯

    • Sathapana Rongthong
      Sathapana Rongthong Hace un día

      She's amazing

    • Dane C
      Dane C Hace 3 días

      Would be cool to see her strapped into Joeys drum kit for another go at this once she learns it \m/ solid effort and great playing too

    • Felipe Maestro
      Felipe Maestro Hace 5 días

      Totally agree

    • 85ddrummer
      85ddrummer Hace 8 días +1

      @Olivier Jacquet Bass Practice I didn’t mention her. I specifically mentioned Joey and the source material.

    DJ TLM TV Hace 17 días +19

    Her energy is contagious! Absolutely loved this. And the way she incorporated the toms was dope!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    • Joshua Bouley
      Joshua Bouley Hace 10 días

      I agree. Metal needs more Toms! Always more Toms lol

  • RamFam
    RamFam Hace 11 días +445

    DRUMEO, PLEASE KEEP DOING THESE. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! And thanks for taking our advice and letting them listen to the actual song at the end. One more suggestion; for those of us who may also not know how the song sounds-leave out the drum track on the original for us as well. Will be fun to hear it with the performer at the end of the video.

    • Mathew Hunter
      Mathew Hunter Hace 3 días +1

      I shall third this

    • Spencer Brady
      Spencer Brady Hace 4 días +3

      Yeah I second this

    • DJ Disciple
      DJ Disciple Hace 9 días +18

      I second this. Never heard the song before and if what was stated is true, would be absolutely exciting to be on that same musical journey as each musician that steps up to the plate.

  • Lex Demonica
    Lex Demonica Hace 16 días +819

    As a Slipknot fan I am now also a Domino fan. That was solid.

    • David Linderman Music
      David Linderman Music Hace un día


    • Ryan_of_Marshall
      Ryan_of_Marshall Hace 2 días +2

      so like, to everyone who questions If she'd never heard it before; are you drummers? or even musicians? basic jazz theory requires you know multiple styles. Metal is just jazz with strait eighth notes. There is a huge world of music (most of which is unknown to typical listeners) and if she went to school for music then she is trained through the lense of jazz. therefore it is more probable that she has never heard of slipknot. hHow many top 40 billboard songs does Slipknot have? I'm not bashing Slipknot, I'm just saying that most listeners follow a personalcentric view when it comes to what "everyone" has heard. I meen look at it this way: how many maggots can name a Chuck Berry song other that Jonny Be Goode or Run Run Rudolf?

    • turbotastic
      turbotastic Hace 2 días +1

      couldn't have put it better myself. 10/10 for her amazing improv!!

    • Paddington
      Paddington Hace 6 días +1

      dooooooooooood she killed it

    • Craig Brannigan
      Craig Brannigan Hace 7 días

      @Brandon Madden I think it’s kinda ease to presume near every drummer in the scene will have heard of Slipknot, just don’t know if she’ll have heard much of their catalogue of tunes yeno? But there is that part of me that agrees with you as well, like the really ain’t heard this song before? But maybe she is just that good a drummer, never heard of her before but that was legit so sick to see her improv was well done

  • Gonçalo Alegria
    Gonçalo Alegria Hace 18 días +333

    She's a beast.

  • Jon Sudano
    Jon Sudano Hace 24 días +3393

    She did way, way better improvising with one pedal than I could've done with two lmao

    • Im Bateman
      Im Bateman Hace 10 días

      Too many people, (myself included,) try to unnecessarily use a double kick. I think any drummer should be able to play with a single the way she does before moving to a double. Anyway, off my soapbox, she is awesome.

    • Doodoo Swaggy
      Doodoo Swaggy Hace 18 días +1

      As a non-drumming guitarist, I'm fascinated by single pedal rolls. I can't understand how you do that with one foot. Like "Good Times, Bad Times" freaks me the fuck out. How did Bonham do that?? HELP

    • Shadrach Rodriguez
      Shadrach Rodriguez Hace 18 días +2

      @Harry ok to be nitpicky, if the drummer is a predisposed CHILD PRODIGY, they could probably do this in under a year. But definitely not even close to a month. You can either dip your toes a little in neurobiology to understand why your assumption is far out of reality, or you can PICK UP THE DRUMS YOURSELF AND FIND OUT

    • Shadrach Rodriguez
      Shadrach Rodriguez Hace 18 días +10

      @Harry tell us you don't play drums without telling us you don't play drums

    • Harry
      Harry Hace 18 días +1

      Any drummer playing for a month could've played that.

