The Godmother Of Drumming Plays “Down With The Sickness”

  • Publicado el 26 dic 2019
  • Have you ever found yourself making assumptions about someone before you’ve met them? What about before seeing them play drums? From assuming she plays ‘quieter’ instruments to not being taken seriously before an audition, Dorothea Taylor has heard it all when it comes to judging a book by its cover. She’s here to prove that you can’t always accurately assess a drummer - or anybody - by how they look. Check out Dorothea’s cover of “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed!
    Drummers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. “No matter how good you are, how old you are, we’re all still part of a drumming family.” - Dorothea Taylor
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Comentarios • 38 038

  • Disturbed
    Disturbed Hace un año +35474


    • Trennant Piccolo
      Trennant Piccolo Hace 14 días

      when disturbed approves

    • Hyperstrike
      Hyperstrike Hace 19 días

      Dorothea kicks ass.
      How can she kick that much ass at her age?
      You saw the drum pedals right?
      Like standing behind a horse and scaring it.
      "Hey! How'd I wind up in the next county, bleeding and with a hoof print in my face?"

    • Denzel Lucero
      Denzel Lucero Hace un mes +1

      damn brooo.. it's been a year.. :D

    • Jesus Fried Christ
      Jesus Fried Christ Hace un mes


    • mojo
      mojo Hace un mes


  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack Hace 2 meses +1638

    While everyone is justifiably in awe of the Godmother of Drumming.. I'd like to take a moment to give major props to the engineer that mic'd that drum kit. Holy hell that shit sounds tight.

    • NinjaNezumi
      NinjaNezumi Hace 9 días

      He (or she) knew (s)he had to do it right, because her sound needed to be heard properly.

    • Ella
      Ella Hace 14 días +1

      No SM57 protruding into the snare space, is always nice to behold as both a drummer and former audio engineer.

    • sheffieldgeek
      sheffieldgeek Hace 15 días +1

      nerd alert

    • Robin the Noble
      Robin the Noble Hace 17 días

      exactly my thoughts! holy shit I had an eargasm

    • JP bling
      JP bling Hace 19 días

      @Black Echo Tight tight tight!!

  • Tayla Trevaskis
    Tayla Trevaskis Hace un mes +790

    She is so calm with her approach she makes it look like she isn't even trying. Usually drummers get so into it which makes this video so amazing 😂😂😂

    • Lisa Lambert
      Lisa Lambert Hace 3 días

      Oh man, she is sooo into it!!! LOL

    • AndrewMillan
      AndrewMillan Hace 24 días +4

      @justin morgan look im not saying this is every drummers reason but me i get into usually when im doing good or going fast also you can see her get into it for a sec. Its not a problem its an expression

    • justin morgan
      justin morgan Hace un mes

      Yeah, usually drummers do get into it... thats the problem roflmao

    • Raubtier Heinz
      Raubtier Heinz Hace un mes +2

      go watch some video from Gormathon ( Skyrider, absence of trust, land of the lost ), we never see the drummer more than 2 or 3 second at the time but he look so bored. To a point that some peeps were thinking that the guy is was blind man....XD
      and as a bonus you will get to see Saruman from the LotR movies sing like a crazy wizard that he is ^^

  • Aaron F
    Aaron F Hace un mes +466

    The hardest part about drumming that people miss, is actually keeping the tempo and not faltering. There's so many different beats you have to maintain at the same time and just the people who always say things "Drumming isn't that hard" have clearly never played drums for more than 30 seconds.

    • therealrydan
      therealrydan Hace 14 días

      Yes. She's really really tight, even in rolls/subdivisions (or whatever the correct terminology would be in english).

    • datkaynineguy
      datkaynineguy Hace 16 días

      @Scruffy The Janitor That's also not mentioning other aspects of drumming that aren't really noticed a whole lot but are a huge part of most percussionists life - marching. I marched drum corps as a snare player (highly recommend searching DCI and WGI on here if you don't know it,) and it's keeping perfect synchronicity with the feet and hands while perfectly matching to 8 other snares playing the same exact highly difficult music. I've been a snare and tenor player for most of my life and have the opportunity to teach others about it as well. Many think marching band is just for half time at the football game, but that's a small part of marching arts. Many well known set players have a foundation of marching.

