Developing Paradiddle Speed - Free Drum Lessons

  • Publicado el 15 may 2014
  • In this video, Mike shows you a unique technique to help develop your single paradiddle speed. Mike is the author of the Drumming System, which is the largest drum lesson training package in the world.
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Comentarios • 2 238

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +2

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  • John Baker
    John Baker Hace 5 años +5229

    Hello Mike. I am 70 years old and have been playing drums since I was 13. Paradiddles have always been hard for me until I saw your video. Never too old to learn, I mumbled. So off I went and practiced. Well, lo and behold, and at last, something resembling a paradiddle. Thanks...will keep up the practice. My best regards, John Baker Australia.

    • Sol Rosenberg
      Sol Rosenberg Hace 3 días

      Happy 75th!

    • Vaughn Chauncy
      Vaughn Chauncy Hace 25 días

      @ForOtherThings WeHeartLife it's a new hobby for me

    • Nai World
      Nai World Hace un mes


    • Robert Bobin
      Robert Bobin Hace 2 meses

      I feel you. Im 67, and have been playing, for 5 yrs. Think i have enough time, before the Rapture?

    • Robert John
      Robert John Hace 2 meses

      Use in lots of drum rolls if playing properly

  • chrisa1125
    chrisa1125 Hace un año +276

    This guy is a great teacher. Doesn't waste time talking about unrelated BS, promote products or his channel, and doesn't try to be a comedian. He gets right down to the business of why we are all watching the video. Thanks Mike, great work.

    • Terrell L. Howard
      Terrell L. Howard Hace 2 meses +1

      This is so amazing he knows how to break it down step by step its easy learning his way I'm happy I saw this method

    • Terrell L. Howard
      Terrell L. Howard Hace 3 meses +2

      So correct even a dummy like me understand him

  • Shane Billard
    Shane Billard Hace 2 años +56

    Mike is so easy to listen to he takes the calm approach to drumming and in my experience that is the best way to learn. Thank you Mike.

  • Thomas Gallasso
    Thomas Gallasso Hace un mes +2

    the best guy i've seen explaining anything, not only drums! amazing how deep you can go on a subject, mike! thanks for that

  • John Sech
    John Sech Hace 2 años +15

    Hi Mike
    I just turned 67 (yesterday) and like John Baker below I had always struggled to maintain an even sound and develop speed with the paradiddle until I came across your channel. I have since purchased and subscribed through Drumeo, your Drumming system. I have to say Mike you are a clear and concise teacher and love your tuition and tips.
    18 months ago I had broken my left elbow and had surgery to put a steel implant in and so had not been able, or even thought, I could return to drumming. But thank God, although I will never be able to fully straighten my left arm, I now have probably have 60-70% of my strength back and working my way through this exercise, is helping me to strengthen my left hand and hand grip, as well as loving the progress I am making due to your fabulous tips.

  • Jimbo Jones Manifesto
    Jimbo Jones Manifesto Hace 3 años +10

    What I love about every one of your videos; is that you consistently remind the viewer of your own difficulties when learning techniques. It really limits the frustration anyone can have learning a new technique or when going back and revamping to play with less effort. Your "Don't worry, you'll get it." attitude makes tackling something new or difficult so much less intimidating. For that sir, we thank you!

  • Scott Palangi
    Scott Palangi Hace 2 años +2

    At 3:54, I wonder if viewers realize or think about how much time you spent discovering that, and working it, and breaking it down, to the point where you articulate it like you do. That’s a lotta curiosity and wonderment, thank you for putting this toher6rr. Crazy good gems in this entire video. Master-like approach to the whole exercise.

  • Swole Down Rep Up
    Swole Down Rep Up Hace 11 meses +9

    He is one of my favorite for giving lessons. How lucky are we to have this available at our finger tips!!! So amazing!!!

