Todd Sucherman's Masterful Drum Solo

  • Publicado el 11 ago 2022
  • Styx’s Todd Sucherman is known for writing delightfully musical drum solos. If you’ve ever wondered how to come up with rhythms that tell a story, watch this video!
    You’ll see Todd play a solo (“Evening The Odds”) that transforms over time (things get especially cool around 3:06 ) and hear him break down some of his creative choices, including:
    - Why he phrased the 16th notes/flams section in groups of 5/5/3/3
    - How he took a note from Tony Williams to create ‘triads’ on the toms
    - …plus a samba-inspired moment and a double bass shuffle.
    You can watch another epic Todd Sucherman drum solo here:ídeo.html
    If you’d like to learn more about building drum solos, join Drumeo and watch Todd’s good friend Steve Smith’s course, “The Art Of Drum Soloing”. Check it out for free with a 7-day trial to Drumeo:
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Comentarios • 299

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Hace un mes +78

    I don't recall who said it, but I believe it's valid: "If you can only have one real musician in your band...make it the drummer". A good drummer can lift up a mediocre band, but a great band will always be crippled with a mediocre drummer.

    • Dan Collins
      Dan Collins Hace 17 días +2

      @Joshua S Lars was straight fire in the 80s. Then he got lazy

    • Joshua S
      Joshua S Hace 19 días

      @jkranites The thing is, Lars did ok in the 80's. When he stopped practicing, he started being sloppy and adding too many fills.

    • jkranites
      jkranites Hace 23 días

      Metallica disagrees

    • Joshua S
      Joshua S Hace un mes +4

      And then if you get all real musicians, you have an amazing band!

    • Anodyne Hipster Influencer
      Anodyne Hipster Influencer Hace un mes +3

      Absolute fact.

  • Nix Neato
    Nix Neato Hace un mes +104

    Todd remains one of these guys who put (flawless) technique at the service of musicality. This is such a beautiful and inspiring piece

  • Russ Martin
    Russ Martin Hace un mes +45

    Once again, Todd shows why he's my current favorite drum hero. What a musician (and a cool guy). Thanks for the inspiration, Todd.

    • micheal rieck
      micheal rieck Hace un mes +2

      I love it,you can break it down, I can't wait to start breaking this down, great to practice to them speed up, I love the. Incorporatiion of flams it'll keep me busy for months, I'm 71 yrs young , time to go to work,thank you Mike da plumbr drummer

    • Drumeo
      Drumeo  Hace un mes +5

      Cheers, Russ!

  • Isaac Schatz
    Isaac Schatz Hace un mes +29

    The tone of the high tom makes it very melodic

    • Thomas Fucik
      Thomas Fucik Hace un mes +2

      The whole kit is top notch and inspiring, matching the man playing it.

  • Bruno Oliveira
    Bruno Oliveira Hace un mes +55

    This is real drumming! Musicality, dinamics, phrases... Young drummers have to listen to this and find out that drumming goes way beyond distributing linear fills on the kit

    • Carlos Augusto Scalassara Prando
      Carlos Augusto Scalassara Prando Hace un mes

      O que você quer dizer por musicalidade??

    • Amanda Holt
      Amanda Holt Hace un mes +1

      @chris toth look at you, trying so hard to get a little attention. Sad.

    • D Cassis
      D Cassis Hace un mes

      @chris toth sort ya life out

      ALIEN GOD Hace un mes

      @chris toth you don't have a father. Don't do suicide.

    • chris toth
      chris toth Hace un mes

      @ALIEN GOD thanks dad

  • Mike Krieger
    Mike Krieger Hace un mes +12

    Just when you think he's peaked and can't get any better, Todd has a way of showing us what it means to never stop learning and innovating. Thank you for this, and keep up the great work!

    • fubar1217
      fubar1217 Hace un mes

      He definitely showed off some new tricks in this one! One of my favorite drummers!

  • Justin Jaime
    Justin Jaime Hace un mes +20

    Been waiting for this to drop! I love how composed all of Todd’s work is. Even when he has his crazy fun heavy double bass moments he can decrescendo and come back to where he started. Truly masterful!

  • David Woodward
    David Woodward Hace un mes +3

    Todd's skills as a musician are only matched by his skills as an educator. Still, hands down, my favorite drummer out there.