  • TGoKovenant
    TGoKovenant Hace 9 días +162

    Joey was a world class, amazing drummer. She's sitting there with pretty much a basic kit and managed to do a fantastic job. You could tell she could really feel it, even if her spin on it was different. This was awesome.

  • The Effigy
    The Effigy Hace 15 días +281

    Watching her slowly fall in love with this song was one of the highlights of my month so far. Just the energy she starts to develop for the song, the bouncy drums, the power in each strike of her drumstick. She felt that. You can see the spirit of the music start to take over. Passion defies genre.

    • Bruno Carbone
      Bruno Carbone Hace 7 días +2

      It is amazing how metal can overload you with energy if you're opened to really appreciate it. The way she starts to allow the different style to sink in, you can see how she starts to change: the energy, her smile, her attitude... she allowed to become one with the song and that was amazing. She undersold her a bit by saying that she was so far off, but actually her take on the drumm lines was amazing! She put so much passion into it that you could feel the excitement. This was beautiful to watch. Almost like someone figuring out that is in love with someone else. Please keep these videos coming!

    • Cappy Ricks
      Cappy Ricks Hace 10 días +1

      I was thinking the same thing when she started grimacing as she was playing. I was like.... METAL!!

    • Fabius
      Fabius Hace 11 días +2

      Yeah, by the third take she was fully immersed in it, really a cool process to watch unfold.

    • Piotr Łopata
      Piotr Łopata Hace 11 días +3

      Thats why I love this type of videos. The real musicians appreciate all different kinds of music, because in any kind of music you can find something interesting and inspiring. If youre open to all kinds of music, you will enjoy being out of your comfort zone and develop yourself a lot by trying different things. Thats why its so cool to watch great metal drummers have fun playing jazz or pop, great pop or jazz drummers playing metal or punk and so on, all different kinds of combinations. And they usually do well and have fun since its all music after all. Getting out of single genre limitation really is a mind-opening experience and a way to discover so many great compositions and ideas. Highly recommend everyone, even to non-musicians, try to dig deeper into any style or genre that you consider boring or noisy and you will quickly realize how wrong and limited you were all this time before

    • Yada  Yada
      Yada Yada  Hace 12 días +4

      I adore this comment.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Hace 15 días +192

    SlipKnot"s drummer has a large drum kit and some help form additional percussionist ( barrels, kegs, ect) and you traded punches like a f***ing boss. Your version hit just as hard, dropping my jaw to the floor. Awe struck.

    • Per Lundgren
      Per Lundgren Hace 6 días +2

      @PigletTheGoat Writing better parts means you're a better songwriter, not a better guitar player. Different things.

    • PigletTheGoat
      PigletTheGoat Hace 7 días +1

      @HolyDeadMan no it’s not favorites I like Dragon force twice as much as Van Halen but you know I’m not gonna say that Herman li is better

    • HolyDeadMan
      HolyDeadMan Hace 7 días +1

      @PigletTheGoat oh sorry, i didn't realize we're talking favourites here

    • PigletTheGoat
      PigletTheGoat Hace 7 días +3

      @HolyDeadMan just cause you’re a better technically proficient guitar player doesn’t mean you write better guitar parts there is nothing Herman li has written thats even close to as memorable as the parts that Eddie Van Halen wrote

    • HolyDeadMan
      HolyDeadMan Hace 7 días +1

      @PigletTheGoat yes, he is

  • Yogsen Forfoth
    Yogsen Forfoth Hace 19 días +19

    Her intuition is so strong. Even though she was super critical of her first attempt, I thought she caught onto it incredibly quick.

  • Phil Gillespie
    Phil Gillespie Hace 25 días +1167

    Her professionalism shines through, very articulate attempt. Joey had an extreme attunement to the metal he was playing, very high bar to come in blind to.

    • C
      C Hace 15 días +3

      @Crunch Bar this tells me you have never played drums in your entire life.

    • enraged twinkie
      enraged twinkie Hace 16 días +3

      @Crunch Bar clown

    • Robin Weber
      Robin Weber Hace 20 días +2

      And I bet that Joey would love it!

