5 Beginner Drumming Techniques (with Mike Michalkow)

  • Publicado el 27 sep 2022

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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  Hace 7 años +1316

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  • jeremy144713
    jeremy144713 Hace 7 años +1596

    I consider my self an advance drummer and I still watch beginner videos cause you never know what other things you might pick up or they'll refresh something you forgot. Really good stuff on drumeo

    • Felipe Garrido
      Felipe Garrido Hace 6 meses

      but is Drumeo staff out there for free? on youtube are MANY of drumeo staff

    • Wulf Claw
      Wulf Claw Hace 7 meses

      I'm 59, not far behind ya. I think it's awesome to know that you are still drumming . Hope I am too

    • Derek Hale
      Derek Hale Hace 8 meses

      Same here😂😂😂

    • viper boi2433
      viper boi2433 Hace 10 meses

      very well said

    • MASTER 777
      MASTER 777 Hace 11 meses

      Yep! Praise the Lord for letting the drumsticks rebound! 🙏

  • Graham P Fielding
    Graham P Fielding Hace 3 años +363

    I'm 74, and he has shown more in just a few minutes that no one else ever did. Very good lesson Thankyou!!!

    • Pepper
      Pepper Hace 5 meses

      I'm happy no one here is being mean here and saying "No one asked". It's good that you found a hobby in drumming.

    • tim sparks
      tim sparks Hace 6 meses

      @S. Smith never too late! Good job!!

    • Solid Tank
      Solid Tank Hace 9 meses

      @S. Smith how are you doing, I just started drumming and I am having the same problem. Did it get better?

    • S. Smith
      S. Smith Hace un año +7

      I'm 70, just starting..new pad, sticks.. Having trouble getting my left hand to work

    • Ryan Portner
      Ryan Portner Hace un año

      @Mette Bi had to repeat your message a few times to actually get that actually was not a bad question.

  • gmtgsong
    gmtgsong Hace 4 años +436

    Thanks for the terrific lesson!
    I'm 65 and just started w drums, great instrument. I tell people I'm the world's worst drummer hoping someday to become the 2nd worst😀...(Aim high! :)) As a guitar teacher, one of my best beginner students was a 74 year old woman who quickly became an intermediate player. She could sing too! In the same class I taught a woman who I think was 81. It's never too late to learn. "He not busy being born is busy dyin'" - Bob Dylan
    Good luck to everyone! Just had Thanksgiving last week, I'm grateful for music and for how it connects us.

    • Chris Moad
      Chris Moad Hace 3 meses

      @Debbie Morrison Hello Debbie I am 58 and I bought a drum kit last year when I was 57, i'm progressing well. Chris M UK

    • Mac Donalds
      Mac Donalds Hace un año

      I thought Lars was the world's worst drummer.

    • Mike Gonzalez-Mendez
      Mike Gonzalez-Mendez Hace un año +2

      Man. Great quote! Thank you!!!
      “He not busy bein born is busy dyin.” - Dylan

    • gmtgsong
      gmtgsong Hace un año +2

      @Devil6CR Thank you so much!! Very kind and thoughtful of you, though I now feel a strange sense of lack of identity. Who am I? However, I have barely improved since my original post, Devil6CF, so provided you practice a little, I may soon regain the title. I'm still a contender. ("I could have been somebody, I could have been a contender" - Marlon Brando, from On The Waterfront)

    • Devil6CR
      Devil6CR Hace un año +4

      Wait for it, im 54 and just bought my first set. I will be the worst thus making you the second worst...lol

  • Florian Bredl
    Florian Bredl Hace 6 años +193

    I'm a self taught drummer for over 15 years. I finally learned the double stroke with the help of this video. Thanks dudes.

    • Cartapo
      Cartapo Hace 9 meses +8

      Drummed for 15 years and couldn't double stroke? That's pretty hard to believe.

    • Miles Trotter
      Miles Trotter Hace 2 años

      Did you just watch ESclips tutorials, like not watching a sequential order? Or did you just watch videos not necessarily in order but somewhat randomly

  • Christina Campbell
    Christina Campbell Hace 5 años +451

    Cool, I've had my first drumming lesson!!!!! I signed up for 3 months of lessons and I'm so excited. Thank you for starting with the basic basics. I'm 54 years old and a woman ready to finally become a drummer. I've wanted to play since I was 9 years old. I purchased electronic drums so I can learn the right way to play.