  • Darrell Fossitt
    Darrell Fossitt Hace un mes +3

    Definitely, one of the best drummers out there today... Great teacher also.... So knowledgeable...

  • Tim Jennings
    Tim Jennings Hace un mes +1

    Probably one of your best solos! So musical! You always inspire me! And you’re also so good at braking down what you are playing. Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  • Randy Hanley
    Randy Hanley Hace un mes +2

    Todd is one of the drum Gods up there with Vinnie, Gadd, Smith, etc.

  • Michael Kelton
    Michael Kelton Hace un mes +1

    I truly didn't realize just how good you were Todd an amazing and inspirational solo!

  • Brian T. Carter
    Brian T. Carter Hace un mes

    Love the feel of the 5 5 3 3 Todd! Great solo! Had my attention the entire time with all of the variety, between the hi hat and rim playing, the wide range of the tom notes, and the fast licks, it's a killer.

  • Christian Cea
    Christian Cea Hace 23 días

    This just makes me happy. I smiled the entire time. Incredible drumming by one the greatest drummers of our time.

  • Louis Ronayne
    Louis Ronayne Hace un mes +5

    He's so underrated. Top 5 rock drummer of all time. So explosive, clean, technical, and adds an element to Styx that otherwise wouldn't exist.

    • Rhythmista
      Rhythmista Hace 20 días +1

      I wouldn't classify or limit his ability as a rock drummer, as he's much , much more than that. He can sit down and do definitely any genre traditionally and flawlessly..

  • Jared Chontos
    Jared Chontos Hace un mes +1

    This has got to be one of the best drum solos I have ever seen.

  • Yus Drum
    Yus Drum Hace un mes +1

    flawless technique, groovy, melodic drumming, great dynamics, smooth transition for one part to another.... what a master of performance!

  • Aaron D.
    Aaron D. Hace un mes

    Absolutely incredible as always! And appreciate the lessons taught about it after.

  • William
    William Hace un mes

    Words cannot describe what I just heard, absolutely amazing 🤩

  • Jim Barcelona
    Jim Barcelona Hace un mes

    That was informative and great. As a drummer I love to watch these famous drummers do their interpretations of various time oriented solos.very nice Todd


    Love the Tony Williams influence and Todd's absolutely Monster playing! He just keeps getting better!!!

  • Nelson O
    Nelson O Hace un mes

    simply put, one of the best drummers out there. Just amazing!

  • Martin Plante
    Martin Plante Hace un mes

    Wow, this is just the most piece of drumming i have hear in a long time. Thanks Todd and Drumeo.

  • Russell Underhill
    Russell Underhill Hace un mes

    So amazingly musical, masterful, This is genius… no question.

  • Tink McGathy
    Tink McGathy Hace un mes

    I love this dude so much. Phenomenal player that more importantly just seems like a new best friend every time he talks.

  • csrboltfan
    csrboltfan Hace un mes

    VERY entertaining solo!! Well done, sir!! Everything sounded fantastic. Those drums sang so beautifully, just as they were meant to. Again, well done !!!

  • Swivelken248 Chan
    Swivelken248 Chan Hace un mes

    3:54, Amazing Todd. You have done the linear fills which is sort of sound like a blast beats. 4:08, I can hear Todd going a little bit of at the gates vibe with the thrash beats. 4:28, I can hear Todd doing a little beat of territory by sepultura. Todd went real extreme metal on the kit.
    4:51, Todd’s doing the Dirk Blast beats and doing other blast beats. Wow I didn’t know Todd can do blast beats. This is beyond amazing drum solo.

  • Sandy Bongos
    Sandy Bongos Hace un mes

    Excellent job 👏 I love ❤️ it and mos importantly it was suspenseful!! You had me on my toes !!!

  • noworriesimfijian
    noworriesimfijian Hace un mes

    Amazing technique and such a musical drum solo. Speed, dexterity, rhythm, melody. He reminds me so much of Steve Smith, how they’ve both become even more refined and managed to find new ways of pushing the envelope. Much respect Todd Sucherman and Drumeo.

  • I Love Jesus Christ and Dogs!

    I love acoustic drums and B20 alloy cymbals. I also love Pearl drums and the setup Todd is playing. Thank you Todd for sharing your passion sir.

