Beginner Drum Lesson

  • Publicado el 10 jun 2008
  • This video will teach you how to play drums for the very first time. 😎
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Comentarios • 560

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día

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  • daithiodd
    daithiodd Hace 13 años +1

    thats a great video. i'm a teacher by profession and this was excellent. well explained and well paced. nine or ninety its immaterial every one has to start some where and like the man said this is where you start. great stuff

  • nyakshadow
    nyakshadow Hace 12 años

    I just lend my first drum from a friend to try it out...
    thx for the lesson, i will keep on watching your further lessons because its really made easy to understand!
    Great job!

  • auq21
    auq21 Hace 11 años

    I like this drum lesson video. It's very easy to follow and the guy teaching it is great. Finally something i can follow and learn from. I have had my drumset for about 3 months and felt beaten by it because it wasn't near as easy as i thought it would be but this lesson helps a lot.

  • ConnecticutsBest
    ConnecticutsBest Hace 13 años

    Sweet thanks dude. I had my first drumming lesson last week and I did this. Im finding it hard to do 2 and 4, i cant do 2-3 things at a time.

  • droperosthia
    droperosthia Hace 12 años

    very nice!! thanks dude! i really wana learn to play the drums but cannot afford the lessons and your vids are very helpful!! 5/5

  • Jim Benson
    Jim Benson Hace 8 años

    This is a good refresher for those of us who forgot the simple theory and now give lessons. A seasoned pro who plays off his/her own years of experience doesn't think about time signatures after a while, they just use their own feel. Those that chose the route of reading/writing such as orchestral or pit drummers still use it for a composer who knows his percussion and wrote it that way, the rest of us just listen for a minute, look up and say "ok lets do it, I got it" None the less I want my students to know theory as well as everything else that goes into fabulous play such as feel, (which I really feel is something of a natural talent) rudiments, speed and above all comfort. I also noticed people with two left feet and can't dance don't tend to be very good drummers, its just an observation and I could be wrong. But this is a great video for the beginner and is about the same way I will teach. Seasoned drummers put their time in with weak and lazy right or left hands, countless hours like me doing 1/4 then 1/8 then 1/16 notes with the lazy wrist in my case my left but for any novice thinking equal stick control and right left alternation isn't important you may as well limit yourself right now to one or two genres, trust me, you need this video and you need hundreds of hours of practice. Oh and by the way, forget fame, the best your gonna get is "yea, he'ok" compared to someone who does the work where people will say "yea, that guy/gal is incredible!" You choose and all my best. Jim

  • bleebloe
    bleebloe Hace 9 años +1

    Hi! To anyone who can help me. I'm sort of in the process of learning drums, so I have a couple questions for the expert. (if it's cool)
    1) If I'm on the ride, and I have to hit a crash, should I pause from the ride for that crash, or should I simultaneously hit the ride while I hit the crash. (what do you normally do?)
    2) And, for recording. Do you usually have the ride more to left or more to the right? As well, with the crash, more to the left or right?
    Much appreciated!

  • Anthony Casello
    Anthony Casello Hace 12 años

    I learned this beat on my first lessson
    I had never played the drums before and i just got on the set and rocked it.
    I also learned another beat that was:
    1:bass/hi-hat 2:bass/hi-hat 3:snare/hi-hat 4: hi-hat
    and now with my drum teacher,im at my 5th leason,and he says im doing what other people are doing by there 10th lesson. Oh and the set he has me play on is one in two sets ever made,it's one made from brazilian wood,it's pretty sick

    GRAHAMICAL Hace 10 años

    I am a Drum teacher, and this just helped me what to teach new students, thank you :) .

  • Samir Dash
    Samir Dash Hace 7 años +1

    Thank You so much. Cool lessons to start for. I must suggest one thing, as this lesson is for complete beginners so there should be all the technical terms of drums, how to hold the drumstick, body gesture and all.

