The Genius Of Joey Jordison

  • Publicado el 27 sep 2022

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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 2 meses +1679

    In memory of Joey Jordison † July 26th, 2021🖤
    What's your favorite Joey moment?

    • No Digits
      No Digits Hace 13 días

      Slipknot - Skin Ticket, min 5:17. One of my fave Joey moments 🖤

    • TminusfiveTWU
      TminusfiveTWU Hace 18 días

      Hi 👋 new sub here I’m a drummer. I genuinely wept when Joey passed. You made an evergreen video that future drum heads will watch. Will inspire and thank you for this fitting tribute 🖤

    • Zak
      Zak Hace 18 días

      that lil fill after the intro of opium of the people... heard that was all WHAAAAA? HOOKED

    • Sophi Hill
      Sophi Hill Hace 24 días

      For me personally, seeing him play live at the London Arena show in 2002, where they filmed the Disasterpieces DVD. It had been postponed after 9/11 so the build up made it so exciting! A very close second place seeing him play with Metallica in 04 at Download. That was such an amazing experience after we were stood there in a continuous bottle fight for nearly two hours wondering if Metallica were going to show up or not...So glad I got to be at both. I wish I could go back in time and watch them again! He was truly amazing. RIP Joey :(

    • alessandro vinci
      alessandro vinci Hace 26 días

      Eeyore ! Pure Joeyness, try to play it with lot of wristes and much anger for his death, it blows you away

  • donangry
    donangry Hace 2 meses +1334

    And he did it all with a mask, a long sleeve shirt, and long pants. That's all I can think about when I watch him drum. It makes me sweat just watching.

    • Philip
      Philip Hace 5 días

      and upside down

    • Aaron Gerdts
      Aaron Gerdts Hace 5 días

      @Mammon Tustado all of the shots in this video say that you are wrong, and probably gay... judging by your comment LOL 😆

    • G MR
      G MR Hace 11 días +1

      And also while headbanging

    • faselblaDer3te
      faselblaDer3te Hace 16 días +1

      You can add to that list that hea also did some headbanging while playing

    • Thomas Rorstad
      Thomas Rorstad Hace 17 días

      I often wear a Ghetto Viking hockey jersey when i play live 😂

  • Radam TV
    Radam TV Hace un mes +556

    The intro of "Eyeless" is one of the most iconic moments in Metal-Drumming history. R.I.P. Joey ❣

    • C L
      C L Hace 12 días +1

      True, that freaking intro pops into my head all of a sudden all the time

    • BeatVids
      BeatVids Hace 23 días +2

      I like how the video didn't even try demonstrate it lmao

    • Dave D
      Dave D Hace 25 días +1

      I remember jamming that song in a practice room with this fifteen year old kid on drums who was nailing the samples and Joey's part in the intro and having my mind blown. Joey's influence certainly made a lot of metal drummers step up their game.

    • Marcello Sandoval
      Marcello Sandoval Hace un mes

      Best Slipknot song

    • Gfors85
      Gfors85 Hace un mes

      The live version. he was godly.

  • Xaxas
    Xaxas Hace 2 meses +291

    Watching him play Disasterpieces live while spinning around on the pentagram. Followed by the "not until I say, Jump the fuck up" If you've ever been in the Zero Bullshit, you know what I'm talking about. Going to a Slipknot concert in the 2000s was a life changing experience. He's the reason I started drumming and started listening to heavier metal. It was heartbreaking to hear he died on my birthday man... I'll never forget when he threw his drumstick to me in Toronto. Your spirit lives on through us all! Us maggots never truly die, because one simple fact. You cannot kill what you did not create. Stay (sic) everyone.

    • Bboy Corrosive
      Bboy Corrosive Hace 6 días

      My minor flex is having seen Slipknot 4 times between 2000 and 2002. Ozzfest, Reading 2000 and 2002, Disasterpieces. I'm sure I saw them one more time at something else but I can't remember. 😁

    • Doodoo Swaggy
      Doodoo Swaggy Hace 18 días +1

      @xevious21 I get what you're saying. When Joey left the band, I didn't think they could possibly replace him. But Jay is really, really good. He's got some serious swing. He might have been the only person who could pull it off. We Are Not Your Kind has some awesome shit on it.

    • Elly Russell
      Elly Russell Hace 18 días

      We have the same birthday
      Worst present ever

    • Sadalmelik
      Sadalmelik Hace 25 días

      I killed some mice today.
      I'm pretty sure I didn't create them.