  • AJ Yoon
    AJ Yoon Hace un mes

    His drum solo makes me dancing always 👏👏 he is my favorite

  • Kasuu 58
    Kasuu 58 Hace un mes

    In the year 2005 it was the first time I saw Todd in live experience as Styx drummer. That took my breathe away. Since then he is a great inspiration to me.

  • Michael Quaglia
    Michael Quaglia Hace 25 días

    Always an interesting lesson with Master Todd. :-)

  • VideoplayerYTP
    VideoplayerYTP Hace un mes

    I love how the toms are panned really far left and right. Makes it bounce around your ears

  • Frey Jepson
    Frey Jepson Hace un mes

    Todd is one of the most musical drummers I have ever heard.

  • 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐪𝐚 𝐃𝐚𝐬.

    Wow!!!! Amazing stick gripping😲😲 And the sound of tom's are very soft❤

  • Trafalger Davis
    Trafalger Davis Hace un mes +3

    That set is killer. I LOVE the Bass gong, and will make one for myself from an old Pearl bass drum I will have when I get the time. Todd is amazing as usual.

  • Oscar Baez Soria
    Oscar Baez Soria Hace un mes +7

    Musicality and dynamics, real drumming, There is a guy around here that now loves to do one handed circus acts that should watch this and LEARN. Awesome piece.

    • Adrien Skarra
      Adrien Skarra Hace 23 días

      Yeah you see him on Tik Tok lots. Yes the guy is an absolute beast on the drums.. there is no denying it.. and he knows he's good.. but yes Todd.. amazing drummer too and musically better for my ears.. one of the best solos I've heard recently.

    • Night Creature
      Night Creature Hace un mes

      I disagree. I know who you’re talking about and that’s likely a content/social media growth strategy because that guy is a beast and you know it…

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D Hace un mes +3

    I love his style of drumming! I would love to know his cymbals selection tho! By the way you nailed at the samba theme sir! You rock!

  • Whitton Bailey
    Whitton Bailey Hace un mes +1

    Absolutely incredible!

  • JRP Drum Sulcata
    JRP Drum Sulcata Hace un mes

    Great Structured drum solos, Young drummer worth seeing and learning a lot from tod 👌👌

  • Greg MacNeil
    Greg MacNeil Hace un mes

    Holy Sh@t!! This gets my vote for best drum solo ever! Absolutely masterful, sickest chops ever, and so musical and tasteful! Effortlessly.

  • photag216
    photag216 Hace un mes

    Holy sh*t. That was one of the most amazing drum solos I’ve ever seen..

  • cdecent
    cdecent Hace un mes

    This was fantastic. Great solo. Loved the tones of the toms being used to create melody. Great playing.

  • Design Rhythm
    Design Rhythm Hace un mes

    Killer solo & great lesson, thank u Todd & Drumeo

  • Paul Giacalone
    Paul Giacalone Hace un mes

    Fantastic solo, creative and entertaining. Great drummer and musician.

  • chadrums
    chadrums Hace un mes

    That Gong drum! (Or Pearl equivalent). - What a sound! He is a super nice guy and just an astounding drummer!

  • Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    Wow. Stunning. Absolutely incredible.

  • Aldo Matulich
    Aldo Matulich Hace un mes

    Todd, wonderful and motovational in all respects. At 71 YO, and playing drums recreationally resurrected after 50 Years [1969] I watch this in awe!!. I love the way the Toms are tuned. Love your Stick Work. I suffer with enroaching arthritis in my hands, the left worse than the right. I have it my spine and oter joints too, But I keep trying to perservere this love of mine. I will need to use the Traditonal grip (left hand) now bc of the arthritis and carpal tunnel in the writs as well. Can you give out a tip: How Do You hit those rack Toms close to the Highhat w/o hitting the highhat?? Great video and hopefully see much more from You !!

  • Dusty Hills
    Dusty Hills Hace un mes

    I just switched to using your sticks this summer, Todd! Love the feel of them for several different styles/genres!

  • Marco Salvetti
    Marco Salvetti Hace un mes

    From now, one of my favourite drum solo ever! Impressive!!! Todd makes the drums sing.

  • Nick Neeley
    Nick Neeley Hace un mes

    Great technical control awesome solo I enjoyed watching it

  • Mark Tanner
    Mark Tanner Hace un mes

    Wow!! Seen a lot of solos but this one spoke to me. It's technical, it's dynamic, it's melodic. It like a drum song if that makes sense. It demonstrates what drums can be when you understand style and have the skills to bring an instrument to life. Just fantastic!

