30-Day Drummer (NEW!)

  • Publicado el 14 ago 2022
  • Learn the drums in 30 days with daily guided workouts:
    ► drumeo.com/30daydrummer/
    If you’ve always wanted to learn the drums, this is it.
    30-Day Drummer is the first-ever Drumeo course where you’ll learn the drums by PLAYING the drums - every day for thirty days. You’ll follow daily guided workouts with your teacher, Domino Santantonio, PLUS get a weekly live session to ask your drumming questions.
    The course ONLY runs September 5 - October 5.
    And as one of the first-ever students, you’ll get a FREE P4 Practice Pad + Drumsticks to make sure you have everything you need to get started.
    Whether you’re starting for the first time OR already play the drums and want to push yourself to practice more consistently, we hope you’ll check this out! Learn more about the course and sign up here: drumeo.com/30daydrummer/
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Comentarios • 101

  • Derek xPaPaDx Frampton
    Derek xPaPaDx Frampton Hace un mes +5

    I'll hit my 40th year of playing drums in 2023. This course is gonna be awesome! Good luck to all of you! You got this!

  • Alejandro Sifuentes
    Alejandro Sifuentes Hace un mes +6

    This is awesome! 🔥

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Cheers Alejandro!

  • Carla B
    Carla B Hace un mes +18

    I see what are you are doing there, and think it sounds like a great idea! I've been trying to learn by myself and sometimes I spend weeks without touching my drumset :( working on a 10 minute routine and creating a habit that will stick could be a good kickstarter.
    It sort of reminds me of something Terry Crews suggested to help going more often to the gym: just go there everyday, even if you're not exercising. Eventually you'll start exercising...

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +3

      Wow, you nailed it, Carla! Thanks for leaving this comment.

  • Johnny Davidson
    Johnny Davidson Hace un mes

    Drumeo is always exploring new ways to make learning the drums FUN! Domino is the perfect instructor, she just seems like a BLAST! Best wishes...

  • Uncle Taco
    Uncle Taco Hace un mes +1

    I’m going to sign up and even if all I get is a ten minute daily practice commitment from myself that will bring improvement. Actually looking forward to a practice pad to use when the kids are asleep too.

  • Argenis Javier
    Argenis Javier Hace un mes +1

    Can't wait❤️ I been wanting to learn to play the drums for years and haven't put myself into it, but I'll definitely do my best with this course now as I will also have plenty of time!

    • Argenis Javier
      Argenis Javier Hace un mes

      @Drumeo will do! 🥁🔥

      CRESTADUDE Hace un mes

      Woof, woodshed , a nice dry quiet place for dirty sex oh yeah.

      CRESTADUDE Hace un mes

      Domino should make them put 50 quid each in a pot and the best player voted by the class and domino gets the choice of a 2 hour fuck with this gorgeous woman.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +1

      That's awesome! Keep us posted on your progress through the course.

  • Wibbly Wobbly Time Warp
    Wibbly Wobbly Time Warp Hace un mes +1

    Omg this sounds amazing!!definitely going to enrol for the course as my motivation has gone completely down hill but I still have the passion to be the best drummer I can be 💪😎

  • Joseph Milillo
    Joseph Milillo Hace un mes +1

    It took me a while to actually become a good drummer. It’s not an easy instrument. So if there are any beginners here, remember that it’s normal to suck when you first start out 😀

      OCEAN ANGEL Hace 28 días

      COOL 😎, Thanks for the advice. I too am a Beginner drummer

  • Jessi Ann
    Jessi Ann Hace un mes +1

    This is neat and thanks for doing this for people.