    • xevious21
      xevious21 Hace 27 días

      @Abe Lanc Still do

  • Veteran Weeb
    Veteran Weeb Hace un mes +143

    I remember meeting Joey when I was like 5 years old (I’m 16) and I can still hear the subtle joy in his voice when I ran up in my little jumpsuit and mask, he gave me a high five before we left. I remember the day I found out he passed, it crushed me to the bottom of heart. We’ll always miss #1

  • Ste Ven
    Ste Ven Hace un mes +49

    One thing I loved about joey was how he never went over the top. Some drummers take it too far just for the sake of showing off. Joey kept things just right for the song, everything was in context. Brilliant

    • Ste Ven
      Ste Ven Hace un mes +5

      @Adam Plentl haha I guess he had to let his hair down now and again, but it was just a drum solo so it wasn’t overkill for the song.

    • Adam Plentl
      Adam Plentl Hace un mes +4

      Meanwhile back in reality: Joey playing an insane drum solo while rotating upside above the stage.

  • djctoafn
    djctoafn Hace un mes +58

    As a D&B head/DJ and massive Metal fan, hearing him play over that amen break Sid lays down on Eyeless still, 20 years later, amps me the hell up.

    • Dave D
      Dave D Hace 24 días

      @calle jero technically the sample was a real drummer playing it, on a recording from the 60s that got sampled and reused over and over in lots of different songs over the years at varying tempos and eventually used by Sid

    • calle jero
      calle jero Hace 24 días +1

      I honestly tought thats wasn't a real drummer playing it

    • Dave D
      Dave D Hace 25 días +2

      Yeah hearing that is like a natural amphetamine.

    KLAP TV Hace un mes +24

    The Eyeless intro will always be one of my very favourite drum fills ever, ever. Rip Joey, you inspired a generation

    • BeatVids
      BeatVids Hace 23 días +1

      I like how they didn't even try to demonstrate it in the video lol, shoes impossible to fill!

  • some hippies
    some hippies Hace 25 días +25

    Joey and The Rev are what got me into taking drums more seriously when I was a teenager and it's such a bummer to realize that the guys you looked up to musically and helped you discover a life-long love are both gone

    • Justin Lowe
      Justin Lowe Hace 11 días

      I'd also add Taylor Hawkins to that list.

  • Wolf Ofwacker
    Wolf Ofwacker Hace un mes +20

    The GOAT…small in stature but massive in impact and talent

  • Riley Holata
    Riley Holata Hace 2 meses +749

    His drumming is so technical while he hits the drums super hard and I have no idea how he did it throughout his whole life. RIP Joey

    • Elliott James Léon
      Elliott James Léon Hace un mes +5

      Yes. He is one of those rare guys that can play with incredible power and speed, yet with a wonderful sense of colour and groove. That is not easy! RIP JJ

    • Infinity
      Infinity Hace un mes +2

      @jimmy junk I'm pretty sure the disease had already begun to hinder his movements and hitting power at that point.

    • jimmy junk
      jimmy junk Hace 2 meses

      watch them live at download 2009 and tell me he hits hard hahahahahahaha.

    • Catherine Travis
      Catherine Travis Hace 2 meses +10

      Well he didn’t, he lost a lot with his disease, he couldn’t keep going, he had to retire from slipknot. But he did play again, he did beat it. Yes he died from complications due to it but he did regain his leg strength for a time after he left slipknot. It wasn’t his arms that were the problem, it was specifically his legs that were most impacted.

    • midinerd
      midinerd Hace 2 meses +10

      ​@SPINNING MY WHEELS naw - rimshots on toms can sound really brutal and is that 'next level' metal drummers go to for a harsh sound across the entire kit. If you can do that for free, and you work at a gas station in the middle of fuckin iowa, you would, right?

  • TrippE 88
    TrippE 88 Hace un mes +21

    Joey got me into drumming and just creating music as a whole, another thing he was great at. He wrote some of Slipknot's best and heaviest songs, including; people=shit. He Inspired a generation and is missed.

  • bob Wade
    bob Wade Hace un mes +3

    Love this video. Really really well done. Love seeing joey get the respect he deserves, and from a host who knows his shit. Love to see content like this

  • Josh H
    Josh H Hace 2 meses +14

    I think that video of the Eyeless intro live perfectly sums him up. So fast, so tight, all while having the time of his life and hair whipping so fast it would make even standing difficult, let alone playing the drums.

  • Leandro Lima
    Leandro Lima Hace 2 meses +19

    Joey nunca sera esquecido!! Uma lenda do metal 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Blaze
    Blaze Hace 2 meses +578

    The king, the monster, one of the best drummers of all time, joey was untouchable 🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻

    • Official Slothfreak
      Official Slothfreak Hace un mes +1

      @Alessandro imagine being so ignorant that you can't appreciate everything joey did for metal and the fact that his passion for the instrument went so deep that he lived and breathed the drums. he pioneered this style of drumming. it's just a fact that joey was one of the best to ever do it. that's 100% your opinion yet you're making it out to be a fact. Laughable

    • Jay Voorhees
      Jay Voorhees Hace un mes

      @Alessandro easiest to play in the world? Apparently you think beating your meat is the same thing as beating the drums. Newsflash fuckboy, trolls get put under bridges.