  • Phatback Beat
    Phatback Beat Hace un mes +2

    I’ve enjoyed his talent.

  • Carlos Bartnicki Tort
    Carlos Bartnicki Tort Hace un mes

    Super drummer, incredible sound.

  • Vincenzo A
    Vincenzo A Hace un mes

    Absolutely love this! Todd has chops for days yet he has serious groove. He’s a modern master.

  • Aritra Chatterjee
    Aritra Chatterjee Hace un mes

    Omg! Father of modern drums. I loved it. It was theatrical experience. Awesome

  • Hein van Heerden
    Hein van Heerden Hace un mes

    Beautiful. Tasteful. Inspiring.
    Truly one of the best solos I've seen a quite some time.
    It doesn't go over the top... but it does not need to be! That is the thing most other drummers don't realize.
    Nor does a solo need to be at the speed of light.
    The beautiful phrasing in this piece is what makes it stand out. Intertwined with a few very well executed technical parts.
    Sooo good!

  • Ébano Santos
    Ébano Santos Hace un mes

    Always learning with Todd!! 👊🏼😃👍🏼

  • G Drums
    G Drums Hace un mes +1

    This guy is becoming one of my favorite drummers of all time.

  • Menzer Roku
    Menzer Roku Hace un mes +4

    Todd is the best drummer, in the whole world in my opinion, he plays beautiful chops and is a very good drummer!!😄He's lucky that he gets to play that drum set. It's beautiful. Great video!!!!

  • Dave Dongle
    Dave Dongle Hace un mes

    Wow amazingly composed!

  • N_I_N X
    N_I_N X Hace un mes +4

    This is Real Drumming, thanks for this fantastic solo Professor 🙌

  • Risky Sukandar
    Risky Sukandar Hace un mes

    thanks for the video!, always love to see him playing

  • Rob
    Rob Hace un mes

    Absolutely phenomenal.

  •  In the Drum Room
    In the Drum Room Hace 27 días

    This guy is one of THE best drummers in the world. He makes me want to be a better drummer!!

  • tdrum21
    tdrum21 Hace un mes

    Very nice. Love the Tony influences 👌🏽

  • Wilt Chamberlain
    Wilt Chamberlain Hace un mes

    This is one of those rare solos where it sounds like an actual song, rather than just a show off fest.

  • Ducky Drummer
    Ducky Drummer Hace un mes

    Man I like that! Especially when it’s just toms and bass drum. Seems like the snare drum is the dominant drum when soloing ie; Buddy Rich. But I’ve always liked the grove that toms and bass drum have, with the hi hat keeping time.

  • Crazy 8s Drums
    Crazy 8s Drums Hace un mes +1

    Drumeo has been absolutely bringing the HEAT lately!!! So many phenomenal performances and tasty treats from so many amazing drummers!

  • Phynbo
    Phynbo Hace un mes +2

    6:04 had me completely in full-on stank face. Wow Todd! That's a tasty fill.

  • Hernan Medina
    Hernan Medina Hace un mes

    Oh my god...Todd is one of the best drummers today...on several aspects...tremendous solo

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray Hace un mes

    Ok this was phenomenal. Your ear follows him thru the different ideas, it was a sonata of sorts. You could hear the Tony influences with time, phrasing and the swiss army triplets. Tony is the greatest to ever hold sticks, period.
    I respect Steve Smith a lot but to me Todd is much more musical, especially related to sound. Steve Smith sounds like a mathematician playing drums. Todd sounds like a musician.

  • NARMAK1966
    NARMAK1966 Hace un mes +1

    I love his kit and the way his hands are gliding around the kit.!!! So smooth and perfect.!!!

  • Hamedrummer
    Hamedrummer Hace un mes

    The drums, the mix, and of course Todd sounds amazing! Are those emperors on top of ambassadors?

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell Hace un mes

    The first time I heard the name Todd Sucherman was as the drummer for Brian Wilson's first tour as a solo artist. About a dozen wonderful musicians on stage playing classic songs. But the drummer!!! Stood out clearly as the best musician on the stage.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace un mes +1

    What a talent!