    • M.
      M. Hace 23 días +7

      @Josh Chamberlain NGL I chortled at this comment :D

    • Brian Lee
      Brian Lee Hace 24 días +4

      @Crunch Bar says the person that doesn’t play drums

  • ENDse
    ENDse Hace 19 días +110

    The heavy slowed down groove at 3:40 was really a great touch! I think Joey would have appreciated this, RIP.

    • Estbarul
      Estbarul Hace 12 días +2

      yeah this part was awesome! really enjoyed this

    • Scrubadubdub
      Scrubadubdub Hace 13 días +3

      Just watched that part and went "ohh thats snazzy" out loud lol.

  • RubberDucky
    RubberDucky Hace 11 días +41

    Love how mortified she looked for a few seconds and then she just launched into it. Each take got so much better. She is a killer drummer, and I could see her absolutely tearing it up in a metal band.

  • MajesticDemonLord
    MajesticDemonLord Hace 13 días +61

    Seeing her hit all those pickups and the half-time feel and get all the accents - it shows just how much of a universal language Music and Drumming is.

  • Europa Chronicles
    Europa Chronicles Hace 10 días +9

    This was so damn impressive! I can’t imagine the amount of skill and thousands of hours of practice required to be able to hear a song once or twice and come up with such an amazing drum line that so closely matches the original. Wow.
    👏 Bravo 👏

  • Jason Bonifacio
    Jason Bonifacio Hace 26 días +1109

    This is the best genre of drumeo videos. Keep them coming!

    • GuyInnagorillasuit
      GuyInnagorillasuit Hace 10 días

      Seconded, but I'm a bass player so these are pretty much the only ones I watch.

    • Heir of Westeros
      Heir of Westeros Hace 24 días

      @Ryan Buckley this comment 🤓

    • Ryan Buckley
      Ryan Buckley Hace 24 días +4

      @GeoPhil I have zero interest in learning how to play any instrument and think these videos are amazing. I watch a decent amount of reaction videos to music that I like and I'm sure these videos are put together to tick all the right boxes to garner views from casuals like me.

    • Donatello
      Donatello Hace 25 días

      Yap...i agree🤘🤘🤘

    • photag216
      photag216 Hace 25 días

      I LOOOOVE these

  • Omen
    Omen Hace 16 días +22

    This made me smile so much, the way she found her way into the song … brilliant. Never stop doing these!

  • KevGo
    KevGo Hace 19 días +33

    I'm honestly impressed, it was pretty close to the original and I honestly got goosebumps on the final playthrough! I loved every second of it!

  • L S
    L S Hace 11 días +12

    She stepped up despite the unknown territory and was humble along the way: then NAILED IT. Awesome job!

  • Drew Worth
    Drew Worth Hace 11 días +9

    This was always a difficult task since Slipknot has multiple percussionists, but she did a PHENOMENAL job. Her take was simultaneously surprisingly close to the original yet brought in her own flair and style into it. 10/10, would listen to again.

  • Manipulative Undertones
    Manipulative Undertones Hace 15 días +23

    She’s definitely feeling the energy and getting into the metal drumming vibe more in each take. I’ll bet any amount of money she starts to love metal after this. At least this kind of “metal” not really any blackened death or anything. She is doing very well and she should, by all means, keep it up with the metal stuff as it will only help her craft!

  • Adam Dallas
    Adam Dallas Hace 13 días +18

    As someone who has dedicated years of my life to learning metal like it's academics; there's something so incredibly humbling and inspiring seeing players who specialize in another genre coming in and just nailing it. Nice job Domino, this was amazing to watch.

  • Wojciech Holysz
    Wojciech Holysz Hace 11 días +2

    OMG the groove in her hands. Amazing! And the toms part is sick AF!

  • lithiumkc8
    lithiumkc8 Hace 7 días +6

    It’s like she lead Slipknot out into the sun and said “See! This is the Sun!”
    Beautiful and great take on Slipknot! Joey would be proud!
    R.I.P. Joey Jordison 🤘

  • Tiago Filipe
    Tiago Filipe Hace 26 días +670

    for a single pedal and not even knowing the song. this is absolutely amazing.