  • Daisy Bell
    Daisy Bell Hace 14 años

    Yes, when I first started that's how I was taught too. Ya know, you've got to coordinate all your four limbs together... Problem is, the focus is not on technique, but rather just getting the note, whatever way possible, at the right time. So, unless you're just very lucky, and/or happen to be a great athlete, if you want to do some stuff more involved, you're just going to have to un-learn all your bad technique... You develop bad habits in trying to get the right note at the right time ASAP.

  • Mike Michalkow
    Mike Michalkow Hace 13 años

    I'm happy that most of you enjoy this basic beginner video. We ALL have to start somewhere. Don't worry about the negative comments, they'll always be there! Practice hard, develop your sound and remember to have fun!

  • ms kat
    ms kat Hace 13 años

    Thank you for this tutorial. I don't have the lessons for drum lessons and I don't even have a drum set but I've been practising this on my desk :)

  • lee marlowe
    lee marlowe Hace 12 años

    Dude your never too old to start playing the drums. I took lessons for a school year when I was your age, but dropped out. I just started back and I am 44!
    It seems to be coming to me easier now than when I was younger. I am self taught, but use these free lessons regularly as guidance. They are definitely helpful.
    good Luck

  • Shawn S
    Shawn S Hace 7 años +1

    Thank you. This really helped me build patterns in FL Studio.

  • Daisy Bell
    Daisy Bell Hace 14 años

    Yes, I suppose much depends on the particular style(s) of play. My style of play is not particularly common. I usually have numerous disagreements with most of the drumming community about how to approach mastering the coordination. I've tried their more traditional approach, and it doesn't work for me. It'll probably work fine for you, and most people, however. Could write a book here, but ESclips only allows 500 characters. No offense intended.

  • notjustanerdtrailers
    notjustanerdtrailers Hace 12 años

    Thank u SO MUCH for this video! My parents don't allow me to take drum lessons, so this was TONS of help... 1 problem though. I don't have a base drum. Mine's a 3 piece drum + 1 high-heart. What do I do? :(

  • Ronnie Anderson
    Ronnie Anderson Hace 9 años

    He somehow manages to make the most simple of beats seem very complicated

  • EuroElite Tv
    EuroElite Tv Hace 13 años

    thank u for ur lessons! it helps me.. and a lot of other people!

  • tweekskratch
    tweekskratch Hace 13 años

    Actually getting really good at these basics can take you a long way. A lot of people are close to being on, but end up sounding sloppy.

  • The Bard's Lair
    The Bard's Lair Hace 12 años

    oh man thank you. im not good at drumming, only cuz i havent drummed in years, and this vid really helped me out.

  • TeK
    TeK Hace 13 años

    i just started last week to play drum and the first lesson was "how to sit infront of a drum" like how to balance the body on the sit and the difference between the grips and of course how to get a hit in the right way! it was rly usefull without that i would never get the right position and i will just go berserk on that poor kit xD 2 days to the next lesson i hope it would be more funny u.u but the basic are the most important thing in everything :D
    btw this is an useful lesson ;)

  • Under His Eye
    Under His Eye Hace 14 años

    i thought about the same thing.. and i think it would probably a good way to get into the basics of drumming (especially using bass)

  • Gr8pezGaming
    Gr8pezGaming Hace 13 años

    great lesson!
    im currently trying to learn and this was a great intro vid.
    i have a question're moving your left foot up and down it seems during the end of the video....what exactly does that do to the high hat?

  • tortuga503
    tortuga503 Hace 11 años

    wow amazing this has been of a lot of help you are the best thank u for sharing this
    and God bless u

  • tortuga503
    tortuga503 Hace 11 años

    wow amazing this has been of a lot of help you are the best thank u for sharing this
    and God bless u

  • QuietSon82
    QuietSon82 Hace 13 años

    A friend of mine was just showing me how to get that basic rhythm down on an iphone app. the other night. Only problem was instead of a foot pedal, i had to substitute by hitting the button. Now i really want to get a drum set and start jamming out, Definitely a lot of fun. thanks for the vids

  • VindtUMijTeLang
    VindtUMijTeLang Hace 9 años

    This is where I started two years ago. I'm in a band now and drumming has taken over all of my spare time... Which I like!

