Tuning Your Toms - Drum Lesson (DRUMEO)

  • Publicado el 28 nov 2011
  • Learn how to tune your drum toms in this video. 😎
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día

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  • charlie pickard
    charlie pickard Hace 5 años +460

    I find that the firmer I push my ear buds into my ear the better my drums sound.

  • Sam Deacon
    Sam Deacon Hace 6 años +1913

    Jared Falk: *hits tom*
    Me: "wow thats sounds amazing"
    Jared: "now that doesnt sound good at all"

    • Crazymelvis
      Crazymelvis Hace 3 meses

      @Piotr Kmiotczyk Haha.

    • Crazymelvis
      Crazymelvis Hace 3 meses

      @Fusioness 43 Thank you.

    • MYSTIC
      MYSTIC Hace 3 meses


    • Bo Huggabee
      Bo Huggabee Hace un año

      its the mic, in person they sound different. the mics are mixed. you can hear the eq.

    • Superman295
      Superman295 Hace 2 años +1

      Patrick Crust yeah and then once you’ve tried to improve it, it gets worse and you can’t get back to the sound you liked 😤

  • Jesse-John Witkowski
    Jesse-John Witkowski Hace 8 años +34

    "We have our whole lives to play drums, take your time." Dude you're awesome, your double base technique was the first drum instructional I ever purchased. That was many years ago, I'm still a fan. Rock on, keep making these videos!

    • Mitch Tucker
      Mitch Tucker Hace 11 meses +2

      I know this was seven years ago but this just made me pause the video, stare up at the ceiling and think about myself being an old man absolutely ripping drums. Looking forward to it. Cheers

  • I'mTheDrummer
    I'mTheDrummer Hace 8 años +192

    Quick tip! If you want lower tom pitches, start with the lowest floor tom, and work your way up!

    • Popps
      Popps Hace un año +1


    • St Mindless
      St Mindless Hace 2 años +1

      @Jason Evans suppose they could if the mic is directly clamped on.

    • Jason Evans
      Jason Evans Hace 2 años +2

      Question does mics affect the sound of toms

    • Colton Miller
      Colton Miller Hace 3 años +4

      That's fucking smart! I never thought of doing that. Thank you

    • local music lover
      local music lover Hace 3 años +2

      Thanks lad!

  • Ben LaRose
    Ben LaRose Hace 8 años +46

    Ok, I just want to point out, I notice when you put your drum heads on, you should equally tension each tension rod across from one another instead of clockwise around the drum shell. This is going to allow your drum head to sit better on the shell instead of having an uneven amount of pressure going down on one side of the drum head. It's ultimately going to mess with the full optimal amount of resonance of your drums, over all tone, and sound of them too. I'm not saying the drums sound bad and if your ears agree, then by all means tune them they way you'd like, but generally speaking, I don't think it's the best thing to be demonstrating what is generally considered to be an improper drum tuning technique by most drummers. Cheers!

    • Vinay G
      Vinay G Hace 3 años

      Ben LaRose lol douche

  • Phil Enns
    Phil Enns Hace 7 años +4

    I like to use two keys and use graduated tightening at opposing lugs in a rotational progression. This saves a lot of time and benefits the head as it cross tensions to final preferred tuning. Yet and in short, whatever works for you, well, works!

  • Stephen Stasio
    Stephen Stasio Hace 8 años +1

    You have no idea how much this helped me out. I've been tuning my drums forevever and I could not get the sound I was looking for whatsoever but after watching this, my toms sound like a drum tech of 50 years tuned them. You're methods are unbelievable. Thank you so much!!

  • Timothy Croke
    Timothy Croke Hace 2 años +2

    I think this type of video is amazing in how simple it’s presented. Thank you again Jared,

  • Forest Kincaid
    Forest Kincaid Hace 7 años +13

    I have played around with the drums for as long as I can remember. My dad is an amazing drummer but until recently I haven't taken it seriously. As a surprise My dad bought me a Pearl Vision 5 piece drum set to replace the the badly used and damaged one I have been playing on at my church. Your videos on tuning have helped me soooo much! I have also watched a lot of your videos on keeping time and downloaded the metronome app. It all has helped immensely, especially because I don't have any other drummer friends who can help me and my dad is in another state so I was at a complete loss on how to tune and I have to have a decent sounding set by Wednesday. I just watched the video on how to tune the kick and it already sounds SSSOOOO much better. Its funny, a lot of people think that playing the drums is just a sort of Neanderthal act of beating on something with a stick and so when I would try to explain to people how much trouble I was having no one really understood that there is ACTUAL thought that goes into it! But thanks so much for your help!!!