    • Azrael
      Azrael Hace 20 días

      i know i did lol

    • Azrael
      Azrael Hace 20 días

      because they gave up under 10 seconds

    • AndrewMillan
      AndrewMillan Hace 24 días

      @FIDEL CASHFLOW ik a bunch of annoying people that say they arent hard

  • Devan Edwards
    Devan Edwards Hace un mes +431

    This popped up on my recommendations, I’m 28 and picked up my first kit a few days ago. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to get good, but I see the universe has a funny way of sending messages. Beautifully done 💪🙏❤️

    • Golden Lamb 🐏 Золотой Ягнёнок
      Golden Lamb 🐏 Золотой Ягнёнок Hace un día

      28 is a weird age ❤ keep your head high and think positive things about your life !!!!!! ❤❤❤

      WHATEVER DONKEY Hace 7 días

      "The universe" doesn't exist. GOD sends you messages. Even if some other world space type thing did exist, Universe means SPOKEN know, as in "GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT"
      Nature isn't doing anything for you. God is.

    • KydKrooKz
      KydKrooKz Hace 10 días

      Didn't know it takes 60 years to get gud 🤔

    • Peggy Sue
      Peggy Sue Hace 12 días

      I will be 60 in October. I bought myself a drum kit a few years ago but was too scared to play in front of my husband or anyone else and packed them into storage. Seeing Dorthea rock this shit made me decide to get them out and do it for myself. Let's get this Kid!

    • Viv F
      Viv F Hace 15 días +1

      It's never too late to start something new. My mom left the career she'd known her entire life (finance) to become a teacher in her late 40s and it's inspired me ever since. If you've got the drive, you can do it!

  • Pyro Ultimate Hunter
    Pyro Ultimate Hunter Hace 2 años +14255

    Me: "My grandma is down with the sickness".
    Normal people: "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope she gets better soon."
    Me: " *No, you don't understand* "

  • Bejewelled Battle Shorts
    Bejewelled Battle Shorts Hace un mes +404

    And I thought I was Disturbed's oldest fan. 😂 She's really going for it.

    • Alucard
      Alucard Hace un mes

      define oldest?

    • Will W
      Will W Hace un mes +4

      @bejewelled battle shorts = best name ever!

  • Lucy R
    Lucy R Hace un mes +123

    Just because we get older doesn’t mean it changes who we are. She is freaking awesome!

    • DeniseK
      DeniseK Hace 22 días

      You’re only as old as you think!

  • Curtis McDonald
    Curtis McDonald Hace 2 meses +233

    I love it when females break stereotypes. You really don’t see many females playing drums in a predominantly male band. Some, not many. But when a woman in her 60s or 70s does it, that’s just freaking awesome!

    • JND HD
      JND HD Hace 7 díasídeo.html

    • Paul Mutzel
      Paul Mutzel Hace 15 días +1

      I'd love to see more men in daycare, kindergarden, nurse jobs too. Let's break some stereotypes there as well :)

    • April P
      April P Hace 15 días

      @Curtis McDonald 🤣 I’m beer league material, at best. Have a great day!

    • Curtis McDonald
      Curtis McDonald Hace 15 días

      @April P Won’t be long before you’re asked to play in a pick-up game, one of those 2am games 30s+ players rent an hour or two so they can play. The only issue with that? No checking…..and considering how you are raising your girls, you strike me as the type that needs to vent! Lol! The ice is a great place for that.

    • April P
      April P Hace 15 días +1

      @Curtis McDonald that’s awesome 🤣 My eldest is a Defenseman and she’s one tough cookie. She took a dirty hit into the boards two seasons ago and fractured her clavicle. It only made her tougher 🫠 I’ve even started learning to play at 41 because why the hell not!!

  • Lori
    Lori Hace 2 meses +238

    She's awesome, keep on drumming! Our daughter who is 26 now graduated from college with a bachelor degree in percussion. She is a project manager for a company that does things with Netflix and other things but don't ask me what, lol! She does play in a symphony and orchestra part time, that's where her passion is. My hope for her is that one day she'll be able to play full time. She has taught at our local highschool teaching kids on drumline and marching band. She worked her way up in drumline until she was playing tenors (set of 5) in senior year. So I love to see women drummers! And I love to brag about my kids, obviously! 😁

    • DeniseK
      DeniseK Hace 22 días +1

      You should brag about your kids….you did an awesome job!