  • Morgane Gautier
    Morgane Gautier Hace un mes +2

    I love seeing Brandon Scott pretending to be a newbie 🤣
    And To Domino « je te souhaite le maximum de succès avec cette méthode »

  • Swivelken248 Chan
    Swivelken248 Chan Hace un mes

    That is awesome and efficient. Normally back then it will take over a month to learn how to really play drums learning the old ways like really learning the theory like learning what a paradiddle or a drag is to having to go through learning the technique and be using it even though it’s good to learn technique for the flow. I am one of these drummers who learned the old way back then due to no ESclips being a thing back then. What you guys do is going to be much more efficient and I like it. Someday, they might learn drums much faster than me in just one month of drum course. I hope this interests a lot of beginners to really get right into drum and most importantly, have fun. If they are not having fun, they’re doing it wrong.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Totally. And don't get us wrong... learning rudiments & technique is very important. The focus of this course is playing music right away. If you fall in love with the process and want to go deeper with rudiments & technique, amazing. But at the very least, you'll be able to play along with some of your favorite songs. Thanks for the comment!

  • Lord Zord
    Lord Zord Hace un mes +1

    Pls correct me,I'm a Hobby drummer,not more. But in 30 days you could learn the base rhythm, with which you can play a lot of Songs.
    Perhaps some easy fill ins.
    But i think ,really Drumming you can't learn in 30 days,only the Beginning.
    If i think wrong,Im sry

  • Kevin Sekeres
    Kevin Sekeres Hace un mes

    I tried to enroll but received a "30 day drummer is out of stock" message. Does this mean you've reached maximum class capacity or a server glitch and try again later? Thanks!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Sorry about that. We fixed this in the last hour. Try again and if you still have trouble we'll manually process it -- just email us at support@drumeo.com. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • PK YT
    PK YT Hace 13 días

    What if we already can play but want to improve like start fresh

  • Laurent P
    Laurent P Hace un mes +1

    Hurry to start !

  • rocklobster
    rocklobster Hace un mes +4

    I want to join but I'll be on vacation the last 2 weeks of September. Can I watch the lesson videos at a later time after I return? And can I start the 30-day Drumeo access at a later date, say, in October?

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +2

      Hey! You'll have lifetime access to the Course, so you can catch up on the last two weeks of workouts once you're back :).

  • Generale Led
    Generale Led Hace un mes +16

    In 30 days one may learn how not to drop the sticks :)

  • Rene Gado
    Rene Gado Hace un mes +1

    Will this work for my 7 y/o?

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +2

      To be honest... we're not really sure. The course wasn't specifically designed for kids, but it could be a really fun way for them to get started with drumming. Because it's so new, all I can suggest is giving it a try and contacting us for the money-back guarantee if it doesn't work out for your child. I hope that helps!

    • Rene Gado
      Rene Gado Hace un mes

      @halbGefressen I hope so 🤞

    • halbGefressen
      halbGefressen Hace un mes +1

      probably better since kids learn faster

    • Jim Cheseborough
      Jim Cheseborough Hace un mes +1


  • John
    John Hace un mes +1

    HIII... The steel droom b case luggage Ghostbusters Trap plastic softyish Dishes on Sticks and Spinit!!! ? Ugh, Even the Pads R Heavy! I love this!

  • João Parracho
    João Parracho Hace un mes +2

    this reminds me of forex gurus...

  • danny powers
    danny powers Hace un mes +1

    What if you're already a member of drumeo?..do you still have to pay.??

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +3

      Free for existing members, just have to register.

    • Issy L. Phoenix
      Issy L. Phoenix Hace un mes +1

      No, it is included, you just have to register

  • Irish Stoner
    Irish Stoner Hace un mes +2

    as a new drunmer this sounds amazing... until you reach the price pay it realize 99.9% of it all can be found free on ESclips...... Drumeo is amazing in of itself the play alongs drumless tracks and hundred of courses designed around various genres etc the guest teachers are second to none Dave and Jared are amazing... However With the Comminist Socialist in Ottawa Killing Inflation and Shooting costs up across the board economically its cheaper to learn like they did in the 50s 60z 70z find a gigging drummer ask questions

    • Mr Vonwalt
      Mr Vonwalt Hace un mes +1

      Yeah mate I'd be more willing to take your opinion if you knew how to spell drummer

    • buzzfunk
      buzzfunk Hace un mes +9

      Yeah bud, don’t forget to lose the tin foil when you practice. Clown.