  • Fields of Torment
    Fields of Torment Hace 8 años +2

    Thanks for the tips, Been really trying to use my ears to help dial in the perfect sound on my kit, after watching your video I tuned my resonant heads and got the best tom sound Ive ever had. Made last nights show a blast!!

  • SeverinoSE
    SeverinoSE Hace 6 años

    I think those 14" and 16" toms are hanging on a double tom stand. And they seem to be holding pretty well. I was looking into converting mine into floor toms but I think it's worth giving this a try seeing that it worked for you. Legs and brackets reduce the resonance quite a bit when compared to rack toms.

  • Old School
    Old School Hace 4 años

    Thank you for posting this video. I have a set of collector's series as well. I've been using Remo emperor heads and ambassador resonate heads. Haven't really enjoyed how my kit sounds. I just replaced 10" Tom with Evans G2 coated and it sounds so much better. On to the rest of the kit. 😎 Thank you, Jared.

  • jcmommy01
    jcmommy01 Hace 4 años

    Jared - awesome sounds and video as always! Would you put a tune bot on each head (top and bottom) and let us know your hz readings and notes? That would be amazingly helpful.

  • thdrknight
    thdrknight Hace 6 años +26

    Good job!
    And for everyone, you dont need to spent 10k on a set for amazing drum sounds.
    I just tuned my Yamaha stage custom, using his tips and it sounds way better now.

  • Moodachris
    Moodachris Hace 6 años

    This is awesome!
    I use an old CB Drums set with Remo coated emperors for the batter and Remo clear ambassadors for the resonance--on my 12", 13" and 16" toms. It can be really hard to tune both bigger toms.

  • THE Chosenone4y
    THE Chosenone4y Hace 8 años +3

    Hey Jared, I just wanted to say that Drumeo is the best thing ever ! Thank you so mutch, you're an awesome guy and a great drummer :)

  • Ken Real
    Ken Real Hace 5 años +5

    This is why I love this channel. No bullshit advice like "you need to do it this way". I have so much downtime to learn and really dig deep with improving my playing since I had major leg surgery recently. Thanks for the great videos!

  • SID the Cop Drummer
    SID the Cop Drummer Hace un año

    Jared I just loved this video of how you tune ur Drums... Thank you so much for the idea... Even I tune my drums by following ur method... N loved the tone of ur kit ❤️
    Wishing you all the very best 👍🏻❤️
    Lot's of Love & Best Wishes from Kolkata, India 🇮🇳🙏🏻🤘🏻

  • Hein Jansen van Rensburg

    Hi, I have a question and it might be more by personal preference: when tuning why do you tune by using a different reference point each time and then crossing over - is there a reason for this? I usually tune from one reference point to get the tones as near possible to one point of the head.

  • Matty
    Matty Hace 5 años

    goes to show how easy it is to tune high quality drums with good heads! I find the 10" and 16" are the easiest to tune but the 12 or 13 usually give me problems. I sometimes just get rid of the 13 on my 5 piece set just because I find it sounds more musical to go from a high E to a low E roll

  • Chris Gill
    Chris Gill Hace 6 años

    Great video! For years I was putting too much tension on my heads and really choking the sound… getting that horrible wonky, boingy, tone. This is a great video for young drummers learning to tune toms.

  • Spencer
    Spencer Hace 6 años

    Great video! I went right along with you and finished at the same time you did, and my drums sound great. Just takes patience, and trial and error.

