5 Must-Know John Bonham Drum Licks (Drum Lesson)

  • Publicado el 28 mar 2019
  • Led Zeppelin’s legendary drummer, John Bonham, regularly tops ‘best drummer’ lists around the world. Brian Tichy - who once organized a tribute night to honor the 30th anniversary of Bonham’s passing - is the perfect player to cover these five classic licks every drummer should know.
    John Bonham's Grooves (Full Course):
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    1. Crossover Triplets: 0:20
    2. "Fool in the Rain": 1:19
    3. "Good Times Bad Times": 2:26
    4. "Rock and Roll" Intro: 3:41
    5. Bonzo Live Fury: 4:50
    Brian plays:
    Ludwig Drums
    Paiste Cymbals
    Remo Drumheads
    Regal Tip Drumsticks
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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 21 un día +2

    John Bonham's Grooves (Full Course) ►www.drumeo.com/courses/the-grooves-of-bonham/

    THMOTU Hace 3 años +1228

    This guy is great! Only 6 minutes, but so much material was covered and explained perfectly

    • Jim Onorato
      Jim Onorato Hace 3 meses


    • Werner Spitzenberger
      Werner Spitzenberger Hace 2 años +1

      yes, i fully agree, no bullshit, gimmicks, just tecnique straight

    • Jon Becker
      Jon Becker Hace 3 años

      Maren Denison also Run Run Rudolph. When I heard about how it was the intro to those songs I felt so stupid. Of course it starts on the & of 3! I used to teach lessons and as soon as the students could count 8th notes I would tell them the secret to Rock And Roll 😂!

    • Maren Denison
      Maren Denison Hace 3 años +1

      I think he said it’s from Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” but the intro sounds more like it’s from Little Richard’s “Keep a’ Knockin’”

    • Ian Werden
      Ian Werden Hace 3 años +3

      Very cool. The " rock and roll" intro explanation is a mystery solver. 👍

  • Chris Nunnari
    Chris Nunnari Hace 2 años +173

    This is the best instructional video I've ever seen. The beat was explained, played slow then fast, executed perfectly and then moves on to the next. Sounds amazing, nice camera angles and a friendly attitude. Great job, keep it up!

  • J P
    J P Hace un año +46

    *This guy broke everything down amazingly!!! ..and now my 8 yr old daughter is nailing Bonzo's criss crossing the kit!! Thank you very much sir. JP*

    • Keith Camardelle
      Keith Camardelle Hace 4 meses

      Holy crap! I'm a 56 year old drummer and that is not easy!! Maybe your daughter can give me some lessons!🤣 Great that she is inspired by one of the giants! The mighty John Bonham!

  • Polestar
    Polestar Hace 2 años +212

    Brian Tichy's drumming is the most impressive thing about this video!

    • james andorf
      james andorf Hace 11 meses +1

      @McKenzie Laine this guy is blowing my mind. God bless him. Bonham, reincarnated!!!

    • Obi Wan
      Obi Wan Hace un año +3

      @Leonardo Noviello You might want to listen to Jason Bonham.

    • Chris 432T
      Chris 432T Hace un año +1


    • Leonardo Noviello
      Leonardo Noviello Hace un año +4

      Never seen someone sound so close to Bonzo

    • McKenzie Laine
      McKenzie Laine Hace un año


  • bakilacat1
    bakilacat1 Hace un año +9

    I’m a 60-year-old lady who knows nothing about drums but I sure do love watching you guys explain and breakdown how people came up and how people play in songs that I have loved and grown up with.

  • tune73
    tune73 Hace 3 años +2409

    This is the template for all vids. No intro, no chat just do it. 10/10

    • Steven Adams
      Steven Adams Hace 9 días

      Agreed. So many people won't shut the Hell up.
      Just get to the point.

    • Thor Peenith
      Thor Peenith Hace un mes

      @Copehead This compliment is the template for all compliments!

    • Well, there's gotta be a joke in there, somewhere!
      Well, there's gotta be a joke in there, somewhere! Hace un año +1

      Damn straight, no pitter-patter.

    • Electric Edits
      Electric Edits Hace un año

      i’m gonna make a drum tutorial channel but i’m never gonna actually teach it, it’s just gonna a 10 minute long intro

    • DigDug
      DigDug Hace un año

      We just want to know what time it is, not the time & how to make a watch. In this video, it’s 1:45pm.... thank you!

