Benny Greb: The Art & Science Of Groove - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

  • Publicado el 26 may 2015
  • It just keeps getting better and better at Drumeo. We've been honoured to host so many special guests, and this lesson was no exception. Drumeo was very proud to host Benny Greb in our studios to teach a lesson on "The Art & Science Of Groove".
    Benny demystifies common perceptions about things like "groove" and "time" being something we are all born with, or just developed naturally. He gives practical tips and advice that you can use to make your drumming better today. Enjoy the lesson and please share!
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    Video Index:
    0:13 - Song “Next Question”
    6:35 - Jared intros Benny Greb
    11:30 - “Time” Drum Lesson
    27:19 - “Feel” Drum Lesson
    32:44 - “Sound” Drum Lesson
    38:36 - Track Benny Wrote
    43:10 - “Body” Drum Lesson
    50:07 - “Mind” Drum Lesson
    55:30 - Open Drum Solo
    1:04:03 - Q/A
    1:20:16 - Song “Grebfruit”
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día

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  • Joe Steyn
    Joe Steyn Hace 11 meses +78

    The fact that this man counted out an entire solo is just ridiculously impressive

  • Evan Brooks
    Evan Brooks Hace 3 años +118

    I'm a bassist who stumbled over here to learn some more about what the drummer is thinking and improve my own sense of rhythm/timing. This lesson is outstanding and packed with transferable knowledge. Loving it

    RTA MOTORSPORTS Hace 6 años +490

    not only is this guy masterful, he seems like he would be an awesome dude to have a beer with!

    • Tumian Tumi
      Tumian Tumi Hace 10 meses

      @Luis. Stick You dont´t know what you are missing dude...🤣🤣

    • Mr. Nazareth
      Mr. Nazareth Hace un año +2

      @Dan Webd More sounds like he doesn't like people less qualified telling him how to drum.

    • Mr F
      Mr F Hace un año

      @Dan Webd
      And what critics came to mind?

    • Dan Webd
      Dan Webd Hace un año

      I was at a bar with him, he can't take critics
      no problem whit him a person, but he's not open to criticism

    • Yu hin Pang
      Yu hin Pang Hace 2 años

      Danny l

  • Massive Cumshot
    Massive Cumshot Hace 10 meses +14

    That half bar rest at 3:28 is brilliant. One of those "you SURE you're paying attention?" moments.

  • Jordan Levy
    Jordan Levy Hace 7 años +148

    My favorite part of the lesson was when Benny talked about not having a "music background" and thinking that maybe he "doesn't have it." I have had those doubts in the past and occasionally still do, but the at the end of the day, it comes down to the effort you show and the dedication you have. That's a message I think all drummer and musicians and PEOPLE should really apply to their lives in their own ways.

    • chaussette1er
      chaussette1er Hace 2 años +3

      He lies like Friedrich Nietzsche !!!😁two geniuses . You can't forget your life but must get over it

  • Diego Rosa
    Diego Rosa Hace 5 años +285

    This guy is the one of the most important modern drummers in the world.

    • mrbouncelol
      mrbouncelol Hace 5 meses

      @willbill The racism isn't a good look

    • John Collins
      John Collins Hace 5 meses

      @Zak Tilt The late Charlie Watts was a real jazz drummer, he did an album at Ronnie Scott's, Mitch Mitchell of Hendrix fame obviously a jazz guy he started with Georgie Fame .

    • Zak Tilt
      Zak Tilt Hace 9 meses

      @Albino Viper also, a hell of a lot of majorly talented and highly highly respected drummers have talked very highly of him multiple times. Most recently I believe was the one and only, the man the myth the legend, JoJo Mayer

    • Zak Tilt
      Zak Tilt Hace 9 meses

      @Albino Viper also, go watch some of his drum camp or drum festival vids too see how wrong you are about him doing nothing different. He's such an experimental creative mind and he loves experimenting with sound (not just that of his drum kit) and trying to find new ways to augment, change, improve or create something new from it in very unorthodox ways

    • Zak Tilt
      Zak Tilt Hace 9 meses

      @Albino Viper someone can't play jazz 😂

  • Pauluz The Web Gnome
    Pauluz The Web Gnome Hace un año +2

    Some day you will be a good drummer Benny, keep practicing! Practice makes perfect!