    • Piotr Łopata
      Piotr Łopata Hace 11 días

      @Victor Vega You missed the entire point of his comment made

    • Pips Ahoy
      Pips Ahoy Hace 20 días +1

      @Paul Bunch Tomas Haake probably could if he had to haha.

    • Paul Bunch
      Paul Bunch Hace 20 días +4

      @Victor Vega Depends on the band, depends on the subgenre. Try playing "Bleed" with a single.

    • Victor Vega
      Victor Vega Hace 21 un día

      single pedal or double... its not really making a difference.
      if it does your probably using double pedal as a crutch

    • jimmbi
      jimmbi Hace 25 días +7

      She really does a good job
      Rip joey

  • MikeHoncho
    MikeHoncho Hace 7 días +4

    That was pretty damn impressive. She has a heckuva ear for music and is a very talented drummer. Would definitely like to see more of this.

  • Damian Fraser
    Damian Fraser Hace 8 días +1

    That was cool. Was good to hear someone else's interpretation of the parts. Domino played a version that I want to hear live now. Great work. More please.

  • Jeremiah Phares
    Jeremiah Phares Hace 4 días

    I loved that moment in her first take where she really felt the groove and immediate flow state followed. Super fun to watch! Nice work!!!

  • PH
    PH Hace 9 días

    This was amazing. I love this format of letting them do multiple takes and reacting to the original drummer's part!

  • Jeffery Sousa
    Jeffery Sousa Hace 26 días +707

    The amount of fun she's having makes me smile ear to ear. What a contagious personality. Serious skill from a girl not taking herself too seriously.

  • SusaVile
    SusaVile Hace 7 días

    9:46 Oh, that is so cool! Love how she is reacting to the snare part there. She is really humble for someone that nailed the energy, spirit, and general groove of the song in a few hours. Pretty sure songs are not made in a day and I would still gladly listen to this version, has a lot of nice details. Being perfect in weeks is great, but being this close in a matter of hours is outstanding. Props to Domino, you got a new fan!

  • Hugh Crawford
    Hugh Crawford Hace 12 días +8

    She did an amazing job. Her feel was excellent and she has great instincts

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez Hace 18 días +1

    I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone to do this... You're freaking awesome

  • Ricky Reign
    Ricky Reign Hace 2 días

    Yall gotta do more of these. My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. This was SO MUCH FUN!

  • Al L
    Al L Hace 26 días +415

    Massive respect to her for being put on the spot like that and killing it. I would have crapped my pants.

    • zamecksaryja
      zamecksaryja Hace 25 días +2

      @Sashman EDM and Vlogs 🤣🤣

    • Sashman EDM and Vlogs
      Sashman EDM and Vlogs Hace 25 días +15

      @kickerzx2 she’s a pro it’s not that hard to figure out a song from scratch after a few tries and if she’s been putting pop songs together for years and years wtf do u expect? Just Bc u can’t do it in 3 takes, doesn’t mean it’s impossible

    • kickerzx2
      kickerzx2 Hace 25 días

      Lol you actually think this is the first time?! What bridge have you been hiding under?

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace 25 días +62

      Professional through and through. We were all blown away!

  • Allen Wilson
    Allen Wilson Hace 3 días

    She's pretty amazing. As I drummer I can kinda feel when there are cymbal crashes or maybe fills, but this is on another kevel.

  • Paulo Soares
    Paulo Soares Hace 2 días

    This was definitely the best cover I've seen of this song. She is extremely difficult to play and seeing you listening and playing her for the first time is a great satisfaction. You are awesome

  • Arcanum I. Fallet
    Arcanum I. Fallet Hace 16 días +6

    So happy to see that Slipknot's best and coolest fans came through and showed Domino not only the respect and appreciation she already deserves as the great musician that she is, but most particularly, that which one under these challenging circumstances very well earns. Few people could've done as good a job as she did, with such chill and humility, let's be honest. 🖤

  • Eric Carter
    Eric Carter Hace 2 días

    I just watched this, and about midway through I found myself so emotionally involved and drawn in, feeling her absolutely as she’s trying to find something familiar to latch on to in this tune that’s completely unfamiliar to her style of playing…. I was on the edge of my seat, silently cheering her on, and BAM, she finds her groove and freakin’ OWNS it! Incredible how that video just made me feel. I am in tears, frfr.. incredible…. Thanks Drumeo ❤.. you guys just keep gettin better and better at throwin up content that inspires me to keep those sticks in my hands…

  • ChW
    ChW Hace 14 días

    This is great. I love her interpretation and her reaction to hearing the original. She obviously has a real love for drums and it shines through here. Please have her do more of these.