  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones Hace 13 años

    My 9 year old daughter asked for drums for Christmas. I gave in and got them for her. Real ones, not the kiddy ones they sell in toy stores. Turns out there is not a teacher for 150 miles, so I am really grateful for the easy lessons. She is surprisingly quick on the uptake and you are very easy to follow. Thank you.

  • sou wong
    sou wong Hace 10 años

    This is the most helpful drum lesson uploaded by this channel :)

  • Ariana Atwood
    Ariana Atwood Hace 11 años

    Thanks! I'm a beginner in drums..I some how got into band at school. And I was chosen for percussion and I had no Idea how to play treble or bass on drums. Thanks! :D

  • Alex Ribchester
    Alex Ribchester Hace 9 años

    Cool lesson. ESclips is the place to be for learning to play instruments such as the drums these days. :)

  • Lyserg Zeroz
    Lyserg Zeroz Hace 11 años

    @matimaui Maybe if it was just the Snare the Hi-hat and the Bass it would be conmfortable. But in a more complete drum set the Hi-hat would stand in the way of changing from snare to toms and it would be simply ackward. If you refer to the far right (near the floor tom), then I think that would be either too far for some people, Hh also has a pedal, that would mean using left foot for bass and it could make for a very ackward position. You can arrange it like you were left-handed thou :P.

  • ecwrulesbad100
    ecwrulesbad100 Hace 13 años

    I'm learning with an invisble drum set lol! If I'm gonna have one, I'm surely gonna need this channel!

  • Peteral
    Peteral Hace 13 años

    Thanks for the help.
    This Video helped me a lot :D
    Thank You for doing this.

  • mitchem890
    mitchem890 Hace 11 años

    Quick question for anyone thats been playing drums for a while. ive been playing for two years and im pretty good. but i feel like ive hit a wall i havent been able to make any noticeable progress for about two months. i dont like rudiments they just bore me but ive thought about reteaching my self left handed to get better strength with my left hand and left foot. is this a okay idea or will i end up confusing myself?

  • iamherewifbeer
    iamherewifbeer Hace 13 años

    yeah, I started GHWT on Medium and made my way to expert, and surprisingly I can actually play real drums pretty good

  • Proxima Centauri
    Proxima Centauri Hace 9 años

    1) You should pause from the ride if you want to hit it with the same hand, yes.
    Unless you want to hit 2 cymbals at once, of course.
    2) Most of the time, people record their ride in the middle or the right side.

  • thomas
    thomas Hace 13 años

    I agree, x+ on gh metallica is pretty hard on some songs, like dyers eve, and I cannot pass it with 1 pedal only i think

  • Simon Larsén
    Simon Larsén Hace 14 años

    No, you can play open-handed (hands dont cross). There are always ways to adjust and there are hardly any wrong ways to play the drums :).

  • kullu ekka
    kullu ekka Hace 9 años

    very nice....helps to learn

  • mistakenidentity09
    mistakenidentity09 Hace 12 años

    Nice! I wanna learn more!!!

  • Schlimm Shady
    Schlimm Shady Hace 12 años

    incredible! You didn't even ask for any annoying subscriptions or offers!!!! GREAT HELP!!!!

  • Fie Lau
    Fie Lau Hace 12 años

    awesome!i wanna learn how to play drums so i've got some idea of wht exactly it is!!

  • sergitocastrog
    sergitocastrog Hace 10 años

    Great for a first class!!! Cool video. Suggestion: It would be even better if you at first teach them how to hold the sticks and sit correctly. Regards!!!

  • guttaparka
    guttaparka Hace 14 años

    If i were you i would chose the drums, its the most amazing instrument(in my opinion). I love to play the drums its so much beats and stuff u can play. ofc you can play much stuff on guitar to but i think drums is more fun. Good luck!

