Benny Greb - Grebfruit (Drumeo)

  • Publicado el 21 ene 2016
  • We’ve got a special treat for you today! Here is Benny Greb’s full performance of “Grebfruit” - a song written by Benny himself! And all of those voices you hear? Yep - that’s Benny.
    Did you know that we’ll be hosting TWO Benny Greb Mastersessions at Drumeo this May? We are super thrilled to have the honour of hosting one of the greatest drum camps at our state-of-the-art learning facility designed for studying drums. It really doesn’t get much better than this!
    There’s a ton of details to go over, so head here to view the full event details and reserve your own spot! We can’t wait to see you in the spring. The spots are filling quickly!
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día

    Want to learn more from legendary drummers? Enjoy your free 7-day trial to Drumeo here ►

  • Drum Beats Online
    Drum Beats Online Hace 6 años +504

    The master at work. Love it!

    • Lawson Brysen
      Lawson Brysen Hace un año

      @Lucca Mathias You are welcome =)

    • Lucca Mathias
      Lucca Mathias Hace un año

      @Lawson Brysen It worked and I finally got access to my account again. I am so happy:D
      Thanks so much, you really help me out !

    • Lucca Mathias
      Lucca Mathias Hace un año

      @Lawson Brysen Thanks so much for your reply. I got to the site through google and Im trying it out atm.
      I see it takes quite some time so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

    • Lawson Brysen
      Lawson Brysen Hace un año

      @Lucca Mathias Instablaster =)

    • Lucca Mathias
      Lucca Mathias Hace un año

      i dont mean to be offtopic but does any of you know of a tool to get back into an instagram account..?
      I was stupid forgot my account password. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer me

  • Alex Williamson
    Alex Williamson Hace 6 años +679

    The fact that he is as accurate, dynamic, stylish, and all around technically proficient as he is is really what gets me. Most drummers only have a couple of those. It's like no matter what limb or limbs you start paying attention to when he plays, it's playing something interesting. This dude's left foot is a better drummer than I am

    • Ricky Ravina
      Ricky Ravina Hace 5 meses


    • german80
      german80 Hace un año

      @Ben HAHAHA

    • Marcus Lindström
      Marcus Lindström Hace un año +1

      I rember when I first heard of him. I read Modern Drummer in the fall of 2008. I looked for him on youtube and my life have never been the same! He is my favorite drummer of all time!👍🙂

    • Johannes Hamm
      Johannes Hamm Hace 2 años

      Check out Tony Williams.

    • Roni Effendi
      Roni Effendi Hace 2 años

      240 yes

  • Isaac Hughes
    Isaac Hughes Hace 5 años +408

    Now we know what Benny Greb hears in his head when he plays drums.

    • Hendra Tangkilisan
      Hendra Tangkilisan Hace un año

      chid chid chid chid

    • CryptoDrummer1987
      CryptoDrummer1987 Hace un año +7

      I went to a clinic of his years ago. The local music store held one for free. He would literally leave voice messages on his phone with tunes that we would sing.

    • FelipezCru
      FelipezCru Hace un año +3

      @Tem Praise The fact that the voices are benny greb actually makes this coment so funny jasjdjasdj

    • ԐԀɪ DԆŮМS
      ԐԀɪ DԆŮМS Hace 2 años +3

      Fruity loops?

    • Muhamad Robby
      Muhamad Robby Hace 2 años +15

      @Tem Praise tututuruturuu

  • Timoteo Lucario Jr.
    Timoteo Lucario Jr. Hace 6 años +587

    Is it even legal to have so much groove in such a small amount of time?

  • WillyGarciaDrums
    WillyGarciaDrums Hace 6 años +64

    My favorite moment was between 2:52-2:56 when Benny realizes he wasn't as clean as he usually is and he laughs, letting us all know he is indeed human, and not a cybernetic groove machine from the future.

  • onth3hous3
    onth3hous3 Hace 6 años +757

    2 people grooved so hard they accidentally hit the dislike button EDIT: holy smokes! 4 years later and now 243 dislikes??? Stop grooving so hard!!!