  • Domagoj Tatalović
    Domagoj Tatalović Hace 13 días

    She's amazing!!! Great job getting so close to the original! Amazing improvisation! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mindaugas Mazrimas
    Mindaugas Mazrimas Hace 10 días +3

    I would've loved to have seen a side-by-side comparison of Domino's final attempt and footage of Joey playing it to see the differences but these videos are always great

  • CircularFile
    CircularFile Hace 3 días

    She is incredible. I wish she’d give herself more credit for all the amazing parts she played rather than focusing on the stuff she missed.

  • Kimmo Toivari
    Kimmo Toivari Hace 20 días +684

    As a fan of Slipknot, this was extremely fun to watch. Improvisation was amazing and her joy of playing just made me feel good too 😂

    • Mario castillo
      Mario castillo Hace 8 días

      I would like this but 666 likes so I shall say rock on my friend 🫡🤘🏽

  • Papa Schwabs
    Papa Schwabs Hace 11 días

    This is pretty awesome! I really like her interpretation of the drums, and as her takes went on they got so much more refined. I'd love seeing Domino drum to something like Polyphia's Playing God or Neurotica!

  • Rick Deorio
    Rick Deorio Hace 15 días

    Fantastic job! Sounded awesome, especially only having a few takes. Loved the improvised single pedal!

  • Darin Lee
    Darin Lee Hace 17 días +6

    wow , now I want her to do the whole album.

  • Jerry
    Jerry Hace 17 días +2

    This should DEFINITELY be a series!!

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Hace 11 días +3

    That was insane to watch, she came up with a fantastic drum track for this legend of a tune.

  • Rowdy383
    Rowdy383 Hace 17 días +1

    She killed it! Amazing interpretation!

  • MrMiller
    MrMiller Hace 3 días

    Ah Brilliant! I love the way she basically takes a solo during the middle 8 (my fave Slipknot bridge ever). Incredible passion, creativity, talent, and humility. She deserves every success!

  • Slake Nsurge
    Slake Nsurge Hace 9 días +1

    I love this! Wouldn’t mind them actually making a studio quality version of the song, too!

  • Spencer Jessee
    Spencer Jessee Hace 25 días +580

    This is so much cooler to me than top-tier drummers playing deeply rehearsed material: drummers learning in real time. This to me demonstrates so much more about the skills that make professional drummers who they are

    • Aedalas
      Aedalas Hace 15 días +2

      @Michael Nugent The dude figuring out Tool was so much better.

    • Giorgio Girardi
      Giorgio Girardi Hace 23 días

      Agreed, but you got to hear Eloy Casagrande Slipknot covers. That's just out of this world.

    • Michael Nugent
      Michael Nugent Hace 24 días

      @cmartin973 Yes! Thank you!

    • cmartin973
      cmartin973 Hace 24 días +6

      @Michael Nugent Larnell Lewis. Insanely good.

    • Michael Nugent
      Michael Nugent Hace 24 días +4

      It really is incredible to see it in real time. There was another drummer on here, a black dude who figured out (IIRC) “Enter Sandman” and pretty much immediately nailed it. It was suuuuper cool to watch!

  • Chris Foxon
    Chris Foxon Hace 11 días

    Liked, subscribed! This was so much fun to watch. Really interesting! I love how accurate she was with just 1 pedal and without hearing the actual drum track. Wow!

  • elements city
    elements city Hace 6 días +2

    The thing that amazed me to most is how much she feels the song, and you can see on her that she feels a part of it. Amazing performance ❤️

  • suslamo
    suslamo Hace 11 días +3

    That was insane, she felt the song really well :) What a drum goddess. Also that humbleness and that smile. Just wow.