  • Anthony Hewitt
    Anthony Hewitt Hace 6 años +1

    Yeah man u have done more than your fair share of helpful videos. you taught me alot and made me secure with the stuff I did know. I love the sound u go for, sounds great, and exactly what I try n get out of my set ,dry thud with warm, tone. A good teacher separates his personal habits and simplifys the subject matter, a fine job. I make all my wanna be drummer freinds watch your videos. anywhere from hitting the drum to tuning and muting. love it. Haha these vids, have saved me hours of explaining time.!! can't wait for another

  • Mirko De Maio
    Mirko De Maio Hace 6 años

    Always liked the sound of this kit, other kits you guys used for artis are awesome too. Great Jared-

  • Freethinksman
    Freethinksman Hace 6 años

    the 14 still sounds wonky to me- esp. its relationship to the 12. A drum can sound fine alone but the sympathetic resonance of an adjacent drum can muck up a mix. Even if you strip silence when mixing, the overheads can hear dissonance. I do like your "by ear" technique though. Thanks!

  • Bert McDonough
    Bert McDonough Hace 7 años

    Thank you for always sharing, it means the world. Your online lessons have been a source of inspiration for years! Respect! It would be really cool to see you or someone tune a low to midlevel set. Showing some of the incredible things that can be achieved by tuning. It give patience to us still on the 10 year savings plan or can not afford maple as of yet. Kind regards

  • Glenn Shriver
    Glenn Shriver Hace un año

    The two higher toms are spot on and sing tonally as they should. The two lower toms...not quite there, still heard some overtones that sounded like the bottom heads still needed work. Overall, a decent video that makes the case for buying good quality drum heads no matter what your shells are made of.

  • Steven Conejo
    Steven Conejo Hace 8 años

    Thanks jared this video helped me a lot to tune my 16" tom, know i realize i was not that bad when tunning it ! LOL ... Thanks for all the videos !

  • Ron Garza
    Ron Garza Hace 4 años

    Wow, very good. Rotating the first tom to get to its resonant head was a great extra. I'm new to drums and see that the higher notes are at my left (with the lower notes to my right), which is totally the opposite from a keyboard or a guitar. That is going to take some time getting used to. Also, a ledger sheet showing which space is which drum/hat/cymbal/etc. would be nice (maybe in a separate lesson).

  • Mpeton Arme
    Mpeton Arme Hace 6 años +1

    jared seems to be also such a great guy, not only a great instructor

  • Renegade
    Renegade Hace 6 años

    Appreciate your video Man, Piecing together my first drumset,I am a Guitar player,taking my time to learn stuff,not above Gypsy rigging to make it work!Funny how convenient old bent Harley handlebars can become tom mounts with a bit of drilling fitting and tapping,Much sturdier than the early 70's Rogers parts I got,combined with other surprisingly well made parts from various drumsets that are obviously knockoff copies of original Rogers stuff (which I can't afford),but can replicate myself,just trying to put together a decent set of drums,

  • SinBeføreGød
    SinBeføreGød Hace 3 años +446

    20:12 "...I'm looking for that du, do, doo, dooo."
    Every drummer: [Understands exactly what he's talking about] 💯

    • Mark Demell
      Mark Demell Hace un año

      Mine are more like Boo, Booo, Boooom.

    • Bo Huggabee
      Bo Huggabee Hace 2 años

      @Aldo Matulich pdp is very good. they are chinese dw's. mapex are chinese too. pdp has a great reputation though, and are genuinely decent for being imported from china. you can get a pdp direct drive, with a extremely light weight design for 250 i think, while the dw machined direct drive is 1,000. i've played the machined pedal n it was kinda clunky to say the least.

    • Aldo Matulich
      Aldo Matulich Hace 2 años

      @Bo Huggabee are your 45th anniversary DWs recently acquired? I have heard their PDP line against 4 other sets under $1500 played on a Drum Center video. They looked and sounded fantastic to my ear. I'm 68 years old, will probably never leave my basement "studio" playing Drums. It is just a very nice hobby after not playing for 50 years. But I do agree with you and others on different blogs that having better instrument can please the player offering less frustration. But as another said on a different video, a very good drummer can make any drum kit sound good. Thx for input. As this COVID disaster calms down, I will make visits to check out previously owned DW kits.