  • Mats Andersson
    Mats Andersson Hace un mes

    Master drummer. Mind blowing😇

  • Bruno Innocenti
    Bruno Innocenti Hace un mes

    this guy is top 2 the best drumer of all times, after Neil Peart

  • Jonathan Knight
    Jonathan Knight Hace un mes

    The hit hat and snare combo at 1:45 was so slick

  • Cbus Low Rider
    Cbus Low Rider Hace un mes +2

    Incredible solo. This has inspired me to get back behind a drum kit. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Aldo Matulich
      Aldo Matulich Hace un mes +1

      Cbus, I did it - after 50 YEARS!! I'm 71 now, and resurrected playing (well NOT like this , more like Charlie Watts) Drums to MY MUSIC : Mellencamp, CCR, Clapton, Winwood, Stones, Beatles, Cars, Talking Heads, Motown tunes, and more including Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Rait !!. About 1 hour a day. I've learned sooo much form watching the DRUMEO and other Drumming Channels on You Tube. I'm still absorbing the How Tos to Tuning the Drums. JUST DO IT !! Don't wait bc now I have encroaching arthritis in my wrists, thumbs and some fingers which is affecting my play. I have it in my spine too , up to the top of my head !! If I can get to 1/4 this level of playing I would be pleased. Playing any instrument just gives you a certain Pleasure in life. Not everybody can do it.

  • Steve Magnone
    Steve Magnone Hace un mes

    Thanks Todd, that was Fabulous!!

  • David Zygmunt
    David Zygmunt Hace 14 días

    Great solo. Great chops. Great explanation. Cool way of explaining the samba. American version 🙂. One question are these drums maple reserve? I noticed the re-rings so not maple/gum.
    Thanks and again so much taste.

  • glyde1436
    glyde1436 Hace un mes

    Masterful indeed!! 😳

  • Edu B. Rojas
    Edu B. Rojas Hace un mes

    Impresionante 👏 03:04 😳😨🤯

  • Greg Wonhoff
    Greg Wonhoff Hace un mes +1

    TS is a wonderful example of what a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft can accomplish. Thank you, Mr. S. for sharing all of your fine works with all of us.

  • Too Much Fandango
    Too Much Fandango Hace un mes

    Your flow and creative context from one idea to another reminds me of Michael shrieve of Santana. Amazing to watch, thank you!

  • Marcell Rodrigues
    Marcell Rodrigues Hace un mes +5

    Todd Sucherman a simply wonderful drummer!

  • GrizzlyWhisker
    GrizzlyWhisker Hace un mes

    The massive 20" (or whatever it is) tom sounds awesome.

  • Gavan Marroquin
    Gavan Marroquin Hace un mes

    Amazing!! Thank you!

  • David
    David Hace un mes

    The beginning (5-3 section) is structured a lot like the famous Steve Smith solo from years and years ago. I actually expected him to bring that up at some point.

  • D Cassis
    D Cassis Hace un mes

    Not even half way through watching and this is a new favourite 😵

  • Aaron Sparks
    Aaron Sparks Hace un mes

    Show us how it's done Todd the man has an ear for playing the drums I will always learn something from Todd's playing thanks DRUMEO.🙏🤘

  • jamsjr44
    jamsjr44 Hace un mes

    Todd’s a beast….👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • TImothy Hetheringon
    TImothy Hetheringon Hace un mes

    Todd is simply masterful behind the kit. I'm glad to have seen him twice with styx.

  • Dede Xyz
    Dede Xyz Hace un mes

    THANK YOU Drumeo for bringing Todd back again! Phenomenal talent- and I gotta say, for me: the singular reason why I'm re-energized to revisit the great songs that Styx create. Todd's drumming made me binge watch/listen ALL his stuff!; he's so good! A COMPLETE drummer....because he can do it all. The tom work reminded me of Danny Carey.....the polyrhythms, odd times, tonalities, POWER, "clean-ness". And the fucking drums sound great!!! Great micing/post for sounds.

  • Glen Gamble
    Glen Gamble Hace un mes

    This guy is a true musician-period.

  • fran991213
    fran991213 Hace un mes +1

    Damn this is probably the nicest snare sound I’ve heard

  • Charlie Evans
    Charlie Evans Hace un mes

    Smoothest drumming I’ve ever seen.

  • Larry Robinson
    Larry Robinson Hace un mes

    That was awesome.