    • kturn5953
      kturn5953 Hace un mes

      He ended up grooving so hard, he removed the dislike count on all of ESclips! 🤩

    • Diego's Drums & Videos
      Diego's Drums & Videos Hace un año

      @TheNaishproductions Hahaha! Btw 300 now :0

    • Diego's Drums & Videos
      Diego's Drums & Videos Hace un año

      296 now! D:

    • Sonya Whitacre
      Sonya Whitacre Hace un año

      294 now :(

    • Bloomhh
      Bloomhh Hace 2 años

      Why do so many people care about people disliking a video. No popular video will have 0 dislikes.

  • NickyMoon Custom Cymbals
    NickyMoon Custom Cymbals Hace 6 años +230

    Even he looks amazed by some of the shit he's playing. Awesome 👏🏻

    • Christopher Mundahl
      Christopher Mundahl Hace 3 años

      No doubt

    • jimpesh
      jimpesh Hace 4 años +9

      That's when you know you've got a good one. Not looking to impress, just sheer joy in doing and finding new things.

  • Zach Hale
    Zach Hale Hace 6 años +94

    that crossover pattern he played between the floor tom and snare was so smooth, damn

    • sadsongco
      sadsongco Hace 3 años +1

      The excellent Austin Burcham explains the concept here:ídeo.html (and yes it is awesome)

    • Zain Terrell
      Zain Terrell Hace 6 años

      yeah i loved that

  • Alex Ivanov (drummer)
    Alex Ivanov (drummer) Hace 5 años +101

    the smug look at 4:28 after the solo and the intense fill coming back on the downbeat of one and into the funk groove. God that must feel awesome to do be able to play like that.

    • Pj Couture
      Pj Couture Hace 11 meses

      We ALL can, how bad do you want to play like this!?

    • Michael S
      Michael S Hace un año +1

      Even better is Jared's face at 4:03. Totally awestruck!

    • Joe Santa Maria
      Joe Santa Maria Hace 3 años +4

      Alex Ivanov (drummer) not smug, joy!

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris Hace 6 años +25

    Never get tired of this Benny has soooo much groove!!!

  • Z S
    Z S Hace 6 años +204

    Definitely a Benny Greb fan now.

  • Pat Walsh
    Pat Walsh Hace 4 años +17

    That stacked cymbal sounds so fresh!

  • Gary Clark
    Gary Clark Hace 6 años +2

    This is crazy good!!!! Benny is a world class, incredible drummer, one of my favorites for sure!

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith Hace 5 años +6

    I don't think its possible to get sick of this groove. It's just so brilliant!

  • Francis Kam
    Francis Kam Hace 5 años +8

    His fills are so damn unpredictable. So amazing

  • bak 138
    bak 138 Hace 4 años

    This has become my favorite jam here lately. Love the tune, vibe, the drums obviously. There's a charming weirdness to it all

  • Natan Af
    Natan Af Hace un año

    Esse cara tem um som incrível! wOw

  • Todd Beeman
    Todd Beeman Hace un año +4

    That groove was so thick and deep, it's still vibrating the Earth's mantle. His dynamics, accuracy, limb control/independence.. it's intoxicating to hear. He's a true master. I can't imagine getting to share a stage with him and feel the energy radiating from his kit.. that'd be one hell of a high!

  • John Bensinger
    John Bensinger Hace 6 años

    Thank you Drumeo. I try to watch one of these videos a day for the past year, and I am really progressing. You guys have taught me soooo much, and I thank you. You're the best ESclips channel out there!

  • john marniez
    john marniez Hace 6 años +1

    i didnt see this guy hit the rims of his not once. even when he was playing at high speeds. such accuracy and groove.

  • Kesley Wend
    Kesley Wend Hace 5 años

    Incrível, virei fã desse cara!

  • Michael Claudio
    Michael Claudio Hace 3 años +4

    Benny is soo amazing!! I've watched his stuff over and over again never get board love that snare drum!!