    • C. R.
      C. R. Hace un mes +1

      You are one proud mamma as you should be! She sounds like a wonderful role model for those youngsters, and actually a person of any age! I wish I had someone like her around. My dream was to play percussion in grade school and high school but was shot down because it's a boys job (not by my parents). My parents were actually supportive and enrolled me in drum lessons in the 10th grade and bought me my first drum kit at that time!

    • Sener One
      Sener One Hace un mes

      Charmante dame 😘💕

    • Lori
      Lori Hace 2 meses +5

      @Dianne My husband and I were her roadies from 6th grade to her college gfaduation, lol!

    • Dianne
      Dianne Hace 2 meses +4

      This is awesome not all parents support their kids' passion, this story made me smile.

  • Cristián Silva
    Cristián Silva Hace 2 años +38604

    She probably complains about her neighbors' silence.

    • Q The RetroGamer
      Q The RetroGamer Hace un mes

      @Luke Lyons ✔️ i wasn't. Cuz I'm not there. Another reason why i didn't think it was funny. I am entitled to that you know

    • Q The RetroGamer
      Q The RetroGamer Hace un mes

      @aderson venâncio haha because you tried so hard to convince yourself that i didn't

    • Luke Lyons ✔️
      Luke Lyons ✔️ Hace un mes

      @Q The RetroGamer How were you able to hear what it sounded like? 👂 🌽

    • Luke Lyons ✔️
      Luke Lyons ✔️ Hace un mes

      Very well done

    • J Simental
      J Simental Hace un mes

      Hahahahaha you're too quiet over there, fuck shit up already!

  • Dave Japan
    Dave Japan Hace 2 meses +82

    I am so so proud of this lady. Proud to have her as a metal sister.

  • mechlabs0302
    mechlabs0302 Hace 2 meses +35

    There is nothing more here than a great talent, a great woman, a great message , and a sick set. Thank so much for the video and the always remember to love one another.

  • H P
    H P Hace 2 meses +54

    This legit brought a tear to my eye in the best way. I will never forget this. Dorothea is incredible!

  • DaniGamerWarrior
    DaniGamerWarrior Hace 23 días +13

    Please tell me that this lady has met the band Disturbed, that'd be awesome to see. She's phenomenal and makes it look like second nature. Great job!

  • TRaibikis
    TRaibikis Hace un mes +15

    Dorothea saved me so much during my Percussion methods class in college; I constantly watched her videos to learn my rudiments-- love what she does!!!

  • Crystal
    Crystal Hace 2 meses +43

    I love when we get older and don't look like a metal head and get the "You must be into country" And then prove them so wrong in their assumptions. I am a DJ in a three D world called Second Life and I play Rock(All subs too), Metal(All subs) and Industrial because I grew up on Country.....I wanna ROCK! I love this lady! She is so awesome.

  • Kyla Caspersen
    Kyla Caspersen Hace un mes +9

    The bass drum is the heartbeat of the whole set and she is tearing it down with the double hits, holding that sh*t DOWN. I love her!

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens Hace un mes +24

    I learned a lot more about my own preconceptions than about her. Why the hell not? Love this woman!

  • Rio Hiyake
    Rio Hiyake Hace 2 años +5535

    Dorothea is the kind of nanny that would say "ok boomer" to her children when she is protecting her grandchildren.

  • tristan ro
    tristan ro Hace 2 meses +23

    I enjoy the simplicity of her work. It’s more of a personal take on the song but it fits really well

    • Steven Sather
      Steven Sather Hace un mes +3

      Exactly. She doesn’t overplay it. It’s nice and clean. Sometimes, there is beauty in the simplicity.

  • Steph (Steph)
    Steph (Steph) Hace un mes +5

    I’ve seen this lady drumming before… she can do some really complex rhythms… this is a piece of cake for her. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Sauceboss
    Sauceboss Hace 2 meses +6

    Her drumming instantly reminded me of Charlie Watts. Not overly flashy or crazy on the fills. Controlled and on point throughout the entire song.

  • Jagylakl
    Jagylakl Hace 15 días +1

    So happy to see this awesome cover making it's rounds in people's recommendations ^^
    It's absolutely killer!

