Drumming Warm-Up (Beginner) - Drum Lesson

  • Publicado el 22 ago 2013
  • Get your practice pad and sticks and prepare to practice along with me in this video. I put together this very simple warm-up for you to use before a long practice session or going on stage at a gig.
    Challenge yourself and follow along with me. Then move on to the more challenging tempos at the Intermediate and Advanced levels!
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +2

    Learn To Play Drums In 90 Days ► www.Drumeo.com/start-here/

  • *Insert Name*
    *Insert Name* Hace un mes +9

    For everybody who got lost at the swiss army triplet, slow down thee video to 0.5. Then you can practice it at 8th note, try it for a few minutes and identify the pattern, he throws 2 flams after every 4 bars. When you get comfortable with 8th note you can move on to the 16th

  • Jake Spitler
    Jake Spitler Hace 5 años +549

    I've been drumming for fun for about 5 or 6 years or so, and I've always wanted to start really learning how to ACTUALLY drums instead of just blasting away to Metallica and Pantera songs. Great lesson, and this helped a ton, my friend!

    • RamaDawg
      RamaDawg Hace 22 días

      @Victor Jorge lol! What a coincidence! I figure by the time I get ok with the practice pad I'll be able to start affording to buy a drum kit! Cheers to 1981 and bassist 2nd lives lol!

    • Victor Jorge
      Victor Jorge Hace 22 días +1

      @RamaDawg funny, I'm on the exact same situation ! 41years old, bass player, two sticks and a practice pad 😂

    • RamaDawg
      RamaDawg Hace 23 días +1

      @BHAKTI thanks for this, looking up bill bachman now. I'm a bass player and just decided at 41 I want to learn to play drums, never played even at band practice lol! All I have is a practice pad and sticks now so want to.learn how to play proper and not hurt myself (I'm also a goldsmith so I cant mess my wrist up). Honestly even this exercise is to difficult for me to follow so I'm going to just watch paradidle tutorials for now.

    • やるせない
      やるせない Hace 4 meses +1

      Never studied drumming and when he started talking about paradiddles I was like “wtf is that”.

    • BHAKTI
      BHAKTI Hace 4 meses +1

      I know this is a late comment--I used to watch drumeo all the time. I started drumming at age 5 in 1975.
      I played rock and started taking jazz lessons at age 32 because I wanted to understand polyrhythms, etc, that Zappa wrote in his compositions. Plus I love jazz.
      Learning how to hold the sticks properly so you're not using your hands to grip the stick, plus again, stick height--the first stick height in a paradiddle should be practiced lower than in this video if you want to be able to play them fast with ease (also employ the Moeller technique [use upper and forearm to whip the stick down, keeping the wrist limp] while practicing slowly so you automatically use it when playing fast).
      You'll find that taking lessons from a great teacher (my teacher studied with Pat Morello, amongst other great jazz drummers) will help pinpoint bad habits you've most definitely picked up if you're just playing hard (no need to play hard to get a loud sound) without technique.

  • Vincent Rpl
    Vincent Rpl Hace 7 años +228

    Took me an hour but I finally got it !
    For the two last exercices, I did it first without the flams and I added them later. Found it easier to learn that way.

    • Nicky Stephens
      Nicky Stephens Hace 7 meses +2

      I read the comments after getting stuck and you guys helped inspire me to keep going! I got all the exercises now!
      Good luck everyone

    • Rohith Singh
      Rohith Singh Hace 2 años +1

      Very good idea

    • J M
      J M Hace 2 años +1

      Great idea!

    • RaffixD 96
      RaffixD 96 Hace 4 años +9

      nice man good job I lost it to at the swiss army triplets. nice you got it finaly keep it going :D

    • kimtalikoff
      kimtalikoff Hace 7 años +3

      @Vincent Repel Same! Made more sense to me, much easier.

  • Dexter Bocanegra
    Dexter Bocanegra Hace 5 años +50

    for those getting lost on number 4, it really helps me to count the 1st flam as 1 then the following two hits as "And A"
    1 and a
    2 and a
    3 and a
    4 and a
    5 and a
    after six just start at the top with the first flam.
    sorry if this makes no sense its just my little trick. hopefully it helps out someone. good luck! c:

  • Elizabeth303
    Elizabeth303 Hace un año +22

    Watching this has made me realize how far behind I have come on one of my first passions in life. Thanks for letting us practice with you!!!