  • Joshua Cannady
    Joshua Cannady Hace 4 años

    I loved the way this sounded on the vfjams live. The whole entire band killed this.

  • David Seres
    David Seres Hace un año

    It's a joy watching and hearing him play...what a great display of groove ("in the pocket"), creativity, form, and technical skills...

  • Klax0n
    Klax0n Hace 6 años

    Watching this evolve over the years has been awesome. Benny greb is the man.

  • Griff Burbidge
    Griff Burbidge Hace 3 años +1

    such skill and only real drummers can really appreciate how good this is

  • Jarah On Drums
    Jarah On Drums Hace 6 años

    Those cymbals.. man... Lovin' your work, Benny :) and a hello to everyone at Drumeo! :)

  • Orkhan Shirinov
    Orkhan Shirinov Hace 6 años

    Favorite drummer and educator so far. That guy knows what he does. I really would like to have a drum instructor like Benny.

  • E.A.H. Music
    E.A.H. Music Hace 6 años +6

    3:26 That face is priceless. Just shows how you should be playing music. You just gotta have fun! Truly inspirational and groovy! Amazing drumming.

  • Danny Lorenze
    Danny Lorenze Hace 6 años

    That snare sounds incredible.. Great playing btw..

  • tavaresdudu
    tavaresdudu Hace 6 años +4

    YOU CAN'T stop this man! Freaking good!

  • mrbubble906
    mrbubble906 Hace 5 años

    Jared, Love ya brother!! How are you not laughing and smiling your ass off during some of these performances, ESPECIALLY Benny!?!!?! Bless you, and thank you!!

  • Bungane lubambo
    Bungane lubambo Hace 8 meses

    Okay as a drummer I know when someone is fantastic and that was it I love this guy

  • Jerald Cuccurullo
    Jerald Cuccurullo Hace 2 años +2

    I'm loving this cat!! Everything he's playing is very original and not sounding like a vinnie,gadd,or other greatbdrummer clone just being Benny and that's unique and so musical!!!

  • Jordan Heatman
    Jordan Heatman Hace 6 años

    I will never get bored of this guy's drumming... mind-blowing!

  • Z Ross
    Z Ross Hace 4 años

    He's so good at groovin! Sweet playing.

  • Christopher Beckles
    Christopher Beckles Hace 5 años

    Ohhh Benny... that groove. Benny's so smooth... he makes it look so easy. I bet even he enjoyed that. Thanks for the upload.

  • drums&drones
    drums&drones Hace 5 años

    Benny Greb is amazing i just crack up watching him because hes so tasteful with his fills!

  • Zack Zweifel
    Zack Zweifel Hace 2 años

    I'm so glad i had the opportunity to meet Benny Greb... what an inspiration and unbelievable drummer!!

  • Payte
    Payte Hace 6 años

    This is definitely his environment! Loved seeing him in his comfortable context. So goooood!!

  • Wesley Galvão
    Wesley Galvão Hace 4 años

    Não me canso de assistir esse vídeo muito top

  • MrSHIMANO1971
    MrSHIMANO1971 Hace 2 años

    Thanks to Benny Greb you inspire and create and sound my fave instrument off the scale of excellence and beauty

  • beerman2556
    beerman2556 Hace 6 años

    Hands down my favorite drummer. Dude has Da Funk ozzing out of his finger tips. Just love this guy

  • Ink_Metal_Words
    Ink_Metal_Words Hace 6 años +11

    Benny is fantastic! I was wondering if maybe you could get some other amazing artists like JP bouvet? He has very interesting creative concepts and is such an inspiring dude!

  • Agil Fathurrahman
    Agil Fathurrahman Hace 2 años

    I always love this guy, emotional playing but keep with his smooth figure.

  • Pauluz The Web Gnome
    Pauluz The Web Gnome Hace un año +4

    This is Drumming like Shaolin Kung Fu at Master Level! You can feel the hits, but you can't predict!