  • G_pad
    G_pad Hace 2 años +11935

    Grandson: Doctor, something ain’t right with Grandma
    Doctor: Say ahhhh
    Grandma: oh wah ah ah ah
    Doctor: She’s down with the sickness

    • dave Tv
      dave Tv Hace un mes

      Epic 👍

    • Ivonne
      Ivonne Hace un mes


    • sjt783
      sjt783 Hace 2 meses


    • KayRawr
      KayRawr Hace 2 meses

      well there goes my drink, too funny!!

    • R V
      R V Hace 2 meses +1

      Rofl!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best comment!

  • Leslie Calvert
    Leslie Calvert Hace 2 meses +4

    Dorothea is always spectacular to see play. .she's so cool without even trying :)

  • Truth 2 Power
    Truth 2 Power Hace 2 meses +12

    MUCH RESPECT!!!! I don't even like metal, but I like this song, and I LOVE this drummer!! You go, girl!

  • Belle Rain
    Belle Rain Hace un mes +6

    I was half expecting her to pull a Cam and say "Oh silly me, I had the sticks in the wrong hands!"
    I salute this lady and her incredible skills!!

  • Sharen Donnelly
    Sharen Donnelly Hace un mes +1

    Dorothea! Just discovered you, and WOW! Great job! Love it when someone proves that looks are deceiving, and you just proved that to the max. Excellent is hardly enough to describe your performance, Brava!

  • zaqzilla1
    zaqzilla1 Hace 3 meses +1637

    I think we forget that Ozzy is 72. She's in the age group that created metal.

    • DeniseK
      DeniseK Hace 22 días

      Steve Perry is 73 and Rick Springfield are 73, same age as my mom. But I’m still crushing on them.

    • dave Tv
      dave Tv Hace un mes

      Thank you , you get it

    • MyNamesNotRick
      MyNamesNotRick Hace un mes

      @Julie Kamp that’s hilarious 😂😂😂

    • Andrew_Owens
      Andrew_Owens Hace un mes

      @Julie Kamp To be fair, Mick got all the lips.

    • Snarkily
      Snarkily Hace un mes

      Are you trying to say that Ozzy had a part in creating metal? Are you on shrooms?

  • Toni Remer
    Toni Remer Hace un mes +3

    Holy cow!!! Phenomenal a talented, beautiful, and awesome grandma!!! It's not too often that you'll see an older person listening to metal.

  • David A
    David A Hace un mes +2

    She is such a gentle Godmother she even treats her set with kindness.

  • Juanma Pinkus
    Juanma Pinkus Hace 2 meses +2

    Loved it! this lady can rock for sure!

  • Fernando García
    Fernando García Hace 2 meses +8

    not only the video and the accurate playing, but oh! the final message is to cry out in tears.

  • Lewis J
    Lewis J Hace 2 años +3831

    Grandson: Grandma you’re being too loud
    Grandma: Ok Zoomer

  • affy
    affy Hace un mes +4

    My grandma defied all the odds just like her.. My grandma had her own music studio up top of her house and taught every musical instrument...She taught herself how to read music and learned every instrument solely on her own.. My grandma was a BADASS!! I sure do miss her

    • Lisa Lambert
      Lisa Lambert Hace 3 días

      I wish i had known your grandmother!!!

  • Isabella Valencia
    Isabella Valencia Hace 20 días

    I can't believe how each hand can be doing a different beat this is amazing and she is so good her timing is spot on

  • Bodhi Sattva
    Bodhi Sattva Hace 24 días +1

    This is absolute gold and takes me into another paradigm that I never knew existed. 10/10.❤️

  • Kk G
    Kk G Hace 24 días

    She’s so awesome!!! This video was so inspiring!!! You’re amazing!

  • James Varn
    James Varn Hace 2 años +2087

    Had the pleasure of her teaching my marching band in high school, she is top notch and a bad ass drummer with years of experience. Rock it out Mrs. Taylor

  • Porko Gallard
    Porko Gallard Hace 2 meses +2

    Increíble esto es una obra de arte felicidades a esta gran señora tan talentosisima

  • Crzywrld 13
    Crzywrld 13 Hace un mes +1

    🤘🏻Awesome!!! Thank you for helping to tear down stereotypes. You’re amazing.