    • Christina Campbell
      Christina Campbell Hace 21 un día +1

      @Travis Baker III how fun!

    • Travis Baker III
      Travis Baker III Hace 21 un día

      I've played bass and trombone before the drums. My first song on base was "Sunshine of my Love". Lol

    • Christina Campbell
      Christina Campbell Hace 21 un día +1

      @Travis Baker III things have changed drastically since I posted that. I’m almost 60, just recently started bass lessons…. Already playing to songs. First one is Bitch by Meredith Brooks!!! I’m pretty good!

    • Travis Baker III
      Travis Baker III Hace 21 un día +1

      I'm 55 and just starting out myself! Way to go!

    • cybrsnail
      cybrsnail Hace un año

      that's so exciting!! :D good luck and I hope you have loads of fun :)

  • tomC
    tomC Hace 5 años +4

    It's amazing how much better I feel with my drumming after watching this. Such simple tricks can lead to good things. Only been half an hour and I do feel stronger with my sticks. Great tutor.

  • MasterBlogger1 Crucial Times Press

    When I was a kid I joined my elementary school fife and drum core as a drummer. I later formed a small local band but never considered myself a great drummer. I found myself playing very tense and tiring out easily, and my focus was terrible. It seemed like I used the same beat with slight variations for nearly every song we played.
    Looking at your video and that of others I see that if I started all over again as a beginner and build a proper foundation perhaps I could develop the skill to really enjoy drumming and possibly become a better drummer with patience and practice.
    At 64 years old I am thinking of purchasing a drum set at some point. I will purchase a practice pad first though in order to learn some basic techniques first before I take the plunge. In other words, I want to earn the drumset because I believe it will be more rewarding when I finally get it.
    I want to tell you and others how much I appreciate these great lessons.

  • Brian Turner
    Brian Turner Hace 2 años +9

    Thanks for some excellent instruction. I am just starting off at age 53, so to learn some tricks to use less energy and to practice longer is very cool. Thanks for the valuable time you give to this training. Be well peace ✌️

  • Zigo8
    Zigo8 Hace 6 años +21

    Very clear and easy to follow techniques. A must for every aspiring drummers. Start the drum rolling!

  • Gloria Wassell
    Gloria Wassell Hace 2 años +6

    Thank you so much for these amazing lessons!! The pace of your instructions, the level of detail, and the video angles are all so incredibly helpful! My 9-yr old learned so much more than I can help with my musical background (which doesn’t include percussion). Thank you for breaking down each technique into micro parts. Your lessons truly enhance my son’s practice and I'm so glad we discovered your videos!

  • Chris Frate
    Chris Frate Hace 9 meses +1

    Hey!! Thank you so much for this. I bought a drum set last week I’ve been surfing videos. You made me understand the importance of the rebound after drumstick and within a few seconds after watching what you did ..I think I picked it up and now I have so much better understanding of how to implement drum techniques which I didn’t understand before. Thank you again my friend! Keep up the great work!

  • Karen Hanania
    Karen Hanania Hace 2 años

    Mike, you're a really good teacher and explain things really well. Thank you!

  • schoter veik
    schoter veik Hace 3 meses

    Really well explained!! Thanks for the tips and exercises, so useful for a beginner!!

  • emross
    emross Hace 2 años

    great tutorial! practicing doubles currently and this really helped, thank you :)

  • Paul Irving
    Paul Irving Hace 5 años

    Thanks Mike! I haven't had a kit since I was a kid, but I have never stopped playing my rudiments on anything at hand.
    You make this look exciting and do-able.
    I'm wanting to start learning properly and at 58 im looking to recapture that buzz again!
    Thanks very much... Paul

  • A.B. Bedinghaus
    A.B. Bedinghaus Hace 6 años +1

    I just started playing drums a few months back. This video has helped me concentrate on keeping my grip loose and to pay attention to my stick height. For some reason my left stick would always go a little higher. I also like the single stroke and double stroke exercise.