    • Jay Voorhees
      Jay Voorhees Hace un mes +1

      @Ben Whitehouse I fail to see your point. It doesn't matter how many drummers you may consider to be better, he is absolutely one of the best ever. It's science🧐

    • El Sheepodoggo
      El Sheepodoggo Hace un mes

      @Alessandro 🤡

    • shaggy dude
      shaggy dude Hace 2 meses

      joey is* untouchable (:

  • DuckAllMigthy
    DuckAllMigthy Hace un mes +7

    Slipknot is and always will be nr. 1 and Joey was just fucking amazing, His loss is one of the biggest losses for the music World. My favourite Joey moment is from 15 years ago, when my best friend introduced me to Slipknot with Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses), one of the best afternoons in my life.

  • maso dior
    maso dior Hace un mes +7

    this man is so important to me, I remember me being around 8 coming from DR and loving the drums. For some reason when I had log into ESclips my second day in the country to watch some drum videos, joey had came up and what intrigued me was his mask. man his mask was so sick! R.I.P the goat

  • JoelOnDrums
    JoelOnDrums Hace 2 meses +12

    I have Joey to thank for my career, my passion, and my purpose in life. It was his compositions that made me fall in love with drums and metal music from a very young age. My favorite moment of him will always be him blessing the London crowd with the drum solo performance of a lifetime, spinning around and upside down all to end it with a cymbal catch and a middle finger. R.I.P to the one who started it all. We love and miss you Joey.

  • MoahGentle
    MoahGentle Hace 2 meses +3

    Has it been a year already? Gosh.
    There has never been and never will be another drummer like JJ.
    On top of his amazing skillset and creativity, he was an amazing hard worker and had a giant heart and love for his fans!
    Rest in peace, legend!

  • Sean Clements
    Sean Clements Hace 2 meses +400

    Eyeless was what got me into Slipknot, in large part to Joey’s playing… of course Disasterpiece is also just a freaking feat! The guy set a high bar for drummers in heavy metal

    • Henis R.
      Henis R. Hace un mes +1

      Eyeless to me woke me! I never heard anything like it, and there is no other drummer that’s done that to me, he’a the reason I wanted to be a drummer and it started eyeless..
      I will never understand how there was ever a slipknot without him.

    • Michael Giaquinto
      Michael Giaquinto Hace 2 meses +6

      Go ahead laugh at me but I was always in the know of slipknot it really wasn’t my thing growing up however I must say thanks too young Caleb Hayes He now makes me go on listen to all the songs I never thought I would listen to by slipknot just to listen to what Joey Jordansson is doing on drums so I can listen to how Caleb sounds playing this song to which I say he sounds identical at age 7WTF

  • Mike McKevitt
    Mike McKevitt Hace 2 meses +5

    The intro to Eyeless is one of my favorite Joey moments. Absolutely incredible.

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi Hace un mes +2

    I really enjoyed this. Didn’t expect Drumeo to make such a great tribute to Joey. I really appreciate this. Joey is more than a drummer yet the best.

  • Game Addict
    Game Addict Hace un mes +1

    Getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Joey has made me what I am today. An enthusiastic drummer that started air drumming to slipknots songs in order to practice while being very poor. Truly an inspiration to all metal fans. Wish Joey didn't leave us so soon. Rip buddy.

  • Tomura’s CounterAttack
    Tomura’s CounterAttack Hace un mes +2

    My favorite Joey moment was when he redefined an entire generation’s relationship with what metal is and could be, by simply stealing show on the self titled album and Iowa!!!!

  • ShadowHogg 666
    ShadowHogg 666 Hace 2 meses +245

    It's crazy to think we lost this absolute legend a year ago but in my heart he's happy with what he's done and he's together again with Paul

    • Bobby Dobby
      Bobby Dobby Hace 2 meses

      Together with Paul in hell. 555 666

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Hace un mes +4

    I’m going to be honest Joeys drum solo was always in my opinion the best I would constantly watch it over and over when I was in highschool and thought that it was an amazing solo

  • Agent Nutz
    Agent Nutz Hace un mes +4

    One of my most favourite Joey technical parts was his ability to play of a floating stage... Seeing him do it live was just insane

  • David Aames
    David Aames Hace 2 meses +7

    Still to this day I think that Joey’s insane drumming professionalism is greatly and best represented in the Roadrunner United All Stars session album that came out in 2005. “Annihilation by the hands of god” and “Constitution down” - is a drumming masterpieces. He was so good in his craft.
    We miss You, legend. Gone too young. So talented and exceptional. Thank You for this video, brother.