  • A Little Birdie Told Me

    This was SO good! I loved the guys assuming things about her 😄 My absolute favorite drummer is Sam McCandless from Cold. Incredibly underrated and Cold is one of my top bands as well. I'm 52/GenX and best believe I'm still rocking out!

  • Christian Pauchet
    Christian Pauchet Hace 2 meses

    I've always wanted a grandma like this one... She absolutely literally ROCKS! 🔥

  • That Bo
    That Bo Hace un año +1485

    Classy drumming. No overkill, perfect timing, consistent beat, a lot of drummers can learn a thing or two from this granny.

    • katyas mom
      katyas mom Hace 2 meses

      @robert haizlip just say you hate women.

    • Aryuu
      Aryuu Hace 11 meses

      Yeah, old time drummers are very consistent regarding the timing, it's like they've become the metronome themselves.

    • robert haizlip
      robert haizlip Hace 11 meses

      @B1ood Driv3r All of that is noise to YOU not everyone therefore subjective to whoever is listening

    • B1ood Driv3r
      B1ood Driv3r Hace 11 meses

      @robert haizlip There is a such thing as objectively bad music. If I take a keyboard and bash a bunch of random notes, it's not music it's just noise. The sound of static and white noise isn't music, it's just simply noise. A band with each member playing out of tune and out of time sounds like shit.

    • Aaron Salinas
      Aaron Salinas Hace un año +1

      @Dixon Leroux exactly.
      Being a musician you should be able to keep beat and timing just as perfect as any true seasoned percussionist.

  • MoonlitMapleLeaf
    MoonlitMapleLeaf Hace 2 meses +2

    She is a great drummer. Period! Can't wipe the smile off my face and the song choice was awesome!

  • Kisama
    Kisama Hace 18 días +6

    Always hilarious to me to hear curse words bleeped, especially in this song, where the words you CAN hear are so, SO much worse than the curse words ever could be.

  • La'Nay Lucero
    La'Nay Lucero Hace 2 meses

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while, She is awesome! 🤩

  • thexalon
    thexalon Hace 2 meses +1

    One of the best drummers I know is a woman of a certain age, who absolutely rocks on the set, a metronome when she wants to be but creative and flexible when she wants to be. As Dorothea says, never judge the musician by the look.

  • Bologna
    Bologna Hace 2 años +3858

    Always loved female drummers but for some reason never considered they would grow old, and that age would turn them into even more of a badass.

    • A C
      A C Hace 8 meses +3

      @barebare it’s almost like women wanna see performers who look like them and age like them. weird

    • barebare
      barebare Hace 11 meses

      What a weird preference to have in a drummer, age and sex.

    • Berzerk Bankie
      Berzerk Bankie Hace 11 meses

      You see the new drummer for the foo fighters? It's a ten year old girl

    • ragdollmusic
      ragdollmusic Hace 11 meses

      Check out Pau Villareal of The Warning ⚡️

    • FDAL00709 l
      FDAL00709 l Hace un año +1

      @psxcopata san second bit of your comment is moronic. Even more so in our times where a female something is praise like the second coming of Jesus...
      its just that there arent many female drummers in bands because of the same reason there arent many female construction workers 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Wisefly Auto Glass
    Wisefly Auto Glass Hace 2 meses +1

    I can’t stop laughing!!! From my soul❤️she’s awesome AF

  • Hillary Courchaine
    Hillary Courchaine Hace un mes +2

    Absolutely love this because there's no such thing as too old for drums.

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez Hace 16 días

    OBSESSED!!! This is amazing and you’re my new fave!

  • Ani Vardanyan
    Ani Vardanyan Hace 28 días

    Whenever I used to struggle with my singing technique and wanted to hot-headedly push through that tough note or passage, my teacher who's a very wise woman, same age as Dorothea, bless her, would always stop me and say, "It must be done not forcefully but skillfully". Dorothea is the personification of this wisdom, in my opinion!

  • Aditya Achmal
    Aditya Achmal Hace un año +1828

    Her grandchildren could say "my grandma plays drums better than you" without even lying

    • Clay K
      Clay K Hace un año

      @Drew P. Cox but its a huge bruised to their ego and pride, and it's also a huge flex

    • Drew P. Cox
      Drew P. Cox Hace un año

      When they say it, it's not even an insult

    • Freddy PalaBoY
      Freddy PalaBoY Hace un año

      thats the reality haha :D

    • Michael Sparks
      Michael Sparks Hace un año

      Lol, Good One!