  • flavioapu
    flavioapu Hace un año +37

    That’s a rare whole new level of quality: great drummer, amazing sound quality, clear and simple video. Thank you so much!

    • Will Castillo
      Will Castillo Hace 28 días

      First day on the internet? There are thousands of videos like this.

  • Jon Becker
    Jon Becker Hace 3 años +25

    Listen with headphones. Those drums sound amazing! You can hear the tone of them so much better than on the old Zep recordings. This is basically the greatest drum tutorial video ever made for so many reasons. Also I never realized how ambidextrous Bonham was. So impressive.

    KING MEEZER Hace 3 años +11

    I always felt drummers were so under-rated! This is amazing and you make it look so damn easy! How in the hell drummers keep separate beats going with all 4 extremities, I will never understand, but it amazes me to no end!!

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith Hace 11 meses +24

    I was playing drums in a bar band when Led Zep was recording their earliest albums. I'd play the record at half speed trying to figure out what Bonham was doing. Wish we'd had a tutorial like this back then.

  • Jeff Randall
    Jeff Randall Hace 3 años +1628

    Man, the drummer and the kit sound fantastic.

    • Ken Sturm
      Ken Sturm Hace 5 meses

      Only money, and these Paiste cymbals alone are worth almost as much as my car lol

    • John Fegan
      John Fegan Hace 5 meses

      It’s gotta be the amber vistalite

    • VintageMXer
      VintageMXer Hace un año

      mics and eq - simple. acrylic drums. 26" BD key to the sound.

    • Robert Phelan
      Robert Phelan Hace 2 años

      The dude's a Legend in my lifetime fantastic drummer

    • Florian Varéa
      Florian Varéa Hace 2 años

      same position of john bohnam 's tom

  • Robert Kess
    Robert Kess Hace 3 años +8

    Great tutorial, love the John Henry, from a certain age all aspiring drummers were/are Bonham devotees. And the good times bad times "that's got to be a double pedal" groove challenges us to this day.I still can't pull it off, but I'll just keep trying anyway. His version of the Purdie Shuffle is one of my favorite beats, hearing it isolated is a great way for a drummer to cop that feel. BTW, you've got his thing down, all of it, and it's fun that you make it simple, quick, just rewind for the slow breakdowns, then you speed up to show us the bigger picture. Short, sweet, and too the point, great playing and thanks.

  • TheSourboyRich
    TheSourboyRich Hace un año +4

    That was music to my ears. Fantastic! John Bonham has always been my favourite drummer. Honestly, that was just great stuff, man!

  • Ray Curlee
    Ray Curlee Hace un año +2

    Love the drum set and the sound. Great video, superb percussion skills. Bonham was a genius. 5 stars to you sir.

  • James Farquhar
    James Farquhar Hace 11 meses +6

    You’re the first I’ve seen to play fool in the rain the way I’ve always heard it played by Bonham ,
    You’ve got that true smooth bonham feel ! Was these grooves when I was younger that made me fall love into drumming and Is a huge reason why I’m still playing today . Thanks for sharing this awesome lesson. And Thank you bonham

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo Hace 3 años +1210

    Finally someone plays John Bonham correctly, very rare indeed

    • Aby
      Aby Hace 9 meses

      His ''Fool...'' h.t. shuffle, kick notes per bar is completely wrong.... i mean really dilettante wrong... he is putting the echo notes like an amateur.

    • Anderson Baylor
      Anderson Baylor Hace un año

      @Archer Chance You are welcome xD

    • Archer Chance
      Archer Chance Hace un año

      @Anderson Baylor It did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. Im so happy:D
      Thanks so much, you really help me out :D

    • Archer Chance
      Archer Chance Hace un año

      @Anderson Baylor Thanks so much for your reply. I found the site on google and Im trying it out atm.
      I see it takes quite some time so I will get back to you later with my results.

    • Anderson Baylor
      Anderson Baylor Hace un año

      @Archer Chance Instablaster =)

    MAD MAK Hace un año +4

    Well done, I enjoyed this very much. Have played drums for over 50 years and still learned something here. Thanks mate!