  • Aldrums24 - Alexis Andrés

    Thank you for sharing this video one year after Joey’s departure, Joey for me is motivation and inspiration, I’m from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, and I always told my mom from the age of 11 that I wanted to play double pedal like Joey, I always talked about Joey, even to my dad who didn’t like rock metal, at 29 I mastered the double pedal well and so many techniques that Joey had, perp we’re on our way.
    My first song at the age of 11 that I start listening to Slipknot for the first time was Duality, but my is the best! But I like them all!

  • bestia
    bestia Hace 2 meses +220

    He deserved infinitely better than what he got in the end; such is the case with most who are excellent yet humble and kind - they are taken advantage of. He was such a rare person, you can’t help but love him and have softness in your heart for him. Rip legend, you are missed and beloved.

    • nowxon
      nowxon Hace un mes +2

      @First Name Surname yeah he was one of the main writers in slipknot that's why they were better I like the first three albums

    • Head of Tax Reform and Percentages
      Head of Tax Reform and Percentages Hace un mes

      @InsertMetalUsernameHere when was that, after Iowa? Lol

    • InsertMetalUsernameHere
      InsertMetalUsernameHere Hace un mes

      @Head of Tax Reform and Percentages It seems to me that they lost "it" when they went mainstream.

    • First Name Surname
      First Name Surname Hace un mes +3

      @Head of Tax Reform and Percentages Me too man.
      I tried listening to Gray Chapter, the lack of Joey really puts a heavy dent into the band.
      IMO, Slipknot regress the day they lost Paul and Joey.

    • Head of Tax Reform and Percentages
      Head of Tax Reform and Percentages Hace un mes +2

      @InsertMetalUsernameHere I haven't liked their several newest albums and stopped purely from a musical standpoint. They just don't have "it" anymore

  • Porter Anderson
    Porter Anderson Hace 2 meses +1

    No track ever sounded the same with Joey, always something different with the drum fills to the different blast beats. He is the only drummer that made blast beast an commercialized success lol. He is the reason why I picked up the sticks and he is also the reason why I want to put down the sticks sometimes lol. Rest in power Joey we all miss you but not forgotten.

  • Iracema Sousa
    Iracema Sousa Hace 2 meses +6

    Joey nunca será esquecido!! 🖤🖤🤘🏻

  • Logan Watson
    Logan Watson Hace 10 días +1

    I’ve never been a drummer, but I knew from the first time I heard Joey playing that I was hearing something special and I was fascinated by it. RIP man, you played such a huge part in getting me interested in metal

  • Leandro
    Leandro Hace un mes +2

    Joey was the man, big respect for him! RIP master!

  • SodaPony
    SodaPony Hace 2 meses

    Loved this. A fitting tribute to one of the masters. Amazing demo by Ash. The stories at the end were really touching.

  • Keith Casey
    Keith Casey Hace un mes

    This was an amazing video. Well explained and shows so many sides to Joey’s playing that I didn’t understand. Joey truly is a legend. Jay is also absolutely fantastic and it’s cool how well he understands the position he’s in as the current drummer of Slipknot. Rest In Peace Joey, thank you for the incredible music

  • Jay R
    Jay R Hace un mes

    I was actually so hypnotized by the intensity and technicality that went into playing Surfacing, that I spent hours, days, months, learning how to play it all by ear. Thanks to Joey, I was able to train myself quite a bit just by following along to his drumming. Truly a strong influence for me to this day.

  • Ty Barnes
    Ty Barnes Hace 2 meses

    Joey's snare drum sound on "Surfacing" is one of my all-time favorites! Rock In Peace, JJ \m/

  • Genildo Sousa
    Genildo Sousa Hace 2 meses +2

    Descanse em paz LENDA!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇧🇷

  • JRP Drum Sulcata
    JRP Drum Sulcata Hace un mes +1

    Joe is a drummer who inspired me when I first started playing drums, cool and attractive playing plus an amazing performance. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Hace un mes

    Rest In Peace to an absolute inspirational legend. Man, Joey was so incredible, such a monster and made music fun to listen to. I wanted to be just like him as a young drummer.

  • Marc Rudolf
    Marc Rudolf Hace un mes +2

    I loved seeing him live, my favourite Joey moment was at Rock am Ring 2007 where he played the drums for KoRn. That was a mindblowing concert.

    M4RCM0NT31R0 DRUMM3R Hace 2 meses +181

    Joey is smiling down at you from heaven. Rest in Power #1

    • randomralphryan
      randomralphryan Hace un mes +1

      i thought metalheads don't believe in afterlife?