  • The fine art of distraction

    Hi Mike thank you soooo much for breaking that down for me, I’ve been playing the drums for 30+ years & I have the exact same issue you were saying you had, I’m definitely gonna go to the music shop on the weekend to get myself a practice pad & try your method out. Thank you for inspiring me to want to retrain the way I’ve been stuck for soooo many years, YOU ROCK 🤘😆🤘

  • Caroline DW
    Caroline DW Hace 5 años +67

    I'm 46 and have played the drums since I was 17. I covered paradiddles in my first year of playing but never been able to get tight or fast on them. Your lesson shows signs of changing that - I got faster in an afternoon. Not only on paradiddles but on doubles, snare roll and triplets. Excellent lesson. I was particularly inspired with the comment from the 70 year old drummer!

  • Leighton Tillman
    Leighton Tillman Hace 3 años +10 appreciate your "measured, graceful approach" to teaching! I am 65yrs old....played drums since.....the 4th grade! Had a "fun, exciting, even prosperous career"......but....always looking to learn and "speed up"! Can't wait to set the pad up and begin! BE BLESSED!

  • Village People Tribute
    Village People Tribute Hace 3 años +6

    Hey Mike, you have demystified this rudiment for me and I’ve been playing for 42 years. You’re excellent, thank you!

  • Wendy Louis
    Wendy Louis Hace 4 años +2

    Thanks, Mike, this is an instrument i have been playing for many years, but since it doesn't come naturally i can still only do the basics. This looks so easy, and the way you changed it to suit you and be able to explain it that way, gives me hope. i'll start with it today and who knows, one day i might be a really good drummer.

  • Danyulesun
    Danyulesun Hace 4 años +3

    Excellent tutorial, perfectly explained and thanks for taking the time. This will inspire many drummers beginners and intermediate.
    Cheers 👍🏻

  • Feeder camera
    Feeder camera Hace 6 años +396

    Thank you so much. I learned more in 7 minutes than two weeks of class

    • Heath
      Heath Hace un año +1

      In class I learned nothing but shit

    • Daniel LeBlanc
      Daniel LeBlanc Hace un año +2

      @Dani Miura but this guy is good I have all his DVD's $$$ lol

    • Daniel LeBlanc
      Daniel LeBlanc Hace un año +1

      @Dani Miura yes and no it depends on your teacher!?

    • ᚩanᛏy
      ᚩanᛏy Hace un año +3

      The people dont care they just want money

    • denisson gomes
      denisson gomes Hace un año +1

      Same here

  • Matty The Monster
    Matty The Monster Hace 3 años +1

    This is a great lesson. I've always struggled on building my paradidle speed. But this totally makes sense. Thank you

  • Anton Carlvik
    Anton Carlvik Hace 2 años

    Awesome tips, greatly put. Started with the drums at age 13 in a high school rock band, then I bought a guitar then a synth then started to sing, conduct etc etc. It ended with an education in church organ. The drums were completely lost. Now I’ve turned back to them and I’m so terribly sloppy but will try this out as fast as possible. Very happy for your pedagogical video!

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith Hace un año +2

    Incredible teaching ability as well as clarity, thank you for your time.

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall Hace 2 días

    This video is what helped me break through difficulties I was having with the paradiddle. Very appreciate, thanks for explaining.

  • Jusayin
    Jusayin Hace 2 años +3

    Tips like these never get old. Thanks Mike!

  • Peter Fraser
    Peter Fraser Hace 3 años +3

    Thank you Mike I love the way your teaching is based on sharing your own experience of learning to play drums. Very open and generous and helpful

  • Miscellaneous Silliness
    Miscellaneous Silliness Hace 4 años +2

    This is awesome. Thank you for your time and teaching!

  • John
    John Hace 2 meses +1

    Thanks Mike. I have your entire system on DVD from DRUMEO. I don't think it is available on DVD anymore as everything is going totally digital these days. Your drumming skills and knowledge are amazing. Digital video and formats such as U-Tube have greatly increased access to great teachers like yourself by many. Thank you for taking the time to help all of us out here. Many thanks also to DRUMEO for introducing many professional drummers to the world.