  • Steven Raparelli
    Steven Raparelli Hace 2 años +12

    Benny Greb is a generational talent, with the even greater talent to teach. Brilliant.

  • 417 SURVIVAL
    417 SURVIVAL Hace 2 años +19

    I’ve started practicing the drums everyday now at age 51, and I haven’t had any lessons except for what I’ve seen from you and a couple other great musicians and enjoy every minute of it. Keep your videos coming

    • Ahzekelion
      Ahzekelion Hace un año +2

      @Chris Arnold I second this!

    • Chris Arnold
      Chris Arnold Hace un año +3

      Check out rob brown that guy is great

  • Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson Hace 6 años +3

    "When something really grooves, it's an outgrowth of empathy". I love this dude, so incredibly inspirational.
    I have to get his DVD.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson Hace 6 años +20

    This guy is so amazing. He focuses on the mental side of drumming, I love it

    • Lasse Hammersbald
      Lasse Hammersbald Hace un año

      Yeah but we should probably still focus on the physical side.

    • Mark Demell
      Mark Demell Hace un año

      Drumming is %90 mental and the other half is physical. Yogi Berra .P.S. I know he said baseball.

  • 65 Drums
    65 Drums Hace 5 años +1

    Such a great drum lesson. Thank you! I especially liked the way he compared certain beats to the rhythm of breathing. Really opened my eyes.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace 5 años +25

    He isn't just a great drummer, he is a great person.

    • Daniel Rice
      Daniel Rice Hace 3 años +1

      In reply 2 Daniel don't have a clue what kind of person Benny Greb is besides his German?.

  • Lawrence Hale
    Lawrence Hale Hace 3 años +2

    He is one of the most humble drummers around. He plays for the sheer joy of it as opposed to some drummers who like to strut their stuff. There are flashier drummers around but I will take Benny over any of them.

  • Little Drummer Channel
    Little Drummer Channel Hace 6 años

    Thanks for bringing great drummers to us Drumeo! I never get tired of watching Benny do his thing!

  • Addonis Ryan
    Addonis Ryan Hace 7 años +1

    I'm just getting back into playing after many years away from it. I see just how good benny is and at the same time am encouraged that I can achieve this level of prowess at some point because of his teaching technique and overall laid back style. I'm not a pro, he is but i have ope that I can be that good at some point.Not to mention I really enjoyed the music he was playing along with.Thanks Benny for your encouraging way of teaching,I felt more like we were friends hanging out in your living room rather than a pro talking at someone who isn't as capable as you are.

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan Hace 2 años +5

    Seriously, my favorite drummer ever. Seriously impressive, god like timing. From 3:25-5:05, 99.99% in the pocket the whole time.

  • 92JinKazama
    92JinKazama Hace 7 años +35

    Props to Drumeo for getting all these phenomenal drummers out there. Benny is incredible, as usual. And thanks to Jared in particular for being a good host.
    P.S. Wish you'd have Gavin Harrison or Danny Carey next. Can never get enough of those.

  • David Peavy
    David Peavy Hace 7 años +2

    Jared I have followed you for years, thanks so much for sharing your passion. Drummers do that~they smile and say "sure man I'll share what I just played"! Believe me most guitar players just don't. Playing both & definitely NOT that talented, the difference is drummers are like a community of big smiles, and sharing the art along the way~! Thanks for all you do!

  • Sompn Brurl
    Sompn Brurl Hace 6 años +1

    What a fantastic drummer! And I absolutely love his cymbals

  • Dex Sullivan
    Dex Sullivan Hace un año +1

    I’m listening to this through $400 headphones and the mix is noticeably awesome. Props to whoever is is mixing this

  • David Belgard
    David Belgard Hace 6 años +1

    Benny Greb is my favorite drummer ever! Having a copy of his dvd would be a huge deal especially if it were signed! Great video! I learned A LOT!