  • Jason Hensley
    Jason Hensley Hace 4 años

    This is great - I have been playing behind a kit for 36 years, and I love these basic fundamental videos!

  • Brandon Hammond
    Brandon Hammond Hace un año

    Subbed! Thanks so much for this, Mike! As someone who has long wanted to learn how to play the drums, I recently started taking lessons. That, in addition to watching videos from you-I’m learning so much in just a short amount of time! 😊

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor Hace 2 años +8

    I've been drumming for 30 years now and I find it hard to remind "how" to learn, as I try to teach my kids. Videos like these make me remember what it was like to learn from scratch, not knowing what we take for granted.

  • Lucky Douglas
    Lucky Douglas Hace 4 años

    It's really great,you know I've always wanted to learn how to play a drum but didn't just know where to start but with this lesson I think I now know .Thanks a lot for the lesson.

  • sageof6paths1
    sageof6paths1 Hace 6 años

    I've been drumming for years and fell into the same issues of poor grip technique. This a great video to start drummers off the right way. Thank you so much for posting this... incredible stuff!!!

  • David Charles
    David Charles Hace 2 años

    Love it! So grateful for masterful teachers such as Mike Michalkow.

  • 1st That Matt
    1st That Matt Hace 2 años

    0:34 - holding sticks
    4:33 - playing from wrists
    6:46 - Medium Full stroke roll
    8:42 - Rebounding double strokes
    12:09 - Singles to doubles exercise

  • Eric Milks
    Eric Milks Hace 5 años

    I have been playing drums for years and Mike's simple changes to the way I hold my sticks to some really neat exercises was enough to make me want to explore my skills with him more.

  • Alexander Kappel
    Alexander Kappel Hace 2 años

    You are an inspiring teacher! Thank you very much for your work and passion :)

  • BooleanMattock
    BooleanMattock Hace 2 años

    Thanks for this, really clear and very helpful! Also Mike's technique is great to watch, close to perfect.

  • Van M. Nguyen
    Van M. Nguyen Hace 3 años

    Awesome! Thanks for this important basic lesson. I really appreciate it as a beginner!

    CHAZZ O Hace 4 años

    Thank you Mike, I'm not a beginner but I know I need to go back there for some fundamentals and this, I believe, will help greatly. Keep up the great work.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Hace 4 años

    Hello mate! Thanks for this video!!! I actually have been playing for 9 years or more now. And i got taught well by a great teacher back in the past! She explained to me exactly the same things about holding the stick and the strokes and so on!!
    You opened my world once again about the double strokes when you were talking about doing the least work possible!!! you are so right! you don't have to get tired by doing it!! Keep rocking! Thanks!!!

  • Blueone117
    Blueone117 Hace 6 años +1

    Excellent tips! I wouldnt call myself a beginner but these are absolutely awesome tips to know! Learned a bit myself!

  • Antony Jennings International

    That was a really good class. I especially enjoyed the way the double stroke was explained. Really easy to understand and you feel that you can go right to the kit and get started.

  • mark craig
    mark craig Hace 4 meses

    Just starting my Journey into electronic Drumming, I have been a life long guitarist and have always wanted to give the drums a try.. starting with a good foundation is essential and this video is my starting point. Great Video Mike., very well done , and very well explained..
    I will be following You for sure.

  • BAD R0B0T
    BAD R0B0T Hace un año +1

    Best part of the video - you called someone new to drumming young, can't remember last time I was referred to as young!
    Just took delivery of my first drum kit today and I'm 47, decided to use the Covid-19 lock down to learn to play. The videos you guys make seem so much easier to follow than others online.
    Many thanks from a young 47 year old!

  • Jim Hawkes
    Jim Hawkes Hace 2 años

    Love it! Great, clear instruction. Thank you!

  • panos anonymos
    panos anonymos Hace 5 años

    Great work ! You helped me a lot! I just achieved playing fast with tow hands without tapping them the same time!

  • Austin Sandkuhler
    Austin Sandkuhler Hace 4 años

    Subbed! As a beginner, thanks for these videos. I just got set and as a relatively impatient person by nature, I want to drive right in and play note for note with my favorite songs. Well, I can't because I suck, lol, so your videos tell me to be patient and start the right way. Kind of like filling a toolbox. Right now I don't have any tools, so I can't fix anything. In time I'll be able to though. I'm really excited for the journey. Thanks again for what you do. Keep up the good work.