  • Ted Chmura III
    Ted Chmura III Hace 3 años +1

    Dude - you have ABSOLUTELY got it goin' on !!! Absolutely perfect...timing...notes...sound...meter...you GOT IT !! Love it !!

  • Luis Dieguez
    Luis Dieguez Hace 3 años +56

    This is the best version of John Bonham's licks I ve ever heard!!!

    • Andrew Burd
      Andrew Burd Hace 7 meses

      @J. Mook if you know how to play drums, you can hear exactly what he's doing. Nailing the feel and ghost notes? Different story.
      Just search for bonham isolated drum tracks. They're really cool.

    • J. Mook
      J. Mook Hace 7 meses

      @Andrew Burd yeah I know but what I meant by muffled is that its never fully clear what they're playing.
      Its do-able but its easier watching one of these videos where everything is explained in detailed fashion.
      Especially for percussionist/drummers who want to know the techniques Bonham does because its not really easy to hear if he's going Left Right Kick
      or R K L.
      All im saying is that its so much easier watching an explained video instead of just listening and guessing

    • Andrew Burd
      Andrew Burd Hace 7 meses

      @J. Mook listen to the isolated tracks... nothing muffled

    • J. Mook
      J. Mook Hace 7 meses

      @Andrew Burd bc this is explained in detail. Its hard to hear on a muffled track.
      I know im a bit late but idc

    • Andrew Burd
      Andrew Burd Hace un año

      Why not just listen to the Bonham isolated drum tracks?

  • Derp
    Derp Hace 2 años +5

    Lick 1 - 0:23
    Lick 2 - 1:39
    Lick 3 - 2:43
    Lick 4 - 4:02
    Lick 5 - 5:09

  • Flow Ride
    Flow Ride Hace 3 años +230

    He really has the Bonham feel down! You also can't go wrong with the Ludwig-Paiste-Remo combination 👌

    • A.J.
      A.J. Hace un año

      Phucking poseur.

    • Mona Valley
      Mona Valley Hace 2 años

      emlix1 queen has been in my head and now I have a cupcake

    • Ken Reid
      Ken Reid Hace 3 años

      emlix1 I’ve seen bands playing Zeppelin the were the best musicians that’s why on one comes close.

    • Ken Reid
      Ken Reid Hace 3 años

      emlix1 your lucky too they make the best Snares.

    • Bear Drums
      Bear Drums Hace 3 años +1

      @Ken Reid I should be so lucky! The closest I've got is a Ludwig black magic snare.

  • Ed Singleton
    Ed Singleton Hace 10 meses +2

    I wish I had access to this level of quality instruction when I was a kid. This is fantastic. Love the Vistalites.

  • Atma
    Atma Hace 11 meses +2

    I’m not a drummer but this is getting me. Impressive playing and fine teaching…

  • Tony DeAugustine
    Tony DeAugustine Hace 3 años +6

    This is incredible, you sound great my friend! Thanks for such a powerful presentation Brian!

  • geoff green
    geoff green Hace un año

    Just so spot on, by far the best and nicely concise executions of a few of the Bonham licks and beats. I spent many hours learning Bonham back in the late 70’s, my all time favourite drummer.

  • vizmetro
    vizmetro Hace 10 meses

    That first one… I love it!! Very well explained. Typical Bonham. I’ll practice that one for now 👍🏼

  • Mucho Pomposo.
    Mucho Pomposo. Hace un año +1

    I just love this demo'..!
    I must have watched it a dozen times, and it still blows my mind how brilliant JB was.
    Ps. Mr Tichy's enthusiasm is infectious. Well done..!

  • Amp A. Holic
    Amp A. Holic Hace 2 años +3

    Dude, you rock! Excellent instruction and massive chops. I’m a guitar player not a drummer and still stayed to the end. 😜

  • Jeremy Hughes
    Jeremy Hughes Hace 2 años

    Wow! That was the best bonzo impersonation I have ever heard. You have his technique and feel absolutely perfect! Incredible. You nailed it.

  • MVProfits
    MVProfits Hace un año

    I've always wanted to know the first one. As as said by many already, what amazing playing and sound... not only by Bonham but on this video by Tichy. Super packed 6 minutes. Now that's the best video to sell a course I've seen yet.