  • Enrique Solórzano
    Enrique Solórzano Hace 5 años

    The lesson was amazing, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Benny. You´re such a nice guy, making jokes, down to earth and explaining everything in detail. I think the best thing you can do with music is to inspire, and you kind sir, do that. Thanks!

  • William st john
    William st john Hace 7 años

    Benny, thank you for showing us how to groove in a musical way. I got your book and DVD, and It helped a lot.

  • Chuck Lemberger
    Chuck Lemberger Hace 5 años

    Benny is just ridiculously amazing and "grooves" like no other!! Thank you for your refreshing and somewhat unconventional approach to drum instruction and theory!!

  • Breathing
    Breathing Hace 6 años +1

    The best lesson I've watched so far, this is like also an exercise for meditation and inner balance. Now I question whether you're able to manage life better than before when reaching more unity at drumming. As if drumming is deeply connected with the overall life. :D

  • George Montgomery
    George Montgomery Hace 3 años

    Never heard this drummer before. I was actually stunned from the first moment. I love his approach to groove and his meter was amazingly perfect. Very creative and inspirational. I will be persuing me some more Benny.

  • K cerezo
    K cerezo Hace 5 años

    I really respect and admire his excellent groove, technique, musicality and creativity, and his generous mind to share the secret of approach to building a good groove.

  • gitarrstrimlaren
    gitarrstrimlaren Hace 7 años

    One of the best and most insightful videos for musicians I've seen, thanks! Great tips and they work for any instrument.

  • Jay Kafcas
    Jay Kafcas Hace 10 meses +6

    This guy is a REALLY, REALLY good drum instructor.
    He has a kind soul & is like a
    "performing encyclopedia"
    -like a drummer performing encyclopedia.
    Y'all feel me?

  • Guima Esley
    Guima Esley Hace 6 años

    Fantástico! pra mim um dos bateristas mais expressivos do mundo. Parabéns Benny!

  • doubleddrummer
    doubleddrummer Hace 5 años

    Out of all of the modern players, I come back to Benny more then the rest of them. His musicality shows more and he makes more statements with his playing then all of the other rediculously talented/boring people out there. I really dig this dude! And you can learn quite a lot no matter what level you are.

  • Philippe Jette
    Philippe Jette Hace 2 años

    Awesome, insightful lesson . And maybe the best sounding kit ever on Drumeo!

  • Jab
    Jab Hace 5 años +4

    Greb's album work is great - he has a very expressive way of playing with rhythm that doesn't deter the melodies or anything else. It's very fun.

  • Eleni Eliades
    Eleni Eliades Hace 6 años

    Excellent creative drumming ! Hopefully you will return to show us more of your drumming groove ideas. Thanks !

  • Tim Carlson
    Tim Carlson Hace un año +1

    I love Benny Greb. He is totally the philosopher of grove. Easily my favorite Jazz drummer.

  • Ko_ a
    Ko_ a Hace 5 años

    Oh my goodness.. Grebs floor tom tuning always sounds amazing! Props to the sound man bringing it to life!

  • Wade B
    Wade B Hace un año +4

    29:05 This is the most profound thing I have heard about drumming. Thank you Benny!

  • yolchie
    yolchie Hace 7 años +1

    I've watched hundreds of drumming videos (if not thousands), and this was hands-down the most inspiring one I have ever seen. The playing is truly astonishing in itself; but I also greatly enjoyed all of the thoughts and ideas about time, feel, mind, groove, sound, etc. I'll definitely be hopping over for the DVD and putting in some serious work. THANK YOU BENNY and DRUMEO!!! :)

  • Mijue
    Mijue Hace 5 años

    Great Lesson, Benny is a great esplainer, he can make a difficult subject sound easy using metaphors analogys or visualizations. Jared Also makes the class enjoyable, and is able to keep the flow of learning going. Congratulations toboth of you as well as the team of Drumeo. Very Thanks

  • Keith Buchanan
    Keith Buchanan Hace 2 años

    Great lesson. I have been playing since 1968 and I never fail to learn so much from your website. Thank you so much for what you do.