    • The Cure
      The Cure Hace 2 meses +1

      @Tbop3 yeah he just being nice 😂

    • The Cure
      The Cure Hace 2 meses +3


    • Tbop3
      Tbop3 Hace 2 meses +9

      I think you meant from hell ;)

  • Dylan Cosgriff
    Dylan Cosgriff Hace un mes +3

    His showmanship was also one of his many specialities. From hair windmills, to drum spinner-upside-downerers, to stick spins and more, there was an excitment to him that made you wanna see more of his incredible talent. A true legend, Rest In Peace

  • Pedro Marmolejo
    Pedro Marmolejo Hace un mes +2

    Dead memories is my favorite drums from Joey! Also I partied with Joey back in 2005. I was star struck and am thankful I got to meet someone from my all time favorite heavy metal band

  • Andrew Sandefur
    Andrew Sandefur Hace 2 meses +2

    I’ve been a Slipknot fan since I was a young teen just before Iowa was released. I always played guitar and Joey stood out to me amongst other drummers. Maybe at first because they were my favorite band, but as I got older and I grew as a musician I started to notice the uniqueness of his playing. He’s definitely not one that is easy to mimic. Like many other high level musicians, there is a certain sound when he plays that immediately lets you know he was the one behind the kit. Great video, really honors such a special musician whom we unfortunately lost too soon.

  • Akage
    Akage Hace un mes

    I love this man with all my heart Rest In Peace dear Joey

  • austin117
    austin117 Hace 2 meses +156

    In my opinion, Joey’s drums on Til We Die just add more of an emotional feel and sound to the song. The song is very underrated and even not known to some. Joey was a great part of metal history. RIP #1

    • TheInfiniteNine
      TheInfiniteNine Hace 2 meses +1

      Clown played the main drum kit on til we die

    • Simon Kullberg
      Simon Kullberg Hace 2 meses

      Crahan plays on Til We Die. It’s on the extra dvd of all hope is gone, they have the studio sessions on there.

    • That One Kid
      That One Kid Hace 2 meses

      I actually believe Clown played the drums in til we die. Or at least thats what ive heard

    • Robert Bricker
      Robert Bricker Hace 2 meses +9

      I could be wrong but im pretty sure clown played the drums on till we die

    • austin117
      austin117 Hace 2 meses

      Clown played percussion and took Chris' role for percussion for this song.

  • Brady Scadden
    Brady Scadden Hace 4 días

    Left behind will always be my favorite song to drum to. Joey is literally the reason I got into drumming. I was obsessed with Slipknot as a kid

  • chickomenon
    chickomenon Hace un mes

    I’m so glad you got to meet him man. He was truly one of the most special people that ever walked the earth.

  • Quantum Angel
    Quantum Angel Hace un mes

    What a cool analysis, thank you for doing this. From the intro to the end, you showed the amazing strength, power, and talent of Joey. He will be forever the number 1

  • Simon Sayz
    Simon Sayz Hace 2 meses +1

    im not a drummer but i appreciate greatness when i hear it. rip joey

  • heavymetal3rocks
    heavymetal3rocks Hace 25 días

    Everything about joeys drumming is just amazing, what a musician!! Will truly be missed ❤️

  • Donny
    Donny Hace un mes +1

    His speed, his accuracy, his approach, his commitment.
    Could listen to him all day.

  • Bobb Yates
    Bobb Yates Hace un mes +1

    Joey is my single biggest influence when it comes to drums. He’s the reason I wanted to play them. I miss him.

  • BORN 2 BLEED Clothing
    BORN 2 BLEED Clothing Hace un mes +1

    True legend & amazing drummer! Love his PMA too plus the energy he played with as well as phenomenal chops!🤘Steve

  • Tink McGathy
    Tink McGathy Hace 2 meses +128

    Makes me tear up a little. Joey was really a special part of drum history. Anyone who thinks differently needs a foot up their no no hole.

    • M.ari.M
      M.ari.M Hace un mes +1

      ​@Tink McGathy have respect for the dead while disrespecting the living? joey liked Metallica, i'm sure he wouldn't have been to happy about you being disrespectful to a fellow drummer. lars has just as much success & influence as joey if not more despite how ppl feel about his drumming. i don't like Metallica's music personally but because of joey i at least would show a little respect towards lars. i'm sure lars had quite a bit of influence on joey's drumming as well.

    • x8jason8x
      x8jason8x Hace un mes

      @Tink McGathy It means that popular tastes are generally not indicative of talent levels. Also, generally, you have to have some notoriety to have haters. I'm not hating, it's just a fact that he was not the best drummer, what's wrong with being solidly above average though?
      As far as respect for the dead, it's the internet, good luck with that request. All I can do is say that I agree with you that Joey and Slipknot earned their place in history, and anyone who disagrees with that is wrong. I haven't liked anything they released since Iowa, and even I can't argue against that.
      Lars is a trash drummer and a trash human. Peace out.