    • Clay K
      Clay K Hace un año +21

      bruh, that's the ultimate insult. also a ultimate flex

  • emerald6182
    emerald6182 Hace 2 meses +1

    I freaking love this lady! Go Dot!

  • Doug Norman
    Doug Norman Hace 2 meses +1

    So talented...she made it look like a casual walk in the park.

  • GBuster
    GBuster Hace 2 meses +8

    The world was down with the sickness thanks to covid. This wonderful lady was merely crushing it on her drums.

  • Isaac Coury
    Isaac Coury Hace un mes +2

    I knew it was going to be good, but this is amazing. I am completely mesmerized

  • SanD
    SanD Hace un año +1554

    I've been drumming 34 years. In 1985 the band teacher at my Jr high school told me girls don't play drums. My mom bought me my own kit and i taught myself to play by learning every song on guns and roses appetite for destruction album. Never let anyone tell you you can't do it.

    • Haggis Muncher
      Haggis Muncher Hace 2 meses

      And you still suck.

    • Pazza
      Pazza Hace 2 meses

      Your band teacher didn't know who Karen Carpenter was?

    • Left Right
      Left Right Hace un año

      The Runaways: took that personal

    • Kevin Wright
      Kevin Wright Hace un año

      A friend of mine, his wife has a full set of drums in their living room. She taught herself to play. It’s funny watching a 5 ft nothing 40 year old pound away at the drums.

    • SanD
      SanD Hace un año

      @Lost in the internet i was in the punk scene back then & everybody was stoked about girls in music. I got a lot of help from other drummers. I play guitar too for 19 years. To play most popular music all you really need to know is the majors and minors for the most part anyway.

  • Dr. Boring
    Dr. Boring Hace 2 meses +2

    its funny how all through the beginning she appears as just sweet and endearing and then she starts playing and you can see this glint behind her eyes that tells you everything you need to know

  • AJ Reycer
    AJ Reycer Hace 2 meses

    i love how really talented musicians make it look so easy

  • Rah Ra
    Rah Ra Hace un mes

    Loved the intro! She killing it!

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson Hace un mes

    That’s amazing 🤩 great job hon you are one amazing drummer and I am thrilled to see that anyone can be great at something when they put their mind to it they can do.

  • mirata9
    mirata9 Hace 4 meses +4094

    If disturbed could get her on stage at one of their concerts, they might break the internet

    • Bobby Ricigliano
      Bobby Ricigliano Hace un mes

      I'm sensing fractures already from this clip.

    • Miztah Raye Productions
      Miztah Raye Productions Hace 2 meses +1

      I would definitely call into work, even on Friday or Saturday, just to see that show in the pit.

    • Llama Thrust
      Llama Thrust Hace 2 meses

      fixed it for you.

    • David Bristow
      David Bristow Hace 2 meses

      Tweet drainman than and share it

    • Ben S
      Ben S Hace 2 meses

      They already broke it by creating this poop butt rock song lol

  • Laura Metheny
    Laura Metheny Hace un mes

    Oh yeah. Had to come back and then share this with my grandkids. I have always been a metal, rock fan etc. I was 38 when my first grandson came. There are 2 boys and a girl now. All adults. We grew up on computers and cell phones and all kinds of music. Love Disturbed! And this is SO on point. Absolutely out of this world. Thanks for posting!🙏🤘🥁

  • Angie Mh
    Angie Mh Hace un mes

    She is awesome!! I kind of want to try drumming now. Looks fun. I'm sure it way harder than it looks too! Go Godmother of Drumming!!

  • C. R.
    C. R. Hace un mes

    Incredible recommendation and even better message by this drumming grammy!
    She is just as precious as they come and she kicks a killer beat!
    Keep those sticks rolling Mrs. Taylor!

  • Mike Peel
    Mike Peel Hace 29 días

    Simply fantastic, great job never give up your is an amazing expression of one's self..i love it

  • joj375
    joj375 Hace 2 años +2324

    I'm a grandma and a bass player. I'll keep on rocking till the end.

    • Nick Borrego
      Nick Borrego Hace 2 años


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