  • Cameron Fleury
    Cameron Fleury Hace 4 años +1

    I could watch Benny play all day long. Such an inspiration.

  • An Arbitrary Miscellany

    Hands down the best drummer I have ever seen. It's a privilege to watch him play, and I wish I could one tenth as good as him. Superb vid Drumeo!

  • J P
    J P Hace 7 años

    Extremely helpful stuff. Benny is flippin amazing.

  • JB Songwriter Drum Tracks

    That was an amazing drum groove Benny. Loved it

  • Alex Terbi
    Alex Terbi Hace 4 años

    You motivate me so much Benny! You are one of the greats :)

  • Sompn Brurl
    Sompn Brurl Hace 4 años

    Such a great teacher, thanks for making this :) The part about breathing and replacing the click with yourself, the pendulum, so much useful advices.
    Note, if you tell somebody in a group to play 3 bars and make a fill, of course he will play hi-hat beat with down beat on bass and up on snare and then make a fill on toms. It's because they try to imagine what you want from them, and this is the most casual stuff to play, can't miss anything or do anything wrong. They try the best to do what they were told, you didn't told them to be creative in the first place so they weren't. And most people don't want to appear cocky, playing something random... I would do exactly the same in that position. Matter of fact, you did actually want them to play that just so you can be comforted by how right you were, fucking prick. Lol. Just something I thought about, anyways, great lesson :)

  • Jonathan Shaeffer
    Jonathan Shaeffer Hace 6 años

    Benny Greb is incredible and my ABSOLUTE favorite drummer!! I was a contributer to the kickstart campaign for The Art & Science Of Groove!! It would be incredible to own a copy

  • Ferryhouse Music
    Ferryhouse Music Hace 6 años

    Benns Greb is one of the most innovative and inspiring teachers and musicians of our time! This lessons are also great and usefull for every other musician, not only for drummers.

  • Ty Demerah
    Ty Demerah Hace 6 años

    Wow alot to learn from this guy. Gonna have to use some of these tips he gave. Fantastic stuff. What a drummer! Inspired

  • Dennis Snyder
    Dennis Snyder Hace 5 años +1

    Thanks Benny and Drumeo for uploading this. I know it is small but I just love the fill at 2:26. :)

  • Brother
    Brother Hace un año +1

    Oh loco! Pelo amor de Deus! Um monstro! Uma inspiração!

  • Daniele Palma
    Daniele Palma Hace 6 años

    one of the most amazing online drum lessons ever.
    bravo Benny!

  • Phillip Patrickios
    Phillip Patrickios Hace 4 años

    drumeo + benny greb= amazing. one of the best lessons. his breakdown of timing is fantastic.

  • David Es
    David Es Hace 7 años +3

    Hi Jared, thank you for such a great video, i was wondering if you could give us the exact cymbals Benny was playing, i can see cymbal stacks in there but i wanted to know the models and sizes of each one.
    Thank you, and long live to Drumeo!

  • Helder Docabeco
    Helder Docabeco Hace 8 meses

    Amazing class, thank You so much for sharing! For someone that plays drums for a while but got stuck somewhere, this is very important! I appreciate it!

  • Drum Bum
    Drum Bum Hace 10 meses +1

    Amazing drummer *and* a great teacher! 👏🥁

  • Between The Vines Music

    Awesome ! Absolutely love Benny's playing!

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Hace 5 meses

    Really enjoyed this session. It opened my mind up to how I play. I particularly appreciate the thought process of what a fill “has” to be.

    ANOISEBEATS Hace 7 años +4

    Benny!! That fill at 59:59 into 1:00:02 Nearly stopped my heart! I love your approach to drumming with a scientific perspective. Truly amazing! I'm looking forward towards purchasing your DVD. Thank you Benny for taking your time and energy to compose this learning curriculum, and thank you Jared for continuing to have an open platform available to enlighten drummers abroad worldwide.

  • Jacob Butler
    Jacob Butler Hace 5 años +1

    I didn't plan on watching this whole video. But Mr. Benny is so captivating, and precise at explaining. That, not only did i watch the whole video, i rewinded certain parts. This really is pure gold. Im so thankful that this exist at my fingertips.