    • Bo Huggabee
      Bo Huggabee Hace 2 años

      @Aldo Matulich cheap drums, are just that, cheap. they get you into playing. but you don't need a 12,000$ drum set to get good sounding drums. . you can get into a wonderful set for under 2,000$. i have the 45th anniversary dw's. these drums are on a whole other level. woody, natural, creamy sounding, n they sustain unlike any drum i've heard. they capture every dynamic you can imagine a drum set ever having. n they blend with what you are playing, so well that one song they sound like alex van halen's open back toms, and another song sound like jazz or whatever else....but i'm a prodigy drummer, n i have passed the blind tests for stradivarius n del gesu violins, multiple times.... i hear all that stuff. listed new, they were 12,500$, mine were 8,500$. n what that gets you is a whole level of quality you can't really expect when you are used to the norm, or don't really know what you want.
      mapex saturn v's are probably what you are looking for. i have a 8" saturn v tom on my set right now, while i order a dw for them. n the tom is so clear, controlled, and true sounding. very good drums. if i didn't have my dw's i'd get saturn v's for sure.

    • Bo Huggabee
      Bo Huggabee Hace 2 años +1

      @Aldo Matulich the clear tonal pitch is something mapex has mastered with their new saturn v's. the black panthers are even better now with the mag isolation mounts. stay away from evans heads. they are just all around junk, and should have been put out of business years ago. thor hydraulic heads were the best, but they went out of business over 15 years ago. try remo emperors to get the do, do, do, sound which i assume is hitting up the toms to a nice tonal balance. you aren't going to really get that high of a quality sound without spending well over 1,000$ for drums. in terms of overtones.
      when you tune, stand up and step in front of the drum set, hit it, and you'll hear that your resonant head is either out of tune, or your top head is too high compared. drums should sustain, but your drums aren't dw's or anything like that. so the cheaper drums, when they ring, aren't very desirable doing so. which is why remo emperors will help with that greatly.

  • Travis Lloyd
    Travis Lloyd Hace 6 años

    Hey Jared, thanks for all your knowledge and willingness to share, question what do you use for resonant heads?

  • Craig Boyd
    Craig Boyd Hace 7 años +1

    Hey Jared just wanted to say that I got the pearl export drum kit and I got new remo heads and your advice totally worked. Thank you and happy holidays.

  • Demise Media
    Demise Media Hace 7 años +2

    I just bought a Tama Silverstar (birch). Changed the stock heads to Remo Coated Emperor and they sound BEAUTIFUL! Nice & warm with medium resonance and sustain. I like the bottom head being a little more loose as well!

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey Hace 9 años

    Awesome video!! I got my drum kit today and ive been browsing a few tutorials a such to have more knowledge about it..thanks and keep playing

  • Sean Davies
    Sean Davies Hace 6 años

    i use a 12" rack tom and a 14" floor tom, and because i like a low tone out of my drums i just finger tight the lugs, then do a half turn around the entire drum on both sides, for both drums and it works wonders. a little muffling to cut some of the ring out and im done!

  • Ralph Lodde
    Ralph Lodde Hace 6 años

    Yes, that exactly what it needs - you need to 'hear the sound' yourself and to have an idea of tones in your head you want to reach. There is no 'trick' else than having an ear on it. The only thing to know from my perspective is, that the reso should usually have the same tone (eventually a bit higher I was told?)like the top-side. It might help you (as it does to me) to have a tone for your toms that follows a kind of "ding-dang-dong-dung" sound...that helps me to remember a consistant sound.
    Never tried a torque-key - is that something someones considers being useful - for beginners?

  • Cold Sleep
    Cold Sleep Hace 3 años +4

    Man, Jared's drumming is beautiful. That long set of tom rolls at the end was just a work of art.

    • Aldo Matulich
      Aldo Matulich Hace un año

      Cold Sleep, We could call Jared, Jared Baker in honor of the Ginger Man, Gingher Baker - he was adept at Tom playing which introduced some African influences with being a Master of Syncopation in his playing. Watch some Ginger's solos from the past and /or watch Beware Mr. Baker documentary. A very Cranky person, but a Helluva Drummer who took Rock Drumming to the Forefront. May he RIP. Br well and safe All in the era of CVV.

    • Jalthealus davis
      Jalthealus davis Hace 2 años

      Yes. Reminded me of quad players in marching band.

  • C Cherif
    C Cherif Hace 4 años

    Thanks for the video, I've just bought my first kit and this really helps.

  • Renegade
    Renegade Hace 6 años

    Cool Video, I appreciate the ultimate sound, and the technique of tapping near the Tension rods to hear,and even the sound. And the ralationship of the resonant head. I learned some things,Thanks.