  • Stixpooper
    Stixpooper Hace un año +14

    I use these warm ups daily now and find them very useful.
    The last 2 exercises should be practised slowly at first building up at 5 bpm intervals so as to nail them in a relaxed manner otherwise one could do some damage attacking them too fast.
    All power to you Jared. You're doing a great job at Drumeo!

  • ali
    ali Hace 4 años +15

    Thanks so much for this. I got my first snare pad and sticks today so I can practice for my schools drum line and marching band next year. I’m a sophomore and I’ve never played before but I believe I can do this.

  • tbasstreble 11
    tbasstreble 11 Hace 5 años +88

    For everyone that got lost at the Swiss army triplet - I did - it helped me to get the feel of them when I realised its not 4 bars played differently, it's 5 triplets + a turnaround, played over four bars. I stopped trying to play along and just focused on how to play the triplet on its own (rL-L-R), one after the other, then worked on the turnaround. I haven't got up to speed yet but five minutes after this realisation I have the feel of it now. Hope this helps!

    • Timur Izhbulatov
      Timur Izhbulatov Hace 7 meses

      To me it's quite the opposite. These 5 triplets actually have different melodic feel as they're played over even meter. Therefore to me it makes sense to learn this exercise as 4 beats played differently: 1-e-and-a 2-e-and-a 3-e-and-a 4-e-and-a

    • Colin Denker
      Colin Denker Hace 9 meses +2

      @whut whut that "4th" accent note thing is actually the first note of the second triplet. The measure has 5 triplets in a row (15 notes). Since they are 16th notes, that leaves room one sixteenth-note available at the end, and there is an extra flam placed there to take up that space and set us up to repeat the measure seamlessly. Since the measure starts and stops with a flam, anytime you hear two flams in a row marks the transition from one measure to another.

    • whut whut
      whut whut Hace 10 meses +1

      why are they called triplets if there's a 4th accent note thing?

    • runfromdante
      runfromdante Hace 10 meses +5

      Jesus Christ thank you so much shits like butter now

  • Lance Gordon
    Lance Gordon Hace 6 años +5026

    Boy that drum kit must have told a funny joke before the cameras cut on because he turned around laughing

  • Samgyetang
    Samgyetang Hace 2 años +459

    #1:ok that's easy
    #3:it's still easy
    #4:what the
    #5:wait I didn't even start #4
    End:I give up🤦🏻‍♂️

    • GothicConservative
      GothicConservative Hace 9 días

      Meeeee omg I went to bed after 4 hit and said tomorrow sounds good to try this lol

    • yeovmxn
      yeovmxn Hace 10 meses +1


    • VenomAG
      VenomAG Hace 11 meses +1

      Actually switch left and right on what I said

    • VenomAG
      VenomAG Hace 11 meses +1

      @kuaia think about the forth one like this: you're basically hitting with right hand twice and switch to the left but on the left hands second hit you start with the right hand again at the same time

    • kuaia
      kuaia Hace 11 meses +2

      @Teacher From the Jungles thx im really struggling to do the fourth ;v;

  • amosioan
    amosioan Hace 9 años +4

    Dude, you have no Idea how much this helped me ! I just bought a practice pad, and I had no idea what to practice on it. I'm more than thankful for you guys, keep up the one of a kind, and amazing work !

  • Dennis Worst
    Dennis Worst Hace 5 años +6

    doing this warm up everyday for about 3 months now and it works amazing your timing gets a lot better. your teamplay gets a lot better (if you play in a marching band like me you will notice it) its amazing thank you ;) greetings from the dutch ;)

  • Sergey Smyshlyaev
    Sergey Smyshlyaev Hace 8 años +2

    I really like this warm up! But I've changed it a little for myself: in swiss army triplets section I play one bar leading with right hand and the other leading with left hand. This way I don't have to play two right flams in a row, but instead play right flam followed by a left flam, which feels more natural.

  • Dylan Turbulence
    Dylan Turbulence Hace 7 años +8

    1.48 "receiving the rebound back from the stick" this has been incredibly useful. Its helped me relax into the playing rather than tensing up and wearing myself out. Another great video Jared thanks so much.