  • Dan Callender
    Dan Callender Hace 4 años +26

    Seriously the best explanation of paradiddle speed I've ever seen. 40 years of playing, and I just doubled my speed on this.

  • TheGuitarCollection
    TheGuitarCollection Hace 2 años +2

    I've always had trouble with paradiddles...this is very helpful thanks!

  • Boomer Guy
    Boomer Guy Hace un mes +2

    One of the first exercises my jazz drumming instructor gave me back in the 60's was the single paradiddle with accents on the single note in the right hand, then the left and then using those single notes on the different drums. This was instantly rewarding and I've been using these ever since.
    A great hand exercise is to practice it with brushes on the snare drum with the strainer released. You will develop muscles while learning to relax the hands and fingers at the same time.
    Paradiddles rule!!!!!!!

  • Nick Hallam
    Nick Hallam Hace un año +2

    Brilliant - I have just revisited the rudiments after years of 'just playing' (something to do during lockdown) and was really struggling with paradiddles. I didn't realise how slow I was on them and just couldn't get the speed up. This lesson really did the trick - thanks so much.

  • Band Galaxy
    Band Galaxy Hace 2 meses

    I've always loved drums since I was young and I've always had drumming ability but never put it into action on a kit. Well now that I'm retired that has changed, I bought a used set yesterday waiting for my sticks to arrive in the mail today. I'm watching a lot of videos techniques but I really love your approach I think I'm going to enjoy this a great deal Thank you Mike!

  • Neill Wylie
    Neill Wylie Hace 6 años +271

    Good video. Love how you talk about the thought process and development. Top notch teaching.

  • Blue Unicorn
    Blue Unicorn Hace 3 años

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and technique. I'm just starting out and want to learn good habits so that I can play well and not have to struggle with relearning later. I'll apply myself to this. I grew up around drummers and heard them talk about techniques like this. Now that I recently got a kit, I'm looking at foundational techniques. I can tell this will be very helpful and even though it'll take time and effort, I'm confident it will give me solid skills. Cheers

  • Marten Benatar
    Marten Benatar Hace 4 años +1

    Thank you. That is the best description of the correct technique for developing paradiddle speed that I have ever seen. Great job!

  • Donte M Music
    Donte M Music Hace 2 meses

    Great tips! I literally just thought of practice and triple struggle last week, it made me realize how different groupings of three feels

  • Izzy T
    Izzy T Hace 4 años

    Nice job, Mike! Love how you teach, and break things down! PS, I'm talking your Drumming Systems 2.0, have made incredible improvements!

  • ironpyrites
    ironpyrites Hace 7 años +484

    Excellent lesson, not only about how to get a fast paradiddle but how to analyze its components and adjust one's thinking and technique toward a goal. I don't play drums, but in trying to improve my guitar playing I stumbled into the goldmine of videos by expert drummers who are both crafty and crystal clear in their thinking about the fundamentals of playing percussive instruments, of which the guitar is one.
    I fell into a tendency which is quite common, I think, among guitarists, of concentrating on fingerings, scales and chord progressions, and reading music. These things are important of course, but the path to improvement is laid on a foundation of fundamentals about the use of the hands that are very important and sometimes very subtle. The great drummers are experts in this area.

    • Superhero 9567 Junior
      Superhero 9567 Junior Hace 2 meses

      @ErizotDread When I play paradiddles fast I do not use accents because it is easier for me.

    • CasamTheAnimator2008
      CasamTheAnimator2008 Hace 7 meses

      Traditional grip is similar to how you hold a guitar.

    • Nasty Hardcore
      Nasty Hardcore Hace 9 meses

      @Piplodocus There are few things as irritating as the condescensionof the ignorant.