  • ROCK-N-ROLL GEAR jdharrison

    I started playing when I was 12 I stopped for a short amount of time and started playing again all together is about 44 years and your lessons are showing me things that I forgot without knowing I forgot thank you so much for your lesson I will be sure to watch them all

    VJUTTUJEE Hace 2 años +1

    got e-drums 5 days ago, it's my first drumkit and I went through bunch of youtube drumming beginner videos and this one is my favorite.
    20 years of being a self-taught guitarist motivated me to make sure that I start practicing good technique from the beginning so I usually re-watch this video before practice.

  • Jim Mann
    Jim Mann Hace 4 años

    Best beginner video I've seen so far. The multiple camera angles are very useful and coupled with the ability to slow down the video it is possible to get a very good idea what the fingers are doing with different strokes and at different rates. No one talks much about the 3 fingers that aren't gripping the sticks but they are definitely involved in the process.

  • Sumit Arya
    Sumit Arya Hace 5 años +4

    I've been playing drums for so long didn't realize that I was holding the sticks incorrectly. Thanks for this tutorial

  • Jake Allen
    Jake Allen Hace 4 años

    Great video. 15+ year guitarist just learning drums. Always sped past these sorts of videos when I was younger, spent a lot of time unteaching my mistakes. Can't overstate the importance of stuff like this!

  • Heidi Henson
    Heidi Henson Hace un año +1

    After watching this video, within 10m I was doing single and double combo, which sounded amazing and boosted my confidence as a beginner. Thanks so much 😊

  • Tom Beach
    Tom Beach Hace 3 años

    Thanks for this. Been playing bass and guitar for years and now I want to try my hand at drums. This tip helps me get off on the right foot by not practicing mistakes.

  • Ernst Hammargren
    Ernst Hammargren Hace 3 años +1

    Mike, you are a brilliant teacher for us all, thank you!

  • Astro War
    Astro War Hace 5 años

    The hardest thing for me was being able to carry these rudiments away from the practice pad/snare and around the kit. I found practicing doing them individually around the kit helped immensely. Still learning after 30 years!!

  • Roland Mathew
    Roland Mathew Hace 5 años

    Mike, Thanks so much for your very well done video. The explanation of how to hold (correctly) the drumsticks was "Great". I played drums for several years (long, long ago); I'll date myself, I had a set of Rogers, Cozy Cole Model. I'm 70 years old now and just ordered a set of Roland TD-25-KV; I can't wait to start up again. I'll be watching out for your videos, thank you again for all of your hard work and efforts.

  • M B
    M B Hace 8 meses

    I have been drumming since I was in 6th grade. I'm now 54 and getting back into it after a 6 year hiatus of not having a kit. I have always played with the wrists but never had the speed I wanted. The double stroke tricks you showed are amazing for me and I can't wait to get my new kit!!!

  • mr. jinks
    mr. jinks Hace 6 años

    As a 58 year old retiree whose played piano/keyboard for years , I just ordered an e-drum set and am looking forward to a new challenge in learning the drums. These videos are awesome! Can't wait to start practicing...thanks so much.

  • Dan Luckins
    Dan Luckins Hace 2 años

    Im a self taught drummer and this vid was an eye opener for me, It was nice to see how much Ive been doing right and naturally, also the tip on keeping the sticks at the right height for consistancy was really helpful in keeping my tone and tempo on point, thank you

  • Stathis Pantelis
    Stathis Pantelis Hace 7 años +5

    One of your best beginner videos! Is a very good pack of what a newbie should do and practice! Congrats! Thank you!

  • Vinay Pandurangi
    Vinay Pandurangi Hace un año +4

    very basic and helpful --great lesson for begginners --fundamentals ==thank you .

  • Superfluous AGRB
    Superfluous AGRB Hace 5 años

    I've been playing for exactly 11 years and I never new that the position of the drumstick could probably affect the drum fills! This lesson would help a lot of drummers thanks for the free lessons thou! Godbless!