    • Kaoru
      Kaoru Hace 2 años

      Dylan Turbulence 1:48

  • Jason Matchell
    Jason Matchell Hace 5 años +8

    thanks drumeo for all the valuable lessons. its really helped my journey in drums

  • Fridakalota
    Fridakalota Hace 3 meses

    I love how you teach. I'm working on the triple not too bad for my 2nd week. Thank you!!!!

  • Jeffrey Bergen
    Jeffrey Bergen Hace 4 años

    That was a really great help for me for school!!!!! Thank you so much Jared!!!!!!

  • Richard Crosby
    Richard Crosby Hace 2 años +3

    At long last, a clip that doesn’t talk forever about technique and history of drums to reveal 10 seconds of action in a twenty minute video.
    It’s good to start quickly and have advice as we are playing along. It helps keep in time and rejoin if you’ve missed a beat. Well done Jared.

  • George Brito
    George Brito Hace 8 años

    Muito bom seus videos eu acompanho todo da QQ do Brasil mais ser VC poder colocar uma legenda em português nos videos seria melhor e ficamos muito grato!!! Vale fique com Deus!!!!

  • George Brito
    George Brito Hace 8 años

    Muito bom seus videos eu acompanho todo da QQ do Brasil mais ser VC poder colocar uma legenda em português nos videos seria melhor e ficamos muito grato!!! Vale fique com Deus!!!!

  • September person
    September person Hace 11 meses +2

    Thank you dude! This helped me teach two teen boys with this lesson thank you so much God bless you more

  • Judith Williams
    Judith Williams Hace un año +2

    Fantastic ! Thank you for your helpful films, I’m finding them invaluable. 🙋‍♀️

  • Ascension Realm
    Ascension Realm Hace un año

    Just got my pad and this is very helpful. Keep practicing guys✨

  • ProtoG26
    ProtoG26 Hace 5 años

    Ur videos have actually helped me a lot! Thank u so much👍

  • Rosa Sosa Josendi
    Rosa Sosa Josendi Hace un mes

    Just beggining and is really helpful to do it at the same time as you! Thanks!!

  • souljagirl2505
    souljagirl2505 Hace 2 años

    Cannot wait to try this tonight, thanks for the lesson!

  • June Yoon
    June Yoon Hace un año

    Thanks so much this is so fun! I just got all my gear just waiting on a ride but I’m watching all these videos. Thanks Jared

  • taneha fidelis
    taneha fidelis Hace 6 días

    Muito bom, bastante didático. Estou iniciando meus estudos de bateria!

  • Medalion
    Medalion Hace un año +2

    Been wanting to learn drums forever... I play guitar for nearly 20 years... and want to continue to improve my overall sense of timing and rhythm... picking up the sticks after learning on other instruments, I almost feel I am picking up these rudimentary on drums a little faster if I had no previous practice playing any musical instrument before

  • Justin Edsall
    Justin Edsall Hace 2 años +6

    For those of you struggling; think of your hands being really light and imagine the stick just dropping down instead of hitting hard. I've been a drummer for 17+ years and this promoted my speed

  • dubstup12
    dubstup12 Hace 6 años

    your videos are very helpful, thank you from an aspiring drummer.

  • Miles Edmundson
    Miles Edmundson Hace 3 años

    Excellent practice! Thanks 😊

  • Shawn Naylor
    Shawn Naylor Hace 9 años +1

    Thank you for all the work you do!

  • Zach Ramirez
    Zach Ramirez Hace 7 años +2368

    Anybody get lost at the Swiss army triplet
    Edit: Don't worry guys this was 5 years ago, I figured it out! Appreciate all the help though!

    • Maguire out
      Maguire out Hace 9 meses +1

      Way too fast for a beginner

    • Gurn Blanstein
      Gurn Blanstein Hace 10 meses

      I am totally getting lost but I think it's because he does a left hand lead Swiss army triplet and the turnaround gets me too

    • Solid Tank
      Solid Tank Hace un año

      @Corey Audet you aren't kidding, him talking messed me up I can't imagine trying to speak.

    • Asiposs Haisadee
      Asiposs Haisadee Hace un año

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      Can be downloaded now
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    • LINCOLN_69_
      LINCOLN_69_ Hace un año


  • Assinscreed1225 Timmy
    Assinscreed1225 Timmy Hace 6 años

    Thank you this helped a lot I just started percussion and this helped I got my practice pad

  • Cosmic Rais
    Cosmic Rais Hace 3 años +6

    It really helped me to write the last two exercises down on paper and write the accents underneath. You'll really see the 'triplet' patterns then.

