Rock Drum Play-Along #1 - Drum Lessons

  • Publicado el 4 nov 2007
  • This video play-along features Sterr's song "Ever Done Before" as performed by Dean Schroeder. Start by watching Dean on video, and then download the audio-only version that has all the drum-tracks removed. You can either play similar beats to Dean, or come up with patterns of your own.
    Download the drum-less version of this song in MP3 format here
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Comentarios • 1 489

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día

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  • D-Frame
    D-Frame Hace 9 meses +13

    This was one of the first drumming videos I watched when I started out, and I still come to it back once every few years. Some of the fills in there are awesome.

    • One Ein
      One Ein Hace 10 días

      lol... me too. I never learned drums but this was awesome.

  • Marcionei Miguel
    Marcionei Miguel Hace 10 años +1

    ótimo baterista, ótima produção! Todos de parabéns. Precisamos cada vez mais de referências desse tipo, que colocam sentimento na bateria, que tiram um som que vem de dentro!

  • Steven Bickhart
    Steven Bickhart Hace 9 años +3

    This is my favorite drummer that site has. He shows so much emotion while playing and he gets into every song. Its just a true testament to how fun drums actually are to play

  • MTB Rider
    MTB Rider Hace 2 años +17

    This video started my love of drums

  • oDannyR
    oDannyR Hace 12 años +1

    I love the amount of energy this guy put's into his drumming, awesome!

  • 069 Mihir Manatar
    069 Mihir Manatar Hace un año +5

    I first saw it when i was in 4th grade, now I'm in medschool...i am still in a hope that i will learn to play drums one day 😂😭

    • Gabe Ho
      Gabe Ho Hace un año

      “one day” lmaooooo 😂😂😂

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers Hace 2 años

    The roll at 1:50 is beyond me! it's so difficult yet he make's it look so fluid like and it's an absolute eargasum!

  • Álefe Neves S.
    Álefe Neves S. Hace 12 años

    Tudo isso e mais, BATERIA é um estrumento incrivel, por isso nos facina tanto ver esse video!!!
    Talvezseja pelos desafios q a bateria da com mais frequencia, parabens pelo video!!!!!!!!

  • C S
    C S Hace 3 meses

    After 14 years... Still one of my favourite drumtracks.

  • Taurus
    Taurus Hace 12 años +1

    This guy really enjoys playing drums! This is how it should always be for drummers.

  • Penko Stoev
    Penko Stoev Hace 12 años

    I loved it...the drummer is so inspiring!Best drums cover I've seen.Puts many others to shame!Spent all day watching it.....BRAVO!

  • Jordan Chester
    Jordan Chester Hace 13 años

    3:15 - Amazing enthusiasm man. You obviously play with feeling, unlike most drummers.

  • BrokenStyx
    BrokenStyx Hace 12 años

    what i love about this guy is he feels the music like you see him singing and drumming and at 3:16 through 3:20 u see him enjoying the beat. your good

  • SinisterSkip
    SinisterSkip Hace 13 años

    The drummix on this video is really awesome.
    Really awesome mix/production on the drums!

  • Harry Suiters
    Harry Suiters Hace 12 años

    I love it. Perfect time. Impressive fills (use of eighths, sixteenths, AND triplets). And emotion! Iwould love to learn from you!

  • Murphy Slaw
    Murphy Slaw Hace 12 años +1

    3:15 - 3:20 : Ladies and gentlemen, there is a clear difference between the well known theatrical drumming as often practiced by specimen like Travis Barker and the like, and the less popular "Enjoying-one-self", as shown in this example. You can clearly see that this specimen is not trying to show how awesome a drummer he is, but simply lost in the excitement of the piece he is performing. Bravo, good sir!

  • Timmy Batan
    Timmy Batan Hace 7 años +5

    Love it! I feel like he has a lot of fun and he keeps a pretty decent groove too.

  • HaxorLee
    HaxorLee Hace 12 años

    The technique at 1:14 is amazing, havent seen that one anywhere else.

  • Jona
    Jona Hace 12 años

    The Fill at 3:08 - 3:10 is sooo amazing!!!