  • Alaga Suvaran
    Alaga Suvaran Hace 6 años +1

    Thank you Mike. That was a great lesson for beginners. Love drumming. Could you recommend the type of drum that will best suit a beginner?

  • steptoe26a
    steptoe26a Hace 3 años +1

    Oh this is fantastic. I learnt so much. I practiced the double stroke and combining the grip technique which took me forever I was able to create an impressive sound. Even I was impressed. Well done Sir, Thank you.

  • Robert W
    Robert W Hace 7 años +5

    Great teacher. You make it very understandable. Especially letting the sticks do most of the work w/ a simple bounce. Touche!!

    ALVIN LEONI Hace 5 años

    Very Helpful Thanks! I am just playing around with drumming( I'm a guitar player) but its nice to know the right techniques. Love the double tap, I am going to practice that right now.

  • Michael Camp
    Michael Camp Hace 4 años

    Mike thanks I am a self taught drummer never had a lesson in my life. Been playing for over 20 years now and I actually learned a few things from your beginner techniques. Thanks again and I'll be ck'n out your other videos. Great job!!!

  • Robert Dusemund
    Robert Dusemund Hace 3 años

    Thank you very much! I am an absolute Newbie (beeing 63 yo :D ) urged to be the new Drummer (I was percussionist before) in our band. I never used sticks, played all with bare hands... Thanks again for your clear and structured advice.

  • sleeper1023
    sleeper1023 Hace un año

    HOLY COW! I just started learning the drums as an additional instrument to help my songwriting, and these fundamentals HELPED A LOT! Massive props to the Drumeo team. I've been a viewer for some time to watch performances but never bothered picking up the sticks until recently.

  • Shaun V Scott
    Shaun V Scott Hace 4 años +4

    Thank you for a good intro to drumming. My wife offered to get me an electronic drum kit to accompany her playing the flute and piano. I am more inclined to give it a try with your system. Thank you!

  • Ronnie Naidoo
    Ronnie Naidoo Hace 2 años

    Wow !!! This was excellent !!! You make such a great teacher. I bought myself a drum kit & went for a few lessons but believe me ,my tutor comes nowhere near you. I didn't learn much & was contemplating selling my drums set. After watching your first lesson today, I might change my mind about selling. Thank you so much !!! Looking forward to your 2nd lesson.

  • Harold Poland
    Harold Poland Hace 3 años

    I really love your technique and how you break down your method to make it easy for me to understand

  • Neil Scott
    Neil Scott Hace 5 años +1

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you so much just picked up the drums & I feel your wisdom has saved me a fair bit of unnecessary bother already. Your 10 years has paid off & already saved me time, so thank you. : )

  • Jeff Quickle
    Jeff Quickle Hace 5 años

    So thankful I found you! Thanks for this great lesson! Not afraid to try it now. Have a practice pad and sticks but never played with them.

  • reficul1984
    reficul1984 Hace un año +3

    Just got a electric drum set and I love it been playing guitar for years and just picked up the drums like two weeks ago and it has been fun being a newbie again.

  • Wulf Claw
    Wulf Claw Hace 7 meses

    Man, I really appreciate that you took the time to do this for us out here.
    Thanks a ton!

  • Beauty Omologe
    Beauty Omologe Hace 3 años

    This is a great video, thanks for doing this, I always have issues with the bounce, always, and this affects my rolls every damn time, it's frustrating 😔


    Am a music teacher, and i can say, YOU ARE JUST SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I like the way you demonstrate your techniques; the way you explain and the way you use simple English which still matters to a student. Wow!!!!! Keep it going bro!!!!!

  • shawn H
    shawn H Hace un año

    So well explained. No one else puts it so clear. Thank you

  • Douglas McGehee
    Douglas McGehee Hace 4 años

    Thank you Drumeo for the videos. Your videos are helping me return to drumming. I have been away from it all too long.

  • Juan Roldan
    Juan Roldan Hace 6 años +3

    I played professional for many years. I know that it is not only good but necessary to go back to the fundamentals once in a while. I also start my students in the same way. Simple but very effective.

  • d34d g0053 films
    d34d g0053 films Hace 2 años +14

    Omg this helped so much, I just got my first kit yesterday (it's an electrical drumset) but this was still pretty helpful

    • Carys Thuma
      Carys Thuma Hace 2 años

      Nice. My friend who doesn't play drums owns a drum kit, so I just try to get in as much practice as I can when I visit.