    • Piplodocus
      Piplodocus Hace 9 meses

      @Nasty Hardcore Bollocks. Not how I play it. Hitting a drum with a stick isn't *that* much different from hitting a string with a pick. One of the most popular riffs I wrote at the end of one of my old songs only has one note in. If It wasn't played super rhythmical, it wouldn't be a great riff. The reasons my mates like my guitar playing is specifically because it is groovy and you can't be groovy with melody alone. Go look at all the best funkiest bass players and tell me their playing isn't percussive with all those slaps and pops. And it's obviously the reason ironpyrites is here making this comment. Anything is percussive if you make it so.

    • anewcareerinanewtown
      anewcareerinanewtown Hace 2 años

      @Nasty Hardcore Rhythm guitar is a thing

  • D S
    D S Hace 3 años +1

    This video was spot on the most helpful to me after being silent for 40 yrs, Retired and back into it I am again a beginner spending hours trying to regain that left hand rebound using a match grip (traditional grip remembered rebound control; more for some reason)and not just about a paradiddle

  • Stw
    Stw Hace un año

    Great way of explaining it. Very well done and executed. Thank you! 🥁👍

  • Zildjian Beats
    Zildjian Beats Hace 4 años

    That's awesome! Thank you for the video! I was like you and probably everyone else where I was just trying too hard and it sounds messy, but once I started incorporating that triple roll it sounds much better!

  • Spartacus Gym
    Spartacus Gym Hace 4 años

    Best paradiddle lesson I've ever seen online. You are an amazing teacher.

  • teamhex
    teamhex Hace 5 años +1821

    Me as a new drummer who's just learning the paradiddle 1:03 - "Nice he's going pretty......holy shit....holy shit how is that even possible!?"

    • Proxus
      Proxus Hace 6 meses

      Me 200

    • Ionized Water
      Ionized Water Hace 9 meses

      @Leslie Nichols This is the Internet, you don’t have a say whether we can cuss or not.

    • Vincent Nguyen
      Vincent Nguyen Hace un año

      im like easy enough....oh thatll take a while... i quit...

    • Aaron Bones
      Aaron Bones Hace un año

      How is it going now? Bet you can do these now

    • Leafy
      Leafy Hace un año

      Same tho XD

  • James Flynn
    James Flynn Hace 3 años +1

    I have the same issue with the movement as you did when you started to work on this. Thank you for this video!

  • Prepping is wisdom
    Prepping is wisdom Hace 2 años +2

    Love your lessons. I’m 60 going on 16 (excitement wise) switching from guitar to drums. You are a great help 😁

    • Mike Michalkow
      Mike Michalkow Hace un año

      Thanks , if you have any other questions, email me at

  • Adam Nyreen
    Adam Nyreen Hace 4 años +1

    What an interesting way of breaking down paradiddles. I like it! Definitely a different mental approach than what I have been doing. What I've always done is to play ruffs. R rrL llR rrL etc. in an 8th-16th note combination, or 16th-32nd note combination. Sounds the same as what you're doing but just a different way of picturing in your mind what you're playing. The hardest part for me is to add that sneaky extra note (2nd note of paradiddle) when speeding up.

  • T's L'il Bear Shoppe
    T's L'il Bear Shoppe Hace 2 años +10

    I just started watching today and I am so loving your lessons! Thank you! My husband noticed me drumming like a maniac to music on my legs and I was addicted to the game rock band so for Christmas he bought me a drum set so I am watching and my question is how do i stop the sticks from feeling like they are slipping out of my hands, am I not holding on tight enough? Thanks!

    • T's L'il Bear Shoppe
      T's L'il Bear Shoppe Hace 11 meses

      @Darth Vader ok thanks :D

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Hace 11 meses +1

      When you’re doing rolls or paradiddles, there is a bounce but you still have to hold the sticks right and manually play the next hit with your hand instead of fully letting it bounce.