  • Cobrakai77
    Cobrakai77 Hace 13 años

    A drummer with feeling AND technicality=Awesome stuff! Like the song as well. Drums sound really good

  • MrMonziify
    MrMonziify Hace 11 años

    thats exactly my most liked drum sound :)... that loud and cracking snare, these deep and voluminous toms, and of course these bright and cutting cymbals! great! :)

  • H Hasslinger
    H Hasslinger Hace 5 años +31

    I didn't know Matt Damon played the drums.

  • Jay Davis
    Jay Davis Hace 12 años

    Totally bad ass! I love the double stroke fills in the middle, what a great example of how to use them.

  • weldboy67
    weldboy67 Hace 12 años

    Exceptional, very imaginative, and quite tasteful! It's nice to see the next generation taking percussion to greater heights than the basic and blocky chops that many of us grew up with during the 80's, that stuff's getting old, boring, and real stale! Raise the bar!

  • salmiakbal
    salmiakbal Hace 12 años

    it's a simple song but it sounds very convincing!! great job! this is really cool!

  • D_ 92
    D_ 92 Hace 4 años +11

    Jason Borune on drums!

  • Serhat Sahin
    Serhat Sahin Hace 13 años

    Your snare sounds really cool and blends in the style perfectly. Would you mind naming the brand, model and size of your snare drum? And the heads if possible... ^^

  • Big Jon The Drummer
    Big Jon The Drummer Hace 13 años

    Dang that was sick.... nice work. Love the break down section. Excellent!

  • dogdrums
    dogdrums Hace 12 años

    No doubt, the best guys on youtube for drumming hands down, thanks for all you do guys....

  • u00drk1
    u00drk1 Hace 12 años

    This is awesome! Its got a kickass vibe. I would love to be able to play this

  • Jayson C
    Jayson C Hace 8 años +7


  • Rdrums31
    Rdrums31 Hace 12 años

    nice man, tried this song today, didnt realise how hard it was to maintain those fast hi-hat strokes with one hang. thought i was ok on my speed, guess ive got that to focus on as well lol. anyway sweet drumming - great inspiration

  • beatngo710
    beatngo710 Hace 13 años

    Very nice. I'm about to get a set myself and these videos are really helping me out. And I like this guy cause I think he's good and he's fun to watch...especially at 3:15 lol

  • Tim Doyle
    Tim Doyle Hace 11 años +1

    This video made me obsessed with Sterr. I recommend getting their album off iTunes 100%

  • Adam Alander
    Adam Alander Hace 11 años

    Hey it's Dean, this guy hung out at my studio in terrace BC for a day we had sum fun and jammed a bit. Good to see he's rockin' it out still!. Good job Dean!

  • Chill out
    Chill out Hace 4 años +5

    That face @ 3:19 tho

  • alfalex38
    alfalex38 Hace 13 años

    Kick ass set!!! Awesom cover!
    Must have spent time practicing for it, and that surely paid off!

  • Danny G.
    Danny G. Hace 12 años

    Simply stunning...You're one hell of a drummer!

  • Christopher Tinker
    Christopher Tinker Hace 12 años

    The fills at 1:10, 1:53, 3:07, and 3:17 are sick!

  • rob the brain
    rob the brain Hace 13 años

    the song is awesome and he dose justice to this song with his flawless timing and tasteful fills and roles

  • Felipe Donadon
    Felipe Donadon Hace 6 años +17

    8 years...
    You fucking kidding me.
    I'm old.

    • samGVann
      samGVann Hace 6 años

      +Felipe Donadon shit

  • mark swanson
    mark swanson Hace 11 años

    Outstanding Dean! Thanks for the refreshing vid! Mark Swanson 53 and still rockin!

  • Orlando Catalin
    Orlando Catalin Hace 13 años

    Wow !!! This guy is really feeling it , and rockin' \m/

  • Nik
    Nik Hace 12 años +1

    wow, this guys is just amazing at drumming, wish i can play like that.

