The one thing all drummers need 馃挭

  • Publicado el 6 sep 2022
  • As rock drummers, WE are the catalyst馃挜
    But, what does that really mean? Well, in order to get toes tapping and hips swinging in the crowd, you鈥檒l need a strong foundation on the bass drum that matches the power of the back beat. There鈥檚 nothing coy or shy about it. It鈥檚 all about confidence 馃挭
    Do you feel confident when you鈥檙e drumming? 馃挰
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Comentarios • 46

  • MarkIsaacM
    MarkIsaacM Hace 20 d铆as +51

    Ngl, in almost all areas of my life, I lack confidence.

    • Camil Monserrat
      Camil Monserrat Hace 20 d铆as

      You have to read Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner

    • MarkIsaacM
      MarkIsaacM Hace 20 d铆as

      @Marc Wesley thanks a lot, Marc, sir. 馃檹
      I really appreciate you're advice. And I'll definitely check out Admiral McCraven.

    • Marc Wesley
      Marc Wesley Hace 20 d铆as +8

      @ MarkIssacM, dude, you got this鈥.here鈥檚 a simple way I dealt with lack of confidence, that started very early as a child, now I鈥檓 63, retired licensed A&P airplane and helicopter mechanic and had a great career as a mechanic for nearly 40 yrs鈥.
      ya need self confidence to keep people alive鈥
      My simple technique鈥. Be proud of your self鈥..even the smallest daily, hourly, minute鈥.accomplishments, don鈥檛 wait for someone else to recognize or critique what you鈥檝e done, YOU鈥ecognize what you鈥檝e done鈥.if it鈥檚 good鈥.be proud鈥.if it鈥檚 bad鈥.fix it鈥.and learn from it, never stop self evaluating, it keeps your ego 鈥渋n check鈥濃.remember it鈥檚 those little proud things that make a strong foundation and build confidence, by being proud of even your smallest and perhaps silliest things, every little bit helps.
      Check out the you tube video of Admiral McCraven giving a college commencement motivational speech鈥.very true and inspiring鈥.be strong, be positive and be most of all, humble and thankful.
      Mark Issac M鈥.you got this鈥..馃挭馃徎馃馃徎

    • MarkIsaacM
      MarkIsaacM Hace 20 d铆as

      @Corey Roberts that's something I've been trying to work on.

    • Corey Roberts
      Corey Roberts Hace 20 d铆as +8

      Dude same. Except for drums

  • Greg MacNeil
    Greg MacNeil Hace 20 d铆as +11

    Yes we are!! Such a great feeling to control the entire dance floor while confidently playing the simplest beat. No one knows the true power of the drummer like drummers!

    • Bad Boys Boogie
      Bad Boys Boogie Hace 20 d铆as +2

      Rhythm player do as well know the power. Rhythm section the most important. Drums, bass and Rhythm guitar. Lead puts some flavour on top

  • Maja Wanhainen
    Maja Wanhainen Hace 20 d铆as +5

    Really looking forward to November with Todd as the coach of the month. Todd is the best! Keys to the kingdom 馃槑

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace 20 d铆as +3

      Yes! Can't wait. Todd is the man.

  • Zach Rice
    Zach Rice Hace 13 d铆as +2

    I like how he vocalized the drums like he didn鈥檛 have a giant kit in front of him lol that being said, I don鈥檛 disagree with a word he said.

  • Valery Louis
    Valery Louis Hace 20 d铆as +2

    I lack confidence when playing the drum, that鈥檚 exactly what I was missing, Thank you

  • johnny strong
    johnny strong Hace 20 d铆as +2

    Not just in rock. But in all music. To make it believable. Are to confidently get across the emotion that you are projecting. You must play it with confidence.

  • moldy
    moldy Hace 6 d铆as

    im a drummer in a band with me and my friends, im the least confident, and we play alternative rock style music, the most confident is definitely the singer(no name for obvious reasons)

  • Birgi p.m.
    Birgi p.m. Hace 16 d铆as

    Drummers hold the band together.
    Drummers are the foundation -grounding & stabilizing force.
    They're usually the nicest people too not like the ego-diva singers & guitar slingers.