  • Shaggy Alonso
    Shaggy Alonso Hace 7 años +21

    I almost can't express the excitement I feel after watching this, it's like you've just opened up a doorway to a whole new drumming world of possibilities! Really excellent explanation that is in plain English. I can totally see now the secret of the paradiddle

  • cdh79
    cdh79 Hace 2 años

    thank you for this lesson! i have been practicing the paradiddle with my hands on my lap for some months already, but i just got my first practice pad two days ago, so when i thought it should be "easy" to transition i realised how wrong i was.. sure it has helped with getting the independence between the two hands, but using sticks and a pad is definitely a different ballgame.. i knew the rebound had to be involved, as otherwise it'd be impossible to bring it up to high speeds, but it was unclear to me how.. thanks to you and your video this has been exceptionally explained, so i now know what i need to focus on in my practice..

  • Jeff Stumpf
    Jeff Stumpf Hace 3 años

    Mind blown! Ive been playing playing for over 20 years. I have done some pretty cool things, musically, in diff bands. The parididdle always baffled me. I always played it with a single stroke feel and i would get to a speed that felt awkward. Never even entered my mind to do it this way. Thank you so much!

  • Mitchell Castleberry
    Mitchell Castleberry Hace 4 años +1


  • Ernie Cool
    Ernie Cool Hace 3 años +1

    Great stuff man, because paradiddle has been tough for me to grasp. This new trick is going to help me. Thanks again!

  • Toyosi Yusuff
    Toyosi Yusuff Hace 7 años +52

    This is the ultimate explanation I have been looking for. This is the explanation to my problem and to many other drummers out there.Thank you very much Mike, you just revived my career after a two year break, I am highly grateful.

  • Abida Babida
    Abida Babida Hace 4 años

    man it’s so true that u learn something new every day! 42 yrs of playing drums n i never got my diddles up that fast. Thanks for the tip Mike. I’ll be rippin out dids just like u soon enough!

  • Kleber martins
    Kleber martins Hace un año +1

    sem palavras, muito bom genial.muito obrigado

  • Todd Shook
    Todd Shook Hace un mes

    Hi Mike, I am 59 and started learning drums few weeks ago. My local teaching is good and getting the basics of stick control, timing, etc.
    Your demonstration of these 2 rudiments is extremely helpful. I know my teacher will get me there. Thanks so much.

  • Rome
    Rome Hace 2 años

    Thanks for taking your time making that great point. I’ve been playing drums since I was little, but I’m wanting more enrichment. I don’t know any musician that is at 100% mastering every skill of any instrument they play. Everyday there’s something to learn as a musician.

  • Sergei Vershinin
    Sergei Vershinin Hace un año

    Good lesson! Thank you! I'm sure that it'll help definitely to all drummers!

  • Mike Reciniello
    Mike Reciniello Hace 2 años +3

    OMG I did! I started playing drums when I was 9 years old and the paradiddle was the bane of my existence. I never could really get it right. I'm 38 now and haven't played seriously in quite some years, but I keep a set of stick near by at all times. I play on my mouse pad as practice when I'm slow at work (work from home). This lesson has helped me do a thing I've been trying to do for nearly 30 years! The pattern, skill, movement; it's never been so clear to me! Thank you!!! I've got a lot more practice to do in order to get it 100%, but, again, I did it!

  • Peter fabBird
    Peter fabBird Hace 3 años +1

    Wow! You simplified this for me. Very insightful. THANKS !!!

  • amusik
    amusik Hace 4 años +1

    love this lesson.. for me one of the most interesting points a s beginner is that you need to become very mindful about studying how the stick bounces from the drum surface and not playing with your entire arms..