  • Brad The Chad
    Brad The Chad Hace 12 años

    love the drums. Love the electric guitar. cant pick one over the other.
    learning guitar right now but want some drums later on, but space constraints limit me atm.
    probably will get electric drums because they are more compact and you can do more effects. wont ever be playing for an audience so it doesnt matter for messing around.

  • JigglyVideos
    JigglyVideos Hace 6 años +40

    2007 was edgy like his frosted-tip hair

  • Zach Harding
    Zach Harding Hace 12 años

    Love it man !!!! so much passion for it :)

  • Guilherme Valter Lomba
    Guilherme Valter Lomba Hace 7 meses

    Muito bom

  • Drumwannabe17
    Drumwannabe17 Hace 13 años

    I love the energy this guy plays with. It equals Travis Barker but I think this guy is more technically sound

  • Nino Dani
    Nino Dani Hace un año

    This video inspired me to start drumming when i was 13 . Now im a professional musician , drummer, guitarist, pianist, singer-songwriter.

  • AwesomeDoes Mine
    AwesomeDoes Mine Hace 5 años +48

    I'm watching in 2017

  • overdriveisclassy
    overdriveisclassy Hace 12 años

    This dude is EXCELLENT! I love this video man! And I really like how you can tell he is having fun :D

  • Shaun Barton
    Shaun Barton Hace 12 años

    i still watch this video and get amazed by how good it is.. I mean its simple but sounds great.. and by the way dean that fill i can do it everyones asking how i learnt it haha thanks again dude

  • Sebastian Molina
    Sebastian Molina Hace 11 años

    good performing! and loved the way it sounds the hhX cymbals !

  • TimBatan
    TimBatan Hace 12 años

    this guy is quickly becoming my favorite drummer

  • Ed Danao
    Ed Danao Hace 8 años +4

    where's the lessons here?

  • sharpyne5
    sharpyne5 Hace 13 años

    This is the way that drums are meant to be played!! You are Amazing!

  • Joseph Santana
    Joseph Santana Hace 13 años

    thats probably the best sounding kit ive ever heard i can only dream of having a kit like that

  • R Lira
    R Lira Hace 13 años

    Lots of drumming dynamics--odd times, 16 notes, crazy ass fills--perfect 10!

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas Hace 13 años

    Thanks man. I appreciate your feedback. I'm trying to take it all step by step. Hope I make everyone proud one day. ^_^

  • tmont007
    tmont007 Hace 12 años

    Nice, very clean. Love the snare.

  • Redkillahh
    Redkillahh Hace 11 años

    I remember looking back at this drum play along like 3 months ago and saying I'll never be able to play that.. now it's actually really easy ;D

  • XDrummerSteve
    XDrummerSteve Hace 12 años

    @MassiveTestes Very well stated. I thought the exact same thing as I watched this video. Very natural, very authentic, pure emotion.

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson Hace 13 años

    This is one of my best songs.
    excellent drums!!

  • Mathias H
    Mathias H Hace 12 años

    This is actually a pretty awesome channel that helps people a lot.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Hace 13 años

    First you can start by getting new drum heads. I think he's using Evans G2 Coated for his toms. Then watch some of Bob Gatzen's videos on ESclips for help on tuning your drums. Those videos are really helpful and will help make your drums sound great!

  • The K Man
    The K Man Hace 12 años

    This guy (Dean) is the actual drummer for this band (Sterr). Didn't realize that at first...
    Good work man!

  • Máx J. Aguilera
    Máx J. Aguilera Hace 13 años

    Drum lesson! muy bueno!

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers Hace 8 años +1

    this is an amazing drum track by dean i listen to this at least once a day so good

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas Hace 13 años

    Hey dude. I'm just barely getting started on drums. Since you said this is easy, I take it you know a lot about it. Do you have any tips as to a certain method pertaining to how you learned drums? Like, when I started learning guitar I picked up a lot from learning other songs. Do you know any good easy songs that I could practice? Thanks man. Well if you reply. Lol

  • MR3456
    MR3456 Hace 12 años

    Simply brilliant, nothing else to say.