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee Hace 2 años

    You are awesome dude. I'm learning a lot from your videos I'm 30 years old been playing drums for a while

  • Blake Gowan
    Blake Gowan Hace 3 años

    Old school tuning....almost exactly how I tune. And I love Evan's Coated G2s....and Jared can play any Evan's head he wants. Awesome. My challenge in tuning the toms....the 12" tom....my main Tom. It's an elusive sound to get sometimes. I drive my band leader crazy if I try to tune at all at the gig.

  • NarrowIsThePath
    NarrowIsThePath Hace 8 años

    TYVM! Very help for me! IMO one of the most helpful tuning videos I've seen to date! Much appreciated!

  • Dewey Wise
    Dewey Wise Hace 6 años

    thanks for posting this video. I used to play years ago . and now I only have room for a stage set toms only set is Ludwig with 2 tom's 8x8 and 10x8 with heavy duty floor stand. your video has helped me to tune proper. I have evans heads as well.

  • Matthew Warwick
    Matthew Warwick Hace 5 años

    To be honest, I thought you had a near perfect sound on that 12" tom when you hit it at 9:35. I actually heard WAY more overtones after you tuned it up more. Maybe it just sounds different through the mics than it did from your angle and not through the mics (as can often be the case), but I probably would have left that drum alone and then tried to tune the other ones around it.

  • Edward Przychocki
    Edward Przychocki Hace 6 años

    great lesson ... I was wondering why you don't zig-zag the tightening of the drum heads. most guys claim it have a more even tension around the rim ... have you ever found the fibre of the head is slightly twisted if you go your way ... hope that makes sense .... love your easy style and great clues to get different sound

  • drummaman1
    drummaman1 Hace 8 años +1

    I think this is as detailed as you can get in 22 minutes. Tuning may not be rocket science, but it is a process only learned with experience. Keep in mind, this method may not work for all, especially if you don't want stick marks on your reso heads (mallets work best). But, as you gain experience you change what doesn't work and keep or enhance what does. Many drummers seeing drum tuning with anything but a star pattern (going across and diagonal to the next lug) is anathema, so...take of it what you will.
    A higher reso head vs. batter head helps with projection of the drum. It helps to project in the mix of musicians without adding more mic volume, per se. Having both reso and batter head equal in tune will increase the length of the fundamental tone of the drum, which may or may not be desirable, The batter head higher than the reso will enhance the attack or the drum. Generally, I operate in the higher reso than batter category as a rule. 26 years of this rule and my drums sound just fine, I've had no complaints.
    I add another step, which would require the drums in your lap or on the floor. When I get them in playing range, I then turn each lug a half to a full turn, then push with my fist in the center of the head with a towel (so I don't leave a fist print on a clear head) to seat the head on the bearing edge. This seating will bring the pitch down some, so after seating I bring it back up to pitch. I find this gives me a more prolonged tone and even tone from the drums. NB we're not talking about snares here, but just for the record: DON'T seat snare-side heads with your fist!!! Bone-headed move on my part on that one. Luckily, it only happened that one time.
    As for the messenger of said information, if we were to only accept information from famous professional drummers who've toured all their life or studio guys who've lived in the studio...there's no guarantee that these guys even had to deal with any of that stuff past a certain level. At the highest level, these famous professionals have people to tune and setup drums for them. So...were going to hold their information as gospel because they're famous or toured forever? It means I couldn't have any students get information from me because I'm not a household name. Guys like Jared with Drumeo and Cobus with DrumChannel are helping drummers all over the world with this information, and it's not like they're an island; there are how many people to support or contradict any information these guys are providing. So I say keep it up, it helps us all. I only wish that DrumChannel and Drumeo were available when I started playing back in the late 80's...drum info was hard to come by, and I tried to get my hands on everything I could!

  • SXI96
    SXI96 Hace 8 años +8

    DW's are some of the easiest drums to tune, amazing quality drums

  • Ashley DeGrazio
    Ashley DeGrazio Hace un año

    bringing my kit out after about a year and this video helped so much. thanks man !!