  • Tony Polley
    Tony Polley Hace 6 años +187

    I am absolutely thankful for this video, I know it was posted a while ago, but this is literally the best explanation of technique and execution I have ever seen, I'm trying to re train my left hand due to nerve damage, because of the damage I have only been able to maintain my singles and doubles, anything else I get fatigued way quicker than my right hand and my left has gotten sloppy again due to the loss of mobility, so, I have been trying to work on paradiddles and other basic steps again to re train my hand. this video has helped me so much, thank you!

    • ledgy69
      ledgy69 Hace 4 años

      I'm in the exact same position bro. Neuropathy in my left ulna nerve rendering my ring and pinky borderline useless at higher speeds. Slowly getting there. Has been so much motivation to play however.

    • Derk Nizotts
      Derk Nizotts Hace 4 años +1

      I have a similar issue, did you do any prescribed rehab?

    • Matt Markus
      Matt Markus Hace 4 años

      Tony how did you get nerve damage? Was it from drumming?

    • Finn Hamilton
      Finn Hamilton Hace 5 años

      Tony DePitro I

    • WHUFC71
      WHUFC71 Hace 5 años +1

      Tony Polley Good luck to you. hope everything is working out for you.

  • Timothy Bullock
    Timothy Bullock Hace 3 años

    That's exactly what I needed. I had the same experience as you!! Thank you instant results!!!!

  • Charles Avino
    Charles Avino Hace un año

    Beautiful lesson. Been playing since '66 and that is a solid lesson my fellow musicians!

  • Kellie Black
    Kellie Black Hace un año

    Thank you so much for this lesson and explaining it in a way that we can understand and apply.

  • shantanu dhiman
    shantanu dhiman Hace 2 años +1

    This lesson actually helped me work out fast paradiddles..!!!!! 😮
    Watched this lesson some years ago and some months ago I was working on rudiments again and I knew I had the foundation for rudiment. I practiced a little and I was flowing...!!!! 😮😮😮😮🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Wicked Widget
    Wicked Widget Hace 5 meses

    Man as a really late bloomer I am so grateful to you for the tips it makes sense and made it easier to get the concept of the mechanics behind it. Love it thank you so much God bless you.

  • Tom Black
    Tom Black Hace 3 años

    Mike really really good lesson. Very organized and you make teaching look easy. Took a hard subject and broke it down so anyone can understand it. Thank you.

  • Steijn Muller
    Steijn Muller Hace 4 años +4

    What has really helped me developed my paradiddle speed is playing the jazz ride swing pattern with the left hand! It is essentially the same hand movement, but the rhythm of a paradiddle is just not in triplets. Also works for double paradiddle, of course!

  • mike bowers
    mike bowers Hace 9 meses

    Amazing ! I've been struggling to play a fast paradiddle for over 50 years...this video give me a little hope ! Thanks

  • mrbgnle
    mrbgnle Hace 6 años +28

    Wow, I drum 20 years now and never learned to play the paradiddle. Now, a few hours of practice later, i am really starting to feel it. Best video on youtube.

    • micheal
      micheal Hace 11 meses

      @Solid Tank well it won’t happen with that attitude. stick with it (no pun intended), keep improving and you can definitely get there.

    • Solid Tank
      Solid Tank Hace 11 meses

      @micheal that's not going to happen, but it is fun.

    • micheal
      micheal Hace 11 meses

      @Solid Tank awesome man! keep at it, maybe you’ll be faster than the video one day.

    • Solid Tank
      Solid Tank Hace 11 meses +1

      @micheal yes, I'm still practicing. I can do the paradiddle at least twice as fast as I used to.

    • micheal
      micheal Hace 11 meses +1

      @Solid Tank it's been two months. you still drumming?

  • From 10,000 Feet
    From 10,000 Feet Hace 10 meses

    great to see your process or overcoming challenges - very informative and helpful

  • Catherine H
    Catherine H Hace 3 años

    Just opened my eyes to exactly how my paradiddles sound (rather laboured) so good to hear it could take as little as 2 months or so of beating the pad to get it! Thank you so much.