    • George
      George Hace un mes +1

      @Tink McGathy no disrespect to Joey. However, just because some is gone, people will be like oh they were so great etc. What I said was not untrue.

    • Tink McGathy
      Tink McGathy Hace un mes

      I don’t understand why people gotta hate on Joey. Have some respect for the dead. You’re acting like he’s Lars or something. Oh… highly successful and influential means that you’re not good?

    • George
      George Hace un mes +1

      There’s way too many drummers that blow him away.

  • Otavio Zata
    Otavio Zata Hace un mes +6

    "[...] Just something about him that made you want play the drums"
    Since i first listened to Slipknot in 2011 i always wanted to play drums, but i never could afford a set, never had the space for it either, up to this day he still is my favorite drummer of all time and an inspiration to be a musician, and i will definitely play drums one day because of him

    • Adam
      Adam Hace un mes

      I feel you man, never given up this dream of playing drums

  • Zachary Theriault
    Zachary Theriault Hace 2 meses +1

    Joey was and always will be the GOAT! Jay does a great job at what he does and I think he is an absolutely wonderful addition to the Knot, but Joey was a chief cornerstone in Slipknot's sound. His playing was magical.

  • thomas nadeau
    thomas nadeau Hace un mes +1

    I'm so lucky to have seen him play 3 times. The disasterpieces DVD I watched a million times just to see Joey play. He was probly the biggest influence on me playing metal. He could just do the most difficult things 10 times faster than anyone at the time in american metal.
    I miss him every day. He was #1 for a reason. Thank you Drumeo and Ash so much for showing him much due respect.

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas Hace 2 meses

    Rip Joey. You'll never be forgotten. To his friends and family I wish you the absolute best. Thank you for this video.

  • LuckyBoy
    LuckyBoy Hace un mes +1

    My favorite moment with Joey has always been his drum solo from the Disasterpiece live concert, that is still the greatest solo i have ever watched nothing tops that.

  • Yauheni Bahdanau
    Yauheni Bahdanau Hace un mes

    probably my favourite part is Disasterpiece's intro until the first verse. Slipknot did a lot of such layered intros, but this one is the best if you ask me. drums in there might not be Joey's top, but it really shows how he was able to add into band's music, to create tension and to resolve it with an explosion.

  • alessandro vinci
    alessandro vinci Hace 26 días

    Thank you so much for this. I think everybody who is into drumming and did love Slipknot from the early days did notice all of what you said and played 👏 Everytime I sit behind my drums I'm gonna play at least some parts of Joey's songs, I truly love Iowa track, carries me away and could play it for ever... Magic, simple magic and mastery.

  • Faris Al Amoudi
    Faris Al Amoudi Hace un mes +2

    Finally, a Joey appreciation video. I got into Slipknot because of Joey, wait and bleed drumming was so unique I couldn't let him go unnoticed.

  • ItCan’tRainAllTheTime_90
    ItCan’tRainAllTheTime_90 Hace 2 meses +65

    What I admired the most about Joey is the fact that he stayed humble. He stayed looking out for other bands on a big and small scale. Dude had so much knowledge and passionate for music. Quiet spirit with such a bright light…excuse me…😭🤧❤️

    • HitmanBruh
      HitmanBruh Hace un mes +2

      @ItCan’tRainAllTheTime_90 it’s pretty cool!

    • ItCan’tRainAllTheTime_90
      ItCan’tRainAllTheTime_90 Hace un mes +1

      @HitmanBruh it is just a quote/song from the film The Crow, and 90 is just my birth year.

    • HitmanBruh
      HitmanBruh Hace un mes +1

      How did you get your username?

    • MoahGentle
      MoahGentle Hace 2 meses +4

      He never forgotten where he came from. One of my fav videos is him sitting on some stairs playing with/for fans..

  • Walocial
    Walocial Hace 2 meses

    Rest in peace, Joey - the legend

  • Stone Rz
    Stone Rz Hace un mes

    Love Joey's drums on surfacing I feel like the guitar was so repetitive and easy but joeys input on the drums made that song come alive

  • Hatfield McCoy
    Hatfield McCoy Hace un mes

    He was a huge influence in my life. He drove my love of percussion and now this year my 11 year old signed up for percussion because of the impact Joey made on me, and his influence carries on to another generation

  • Brando Gents
    Brando Gents Hace 2 meses

    Slipknot is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time especially their self titled album and Subliminal Verses Vol 3. Such good albums

  • Better Today with Jason Cruz

    Joey wasn't just an immensely talented and technical drummer - he was one hell of an entertainer, too. Miss you in the band, 1.