  • Shank Arcada
    Shank Arcada Hace 3 años

    Wicked awesome info! Thanks for posting! I love your spirit dude!
    I'm so excited, I thought I was doing some sort of strange quintuplet thing, trying to emulate the Bonzo, and it turns out to be that Fury lick! It does really exist!
    I can only seem to lead with my right, probably started that way, and my mind doesn't want to change.
    Maybe I'm suppose to be a lefty, hmm.
    "Higada, Higada, Let's Go!" , that's what I always heard at the start of RnR on TSRTS.

  • MrJohnnydogwalker
    MrJohnnydogwalker Hace un año

    Thanks Brian for your brilliant drumming videos - I'm a guitarist, programming drums, trying to get some authenticity in the fills, and this was really helpful. Cheers & best wishes from the UK!

  • Preston Elliot
    Preston Elliot Hace 3 años

    Outstanding! Plain, simple, to the point and very understandable. Thanks!

  • Christopher
    Christopher Hace 3 años +225

    Great video! Straightforward, no overcomplication. This simple explanation finally made the Rock'n Roll intro "click" for me!

    • Jon Becker
      Jon Becker Hace 3 años

      Yep. I found out about the chuck berry/little Richard drum intro with & of 3 about 10 years ago I felt so stupid. It’s like the greatest drum riddle of all time.

    • Ren Owen
      Ren Owen Hace 3 años +1

      Christopher Same here, could never get that timing right towards the end. Using this as a reference will make it a lot easier.

    • Andrew R138
      Andrew R138 Hace 3 años +1


  • splashfizz
    splashfizz Hace 11 meses

    Love it! Great demo. Very cool how Bonham drums alone convey entire LedZep songs. My favourite is the intro to "Rock and Roll". Very cool.

  • my name is
    my name is Hace 3 años +10

    Bonham was known for being able to mix time signatures. no many or any drummers that I can think of were able to do the same

  • Steve Cubis
    Steve Cubis Hace 2 años +1

    Where has this guy been when it comes to not only watching a tutorial on drumming, but to admire how straight to the point someone can be.

  • Yes.
    Yes. Hace 2 años

    This video is great! Very good explanations, to the point, great drumming and an awesome sounding kit!

  • Makers Mike
    Makers Mike Hace 3 años +328

    Great drummer. Man, I looked him up and this guy Brian Tichy has played or recorded with Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne and Foreigner to name a few. No wonder he sounds so good.

    • Fist Bump
      Fist Bump Hace un año


    • Shannon Moraes
      Shannon Moraes Hace 2 años


    • Cesar
      Cesar Hace 2 años +18

      He played with them BECAUSE he sounds so good, not the other way around

    • Tee Oh
      Tee Oh Hace 2 años +1

      @Darryl Grant "A Horse Called War" & "Toe'n The Line"...DAAAAAYUMM!

    • Darryl Grant
      Darryl Grant Hace 3 años +4

      Check out his stuff with Zakk Wylde in Pride and Glory. Big and powerful, just great shit.

  • Brent H
    Brent H Hace 10 meses

    Brian Tichy is such a great drummer. Glad to see him showing this :)

  • pk cowzah
    pk cowzah Hace 2 años

    Mighty thanks for shining this light on the Mighty Bonham.. perfectly executed even for a non-drummer like me

  • Gemini Gemini
    Gemini Gemini Hace 3 años +4

    This guy is dropping so much technical knowledge in between the rhythm it's an art form.

  • roger craggs
    roger craggs Hace 5 meses

    Been Drumming for 44 years, it's great to show how John Bonham really did this! Excellent video!!

  • cholvey
    cholvey Hace un año

    Dude you’re amazing! Bringing the best ever drummer down to our level… just… YES!!

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    rubadee Hace un mes

    Brian is such a beast. Love this guy. Bonzo was king and Brian really nails it

  • Kings Echo
    Kings Echo Hace 6 meses

    This is incredible. Your kit sounds very Bonzo. I’m gonna start practicing these everyday

  • Tyler W.
    Tyler W. Hace 2 años +2

    I have never heard anyone, including Jason Bonham do the Bonham shuffle so easily. Awesome!