  • Asperge Blanche
    Asperge Blanche Hace un mes +1

    en Français c'était bien :)

  • Coded Fotography
    Coded Fotography Hace un mes +2

    Ayyy dom💙

  • Enby In Black🖤🩸
    Enby In Black🖤🩸 Hace un mes

    D❤️min❤️ Santant❤️ni❤️

  • bicylindrico
    bicylindrico Hace un mes +4

    Is an inexpensive 5 piece set a good set to get started?

    • Avetorro
      Avetorro Hace un mes +1

      I started 45 years ago on a wardrobe with home made sticks. Drums only produce the sound, it’s your hands that make you a drummer and you can play on anything really...except pillows

    • bicylindrico
      bicylindrico Hace un mes

      Thank you all!

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +1


    • Solomon Dawn
      Solomon Dawn Hace un mes +2

      More than good.

    • lvs krn
      lvs krn Hace un mes +2

      Yes sir, go for it

  • Avetorro
    Avetorro Hace un mes +3

    Next generation of awful drummers imminent then. You’d need to spend at least 6 months on rudiments before you can even call yourself a drummer. Thank god I learned to play in the mid seventies before social media made it so easy to “master “ an instrument XD

    • Avetorro
      Avetorro Hace un mes

      @Nat Tauer have you ever taught drums or see the problems encountered by beginners? This might be fine for those who already have mustered some basic ability to play, but for absolute beginners? I remember a friend of mine buying a Dave weckl video in the 80s to learn drums. He brought it to me for some assistance with it. I watched the video and told him this is not a ‘how to play’ this is a ‘watch me play’ video. He learned absolutely nothing from it and almost gave up without me helping him on a one to one basis. That’s what beginners really need, not videos.

    • Avetorro
      Avetorro Hace un mes +1

      @Paul Stephan, Texas Realtor® - Keller Williams Premier do i what?

    • Avetorro
      Avetorro Hace un mes

      @Stella! if I’d just spent several hundred pounds on a kit this is not the type of tutorial I’d be interested in. Seems to me like someone trying to jump on the learner bandwagon. I’ve taught drums way back in the 80s. This is no way to start. One on one with a teacher is so important to nip bad habits and techniques in the bud. That’s why they give up.

    • Stella!
      Stella! Hace un mes +1

      Yes, I agree that spending time on Rudiments are extremely important and I think that a lot of new drummers are neglecting those types of fundamentals.
      But from what I can see is that she is making the course for super new Beginners to get started in a simple and encouraging way. The course isn't to master drums or to even get solid at it, it's for beginners to get a fun kickstart before they get into actual fundamentals.

    • Nat Tauer
      Nat Tauer Hace un mes +1

      I think the goal is to encourage ppl to begin with because so many quit early- 10 mins a day feels manageable

  • Paolo V
    Paolo V Hace un mes +1

    How do I get started?

    • Brandon Toews
      Brandon Toews Hace un mes +1

      You can sign up here! www.drumeo.com/30daydrummer/

    SANG WONG Hace un mes +1


  • Cestus Fr
    Cestus Fr Hace un mes

    LMFAO i thought it was a Kize Bae, i learning .... in 30 days video. ^___^;

  • David Balan
    David Balan Hace un mes +1

    After that's I will going to musical classes learning's centre and going to Institution motorcycle and car driving license and also taking a computer programming short courses words , typing master , Microsoft office , Excel and PowerPoints . Before I waiting for my SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA ( 2009) on 17 March 2010 . When my results SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA ( 2009) coming soon on 17 March 2010 with excellent results 8B+ , Super Credit's in Malay Language's , Bahasa Inggeris , Moral Knowledge , History and Mathematics and all subjects Credit's principal accountant , Economic and Additional Science I'm very proud of it's . I will buying a laptop's and printers and also Mobile phone's with doing a password and E - MAILED . I will applied for a Scholarship's higher technical education Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak's City's and College ICATS PPKS Diplomma BTEC Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Semester 1 until Semester 8 with minimum CGPA ; 3.89 after I convocation and graduated . I will applied for a Job's Oils and Gas Industry at Miri Sarawak & BINTULU Sarawak's City's at 2014 & 2015 .