  • HandiQwack
    HandiQwack Hace 6 años +1

    Annother stellar performance from my favourite drummer, awesome!

  • pannhamu315
    pannhamu315 Hace 5 años +1


  • Emond Jeremie
    Emond Jeremie Hace 5 años +159

    I swear He's the only Sonor Artist that uses their Pedals !

    • Shubham Verma
      Shubham Verma Hace un año

      Phil Rudd uses Sonor pedals!

    • Joel Martin
      Joel Martin Hace un año +2

      @Marko Marković you must be a sonar fanboy bet ur wacking ur pud with nothing better to do then correct my spelling

    • Marko Marković
      Marko Marković Hace un año

      @Joel Martin It's not Sonar, it's Sonor

    • Joel Martin
      Joel Martin Hace un año

      Ima tama fanboy but sonar are prob some of the best

    • Joel Martin
      Joel Martin Hace un año

      I didn’t even know they made petals

  • Adonis David Christou
    Adonis David Christou Hace 4 años +2

    Great work! I love it!!!

  • Stefano BAGGIO
    Stefano BAGGIO Hace 4 años

    He is just amazing 🙏🏻👌

  • Maxwell Ryan Young
    Maxwell Ryan Young Hace 6 años

    He has the best pocket groove and the sickest fills. Truly inspiring!

  • Jocqui Dixon Music Production

    Yall definitely need to do more of these videos of taking some of the songs the artist play during the lesson (intro song/outro/solos) and post them separate. I cant even tell you how many times i've watched the larnell lewis lesson just to watch him play. Dont get me wrong, the lessons are great but somedays i just want to watch and analyze their playing to songs from the lesson

  • GG Drummer
    GG Drummer Hace 6 años +3

    Benny Greb is Amazing. Congrats DRUMEO!!

  • Leandro Gluzmann
    Leandro Gluzmann Hace 2 años

    i love how this man play the drums!

  • D ERC
    D ERC Hace 5 años

    Such a nice groove! Love that stack chymbal. Witch style of music is this?

  • Tony Lupo
    Tony Lupo Hace 6 años

    i love greb's groove!!!!

  • tubeampsrule1
    tubeampsrule1 Hace 5 años +1

    Man, such tasty drumming! The kit sounds delicious! Thanks, Benny!

  • Michael Talley
    Michael Talley Hace 3 años

    AMAZING... his drumming and sound of his kit!

  • Dany Meyer
    Dany Meyer Hace 3 años

    Always great to see him drumming :)

  • randomguestobserving
    randomguestobserving Hace 5 años

    What I love about him is that ease he shows when playing and of course his Gadd-like abillity to produce incredible Grooves (with a smile on his face). There are surely a few more drummers out there who can cope with but often look like being tortured while playing ( well Chris Coleman is another example for this type of lighthearted drummer)...Totally laid back, perfectly relaxed : THAT really blows me away...;)

  • Jerry Nordstrom
    Jerry Nordstrom Hace 2 años +1

    So insanely smooth and precise!

  • Igor Gonçalves
    Igor Gonçalves Hace 2 años +1

    2:19 I love this fill

  • Joshua Mathew
    Joshua Mathew Hace 3 años

    That snare is literally the best thing I've ever heard!!!!!!!

  • Joner Dagang
    Joner Dagang Hace 4 años +1

    excellent hand control, dynamics and time keeping

  • j Davd
    j Davd Hace 4 años

    Es primera vez que lo veo tocar, simplemente BRUTAL.

  • Dustin Seitz
    Dustin Seitz Hace 4 años +1

    you guys have to get Troy Wright behind the kit! such a cool dude and an amazing drummer!!

  • max senitt
    max senitt Hace 3 años

    Such a great musician!

  • SpitfireBALA
    SpitfireBALA Hace 6 años +1

    INCREDIBLE! Absolutely brilliant.

  • Gary Ray Hall
    Gary Ray Hall Hace un año

    Stunning, Benny is a genius👍🏼

  • Gabriel Brasil Madureira

    Genial muito!