  • mike fields
    mike fields Hace 3 años +135

    Very easy to understand / simple breakdown of these parts. Great job Brian

    • mike fields
      mike fields Hace 3 años +1

      @Greg Baldwin I'd totally agree

    • Greg Baldwin
      Greg Baldwin Hace 3 años +2

      He's outstanding. Up there with Carmine Appice IMO

  • Mark Davey
    Mark Davey Hace 3 años

    Wow that was great. Great playing, great sound and very nicely presented.

  • “Ethereal effervescence soft love azure flame

    That’s really interesting..there’s a few variations you can do with the triplets that I love that any drummer can mix around with and the ghost notes can be interchangeable too. Can’t go wrong w fool in the rain. First time I heard that song it was my fave zep song. Excellent presentation brother! There’s no better feeling than to drum like Bonham ! Love it man. You got those ludwigs locked in so tight hahaha you’re like my brother from another mother lmao beautiful. Rip J Bonbham 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻. Gr8ful I am

  • Alan Rodger
    Alan Rodger Hace 2 meses

    Pretty much my favourite of the 'how to do Bonham' videos, as everything there is there clearly in such a short time - Love It!

  • thomas49368
    thomas49368 Hace 10 meses

    Brian really gets it. He breaks down Bonham's stuff with such ease. He's very good.

  • DMJ 822
    DMJ 822 Hace 3 años

    Before I state why I like this video let me just say that you HAVE to watch this with headphones or a good speaker. It makes a HUGE difference. Now, this guy is not only a very talented drummer but he is also a great teacher. He clearly and simply explained everything. He really captures the feel and groove of Bonham’s playing.

  • The Bruce Channel
    The Bruce Channel Hace 3 años

    I'm not even a drummer but was always mystified by John Bonham's drumming, thank you for this video, well done.

  • Nathan Walsh
    Nathan Walsh Hace un año

    Brian reminds me of my 1st drum teacher Rob Mount. When your teacher translates things in easily digestible bites things become much easier and learnable. I wish all instructional videos were in this type of format because I think this is one of the easiest ways to learn. Plus Brian makes it fun just like my old teacher!!!

  • Carl Albrecht
    Carl Albrecht Hace 3 años +1

    Awesome presentation! Joy of the groove... and explaining the details too. Salute! Peace, C.

  • Laugh Attya
    Laugh Attya Hace 3 años

    Love the way you described Good Times "19 years old......". You're enthusiasm is contagious. Bonham is the reason I picked up sticks!

  • Rubberhead Studios
    Rubberhead Studios Hace 2 años

    He's my favorite on drumeo. This man is AWESOME. Brian is a Master Drummer.

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    Gib Andruski Hace 2 años

    I love this guy. All action , no talk. For us musically challenged, a short time with even slower moves would be great. Super job!

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    Joe Choquette Hace 7 meses

    Awesome man, always wondered how he played. Now I know! Thanks, simple & very effective. 1 2 3 , doesn't get much easier than that. Practice, practice ❤👍

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    Spencer Kragseth Hace 3 años +121

    Brian's quickly becoming my new favorite Drumeo instructor

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    Stikkman Hace 2 años

    Dude - you're simply the best - love everything you do!

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    memo nunez Hace 2 años

    Dude ... Thank you Soo much for doing this video. Your an amazing drummer , have a knack for the technical side of it 🤙

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    Felipe Godoy Nigro Hace un año +1

    Thank you very much for this wonderful video! Congratulations on the execution!

  • Cola Kid
    Cola Kid Hace 4 meses

    Excellent drumming, excellent sound, instruction manual are spot on - basic description then straight to business. Perfect

  • gary jenkins
    gary jenkins Hace 3 años +23

    I'm not a drummer but I have been playing guitar for 55 years and Bonham was my favorite drummer of all time. You seem to emulate him really well with your drumming. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you!

  • KC9KEP
    KC9KEP Hace 3 años

    Good stuff Maynard! Seriously, I’m not a drummer and I really enjoyed watching this!

  • Nostailigic
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    Brian, you are good man. Your set actually sounds a lot like Bonham at times. Love watching you play man, awesome stuff.

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    Great job Brian!! Those beats never get old..... :)

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    Geoffrey Smith Hace 2 años

    How have I not seen this video? Dude - you killed it. And so helpful to break it down simply. I’ve heard so many others do the fool in the rain shuffle. You are the only one who actually sounds like Bonham. Well done! I’ve got some wood shedding to do.😎

  • Loïck Gacek
    Loïck Gacek Hace 3 años +9

    Man you can see that he truly admires and loves Bonham's sound, and how much of an inspiration it has been for him. Love that.
    Great tutorial by the way!