  • Diatonic5th
    Diatonic5th Hace 12 años

    Solid! This is the type of drummer that will get a lot of session work and gigs.

  • John Penk
    John Penk Hace 13 años

    I'm a guitarist and you are amazing bro! Excellent!

    MADDMIKE305 Hace 12 años

    Wow This Kid is sick Keep it up dude! and remember Never let the rock die!

  • Alex Barnhart
    Alex Barnhart Hace 13 años

    The fill at 3:08 is so sick.

  • Ned
    Ned Hace 12 años

    Love the sound :) also nice drum fills

  • Magal
    Magal Hace 13 años

    man, those lessons are pretty good for a begginer
    this song is nice... and u can see, he's really havin fun playin it

  • popripple
    popripple Hace 13 años

    your an amazing drum player and your bass sounds amazing you should make a video on how you tune your personel bass drum i know i would watch it and i know alot of other people would too.

  • TheDragonageorigins
    TheDragonageorigins Hace 12 años

    wow man i want to play like this, i love music to the point of where i start air playing drums lol. can anyone recommend some vids from beginner to expert? dont rlly know but this guy looks like hes having so much fun and i want that so bad

  • Miguel Gallego
    Miguel Gallego Hace 11 años

    man i love this guy is like actually feeling the music x) , just totally helps your playing

  • MNish CT77
    MNish CT77 Hace 9 años

    Still inspiring after years!

  • ZawEatsFish
    ZawEatsFish Hace 12 años

    Being so into the song really raises the song, while watching / listening.
    Damn I wish I could play like that

  • DanDK
    DanDK Hace 12 años

    Favourite one by far. 100000000000000000000/5 for Schroeder!

  • Dave
    Dave Hace 13 años

    Oh wow =O
    I always thought this guy was a fairly average drummer till i saw this =D
    That was really well played and gave me lots of ideas =]

  • Kingsize
    Kingsize Hace 13 años

    Yeah, It's awesome to listen to to and VERY easy to play =D

  • MrCakes132
    MrCakes132 Hace 12 años

    Love the part right at 3:16...nice vid and nice work.

  • Scott Twinny Kelly
    Scott Twinny Kelly Hace 12 años

    man ur drumming is awesome keep it up dude \m/

  • Roey Bason
    Roey Bason Hace 12 años

    best drum set ever!!
    nicest sound ive ever heard!!

  • ian macdonald
    ian macdonald Hace 12 años

    dude this guys amazing. i mean i drum but when im older i want to be like him. hes like my role model hes like superman on drums =]

  • DanDK
    DanDK Hace 12 años

    3:16 was an awesome shot. Awesome.

  • Thomas Oates
    Thomas Oates Hace 13 años

    It's not that I want to here the song, I want to here the way it's playing like this. The drums really come out of it, personally i think this sounds more groovy then the album, this has more feeling to it.

  • Quagmire88
    Quagmire88 Hace 13 años

    nah man, you will be figgen awesome! :D It just takes some time, the main thing is to get the counts down. To get them down, just take it easy and slow at first.
    I love the freedom when doing play alongs, there is no sheet music to follow. Just you, the song and the sticks :D

  • LosHnosBrothas
    LosHnosBrothas Hace 13 años

    I'm a proud parent/human and your drumsticks are amazing bro! Excellent!

  • Joel Rönnberg
    Joel Rönnberg Hace 12 años

    I totally agree, i've been playing somewhat consistently (without instructors) for 2 years and couldn't nail this at all for the first few tries i gave it. It seems easier to play than it actually is.

  • Xander Feys
    Xander Feys Hace 4 años

    An absolute classic. That's all I can say.

  • Will Burns
    Will Burns Hace 13 años

    Solid chops, nice work man!

  • Omri Zer
    Omri Zer Hace 12 años

    i have only played drums for 3 months and yet i am pretty good and where do you find music sheets for drums?

  • Anthony Andriacchi
    Anthony Andriacchi Hace 12 años

    Such a sick sounding drum set. Would be perfect for metal drumming

  • Anonym
    Anonym Hace 4 meses

    great quality for such an old drumming video. far ahead of the times!