  • shawn
    shawn Hace 11 días

    Great energy! Was really a joy watching her play and get new ideas with every take. Awesome! Imagine her playing on Joey's kit. :o

  • Pedro Junqueira
    Pedro Junqueira Hace 3 días

    Damn this was so cool to watch! She's a great drummer, playing a Slipknot song without actually hearing the original drums would be an absolute nightmare! She nailed it, awesome job.

  • Abdullah Usman
    Abdullah Usman Hace 4 horas

    That was groovy as fuck! I kept moving my head and smiling throughout! Good job Domino, that was really really good. From the start itself actually!
    EDIT: Just finished listening to the last take! Man! That was so crisp :D Absolutely killed it!

  • Steve Storck
    Steve Storck Hace 13 días +3

    I have never heard her before this video, but I am beyond impressed. Not only is she super cool and nice, but she is an amazing drummer and her adaptation was great! She heard the song a couple of times and really got the spirit of the song. I'm going to have to listen to more of her music!

  • Brendan Tawa
    Brendan Tawa Hace 9 días

    These videos are absolutely awesome. It's so interesting seeing musicians actively listening to tracks they have never heard before and see how they perform them. Please more of these videos!

  • Lenehan
    Lenehan Hace 5 días

    Hey Domino you did such a great work! This kind of videos are amazing, even though I am not a drummer is exciting to see how different musicians approach genres which are not their owns.

  • CavemanFTW
    CavemanFTW Hace 7 días

    Domino handled this like a champ. Great playing, and I loved her take on this song

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores Hace 17 días +3

    As a drummer, I’ve been doing this way of learning songs, as I’m not a professional drummer but loved the way you did it!! Playing Slipknot songs is not even close to a simple thing, loved also Joey Jordisons style but never got close to the way you did. Congrats and believe you are an awesome drummer! Enjoy

  • Esteban Brenes
    Esteban Brenes Hace 9 días +1

    It takes so much courage to go and do this, I have the outmost respect for her. This is the most amazing series on Drumeo, please keep them coming. These are truly legendary artists confident in their craft and willing to share their skills for all of to learn from. Awesome job Domino.

  • Trollwut
    Trollwut Hace 25 días +134

    oh yeah, please do more of "drummer plays blind to a song what he/she thinks would be played", this was so fun to watch! :D
    and of course, Santantonio's interpretation is as fun and delightful as her bright personality :>

  • x8jason8x
    x8jason8x Hace 4 días

    Very impressive, especially since she's doing it all on memory that first run, and only using a single pedal. Well done!

  • Bryan Roth
    Bryan Roth Hace 11 días +3

    Yeah this is insane that she has never heard the drums and she managed to get something that i would say resembled the song. It was amazing.

  • Pale Horse
    Pale Horse Hace 18 días

    Her final take was still a really great attempt! So much fun to watch. Love these challenges.

  • William McLellan
    William McLellan Hace 14 días

    She totally nailed it. Great work and it speaks to her amazing talent!!

  • D&E Reptiles
    D&E Reptiles Hace 25 días +228

    I am a huge fan of slipknot and have been since 1999 and I'm a drummer I gotta say I'm really impressed with your interpretation of that song.

  • Vinnie Gorman
    Vinnie Gorman Hace 9 días

    I hope you guys continue to do videos like this! Extremely enjoyable and I love hearing a new approach to an already great song. And her getting to hear the song at the end with the actual parts is a very nice touch!

  • Beardcore Gaming
    Beardcore Gaming Hace 18 horas

    Woah! Given how insane Joey was on the drums, she did an exceptional job! She's not only kicking a** on her own take for the song but also her energy and sympathy is contagious. I just fell in love with her personality.

    CXZAR Hace 16 días

    Wow! I'm impressed by her, she's extremely talented, amazing listening skills!

  • kaligusta
    kaligusta Hace 14 días +2

    by the end of the session i literally stood up and clapped so hard. she absolutely killed it

  • Ismaelshyper 7
    Ismaelshyper 7 Hace 26 días +581

    Not bad at all , she got most of the key parts right.

    • Riley Allen
      Riley Allen Hace 25 días +2

      I think by right he meant she played almost all the original "key" drum parts without knowing the song at all

    • Justus R
      Justus R Hace 25 días +1


    • Rafael Oliveira
      Rafael Oliveira Hace 25 días

      @Fede Beas Drums Yeah, I got you. That makes sense.