    • BobaHeisenberg
      BobaHeisenberg Hace 2 años

      Just bought my first drumset as well also went electric, got the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit.. Gonna be fun annoying my neighbors with them, got them hooked up to the same system my DJ gear is, 2 Harbinger 18" and 4 Harbinger 12" powered speakers..

    • Jimbo Jones Manifesto
      Jimbo Jones Manifesto Hace 2 años +2

      Also check out Rob Brown....awesome exercises to improve speed and style

  • Daniel Clay
    Daniel Clay Hace 4 años

    Thanks for the tips. One thing I noticed is when going from single strokes to doubles thhey should sound the same (not too fast beats on the double if you know what I mean the gap between the beats should be equal) I’m not an advanced drummer but just something I was told this video by tommy igoe can explains it well! m.esclips.com/video/gNX6laPbMpQ/vídeo.html 👍

  • Dynamite Kid
    Dynamite Kid Hace 6 años

    Thanks Mike for the awesome drum lessons!

  • Frank Burdo Drums
    Frank Burdo Drums Hace 3 años +1

    What a really cool and great video.
    Really great drummers, like yourself, do and say exactly what you said. Why no one wants to listen and just run ahead without these basics I don't know.
    Serves as a good reminder to those more knowledgeable as well.

  • Ryan Heard
    Ryan Heard Hace 4 años

    Thank you. Been drumming for 40 years. Just watched your beginner 5 tips. You are never good unless you learn all the time. Thank you. Always go back to basics!

  • Anna Hong
    Anna Hong Hace 6 años +47

    I just had my first drum lesson last night.
    and I'm fifty-eight. Ha!
    you are a wonderful teacher
    thank you.

    • Dynamite Kid
      Dynamite Kid Hace 6 años +2

      Anna Hong that's so cool! keep up the good work! looking forward to your drum cover next year! Take care Buddy, enjoy drumming!

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Hace 3 meses

    Question: I'm helping my wife to learn to play drums. She's owned her set for 2 days now, and loving it. I'm very proficient in classical piano, violin, and jazz guitar, so I understand the importance of technique and methodical practice. Thank you for the excellent demo on proper way to hold the sticks. It's exactly what she settled on yesterday....BUT we were watching of short video of Queen's drummer Roger Taylor and noticed he holds his sticks between the thumb and ring finger, with the index finger laying on top of the stick. Your thoughts on this technique?

  • hazystudios
    hazystudios Hace 2 años

    Very good, great information.
    I bought a beginner Lugwig set for my granddaughter.
    I've played music over 40 years, bass, guitar, piano.
    I dabbled with drums when I was young but never had any real good technique. I wanted to get my granddaughter started off right and not teach her any of my old bad habits.
    This will help me to get her started right.
    Thank you!

  • Artyom Mikhaylovsky
    Artyom Mikhaylovsky Hace 6 años

    Very helpful and easy to grasp, thanks!

  • Eric Miranda
    Eric Miranda Hace 7 años +4

    this is a pretty thorough breakdown and I will share it with my students.

  • Johan Batcron
    Johan Batcron Hace 2 años

    nice lesson. I feel that alot of the stuff that you talked about are very useful. Ive been playing drums for a couple of years now. I can play and rebound my right stick fairly good but my left hand is way behind. The reason for this is simply because you use the right hand more when you play a traditional rock beat. I mean when i have played 4 hits with my right hand i have only played 1 with my left wich results in my right hand evolving way more and faster. However, ive started to try to lead with my left hand instead inorder to Catch up with my right hand

  • John Bedell
    John Bedell Hace 6 años +1

    My 8 year old son is just starting out and we both found this very useful.
    Thank you.

  • donovan gilbert
    donovan gilbert Hace 6 años

    Man, thanks for the tips on practicing. Helpful for a guy that only has a 6 pad electronic portable playing system and a home made tom peddle that senses every hit with my single tom. I want to get better but having this goofy set up is really discouraging actually. Between the X-Box game Rock Band and that little multi pad system I have had some fun but it's time to learn the drums not just patch it together as I go and not really learning full songs. Thanks again.