  • 70 '
    70 ' Hace 3 años

    Great work.Great lesson :)

  • Slick Sticks Inc.
    Slick Sticks Inc. Hace 5 años +1

    this warm up is abosulutely AMAZING!!!

  • Ira Sherman
    Ira Sherman Hace 5 meses

    Thanks for posting this great video!! I am a guitarist/bassist but the past few years been playing congas and percussion instruments so I bought a drum pad figuring it would help my conga playing!! Not looking to become a drummer though. Excellent video!!

  • Record Artist Dyan Villavicencio AH-YES-YES-YO!


  • Aleksei Tumas
    Aleksei Tumas Hace 8 años

    Hello, Jared! Very good videos for warming up! Thanks! How many inches is your practice pad?

  • Henry Clayton
    Henry Clayton Hace 3 años

    Thank you this is now my 9:00 morning warm up

  • 3rd Coast Productions
    3rd Coast Productions Hace 3 años

    Thanx Jared...love your videos they have helped me so much.

  • b mc
    b mc Hace 2 años

    this is a great vid..always wanted to learn how to play drums and at 64 I now have the time lol... after watching this vid a few times I slowed down my sticks then gradually increased the speed to 16th notes... pretty much have it now. ready to move on to the next lesson

  • George Hulseman
    George Hulseman Hace 8 años

    The Swiss Army triplets in 4/4 are tough if you lose your place. Jared's metronome doesn't indicate where the beginning of the measure is. It's hard to keep track where I am in the measure, but it's crucial to know where you are because you end the previous measure and begin the next with a flam (two flams in a row). Any suggestions?

  • tayboneslice
    tayboneslice Hace 8 años +8

    You totally brought the cheese, but this is too perfect. Thanks Jared, on behalf of drummers all around the world.

  • voyrrr
    voyrrr Hace 5 años +3

    This is wonderful for me. I cant do it all yet, but I will die trying.

  • Luiz Augusto Lima Guimarães

    Very Good issue and simple. Even Efective to hand-percussion warm up. Awesome

  • Kurixta
    Kurixta Hace un año

    I'm a tuba player wanting to learn drums and this is helping me out a bunch!

  • Revert1989
    Revert1989 Hace 2 años

    Started drums a week ago and i practice this on my legs at night. Didnt have trouble with the doubles but the 2 stages after that I had to seriously look at the pattern a lot.

  • Aldo Matulich
    Aldo Matulich Hace 2 años

    I'm playing drums again after a 50 year Layoff!! Some of the beat keeping of basic beats came back after some practice like riding a bike. This Vid and others help with i improving speed. ESclips videos are great teaching tools. Thx for info. Keep on keeping on. BTW, I'm 68 and drumming as a pleasure hobby. Prob never get out of the basement but having Fun.

  • MouthfullOfBees
    MouthfullOfBees Hace 8 años

    loved it it is so use full i have started 5 weeks ago and this helped me ALOT

  • Betty Spitalnik
    Betty Spitalnik Hace 2 años

    Useful, appreciate this video. Thanks!

  • Ruby Mendez
    Ruby Mendez Hace 7 años

    Thanks! Very fun and helpful! :D

  • Jorge Lopes Trigo
    Jorge Lopes Trigo Hace 3 años

    Great warm-up. There's an extra beat on #3 to #4 (count to 6, instead of 5). Stage 2 should be talking while doing it. And stage 3 keeping it altogether, 1 minute each, 5 minutes total. Don't know how you did it Jared. Thanks!

  • TakeshiMitsuhide
    TakeshiMitsuhide Hace 4 años

    I practiced this lesson about 15mins and I can do all of them #1 to #5 already.

  • Jason Combs
    Jason Combs Hace 5 meses

    Got a sub from me. I just got an electric set a couple days ago. Programmed a ton of drums in MIDI but just starting out actually playing. You are of great assistance

  • thunderstruck 667
    thunderstruck 667 Hace 2 años

    Great exercice... After repeating slower, I got it now at his Tempo

  • Kacey Courtney
    Kacey Courtney Hace un año +1

    first day making it thru the video while playing along with you the whole time!! so proud of myself :D thank you for all your videos!!