  • Greg Daymude
    Greg Daymude Hace 2 años

    Now I really enjoyed this time spent with both of you. I see being able to use some of your exercises anywhere,
    And without drums or sticks. On the school bus many years ago I would listen to the bus and syncopate grooves. HH& SD on 2.4 and syncopate the bass part.
    I will have to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Wim Raaijmakers
    Wim Raaijmakers Hace 4 años

    Benny Grebb you make my day! Thanks for your Insights in a drummers soul🍀

  • Buster Layne
    Buster Layne Hace 7 años

    This guy has an awesome philosophy for drumming. So cool hearing all his insights!

  • Trevor Otto
    Trevor Otto Hace 7 años +95

    @Drumeo I'm sorry I'm such a poor musician that I can't afford a subscription.

  • Александр Цехмайструк

    Benny is awesome! Every time when I listening him, I find so many good things that helps me improve my progress in drumming.

  • diego palopoli
    diego palopoli Hace 6 años

    The best teacher I have ever seen. Thanks a lot for share your wisdom on drums.

  • Modern Music Studio
    Modern Music Studio Hace un año

    I like how you break it down into 5 different categories. i love how you talk about how anything life like has movement of breathing in and out. Phrasing and fills in music need that! Thanks for a great lesson!

  • PixieintheMainframe
    PixieintheMainframe Hace 11 meses +1

    I love this - Interviewer is clearly a fan and it's wonderful to watch.

  • peppermd
    peppermd Hace 7 años +5

    I've been doing yoga a lot for a year or two and one of the things my instructor makes me focus on is breathing throughout each move. I took a break from drums during this time and when I went back to my kit, I noticed I was holding my breath during fills. I adjusted and started to play with a better frame of mind, less stress and more enjoyment. I'm very glad Benny brought this up.

  • Maximiliano Guimarães
    Maximiliano Guimarães Hace 5 años

    What an amazing class. What a great musician! Best thing I saw on this excellent channel.

  • Frederique Rijsdijk
    Frederique Rijsdijk Hace 3 años

    That look on 5:21 and the appreciation after that killed me. It's really cool to find video's like this where you see somebody doing something with so much feeling and talent (and obviously an amazing amount of practice). I have nothing with drumming. But this guy is something special. Amazing

  • Joel Robertson
    Joel Robertson Hace un año

    These drumeo instructional vids are great for learning all instruments imo. I'm a clarinetist but have picked up tons of practice techniques from these.

  • A C
    A C Hace 5 años

    Great interview. He's an outstanding drummer!

  • DJohnny Emaus
    DJohnny Emaus Hace 3 años +1

    Benny Greb reminds me a lot of Matt Halpern. You guys are both amazing drummers. Great style and form. Both love them ghost notes haha . Amazing job!

  • Marius Mathisen
    Marius Mathisen Hace 6 años

    This instantly makes me want to practice! Fantastic! What a guy! :-)

  • Marco Laza
    Marco Laza Hace un año

    Great video, great subject, I love Greb's teaching style and explanation, amazing! The audio of this video was horrible,. Overcompressed, my ears felt very weird!

  • Nived Rajaraman
    Nived Rajaraman Hace 6 años +2

    Had to watch it 5 times before realizing that they're wearing the same shoes!! On a more significant note, great lesson by a great drummer. Benny is the king of modern groove :D

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan Hace un año

    I can't say how many times I've watched this video just for the opening. Benny's probably my all time favorite drummers.

  • Jeff Waters
    Jeff Waters Hace 3 años

    That was awesome and after yrs of not playing and getting back into It BREATHING POINT was excellent. Almost didn’t no I stopped breathing. Really cool information. Thanks Benny and Drumeo!

  • Chandrakant Nimbalkar
    Chandrakant Nimbalkar Hace 2 meses

    Thanks for bringing Benny on drummio
    Every exercise and groove was amazing
    Is it possible for a visually challenged person to learn the drum techniques

  • Aron Fisher
    Aron Fisher Hace un año

    That was an incredible display of creativity, orchestration, originality, skill, and most of all control. Bravo!