  • George Olden
    George Olden Hace 14 años

    i agree with bestdrumsolos, its not a hard technique to let your stick bounce up but he does it well, also you can see the hi-hat shake when he hits it. also you dont have to hit it with the tip of the stick.

  • A. Pseudonym
    A. Pseudonym Hace 10 años

    This video serves a purpose. Some people don't have drums and just want to check it out first rather than throwing themselves in the deep end and ultimately getting frustrated and thus giving up. This also gets them interested and eager.

  • cowboysguitar
    cowboysguitar Hace 13 años

    very helpful thanks dude

  • MrsStrumich
    MrsStrumich Hace 12 años +1

    OOH!! Im so excited to find these vids!! 41-yr old mommy is tearin it up!! WHEEEE!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • iWearCapeIRL
    iWearCapeIRL Hace 13 años

    Drums is can be extremely annoying in the beggining.
    It feels like you will never get the hang of it, but trust me. Almost everyone feels this way. Just keep it up and practice!

  • Willybuchanan
    Willybuchanan Hace 10 años

    Dude, I've been trying for years to break into the polka gigging world! You're. My. Saviour.

  • Rajan Bharti
    Rajan Bharti Hace 11 años

    great vid. very good teacher.

  • louissera
    louissera Hace 13 años

    i'm planning to start playing the drums soon. i'm excited :D

  • S P.
    S P. Hace 11 años

    thank youuuuu ! you are good teacher :)

  • Gosh Awan
    Gosh Awan Hace 12 años

    AWESOME ..... thanks for showin' it :)

  • Patrick Visser
    Patrick Visser Hace 12 años

    woow thx for the lesson :D
    this lesson we also got at school :-)

  • slorr55
    slorr55 Hace 13 años

    Dame it looks so easy to play drums i wish i have one to see how hard it is

  • ElleB🕸
    ElleB🕸 Hace 10 años

    Thank you so much you're my hero !

  • Jarrovian
    Jarrovian Hace 13 años

    Just what I'm looking for, much appreciate this vid

  • Shlomi Bonner
    Shlomi Bonner Hace 13 años

    Great lesson. Now I just need a drum kit to try it on...

  • DaPinkBublé
    DaPinkBublé Hace 13 años

    this is really great... knowing how to count to 4 is all any one need to learn how to play drums... there is really no wrong way to hold a stick wat ever feels comfortable... not like any one needs someone to tell them to hold an object IDIOTS!!! and the world is full of them

  • Lamontagne
    Lamontagne Hace 12 años

    i just started playing drum and these little video helps alot just to get used to drum. TY

  • joep0412
    joep0412 Hace 11 años

    5:24 for an awesome drum solo

  • ChrisBluesman
    ChrisBluesman Hace 9 años

    Cool, thanks a lot!

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson Hace 9 años

    It will really help me a lot

  • liam13coins
    liam13coins Hace 13 años

    You can tell by the sound of his bass he has a nice set.

  • Figure
    Figure Hace 12 años

    this guy is a great jazz drummer. go to the site and watch his solos

  • Micah Raper-Ostrow
    Micah Raper-Ostrow Hace 13 años

    thx for this vid, i'll remember this when i get a drum kit :)

  • PlaceboTree
    PlaceboTree Hace 13 años

    Ditto man!!! Dude check this out. Okay before I get made fun let me say that this actually works. So I have two office chairs in my rooms and I use the seat of the one chair like a snare, the back of the chair as a high-hat, and I have it cornered near me bed and different parts of it make the tom toms. Seeing as I lost my job and can't afford a kit, I just use what I got, and believe it or not. . . it actually isn't that bad!

  • Angelo Benjamin
    Angelo Benjamin Hace 11 años

    this helped me on my dream to be a drummer

  • waterhot80
    waterhot80 Hace 12 años

    Damn I wish I had a drumkit, this looks fun.

  • jessicat_1998
    jessicat_1998 Hace 10 años

    this realy helped me

  • jessicat_1998
    jessicat_1998 Hace 10 años

    this realy helped me

  • Damnn Jawws
    Damnn Jawws Hace 10 años

    wow ! u play it sooo cooll..thanks .