  • rippindrummer666
    rippindrummer666 Hace 4 años

    Honestly the key to tuning is just taking your time and doing it slow. There’s really isn’t any secret way to make them sound perfect. I’ve tried everything and I have found that you just need to do it slow, even if it takes going around each drum with only a 16th of a tension rod turn. I do think that most people don’t tune their bottom heads up high enough though

  • katanatac
    katanatac Hace 5 años

    Good video.
    When I change out my drum heads, I check the rim for burrs and clean the rim.
    Before I put the new head on, I'll take an old candle or paraffin block and run it around the rim of the drum.
    This helps lubricate the head so I don't have to seat the head.
    Been playing since 1974, keep on rockin!

  • Alessandro Matrone
    Alessandro Matrone Hace 7 años

    Thank you so much, this helped me so much! Great Job

  • Roman Peterský
    Roman Peterský Hace 4 años +3

    Hi, to be honest, this is the first video from Jared what makes me question whether this was a good investment of 23 minutes of my life. I think in this time you could actually say much more about the options and other ways how to tune. Perhaps even different tunings for a few distinctive music genres. I know it is a matter of taste, but honestly - by saying "Get yourself a good drums and drumheads and it will be very easy to tune and get good sound" I am not so sure this will satisfy the most of the drummers watching this. For instance - I have always struggled to get nice sustain - not so long but kind of live. And there are a lot of ways to achieve this even without dampening - like tuning the reso head higher. Equal tune on both heads = the longest tone and that is not always desired. Otherwise I am very fond of what you are doing and I think it is very beneficial for the drumming community. Peace

  • Shawn Matney
    Shawn Matney Hace 2 años +2

    I've never seen a drummer tighten the rim in sequence, I've always tightened in a criss-cross pattern. Great tuning though, the heads sound great. I just ordered the Evans 360 Oil Filled heads. They sound great. Love Evans heads.

  • Xiao Pa
    Xiao Pa Hace 6 años

    Hello Jared really useful videos ....I'm wondering if you use the same thickness for both heads batter & reso.Just because most of the time on a snare drum it's 2ply on top & a single ply for the reso. thx

  • LarsonFX
    LarsonFX Hace 9 años

    Hey man. I find the clear will have a little more ring and tone to them, they can also be a little louder. I usually use coated when I want a more compressed sound. I hardly use clear unless its on my floor tom due to it having a little more tone.

  • Buddy. M Jake
    Buddy. M Jake Hace 8 años +9

    I love the lessons .and I dont mind saying that I'm 47 yrs old .ive always loved drums .I can't sing so I tried drums .When I was younger I always wanted a drum set .but mom and dad couldn't afford them .so I let my dream to play with peter criss the best drummer in my eyes .next to everyone who pick up a drum stick I love you guys and gals. I finally have a set of my owni have to say its amazing I wish I could have done this all my life .but when I would go to concerts I would always watched the drummers first show was Kiss , peter criss a rock god in my eyes .I know I will never be as good as peter criss ., or the ones who play daily. Part because getting older not as lumber .but I will always say a prayer for you .the drummer so god keeps you well please I think everyone in the band are great and with out there be no shows .but the drummer in my eyes are talented. I wish I could have followed my dream to be a drummer. God bless you all who play every night .now go rock the hell out of those drums. ..................♡

  • thechozzman
    thechozzman Hace 6 años

    Im new to drumming thanks for these videos man. The hardest thing for me so far is trying to make sure I dont over tighten everything to wear the rim will crack or something like that.

    • Lauri Lehto
      Lauri Lehto Hace 6 años

      Luckily you can't crack the rim! A thin plastic thing will break long before a quite thick metallic thing.

  • Jet
    Jet Hace 4 años

    Great Vid! Always looking for information about tom tuning. I have the same setup. DW Collectors 10, 12, 14, 16. The 14 is my problem child. I work on it so hard and so long but it just will not produce the sound I'm looking for. I use Aquarian P2 on the batter side and DW Stock on the reso side. I've chosen Aquarian s because they can produce a solid note right out of the box. I do use Evans for my batter kick, but just wanted to ask you about my 14 tom. It just often sounds like it just doesn't belong in the same kit. I know better... because DW's are matched for sonic quality. What could you suggest for a possible solution or two regarding my "problem child". Thanks. Mike

  • Brenda Bennett
    Brenda Bennett Hace 3 años +2

    Really like the pace and the careful description on this video. I appreciate your attention to detail, new to drumming and really like your teaching style.