  • QD_W
    QD_W Hace 8 meses

    I love this guy's lessons! But, as a complete beginner, I am struggling with the "turn around" or whatever it is in the Swiss army triplets. I've watched it slowed down to half speed and I think I've kind of worked it out but... 😕 Not too sure!

  • VideoJukebox
    VideoJukebox Hace 3 años

    After year of irregular practice I can play it perfectly. Never give up.

  • Nick Muse
    Nick Muse Hace 8 años +4

    i would like to thank you... you allowed me to step up my game and make my school's snare line

  • Seth Lockman
    Seth Lockman Hace 4 años

    I've noticed the sticks tend to slip through my fingers. Taping the sticks works fine, but do you have a video on how to hold sticks to prevent slippage?

  • jrdscrgn
    jrdscrgn Hace 2 años

    I play organ and harpsichord and started playing along to these exercises to work on my finger strength; just focusing on two fingers at a time and following your sticking as I play at the keyboard (L-R-L-L would become two adjacent fingers, i.e. 4-5-4-4).

  • skOT FRee
    skOT FRee Hace 2 años

    I start on the two Flams. In the first exercise, it's all single stroke. It breaks down into 3 hits and goes:
    Flam, Flam1, Left2, Right3,
    Flam, left, right. Do 8X's and back to double flam and so on.
    The last exercise goes:
    Flam, Flam1, Left2, Right3 *THEN*
    Flam, RIGHT, Left. and so on, alternating the left and right after the flam. Also, same as before, 8X's, double flam and so on.Hope that helps!!!

  • Paige
    Paige Hace un año +4

    I’m a 23 female and have decided I want to be a drummer and it actually inspires me more that there aren’t that many female drummers. I’ve always been good at keeping time and memorizing not only complete guitar solos (not on guitar obviously but in my head like I can hum every note after just a few listens) but I also do the same with drum beats lol idk I remind myself of Mike Tyson in the hangover when he’s listening to Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” and he goes “okay everybody sh sh sh sh this my favorite part!!” And air drums to it lol that’s been me with most songs my entire life. My parents made me take piano as a little girl, 5 years actually, and I could play by ear much better than by note and pick out notes to learn my favorite songs, so I have some some basic musical knowledge but anyways just bought a drumming practice pad and some Vic Firth 5b American classic rock drumsticks, my first ever pair of drumsticks!! I’m so excited, almost as much as for the pad itself. I’m gonna be so incredibly sad when they wear out.

    • Katy Dart
      Katy Dart Hace 2 meses

      same on so many of the above points except im a 43 year old female who's FINALLY got pads, sticks and now a cheap kit. So fun actualising your dreams and putting all that air drumming into real life right?!!!! good on you too!

  • Sarvat Azeeza
    Sarvat Azeeza Hace 4 años

    this helps me a lot, thanks!

  • Atomic Mark
    Atomic Mark Hace 5 años +24

    got lost at the Swiss army triplet, never really considered putting that into my warm up before
    The vid definitely helped though

  • Nick Westgor
    Nick Westgor Hace 8 meses

    This is very very helpful. Thanks so much.

  • Ken Horn
    Ken Horn Hace 5 años

    Yeah this helped. I have a practice pad but I wasn't sure how to use it properly. I was just using it as a suppressor to practing beats in silence. Witch is a good way to use it as well of corse

  • Alex Ty
    Alex Ty Hace 3 años +1

    I just started " playing" like a week ago. I currently can't get past the second exercise but this is a great video, very helpful thank you

  • Italian Stallion
    Italian Stallion Hace 4 años

    Man, this is a great exercise. I'm doing this here in my room with my pad & sticks at 12:20 a.m.

  • Kat R.
    Kat R. Hace 2 años +1

    I still don't have a drum kit and sometimes I'm a bit lazy to practice on my pad. I had watched your video right after lunch and thought it was a pretty good warm-up. I was about to go to bed now when I remembered your video and thought "well, it's just 5 minutes, I'll do it very quickly". In the end, your video made me practice for almost an hour! Thank you so much!

  • Joe Sr
    Joe Sr Hace 4 años

    Awesome thank you for your being thorough, and professional

  • Liv N Tell
    Liv N Tell Hace 11 meses +1

    slowing the playback speed of the video down to .5 and practicing and working my way up gradually to another speed week after week helped me with the Swiss army triplets. idk it might help for the rest of you, its worth a try. great tutorial my guy.