  • Gfors85
    Gfors85 Hace un mes +1

    I dont even like this kind of music that much, only a few songs . But even I can tell that Joey was something really extra. Super talented, intelligent, humble and awsome. I have yet to see anyone match his electrifying almost mechanical, precision, speed and variations.

  • Requiem PAPE
    Requiem PAPE Hace un mes +4

    My favorite moment of Joey is when he is behind his drums, from the Start to the End.
    We miss you Joey,
    Thank you for the energy
    Thank you Slipknot
    Forever Number One

    • TheReturnOfDarthCaedus
      TheReturnOfDarthCaedus Hace un mes

      my former best frend hates oth iowa and self titled and does not understand slipknot mythology i can hear the bass guitar alot on self titled and iowa and the drumming slipknot changed my life forever joey jordison changed my life forever my favorite joey moments are on both 9.0 ive and disasterpieces and on all 4 of their first 4 studio albums i love joeys drum solos my favirite slipknot songs are eeyore and the heretic anthem duality three nil welcome disasterpiece wait and bleed spit it out and surfacing i have alot of favorite slipknot songs

  • Meditation Arts with JC ● Jonathan Charpentier

    that was a cool episode I really loved the stories at the end too -- very heart warming

  • 47Mortuus
    47Mortuus Hace un mes

    Thank god that Surfacing part made it into this compilation!
    It is always the very first part when I think about JJ in Slipknot - it's not super technical (even though it could've been but JJ knew that the purpose of drums is not to be the center piece) but is super groovy and complements the music so incredibly well... Genius.

  • eliminshrintar
    eliminshrintar Hace 2 meses +105

    JJ was a musician first and a drummer second. If yall want to see the full range of his creative thinking, look up his work on the Roadrunner All Stars record. He was a team captain and his group did four songs. Four incredibly different takes that he masterminded. Incredible stuff, even if a couple of them aren't metal.
    I am one who picked up sticks because of him. RIP Joey.

    • MrJamaica213
      MrJamaica213 Hace un mes

      @James Bohnenkamp Thanks, just downloaded that yesterday. Whole shit goes hard af

    • Squid's Right In Ya Anime
      Squid's Right In Ya Anime Hace un mes

      @James Bohnenkamp yeah I definitely enjoyed vimic more than scar

    • James Bohnenkamp
      James Bohnenkamp Hace un mes

      @Squid's Right In Ya Anime there's also "vimic" which is short lived

    • Squid's Right In Ya Anime
      Squid's Right In Ya Anime Hace un mes +1

      @James Bohnenkamp no no I mean the rejects and murderdolls 🤣 if I went to his other drum projects I'd go sinsaenum 🙆

    • James Bohnenkamp
      James Bohnenkamp Hace un mes

      @Squid's Right In Ya Anime you mean "scar the martyr"

    GUNNY TV Hace un mes

    Would have loved to hear you talking about their demo stuff when Joey used to integrate a lot of Jazz influenced drumming into the songs

  • Dadscapes
    Dadscapes Hace un mes

    Watching his solo on the Disasterpieces DVD was mind blowing, the way he keeps perfect time whilst the kit tips forwards then does a 360. Yea he wasn’t the first to do that stunt but with his drumming intensity it was elevated far beyond what had come before.
    Also his ability to stand in for many other drummers at short notice, noticeably Korn and Metallica

  • Madison Morris
    Madison Morris Hace un mes

    I would say that my favorite Joey drum beat was probably near the end of Surfacing. It reminds me of a hip hop beat but it still has the aggression from metal. And it works perfectly

  • Kilium Earth
    Kilium Earth Hace 2 meses

    Forever remembered. Greatly missed. Legend 🤘

  • Bllzeye
    Bllzeye Hace 7 días

    Joey is the reason I started playing, my favorite song is left behind and one of the reasons is because toward the end when it’s raining in the video he builds up and looks right at the camera. That mask is my favorite Joey mask and he just goes off at the end banging his head so awesome!

  • Bryon M
    Bryon M Hace 2 meses

    I remember the first time I realized what a blast beat was when I first heard the verse of All Hope is Gone, and then noticed he had don't that a lot in the older material. Never knew anyone could play like that before and he opened my eyes to it

  • PolyPlayBox
    PolyPlayBox Hace 2 meses


  • Sun King
    Sun King Hace 2 meses

    I've been listening to Joey blasting godly drumming technique into my ears since I was about 7 yrs old. I'm 30 now and throughout all these years I feel blessed that he was a huge part of my upbringing. Thank you so much, Joey!