  • bryan peacock
    bryan peacock Hace 11 meses

    I always feel like a missed a step during these videos...I think I'm going to have to try and find an in person drum teacher because trying to learn online is very difficult for...than you for making these videos because they do help and your videos are what finally made me buy a kit and even tho it feels impossible sometimes but they are so fun lol

  • rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
    rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato Hace 7 años +133

    Thanks Mike for a good review of fundamental technique.

    • rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
      rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato Hace 6 años

      +mickavellian I wrote a memo to your channel. Thanks my friend.

    • mickavellian
      mickavellian Hace 6 años +1

      +rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato Sal my MAN! where ya been ? Do you agree with the hand right hold? email me personally.
      Hope ALL is GREAT brother.

    • rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
      rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato Hace 7 años

      +Cobrali Hey man, glad to learn that my cover served your learning the drumming of that tune and thanks for sharing. Keep drumming!!!

  • Music. Photography. Life.
    Music. Photography. Life. Hace 6 años +3

    As a new drummer, I really appreciate all of the advice. I've pretty much set myself a challenge to learn drums (at last the basics) with in a month. I've had about five hours practice time on an acoustic kit so far and then I mostly just practice on a single Billy Hyde practice pad at home using Zildjian 5B sticks. Now, I have a few more ideas to work with :')

    • Music. Photography. Life.
      Music. Photography. Life. Hace 6 años +1

      yeah, I just practice whenever I can get the time at my college for now, I'm up to 7 hours now and hoping to have done 11 or more by the end of this week :) I start playing drums for a band at college the following week so it's going to be a good challenge! I don't have my own kit either, I used to have a little electric one but it was never great. I remember breaking it because it was a cheap build but it was still very fun. Pillows sound like a good idea, I might give that a try! :)

    • Dynamite Kid
      Dynamite Kid Hace 6 años

      Music. Photography. Life. 5 hrs. practice time? whoa that's great man! I only got 2 hours of practice time on my acoustic drum kit . My extra hour is training my yellow puppy Brix. :-) Peace everyone! enjoy learning to play the drums okay. ciao p.s. to those who can't afford a drum kit yet, I started out on hitting pillows at first. while saving up for my drum kit.

    • Dynamite Kid
      Dynamite Kid Hace 6 años

      Music. Photography. Life. 5 hrs. practice time? whoa that's great man! I only got 2 hours of practice time on my acoustic drum kit . My extra hour is training my yellow puppy Brix. :-) Peace everyone! enjoy learning to play the drums okay. ciao p.s. to those who can't afford a drum kit yet, I started out on hitting pillows at first. while saving up for my drum kit.

  • Jason Pence
    Jason Pence Hace 5 años

    Thanks for the tips. had access to drums in past, was able to keep a few beats, haven't had acess in a while but messed around with drum pads (hands only), synths etc at my buddies studio on occasion. until recently Got an Alesis Forge E-Drum a couple weeks back tested it out. saw your vids and a few others on the importance of handling etc with those tip and a c little practiced and visualization, just leveled up (lots to learn ) but now more able to play what I am thinking and as fast (for the most part for now) as I want. esclips.com/video/yAVVFuopWgk/vídeo.html

  • J Douglas
    J Douglas Hace 3 años

    Just had my first drum lesson today. I'm a 60 year young woman who loves music. I've played the clarinet, guitar and piano in the past, and it was very helpful to watch your video. I had no idea that drumstick technique was so key to playing for long periods of time. That's encouraging.

  • Tobias Röhner
    Tobias Röhner Hace 6 años +179

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    • Maria Stoica
      Maria Stoica Hace 11 meses

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    • Maria Stoica
      Maria Stoica Hace 11 meses

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    Natasha Klaarwater Hace 3 años +1

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    M4Z4 Hace 7 años +6

    i have been playing drums for 10 years and i still enjoy watching these videos!

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    Bradley Wajcman Hace 10 meses

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    Pat M Hace 7 meses

    Excellent video - the clear instructions on holding the sticks will be a big help - had been muddling along with some success, but knew there was more to it. Just ordered a practice pad to keep nearby during the day. Thanks for the tips!

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