  • Rembo Akimbo
    Rembo Akimbo Hace 6 meses

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Mentsan
    Mentsan Hace 5 años

    Hey, really nice video!
    What's the BPM of the exercise ?

  • Jenny Àldrich
    Jenny Àldrich Hace 3 años

    How can so many people dislike this? This is a good way of practicing the drums.

  • M V
    M V Hace 8 años

    Great Job ,thanks for sharing your video..now i got confidence how to face drums
    thanks buddy...:)

  • Adrian Datura
    Adrian Datura Hace 3 años

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this in the comments yet, but practicing on a pillow is okay if you want to build but your _chops_ and I think has personally helped me with wrist strength. However, learning how to play on a surface that will cause the sticks to rebound will teach you the proper technique so learning on martial like scrap wood might be best

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 9 años +4

    Yes, I have. The only ones that aren't available are the ones using copyrighted music that I don't own the rights to so I can't adjust those settings. You can email the publishers of the music if you like :) - Jared

  • Justin Edsall
    Justin Edsall Hace 3 años

    You can do it on a pad but I just snare it and use earphones....works brilliantly and rehearses with natural rebound.

  • Jakob Forslin
    Jakob Forslin Hace 8 años

    awesome video Jared, as always

  • Sierra Payne
    Sierra Payne Hace 8 meses

    This is really helping me I’m trying to teach myself how to play more instruments I play flute and piccolo mainly and teaching myself others and hoping to become a music major and teach music education

  • Julia Lucrecia
    Julia Lucrecia Hace 7 meses

    Hey! Practicing for a short where I have to “play” a drummer and I’m so glad I found this warmup! Drumming from the Caribbean with love!
    Just a question if u see this: u mention the swiss army pattern(???) i was lost from that point onwards

  • Teacher From the Jungles
    Teacher From the Jungles Hace un año +1

    4:17 to all of you, having a trouble of catching up with the exercise: put 0.5 speed! you'll see the movement clearly. especially if you can read the pattern down below.

  • Aubrey Rudolph
    Aubrey Rudolph Hace 3 años +1

    Definitely having fun looking at the 4th and 5th rhythms in 2019... quality stuff

    • cody hook
      cody hook Hace 3 años +1

      Aubrey Rudolph it’s funny how he went from leading with his right hand into leading with his left

  • The Squirez
    The Squirez Hace 2 meses

    Love this warmup!

  • Elliot Amos
    Elliot Amos Hace 3 años

    Learning this via lessons seems wayyy harder than just sitting down and playing the drums. Been playing for a few years now and this is more difficult than just learning by ear and experimenting. Although, I know I'll never be better than average if I don't learn this stuff.

  • Mike P
    Mike P Hace un año

    the turn around still gets me. i love it. all your missing is "hi i didnt see you there"

  • Dummer_Kid4O
    Dummer_Kid4O Hace 2 años

    Thank you!I now know how to warm up!

  • Natasha Lim
    Natasha Lim Hace un año +2

    1:20 is the start
    6:33 is the end

  • Janine M
    Janine M Hace 4 meses

    Really would have benefited from doing a slow version of #4 and #5 for those of us completely unfamiliar with those patterns.

  • Dave Parra
    Dave Parra Hace 5 años

    thanks for the video! it was fun to practice along

  • luiza177music
    luiza177music Hace 6 años

    Took me a week to be able to do the flam accents along with Jared.
    Question: is it bad if the sticks rotate in my hands? As in, I see the vic firth logo going in and out of view as I do these.

  • QxIvc
    QxIvc Hace 3 años

    Thank you 🙏 it helped alot

  • MellowKeith
    MellowKeith Hace 4 años


  • ch-ris127
    ch-ris127 Hace 2 años +14

    It's real cool how being able to play the piano (or read notes in general) makes the Swiss army triplets quickly understandable!
    Kinda wish I can go back in time and kick myself in the arse for not learning music theory properly enough.

    • Kawaii Panda
      Kawaii Panda Hace 2 años

      ch-ris127 lucky bastard, I didn’t pay attention to music theory either

  • Demented Daffodil
    Demented Daffodil Hace 2 años

    Been taking private lessons, this killed me. I still can't get pass 3:36! I'm take a 5! Taking a 5!