  • Jessi Ann
    Jessi Ann Hace un mes +1


  • DeepestPurple78
    DeepestPurple78 Hace un mes +6

    Already registered...
    can't wait!
    10 minutes a day can turn into 20,
    20 minutes a day can turn into a half hour,
    a half hour can turn into a half hour twice a day and so on and so forth.
    How does one get to Carnegie Hall?
    Keep Rockin'

  • Charles Apana
    Charles Apana Hace un mes


  • Junior Bazú
    Junior Bazú Hace un mes +2

    Woaaaaa 🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hace un mes +5

    I learned on pots and pans and desks.

  • Sam Drumz
    Sam Drumz Hace un mes +2

    YES! It's Brandon!! Woo

  • The Incredible Fella
    The Incredible Fella Hace un mes

    Holy shit. I was actually excited because I thought this might be an actual course on ESclips that is free for all to enjoy rather than locking it behind a ridiculous paywall. What a fucking disappointment. I'll stay self-taught, thanks.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      Drumeo releases lots of free content for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, not everything can be free as that would be the end of Drumeo.

  • War Ghost squad
    War Ghost squad Hace un mes +4

    I don't need a practice pad I got my kit

    • Stella!
      Stella! Hace un mes +2

      Practice pads are extremely important for practicing rudiments, and exercises and other fundamental things that are played on one drum/surface. Every drummer should use a practice pad in my opinion. It helped me as a drummer a ton

    • FlashJ S.
      FlashJ S. Hace un mes +5

      no one asked

    • Leeds Drum Academy
      Leeds Drum Academy Hace un mes +1

      Those are two different tools.

  • Mary Esposito
    Mary Esposito Hace un mes +2

    I don't have drums. 😔

    • Arushi Dalia
      Arushi Dalia Hace un mes

      @Drumeo Done! So excited for this.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes

      @Arushi Dalia Yes! Definitely. The free practice pad + sticks is only available within the first week of launch though (ending August 21st). So if you're still available, click the link to check it out. Hopefully, we'll see you in the course! www.Drumeo.com/30-Day-Drummer/

    • Arushi Dalia
      Arushi Dalia Hace un mes

      @Drumeo Hello, excited for this but Im from India, can you deliver a practice pad and sticks to India as well if I register now?

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +8

      You'll get a free practice pad & drumsticks if you join in the first week. The course is designed so you can learn full beats on just a practice pad & sticks, too. Check it out if ya like: www.Drumeo.com/30-day-drummer

  • Ashlord
    Ashlord Hace un mes

    Brandon Scott!

  • Warwick Clark
    Warwick Clark Hace un mes

    oh no! link dead!

  • BtimeC
    BtimeC Hace un mes

    Great idea!!

  • Dad Viper
    Dad Viper Hace un mes

    brandon omg

  • boychan maibam
    boychan maibam Hace un mes

    How many Indian rupee?

  • xdz80
    xdz80 Hace un mes +14

    Drumeo hit a new low, learning to play an instrument in 30 * 10 minutes? Which is 5 hours. Promising this is practically fraud.

    • xdz80
      xdz80 Hace un mes +2

      @HumblePie Fork guess you didn't read the description of the video did you lol

    • xdz80
      xdz80 Hace un mes +2

      @Drumeo the description says "learn to play drums in 30 days" and like the first sentence in the video is that it requires only 10 minutes per day. This longer version you posted here to explain yourself isnt posted anywhere.

    • João Parracho
      João Parracho Hace un mes


    • Scott Fautley
      Scott Fautley Hace un mes +1

      So dramatic....They are literally offering a money back guarantee... how many people are only going to play for that 10 minutes? They'll catch the bug.

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +18

      The focus is quarter + 8th note grooves and practicing consistently. These aren't that difficult in theory but take consistent practice. Many people are intimidated to even pick up an instrument because they think they'll need hours per day. So the goal is to help people build a habit of playing the drums and learning enough skills to play the same beats featured in hundreds of songs. (Plus, the money-back guarantee shoots significant holes in your fraud comment 🤔). We're just trying to help more people start & stay playing the drums. Hopefully, this new course helps that cause.

  • Samson Ayoola
    Samson Ayoola Hace un mes

    You bad ✌️✌️