  • samara dusick
    samara dusick Hace 3 años +11

    Thanks man, I'm 12 and I just got a pearl export kit for my first acoustic set and I was clueless on how to tune the drums 👍

    • Veiledgnu5772
      Veiledgnu5772 Hace 8 meses

      My first kit was a pearl export, just an amazing kit to have. I still have it too.

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II
      Kaiser Wilhelm II Hace 2 años

      Your age doesn't matter man

    • Jerry Crow
      Jerry Crow Hace 3 años +1

      Follow the studio drummers (not the live drummers). Seek excellence and perfection.

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy Hace 5 años

    A simple straight forward technique, sounds good. Tuning the drum to its' natural tone is the best way. You still get the bounce, but not the overtones.

  • CousinsPicturesORG
    CousinsPicturesORG Hace 8 años

    I just got my first drums, THANKS for this helpfull video Jared!!!

  • I'mTheDrummer
    I'mTheDrummer Hace 9 años

    When you tap beside each lug, do you want to raise the lower one or lower the higher pitched one? In other words, should each lug be at the lower pitch or the higher pitch? Do I adjust the low one or the high one?

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    Brady W Scriber Hace 10 meses

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    Thanks, Brady S.

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    There seems to be a neverending confusion with regards to PITCH relationship between batter and resonant head vs the actual TENSION on these heads. Around 7:24 you talk about the batter and resonant head needing to have the same PITCH (granted we have 2-ply (emperor or G2) on top and 1-ply (ambassador or G1) as resonant. In more or less the same sentence you say you like to have the same TENSION on both heads, which would imply the bottom head being a minor 3rd or so LOWER (in pitch) than the batter head, since 1-ply reaches higher pitch at the same tension.
    Have a look at Rick Beato's video on tom tuning - where I also commented on this issue. It's mostly semantics, but he basically says that the bottom head needs to be a minor 3rd higher (PITCH) in order for both heads to have the same TENSION (which according to him would be more important). It's obviously easier if both batter and resonant had been the same, then they could both be the same pitch and tension.
    My question over there by the way:
    "So - for semantics sake - when drummers in general (myself included) are talking about tuning the top and bottom head to the same pitch, usually for maximum sustain, provided we have a 1-ply resonant head (Ambassador) and a 2-ply batter (Emperor), do we really mean tuning them to having the same actual pitch, or having the same tension on both heads? Or should we really aim to have the two heads at the same pitch - which in practice would infer that the batter head has more tension than the resonant head to reach that pitch? Provided the 1-ply/2-ply-relationship remains of course. "

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    You mentioned electronic guitar tuners.As a piano tuner of 40 years experience i'd say, your brain is capable of making far more calculations , per second , than an electronic box.
    I've come across so many musicians who have been totally lead astray by electronics, principally because they have no tuning theory knowledge, which involves maths and physics. A moving needle on a box can't tell you if you are really in tune , unless you understand the calibrations of a 'Cent' and what it implies; not all instruments are tuned in Equal Temperament !
    Why would you teach yourself to tune any instrument with your eyes, which is all too common? It doesn't make sense!!!!
    You keep up with your way. We tune by Brain, only our ears bring the information to the brain!

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  • Kit Levey
    Kit Levey Hace 8 meses

    I was taught to never tighten drumhead lugs around the head, rather in a star pattern - and always clean the drum/head contact points as well as the ring contact. I guess if you are doing the vid for show instead of taking apart and cleaning your kit after ten or twelve bar gigs it makes a difference.

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    Gotta say, as a music educator, this is an issue that continues to come up. I don't consider myself a "hater", but I do have an issue with you even saying that people hate when they suggest that you may not be teaching this in the most successful way. Again, you make a good point in that there isn't only one way to do it, but I do recommend tuning the lugs across from eachother for clarity and maintaining integrity of the heads as well. It just seems like you saying that they just sound amazing allows you do convey it isn't worth doing things thoroughly

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    i like to make them finger tight then just go up in about quarter turns until the head just starts to resonate. then start making little 1/8th turns until i am happy.

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    I actually find better comfort in not using a DrumDial or torque key. I've been tuning drums since high school and that was in the mid to late 90's. Same exact method, still works better than these newer "tools".

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