  • Felipe Torres Barboza
    Felipe Torres Barboza Hace 13 años

    some people learn fast,some takes kinda just depends on the person

  • thomas
    thomas Hace 13 años

    Rock band is harder (drum wise) than guitar hero. it's also better. And it does HELP you play real drums (guitar hero does aswell) but neither makes you a pro instantly, it's still kind of different.

  • gstbrown
    gstbrown Hace 10 años

    Hey - I'm a guitar player that just got a drom set... I thought this was awesome!!

  • Frank Wells
    Frank Wells Hace 9 años

    I'm just starting at Church, this is great!

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas Hace 13 años

    Ahah I'm sorta doing that actually. I'm using chop sticks though and kinda using the front of a shoe for my foot. =] Here's hoping that this somehow does help me out when I do get a drum set someday.

  • Psyonik
    Psyonik Hace 12 años

    How on EARTH do you keep your foot controlled? I absolutely fail at keeping my foot still for the 2|4 counts

  • Kathrine Manners
    Kathrine Manners Hace 3 años

    Yayyy if I never knew it in practice I finally know it in theory awwesome brother

  • PlaceboTree
    PlaceboTree Hace 13 años

    Heck yeah, I'm so glad I'm not the only poor aspiring drummer has has to come up with creative mediums to play with. Let me know how the chair thing works out for you. I'm totally convinced that my chair is a snare and high hat!

  • tonemeister3
    tonemeister3 Hace 13 años

    thanks for the free lesson. i'm a guitarist and currently just programming the drum machine on br-600.. i want an electronic kit now too he! he!

  • Danny Barnes
    Danny Barnes Hace 9 años

    Informative for the beginner

  • oXxXTemariXxXo
    oXxXTemariXxXo Hace 13 años

    thank you so much i just got my new drum kit literally today and i am so confused lol i know how to play i just dont have any rhythem ! i play rockband too much apparently lol ;D thank you though!

  • Hank Shirley
    Hank Shirley Hace 13 años

    i really don't see anything wrong with how his technique on the bass drum pedal. it's inline with a natural foot position while sitting and using a Moeller-type stroke by dropping the heel and snapping the toes down...

  • Sargassogirl
    Sargassogirl Hace 10 años

    Awesome video! now all I need is a drumset........(was practicing with pencils on the table and tapping foot on the floor lol)

  • Rob Atkins
    Rob Atkins Hace 10 años

    very good thanks

  • wayofthegerbil
    wayofthegerbil Hace 13 años

    i'm just starting to learn drums but i'm using the ones at school , can anyone recomend a drum kit to get as a first set or should i just get what ever?

  • Cristina Haner
    Cristina Haner Hace 11 años

    cool ^^ ,it`s so easy =)

  • Boyd Bradbury II
    Boyd Bradbury II Hace 13 años

    nice lesson

  • Dr. Sudsy
    Dr. Sudsy Hace 13 años

    yeah !, I've made it to three a couple times but im not giving up !!!!

  • Terry Chen
    Terry Chen Hace 14 años

    Ummm, not sure, but there is one reason, for the pedals on the drums, it's easier to play with lighter and softer shoes, if the shoes is too heavey, it's harder to control, softer will be easier to play, so I think yes.

  • OG Sam
    OG Sam Hace 10 años

    jesus, i want to play metalcore, i think there's a long way to go for me

  • ms kat
    ms kat Hace 13 años

    OMG I have been too! lol....just not using chairs but yeah same deal, anything lying around. I like your chair idea! I'm so giving that a try. Who cares if we don't have drum, we can still be drummers right now! :)

  • Laura Hoch
    Laura Hoch Hace 9 años

    Very nice =)

  • yılmaz yücel
    yılmaz yücel Hace 13 años

    allah razı olsun sizden free drum lessons

  • schwalbstar
    schwalbstar Hace 10 años

    bought an Edrum kit and that is perfect to start . thanks :)