  • Desico Inc.
    Desico Inc. Hace un año

    Brian, Thank You for keeping John's amazing talent alive!!! ROCK!!!
    If you ever hear Thunder, it's BONZO having a go at it for Eternity... ❤

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    Jordan Rose Hace 2 años +4

    So amazingly CLEAN. The Good Times Bad Times triplets on the pedal - so incredibly clean. Goals man, goals.

    • Ken Sturm
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      Watch the 7 year old Japanese girl play GTBT, she does it like it's baby stuff

  • Bob Vogel
    Bob Vogel Hace 11 meses

    Sir I am in awe of your drumming skills. Your talent is absolutely amazing. No nonsense. No jokes. Just SHOWING how it's done. A simple video clip. Spoken so all will understand. A job VERY well done. From a long time keyboardist. 68+ years.

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    Thank you for the video! Long live rock and roll! Thank you so much for putting this video up!

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      Jeffrey Legere Hace 3 años +5

      samuel rosales . I know right! I want to start a band up again.

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    Sarge62436 Hace 2 años

    Absolutely amazing - thank you!

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    Thomas Panetti Hace 2 años

    Thanks Brian. Top notch instruction, on breaking it down. Like your style. The student can watch the video, again...if need be. There is still hope...if it didn't sink in. Not a bad idea...for the student to practice his ass off. Hence Keep them coming.

  • Melanicious
    Melanicious Hace 3 años

    Ive been watching Drumeo lessons for ages, this is the best ever. no pouncing around confusing me with words and counts just rockin it. love it.

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    ufuk çınar Hace 3 años

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    My favorite drum video ever. The best drummer in the history explained by a super cool teacher. Thanks Drumeo and thanks Brian, surely you are the second one...

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    This was amazing and that kit sounds HUGE! Great Video!

    PETE DAVIDSON Hace 3 años

    Love this guy, have not played in over 30 years. Never had a nice kit. Just bought a 7 piece Gretsch Catalina and trying to get my chops back. Bonham made a 4&5 piece kit sound so double bass without one. Awesome Drummer and Thanks for such a good tutorial!

  • johnnysenser
    johnnysenser Hace 2 años

    That was great ! Thanks, really well executed

  • Robert Oney
    Robert Oney Hace 2 años

    Wow ! Man ! Been playing since I was 12 ..I’m 63 and could never figure out EXACTLY what Bonham was doing , I came close ,but you nailed it , made it easy follow .... now just practice practice and more practice ! Thank you !

  • H and foxy
    H and foxy Hace 5 meses

    Great drummer. Very simple easy break down. Makes it easy to learn from. Well done.

  • luv basses
    luv basses Hace 3 años

    As a rock bassist and huge Zeppelin fan myself, I fully understand all that it is you illuminated here in this clip. Very well done! I enjoyed this clip A LOT.

  • ô¿ô
    ô¿ô Hace 3 años

    You can get a similar sound from most bass drum sizes above 20" with 2 felt strips for muffling. Have someone else play the bass drum as you sit out front of the kit to get an accurate measure of its sound while you tune it. Don't be concerned about the extra resonance - this is drowned out by the rest of the kit as you play. I use a 26" x 10" marching drum - it sounds huge and doesn't take up much room on a small stage.

  • 1TheFoodOfLove1
    1TheFoodOfLove1 Hace un año

    this video could have been 5 times longer and I would have loved it even more. I want to hear this guy break it down to the next level

  • douglas johnson
    douglas johnson Hace 7 meses

    Thanks dude for those guidance. You have explained it very well. 🙏

  • Drew Sibley
    Drew Sibley Hace un año

    Way to go Brian! You make it look so easy. Off to the studio to practice...thank you

  • Owen Durkin
    Owen Durkin Hace 8 meses

    Brian you’re a monster. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙏 is the ‘Bonham fury’ one the fill techniques he used in black dog ? Cheers dude ✌🏻🤘🏼

  • John Nalty
    John Nalty Hace un año

    Great break down!! Nice playing, you nailed it!