  • David GM
    David GM Hace 2 años

    Diosito, ayúdame a conseguir ese nivel de Groove... increíble!

  • ErizotDread
    ErizotDread Hace un año

    I love a master of a craft. I f'ing LOVE great drummers that make it look and sound this easy. Heard about this guy on Bill Burr's podcast with an interview with him. Seems like a really nice, down to earth guy as well.

  • AndyS303
    AndyS303 Hace 6 años

    Simply amazing!

  • Ryan Burchett
    Ryan Burchett Hace un año

    My jaw still drops when I watch this guy play.

  • Scarf3086
    Scarf3086 Hace 6 años

    I spent the whole time just watching the placement of his left stick on the snare. He intentionally move inward sometimes to get a thinner sound out of the drum, and uses more rim shots. Other times he moves to the middle for a more solid sound (like we're used to). To think that he puts that level of attention into his playing is amazing. I'm always learning new things when I watch Greb groovin :D

  • Purveyor of Awesome
    Purveyor of Awesome Hace 5 años

    Damn, that's a bad ass song with some epic drumming!

  • Alexander Neira
    Alexander Neira Hace 3 años

    I wonder how good are the sonor pedals... Benny is so talented that I'm not sure I'll be able to play them correctly!

  • padistedor
    padistedor Hace 6 años

    Absolute perfection in motion.

  • jimpesh
    jimpesh Hace 4 años

    The smile on his face says it all. Dude loves what he does.

  • Bob Loeber
    Bob Loeber Hace 4 años

    Benny Greb is my new fav!! Awesome 👏 👍👍👍

  • Samaël Louwen
    Samaël Louwen Hace 4 años

    I can’t stop watching this video. What a groove!!

  • P3dro C Music
    P3dro C Music Hace 6 años

    Great lesson with a great drummer.
    1 question? Can you bring Carter Beauford to drumeo? That would be awesome. Keep up.

  • Joel Elford
    Joel Elford Hace 6 años

    Thank you for providing the internet with a quality recording of grebfruit. Finally!

  • Fleshcut
    Fleshcut Hace 6 años

    Simply fantastic!

  • Alex Vyriotes
    Alex Vyriotes Hace un año

    That snare sounds incredible

  • Praise and Love
    Praise and Love Hace 4 años

    Beautiful playing bro!

  • Green Bread
    Green Bread Hace 6 años

    Awesome Stuff. This rhythm is great

  • Danilo
    Danilo Hace 5 años +33

    imagine just how much time he spent jamming to this tune at home. damn

    • Ehsbe
      Ehsbe Hace 2 años +2

      jAZZ DuNN yeah it is his music so he’d know all of the phrases and time signature changes so he’s just improvise around that

    • jAZZ DuNN
      jAZZ DuNN Hace 3 años +1

      Thata the crazy part, he doesn't practice man, all that was literally on the spot.

  • Try Harder
    Try Harder Hace 3 años

    Grande coisa! Eu nem queria tocar assim mesmo...

  • Wendell
    Wendell Hace 5 meses

    He does all the voices as well truly a talent

  • M_Bergeron
    M_Bergeron Hace 6 años +50

    Besides the fact that it sounds like Nickelodeon's Doug, awesome drumming!

  • Joshua Ludick
    Joshua Ludick Hace un mes

    The snap on that snare💥

  • Thewestisthebest
    Thewestisthebest Hace 7 meses

    That snare tone has a permanent home in my brain

    RAVING MAD Hace 2 años

    Benny est vraiment l'un des meilleurs.....super vidéo.

  • S S
    S S Hace 3 años

    this guy's drumming makes me smile all da way!

  • Blaze
    Blaze Hace 5 meses

    There should be a legislation passed to prevent anyone from having this much groove. Benny is insane

  • Sgt Tibs
    Sgt Tibs Hace 5 años

    Jared's face when he was going off was just priceless! 😂

  • luke11986
    luke11986 Hace 6 años

    absolutely brilliant!!!