  • PandAnarky Studios
    PandAnarky Studios Hace 19 d铆as

    Couldn't have said it better myself Todd. You don't have to be great, you just need confidence. You can simplify or rearrange any beat to fit your skill, so there is no excuse for holding back in rock. Play what you know, and know what you play

  • Armando Chuh
    Armando Chuh Hace 18 d铆as

    I would 100% agree, had the music been created just for dancing.

  • williemammoth11
    williemammoth11 Hace 19 d铆as +1

    Amen to that!

  • ZackTheIV
    ZackTheIV Hace 20 d铆as

    drummers need to make faces to show the confidence

  • wUrdofwIZdumb
    wUrdofwIZdumb Hace 20 d铆as +3

    鈥淎wwwwww jeeeze guys like schucks I don鈥檛 really know if this groove鈥
    鈥淵ou are soft, fired鈥 LOL

  • Dr. I. B. Safe
    Dr. I. B. Safe Hace 18 d铆as

    The same thing was said in Drumline.

  • Moe Pea
    Moe Pea Hace 20 d铆as +1

    In which genres are the non-confident drummers?

  • PerryEarl
    PerryEarl Hace 20 d铆as +9

    Seeing the notification for this, I totally thought it was going to be about. 鈥淭he one thing drummers need鈥 shorts鈥. Like a good pair of shorts to wear. lol I was thinking, 鈥淲here are they going to go with this?鈥 lol

    • PerryEarl
      PerryEarl Hace 18 d铆as

      @Corey Roberts hahahaha. Totally!

    • Corey Roberts
      Corey Roberts Hace 20 d铆as +1

      Gotta stay breezy under those lights

  • chrisbryant280
    chrisbryant280 Hace 14 d铆as

    I started playing a lot better once I quit caring what other people thought about the way I played or looked...

  • Dan Bell
    Dan Bell Hace 19 d铆as

    Misread this as all drummers need to wear shorts. To be fair, I always play in shorts.

  • thoof2001
    thoof2001 Hace 19 d铆as

    We ARE the danger!!

  • Nimbus
    Nimbus Hace 20 d铆as

    Yeah, either confident or with a really loud PA

  • Zhong Xina
    Zhong Xina Hace 18 d铆as

    Link for the original video?

  • Bolillo
    Bolillo Hace 17 d铆as

    You used to be, now it鈥檚 modern music like rap and hip hop that make people move. I鈥檓 saying this as a die-hard rock and [death] metal fan.

  • Dave Messer jr
    Dave Messer jr Hace 7 d铆as +1


  • K3NH
    K3NH Hace 19 d铆as


  • Dillon Smith
    Dillon Smith Hace 18 d铆as

    Poor Gorgug. No one is going to get this reference

  • Ray Winter
    Ray Winter Hace 20 d铆as +2

    The Drummer Is The Conductor....

  • NiftySquares
    NiftySquares Hace 9 d铆as

    If you are not DOON KAT A DOON DOON KAT, are really drumming?

    SPINNING MY WHEELS Hace 20 d铆as

    that's right. a good DJ has a similar responsibility. NOT the button pusher DJ.. who is akin to a button pusher drummer (AKAI)

    • Dannie O'Brien
      Dannie O'Brien Hace 15 d铆as

      Fleetwood kept a continuous beat with the dangling balls he wore around his neck an over the shoulders to bang together in front of him.Thats confidence,part of why he is great.

  • Nick Nogueira
    Nick Nogueira Hace 20 d铆as +1


  • Brendon Bosenbark
    Brendon Bosenbark Hace 17 d铆as

    RIP Fab

  • Machine Against The Rage
    Machine Against The Rage Hace 20 d铆as +1

    Lost me in the first 10 seconds. The BASS PLAYER makes the people dance, keeps the pulse of the song and is both the rhythmic and melodic root of the whole ensemble. #FightMe 馃槀馃槀馃槀 (it鈥檚 true tho鈥.)

    • thoof2001
      thoof2001 Hace 19 d铆as

      Sorry, the bassist is the wall of the building, the drummer is the foundation. No wall stands w/o the foundation, and the roof (all other instruments) is nowhere, man.

  • Christopher Jobe
    Christopher Jobe Hace 20 d铆as

    Who does this guy think he is!?

    • Christopher Jobe
      Christopher Jobe Hace 14 d铆as

      @daryl daryl Nice try buddy! That鈥檚 not Charlie Watts though!

    • daryl daryl
      daryl daryl Hace 14 d铆as +1

      The drummer of Styx 馃槀