  • Dwayne Robertson
    Dwayne Robertson Hace un mes

    Excellent breakdown and presentation. I am also using a triple stroke roll to help enhance, improve, or speed up my paradiddle skiils. I can get a kind of paradiddle sound and feel applying the triplet figure I am employing, but I can not get that clean, precise, blazing fast paradiddle sound yet, BUT, that's ok - a little more improvement every day!! Excellent video. Very inspiring.

  • C. Harris
    C. Harris Hace 17 horas

    Can’t imagine that there’s a better paradiddle instructional video than this one. Great lesson. What other videos does this particular teacher offer? I like his teaching style a lot.

  • rockinimma1
    rockinimma1 Hace 3 años

    Wow this is so cool to watch. I haven't played for around 30 years, but I can still do a really fast good paradiddle, and as I watched him show the tricks he discovered, particularly, the triple stroke roll and the rebound, I realize that I remember learning that and that's probably why I can still do it. I clearly had a really good teacher. This guy is good. thanks

  • Timothy Johnson-Bey
    Timothy Johnson-Bey Hace 4 años

    Thanks Bro this helped a lot and will be passed on to generations to come!

  • Aaron Stackpole
    Aaron Stackpole Hace un año +3

    Some great advice in there, thanks! Retired from drumming 20 years ago, getting back into it and of course the first thing I do is buy a pad and start paradiddling!

    • Mike Michalkow
      Mike Michalkow Hace un año

      Great to hear that Aaron... if you ever need any assistance, email me at

  • wikus lombard
    wikus lombard Hace 4 años

    Thanks Mike. Been doing it for a while and seeing slow, but real progress. Taking it slow and analyzing. Concentrating on clean strokes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge as always unselfishly

  • Mr Neon
    Mr Neon Hace 7 años +63

    I wish this was available when i first started, the mental and physical side to this pattern completely explained, absolutely brilliant video!

  • Brian Melick
    Brian Melick Hace 4 años

    Wonderful. Thank you. Most certainly inspiring. Wishing you great and continued success!!!

  • Robin
    Robin Hace un año

    Excellent job, Mike!
    Back when I was still playing, I had mastered the art of playing perfect paradiddles and double paradiddles, but only using ONE drumstick! I did it by using back-sticking. After a while, I could also play perfect single stroke drum rolls with just one stick. And, of course, I had to master all of that with BOTH hands.
    I sure wish ESclips had existed back then! That might have been worth some clicks, hey?

  • DJ CJ
    DJ CJ Hace 2 años

    Excellent break down of the technique and thinking behind each section. Thank you so much

  • antiineutrino
    antiineutrino Hace un año

    This helped me unbelievably! I used to single stroke paraddidles and wondered why on earth anyone would use them, thanks for the help :)

  • NeddyRich
    NeddyRich Hace 4 años +3

    In just a few seconds of this video I could see just how ingenious and helpful this is! Thank you for this very helpful tutorial - it is making my para diddles a lot faster just from the start of this! NeddyRich

  • Tim H.
    Tim H. Hace 9 meses +1

    Ive watched a lot of lessons on the paradiddle but this is the best by far. What’s good is that you revealed the insight that you perceived in understanding a paradiddle. Taking your insight and applying it is the secret. Thanks!!

  • Crimson Kng
    Crimson Kng Hace 4 años +1

    Very interesting. I like the way that you communicate. I wish I had seen this video 40-some years ago when I started playing. Now, I have arthritis in both hands (and surgery on my right thumb) and I haven't picked up my sticks in over a year. :-(

  • Robert Wegner
    Robert Wegner Hace 2 años +1

    Very good idea to try the triple stroke roll for improving the paradiddle! Thanks a lot!

  • Amy
    Amy Hace 2 años +2

    First week drumming. Thanks for this! Super helpful!

    • Mike Michalkow
      Mike Michalkow Hace un año

      Thanks Amy, if you have any other questions, email me at

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