  • Serroche
    Serroche Hace 2 meses +43

    I'm so glad Ash is guiding us through Joey, two great drummers.

  • The Chronically Ill Artist

    He was the reason I started playing drums in 2015. He passed one day after my 16th birthday last year. RIP legend, and as a metal drummer with chronic medical issues, Ik how hard it is and it breaks my heart that he was taken so soon. I’m just glad that he didn’t let it stop him from playing when he was here on earth.

  • Jake Mobley
    Jake Mobley Hace un mes

    i remember seeing them live in like 2010 or so, I can't recall the song but joey played for a good two minutes straight upside down and spinning in circles above the crowd on a giant crane platform that lifted him out there. pretty sure there were flames going off all around him too.

  • Rhythmista
    Rhythmista Hace 9 días +1

    Joey certainly deserves respect for the drumming he created, and even though this type of metal isn't my cup of tea, i really enjoyed and can fully appreciate his playing and his accomplishments as a drummer and musician for his writing of drum parts for the songs..

  • Ryan s
    Ryan s Hace un mes +3

    2010 mayhem fest was insane. Joey’s solo for rob zombie was masterful.

  • BWC0912
    BWC0912 Hace 2 meses +42

    I will never forget at age 8 watching the ‘Left Behind’ music video.
    It absolutely blew me away and Joey’s drumming immediately drew me in.
    I got my first drum kit shortly after and found my passion. He truly changed my life as I’m sure he did countless others.
    One year today and it still doesn’t seem real.
    Number 1 forever ❤

  • Julius Isaak
    Julius Isaak Hace un mes

    Honestly, the drum parts in vol. 3's "Three Nil" very often just pop in my head randomly. Especially, at the very end of the song, where he plays this little filler on a cymbal that sounds so soft and elegant contrasting the rest of this brutal headbanging song. It is really the small details that made him such a compelling and unique drummer. May he rest in peace!

  • Carl Asker
    Carl Asker Hace 5 días

    Technical, immensely talented, intelligent, down to earth…a great compositional drummer in extreme metal, gone to soon.

  • VR4 NIN 2
    VR4 NIN 2 Hace 27 días

    This video really made me feel good and smile alot with intensity., especially when hanging out with Joey parts. How cool it must of been he was watching you with a smile. That would be a mesmerizing experience and a push on confidence.

  • David V
    David V Hace un mes

    didnt think id get choked up watching this. this man inspired so much of my life in my formative years. RIP

  • Dominic Mehrens
    Dominic Mehrens Hace 2 meses +83

    My favorite slipknot song is “The Shape”, for multiple reasons.
    On top of being the heaviest/most underrated song they’ve made (in my opinion), I feel it showcases Joey’s creativity. The verses, for the most part, are just ambient noise with a two note base line. Joey follows the bass with his foot while playing a thrash beat over it, but somehow makes it groovy. The chorus to me is really where he shines creatively. It’s a tremolo riff, and I feel if that riff was given to any other metal drummer, they probably would have either put a blast beat over it, or just laid some heavy double bass over it, but Joey grooved that tremolo, and it was the first time I’d heard something like that.
    He took a song that if played by anyone else, would have been noise and double bass, but he took that song and made it groove, all while keeping a heavy feel. That song, to me, is the true genius of Joey Jordison!
    Rest in Power, Joey!!

    • Frontside Grinder
      Frontside Grinder Hace un mes +1

      Nice description

    • od.
      od. Hace un mes +1

      @Robin people=shit, the shape, i am hated, disasterpiece are my favorite ones. but the entire album is a milestone for metal music.

    • od.
      od. Hace un mes +1

      When he plays on that track, it sounds like shooting a gun. Especially the intro. So badass.🤘🏼💥

    • Tiller Phil
      Tiller Phil Hace un mes +1

      I got to see this song live the only time they ever played it live at Knotfest
      Also my favorite Slipknot song 🤘🤘

    • Robin
      Robin Hace un mes +5

      The entirety of the Iowa album is just fantastic

  • Safe Artist
    Safe Artist Hace un mes

    Slipknot was the first metal band I ever heard, and Eyeless made me fall in love with them. Joey Jordinson was a huge inspiration for me. RIP

  • slayer595s
    slayer595s Hace un mes

    I own his signature snare. I fell in love with drums back in middle school because of him. I miss him alot! I love his work on Iowa especially the shape.

  • El Sheepodoggo
    El Sheepodoggo Hace un mes

    My favorite moment, aside from the 9.0 Live and Disasterpieces solo, was him finally getting a well-deserved Golden Gods Award.
    R.I.P Joey. 🤘

  • NebGooser
    NebGooser Hace un mes

    I love the tune up set in Iowa when he crashes the 3 cymbals in a row...always gives me goose bumps. RIP