  • David Swanson
    David Swanson Hace 2 años

    Quickly becoming one of my favorites! amazing stuff.

  • Jose Franco
    Jose Franco Hace 6 años

    thanks Drumeo. keep on going with your great interviews and invitations. you are inspiring us. Blessings from Colombia

  • Robert Somerville
    Robert Somerville Hace un año

    #1) you are a drum God ! #2) I love how you answered Fitz question. So true. Different drummers for so many reasons. And you got to love them. Perfect, i don't feel so bad when I say i love a very basic drummer, and a very proficient drummer. Keep inspiring us!

  • Eddie Andresen
    Eddie Andresen Hace 5 años

    Great work Drumeo and of course great teaching and playing Benny Greb. Worth paying for!

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man Hace 3 años +43

    Benny: “oh you want a drum solo?”
    Also Benny: *wins guitar center drum off*

  • Mark Shepard
    Mark Shepard Hace 3 años

    This guy is inspiring to say the least. I love the way he thinks outside of the box...

  • Elkin Cuesta
    Elkin Cuesta Hace 5 meses

    For some reason I feel he is the happiest drummer I’ve seen, transmitting this happiness into the instrument and to the audience! That is what really inspires me.

  • Antimaterial Mc's
    Antimaterial Mc's Hace 6 años +2

    That was so so GOOD!!! Great drumming, great music !!!

  • Nick McClure
    Nick McClure Hace 5 años

    I literally started laughing at 3:29 because of how cool it was. Setting up a groove and basically using silence as a fill. Stupid awesome!

  • Resumcarnage
    Resumcarnage Hace 7 años +13

    This dude makes me rethink everything about my playing. Such an amazing style.

    • Daniel Romeiro
      Daniel Romeiro Hace 11 meses

      @Dan Webd who said his goal was to play with a band?

    • Dan Webd
      Dan Webd Hace un año

      you need none of this to play with a band

  • Corpze
    Corpze Hace 6 años +1

    It took me almost all the video to realize that he had stacked his hi-hat... But Benny Greb is such a cool drummer! Very educational, helped shedding some light on things that I unknowingly did a bit wrong. Like breathing patterns and the ''chit'' exersise. :)

  • Luke Lavigne
    Luke Lavigne Hace 5 años

    this guys timing and precision is very good. I have seen many impressive different types of drumming. This guy take home gold for crisp detail to precision timing and over all multi tasking capability.

  • Ado
    Ado Hace 8 meses +1

    I can't believe how ***** good he is! He is the perfect example of FEELING the drums

  • José Vargas
    José Vargas Hace 2 años

    Man o Man!!! One of the best, coolest and different drum solos I've ever seen and heard. Beside all the insights Benny gave. Amazing video! Thanks Drumeo 👏👏👏👏😊

  • lecce236
    lecce236 Hace 6 años +17

    Benny gets me inkling to jump on a set and... believe it or not.. PRACTICE! Thank you for this video and THANK YOU BENNY! To my next drum session with Mind, Feel, Flow, Sound, and TO SOLO!

    • lecce236
      lecce236 Hace 6 años +2

      +lecce236 ....AND TIIIIIIIME!

  • Wolfgang Schüler
    Wolfgang Schüler Hace 10 meses

    Great video - one of the best I ever saw! Goes for everything. Just taken the ideas of Benny, how he worked out ideas, more and more ..and taking them from one level to the next - amazing. Parts of Benny´s ideas can be found parallel and enriching them each other at Dave DiCenso ´s channel . And check out Dave´s "Universal Rhythm" Drmbook. But with saying this, i don´t want to smaller Benny´s style, his creativity and sympathic appearance! YOu both, Benny and Dave , are on top level, you´re style is state of art , giving new perspectives for future drummers.. Thank you Benny, for sharing this !

  • Ronnie Cohen
    Ronnie Cohen Hace 6 años

    Fantastic discussion of pulse! And also the "driver's seat" feeling. "You are in the driver's seat . . . ." Also, flow!