    • Fede Beas Drums
      Fede Beas Drums Hace 25 días +15

      @Rafael Oliveira Actually, there is (kinda) a way to play it "right", by just listening to the rest of the instruments and how the grooves flow, and then trying to be cohesive with what you hear, which she completely nailed by the way. So thats what the guy in the main comment tried to explain imo.

    • Rioken Vjai
      Rioken Vjai Hace 25 días +4

      @Вашу Юру! I think the "right" is right for the music, like the half times, the punches, not exactly the "right drum part".

  • jullebarge
    jullebarge Hace 19 días

    Wow this is really amazing. I didn't know the track either and I really love her interpretation and the beats she found. And she had so much fun doing this, it's a joy to watch and listen ! I really love theses videos you do at Drumeo, keep rocking ;)

  • rgatesoit
    rgatesoit Hace 5 días

    Dude. That was a pretty stellar take on this, from never hearing the song and coming from a different background. Outside of a small couple parts, this was freaking rad Domino. Well done!!

  • Ethan Hostetler
    Ethan Hostetler Hace 18 días

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  • Fiore Deutchmark
    Fiore Deutchmark Hace 26 días +107

    These videos really go to show how important pattern memorisation/ recognition is. Learning the basics and keeping them as part of your practice regimen means that you can’t go too far wrong regardless of what’s thrown at you.
    Really great final take 👍🏻

    • rishard daniels
      rishard daniels Hace 25 días +1

      I tell everybody who’ll listen, all you need to know is singles, doubles, and flams, everything else is just a combination! Music is a puzzle that you get to make the pieces for as you go along.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace 25 días +5


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    That’s was amazing improvisation really sounded good! I’m a slipknot fan what you did fit and made the song sound very different in a good way! I loved the accents you didn’t during the build up and how it lead in. With out knowing this song. You KILLED IT

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    Jesse Lucero Hace 24 días +333

    She’s a fantastic player, playing outside “her genre” and having fun and being vulnerable while doing so in front of a camera and massive audience takes guts. But She did a great job and was an even better sport about it all. She made a fan out of me and I’m sure many others.

  • Sir RageAlot
    Sir RageAlot Hace 17 días +1

    As a Sliptknot fan, im actualy stunned by how good your version of the drum sound. Its amazing and impressive how close it got to the actual drums O.o Well done! imma sub for this!

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    Neb_ Hace 13 días

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    • Melfeth
      Melfeth Hace 16 días

      @Gen. Layabout "kiddo" - how to tell when you've stepped on someone's frail ego. Maybe someday you'll grow up to be a real musician as well

    • Doodoo Swaggy
      Doodoo Swaggy Hace 18 días

      Karen Carpenter was a great drummer.

    • Doodoo Swaggy
      Doodoo Swaggy Hace 18 días +1

      @Hirko Sugarfoot is so fun to watch. Amazing drummer.

    • Gen. Layabout
      Gen. Layabout Hace 19 días

      @ktw70 And Disco is closely related to funk, and imo funk is probably one of the most important genres of music ever made. It's emphasis on the downbeat (the one) fundamentally changed music and touched so many genres. Almost every pop song even today has a funk related beat. Hip Hop came from funk. Funk drummers are some of the most in the pocket, groove oriented, tasteful drummers out there.

    • ktw70
      ktw70 Hace 19 días

      @Gen. Layabout Speak! Disco is pop, and those drummers had incredible chops.

  • DarthKotEI
    DarthKotEI Hace 5 días +1

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    Really dope.

  • Marc K
    Marc K Hace 11 días

    I was actively rooting for her as she was going through the video, she has great energy and I'm happy Drumeo is getting people out of their comfort zone to try new genres!

  • lvl 1 amateur drummer
    lvl 1 amateur drummer Hace un día

    You still did an amazing job for never hearing the song before ever! I hope you can do other songs on the future. Keep it rockin 🤘🏻🤘🏻💜🖤

  • Honigdachs
    Honigdachs Hace 17 días

    It worked out pretty good! You can hear her pick it up and really grow into the song by the time she gets to the 2nd verse. Her final take was very different from the original, but absolutely worked for the song. Awesome. And it just shows you what kind of impact the style of the drummer has on the band.